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The Maccies Incident

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I haven't posted anything in a while, and I feel bad so I'm posting something fucking ridiculous

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This is a load of bollocks just to get started, it was a thing me and my friend we talking about whilst we were in McDonalds but we weren't talking we were shouting and laughing our asses off talking about this and probably disturbing everyone in the whole of ASDA. but instead of Frank and Gee it was Her and 5sos.
Enjoy...... I think.

Frank and Gerard wandered aimlessly around ASDA wondering what to buy. They had been in there for at least 25 minutes and succeeded in buying fuck all. So in the end they decided on going to McDonalds.

They found a table in the corner at the front next to the kiosk. They were only separated by 2 pieces of shiny wood that went around the front of the restaurant and eventually melted into the wall. Giving them access to look through the two pieces of wood and see who was buying stuff at the kiosk.

They ordered their food and when it was done brought it to the table, they sat on the uncomfortable red sofa like chair, munching away greedily on their not-so-hot food and quietly chatting about random things.

They were just finishing their meals when Frank stared up the convocation about their work experience that was coming up in the next few months.

"I'm going to the Comic book store around the corner, where even are you going you haven't filled the form in yet?" Gerard asked Questioningly.

"No I haven't done the form yet but I'm thinking of going to the local hotel on the reception desk answering calls and stuff been as they wont let me in the kitchen"

"that was only because the last boy to do the work experience in the kitchen nearly burnt the whole fucking hotel down you fuckwit!" Gerard's voice was slightly getting louder as he said this trying to make his point.

Frank thought for a while "and anyway I think I'd be better at being a receptionist to be honest...... I'd be exactly what they're looking for" Gerard gave Frank a doubting look as he said this.

"what?.. Rude, Small and Hyperactive... yeah you have the whole package" Gerard rolled his eyes and waited for Frank to retaliate.

"Hey I am not small and I can be nice when I want to, its not my fault I'm hyper all the time either" both Gerard and Frank smiled warmly at each other and finished off their food which had now practically gone cold.

once they were finished they Gerard went back to the till to get both him and Frank Mcflurries. Once he had got them he came back to the table to find a very spaced out Frank.

Gerard sat down and slid the Franks Mcflurry towards him, he snapped out of his trance and smiled a thanks at Gerard then took a mouthful of the delicious dessert, once he had finished him mouthful he looked at Gerard and said "Oh My God, what if Glen Danzig called whilst I was on reception and asked for a room!"

Gerard looked at frank sceptically "He probably wouldn't Glens got no time for us peasants but hyperthetically (idek what that word means, somebody tell me in the reviews plz) What would you do ?"

Frank thought for a minute "the convocation would probably go like this..." he put his hand up to his ear like a phone "hello this is Belleville hotel.." he swapped hands

"hello i would like to book a room please" he swapped hands again

"okay and what is your name?" and again

"oh its Danzig, Glen Danzig" he swapped hands for the fourth time and screamed at the top of his little lungs

"ARE YOU SHITTING ME!!!!!!!!!!?" bearing in mind that we were still in the middle of McDonalds eating Mcflurries. Everyone just stared at us, I don't blame them really but what made me laugh was the fact that when Frank screamed that there was a little girl at the kiosk looking at us through the shiny wood, she jumped out of her skin. I was actually surprised that her mum didn't have to peel her from the rafters on the roof.

We both noticed the little girls reaction and just started to piss ourselves with uncontrollable laughter, ice cream was dribbling out of our mouths and onto the table top making even more people stare at us in disbelief and shock. we just carried on laughing until out Mcflurries were gone, well most of it was on the table but heh who gives one.

Before we could be winged at for causing a scene and scaring some random 7 year old girl out of her skin. we threw ore Mcflurries in the bin and started to walk out and back home laughing all the way about what just happened.

That was shit I know (plz don't stab meh wid da pitchforks) and this did actually happen to meh in Maccies I was the Gerard in this story. If you found it funny say in le reviews plz and I shall give you all of MCR on unicorns
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