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Slave Sasuke.

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sasuke becomes a slave to naruto and sakura.

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It was a bright and sunny day when Sakura called Naruto to come over, wondering what she could want Naruto walked over to her house and knocked on the door. Hearing Sakura call out to come in and that she was in her bed room waiting for him got Naruto thinking that he might finally be getting lucky with Sakura. Only to his surprise that when he walked into Sakura’s bed room he found a sight that shocked and aroused him. There on her bed was Sakura with Sasuke on his hands and knees getting fucked up the ass by the real Sakura and a clone getting her dick sucked by Sasuke. Looking at Sasuke Naruto could tell that he was almost broken in completely, getting an idea as to why he was called over Naruto walked over to the clone of Sakura that was getting a blowjob and dispelled it. Giving Sasuke a chance to breath before Naruto joined in he looked to Sakura who was watching him and said, “So this is why you called me over good because I always wanted a go at Sasuke.”
“Excellent once I finish with his ass you can have a go at him but for now use his mouth,” Sakura said.
Looking down at Sasuke Naruto pulled out his nine inch hard cock and slapped him in the face before prodding at his lips and smearing pre-cum all over Sasuke’s face. Noticing that Sasuke was trying to say something to him Naruto pulled his cock away and asked, ”What did you say?”
Opening and closing his mouth in order to get the taste of pre-cum out of his mouth Sasuke looked at Naruto and pleaded, “Don’t do this please help me Naruto I’m your best friend please help!”
“Sorry Sasuke but I have always wanted a go at you and nows my chance just don’t bite my cock or I will have to hurt you,” said Naruto before silencing Sasuke by shoving his cock down Sasuke’s mouth.
Moving back and forth Naruto slowly forced his cock in and out of Sasukes mouth, deciding to see what would happen he said to Sasuke, “Why don’t you cooperate and lick the underside of my cock or suck me off. If you do then I might cum faster and it will be over for you faster.”
Feeling Sasuke’s tongue on his cock and his mouth moving on its own Naruto knew that Sasuke heard him and fell for his lie. Looking up at Sakura Naruto motioned for her to see what Sasuke was doing. Watching Sakura Naruto’s cock got even harder and dripped more pre-cum into Sasuke’s mouth forcing him to taste and swallow it. Watching Sakura fuck Sasuke’s ass Naruto noticed everything about her such as her d-cup tits, her green eyes, slim figure, and the look on her face as she fucked Sasuke. Listening to the sounds Sakura made caused his orgasm to approach faster than he thought it would.
Looking down at Sasuke Naruto moaned out that he was going to cum and said, “swallow all of my cum Sasuke or else.”
Throwing his head back Naruto came into Sasuke’s mouth and down his throat. Swallowing all of the cum in his mouth Sasuke felt Naruto pull out his nine inch hard cock from his mouth leaving a trail of salty cum on his tongue. Looking up at Naruto Sasuke was about to say something when he let out a girlish moan and came from being fucked up the ass by Sakura. Pulling her cock out of Sasuke’s ass Sakura walked over to his mouth and said, “Suck me off and swallow my cum when I orgasm.”
Sasuke doing what Sakura told him to slipped her cock into his mouth and began to bob his head back and forth on Sakura’s shaft. It only took a couple of minutes for Sakura to cum but when she did she came a lot. In fact she came so much that Sasuke couldn’t swallow it all and let some dribble out the sides of his mouth and down his chin.
Pulling her cock out of Sasuke’s mouth Sakura looked down at Sasuke wo was laying on his stomach and said, “Lay down on your back Sasuke and spread your legs apart so Naruto could have a go at your ass.”
Doing as he was told Sasuke turned over and laid down on his back while preading his legs open showing both Sakura and Naruto his three inch hard cock. Looking at his cock Naruto said to him, “My god Sasuke you’re so small I thought you would have been bigger. Hell Sakura is bigger than you and she’s a girl for fucks sake your about three inches hard.”
Turning to look at Sakura Naruto asked her, “What size is your cock?”
“I’m seven and a half inches hard,” she said.
“Huh,” Naruto said thoughtfully while smacking Sasuke’s tiny penis. “Well let’s finish this Sakura why don’t you make a clone and have Sasuke suck it off. I will suck and play with his dick while you have a go at my ass.”
“Alright,” said Sakura as she made a clone and watched as it stuck its cock down Sasuke’s throat. Looking over to Naruto she saw that he was now completely naked and was bent over exposing his ass in the air while jerking Sasuke off. Walking up behind Naruto Sakura positioned her cock at his entrance and slowly entered his ass. Marveling at how tight he was Sakura couldn’t hold back the moan in her throat nor could she stop herself from thrusting into his backside with complete abandon. Feeling Naruto’s tight ass around her cock threw Sakura into a lust filled frenzy causing her to thrust even faster and sloppier, making her cock twitch and throb signaling that she was going to cum not even two minutes into fucking Naruto. Moaning out that she was cumming Sakura unleashed her seed into Naruto. Pulling her cock out of Naruto Sakura moved over to where she could get a good view of where her clone, Sasuke, and Naruto were doing. Watching Sasuke and Naruto Sakura’s cock got hard once again at the sight of Naruto sucking Sasuke off. Deciding to jerk off Sakura sat there and watched the show before her.
Bobbing his head up and down Sasuke’s cock Naruto licked the underside of his cock tasting his cum from where he came earlier when Sakura fucked him up the ass. Deciding to speed up Sasuke’s orgasm so that Naruto could have his turn he stuck two fingers up Sasuke’s ass and finger fucked him. Playing with Sasuke’s prostate made his ass tighten around Naruto’s fingers and caused his cock to twitch as well signaling that Sasuke was close to cumming. Speeding things along Naruto laced a finger with chakra and hit Sasuke’s prostate in a way to force him to cum on demand moaning in pleasure Sasuke came into Naruto’s mouth and down his throat causing him to swallow all of his cum.
Pulling Sasuke’s cock out of his mouth Naruto stood up and positioned his dick at the entrance of Sasuke’s ass. Entering Sasuke Naruto slowly thrusted in and out of him and watched as Sakura’s clone came in Sasuke’s mouth forcing him to swallow her cum. Deciding to tease him a little bit Naruto looked Sasuke in the eyes and said, “You know Sasuke we should sell your ass out to the men and the women of the leaf village. I can just see it now we would make a lot of money from you. What do you think Sakura?”
“That’s a perfect idea Naruto and I know just who we could start with.” Sakura said.
“Who would that be?” asked Naruto.
“Ino is who I was thinking of she is exactly like me and has dreamed of plowing into Sasuke’s ass,” said Sakura as she watched Naruto fuck Sasuke.
“Good because after her I think Kiba would like to have a go with Sasuke.” Naruto said in between thrusts.
“Really so what do you think of that Sasuke?” Sakura asked.
“I don’t care just keep fucking me,” he yelled out while moaning like a bitch in pleasure.
“Good boy,” Naruto said as he felt his balls tighten in response to his approaching orgasm. Speeding up his thrusts Naruto plowed into Sasuke faster and harder and with one final thrust he came deep in Sasuke’s ass causing him to release his seed all over himself. Pilling out of Sasuke Naruto looked at him only to notice that he had fallen asleep from his latest orgasm. Deciding to get some rest Naruto laid down next to Sasuke on the bed and closed his eyes.
Before going to sleep though Naruto moved to his side to look at Sakura and said, “Sakura why don’t you go see about selling Sasuke to Ino for a good fuck?”
“You were series about that?” asked Sakura.
“Of course I was now get to it,” Naruto told her.
“Alright I will,” Sakura said as she got dressed and left the room and apartment.
Closing his eyes and going to sleep Naruto’s last thought was, “Were going to make a lot of money off your ass Sasuke.”
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