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Chapter 15

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*cough cough*

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A couple weeks have passed since that first day. It's been heaven on earth. Gerard continues to treat me like a princess, catering to my every need and keeping me out of harm's way. He's had his way with me a few more times, as I go home with him every afternoon. I leave only to go see my mother. On weekends I just stayed over. I had become good friends with his mother- she was a very pleasant lady. Gerard hasn't managed to say that he loves me, but I don't care. I still think he's so sweet.

I walked into school, humming happily. Gerard was by my locker, as always. But... something was wrong. When questioned, he brushed me off. It stung a little, but I knew it was hard to get him to fess up to a problem. I could ask him later. The day went by uneventfully.

That is, until lunch.

I went to the normal table, about to take my seat. But there was someone there. A girl, with big fake boobs and a shit ton of makeup on her face. She was laughing and holding Gerard's arm. Bitch. Why Gerard hadn't shaken her off, I didn't know. Mikey saw me, and his face looked pained. Gerard turned at his brother's expression.

"Oh. Hi."

"Who is she?" I pointed to the girl.

"This is Brittany." He put his arm around her waist. "My new girlfriend."

My heart stopped in that second. I could only stare. It was only a moment before anger flowed through me, tears coming to my eyes. "FUCK YOU, GERARD WAY. FUCK YOU!" I screamed, dumping my very liquid based lunch all over him. I was shaking, rage causing adrenaline to rush through my body. I slapped the girl, and punched Gerard square in the face. I heard a nice sort of snapping noise. I had broken his nose.

"I FUCKING MEANT IT YOU ASSHOLE! I MEANT WHAT I TOLD YOU THAT FIRST DAY! I. FUCKING. MEANT IT! AND DON'T BULLSHIT ME ABOUT NOT KNOWING WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT- YOU KNOW EXACTLY WHAT! I FUCKING HATE YOU, GERARD WAY!" I snarled my last words, a single tear rolling down my cheek. "How could you?" I whispered those three words and ran. Ran out of the cafeteria, out of the school. Running home where I could be alone.

I was done.
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