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Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

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Atobe is a spoiled brat, and Sanada is mildly indulging. 50 sentences for Sanada/Atobe

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Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

#01 - Walking:
Atobe struts; a peacock in full bloom, while Sanada strides; a prideful cheetah.

#02 - Waltz:
Atobe prefers the tango to the waltz; the tango's beat is tangible, seeping through his skin into his bones, making his feet move without thinking, following that beat.

#03 - Wishes:
"Atobe, I really wish that you can just shut up and kiss me, now."

#04 - Wonder:
"It's a miracle that you have any brains at all, what with all that ego up there."

#05 - Worry:
"I worry daily that your head is going to explode from the size of your goddamn ego someday, Atobe."

#06 - Whimsy:
"Stop calling me at three-goddamn-am in the fucking morning to talk about your new /sheets/, Atobe, because I really don't care that it's a three-hundred thread count or whatever!"

#07 - Waste/Wasteland:
The sites of their fights, and subsequent making-ups, are usually full of tension and tennis balls being hit back and forth across a green asphalt court, usually turns into wastelands over night; they tend to be... dirty.

#08 - Whiskey and rum:
Atobe professed that he only drinks whiskey, at least fifteen-year-old Jameson; Sanada, however, couldn't understand how he could stand that vile stuff, and stuck with his rum and raisin ice cream.

#09 - War:
They have wars every single day: over the bathroom (Atobe takes too fucking long, Sanada says), over the television (Sanada has plebian channel choices, Atobe complains), over the food (he can't cook, both of them accuse), and over everything else; it's a surprisingly peaceful situation, however.

#10 - Weddings:
"Are the two of you going to get married soon... hey, Atobe, don't spit water on me!"

#11 - Birthday:
"Happy birthday, Keigo," Sanada said, droll, "now get off my lap before your secretary comes in."

#12 - Blessing:
"You should count your blessings that you have ore-sama as a lover, Genichirou."

#13 - Bias:
When Sanada rooted silently for Atobe during the latter's match with Tezuka, a small part of his mind was screaming 'biased moron!' at him; however, he managed to ignore that voice with the ease of long practice.

#14 - Burning:
"How the hell did you manage to burn /water/, Atobe?!"

#15 - Breathing:
He listens to his lover's breathing during those nights when his mind ran itself in circles and he can't sleep even if he wanted to; during those nights, the soft inhale and exhale will lure him into the realm of sleep.

#16 - Breaking:
He (they) is (are) always afraid of breaking his (their) own heart(s).

#17 - Belief:
Atobe only believes in two people: himself, and Sanada.

#18 - Balloon:
"Did you," Sanada sputtered as he stared at his mutilated apartment, "just flood my room with /heart-shaped balloons/?!"

#19 - Balcony:
Atobe's penthouse apartment's balcony overlooks the whole of Tokyo; sometimes, when he's feeling particularly exhibitionistic, he lets Sanada fuck him against the railing, and the climax is so much the sweeter when he knew there's a chance that anyone could see them.

#20 - Bane:
"I hate you, I really do."

#21 - Quiet:
"What," Sanada hissed through gritted teeth as he glared at Atobe, who was still blabbering away, "do I have to do to get some peace and quiet?"

#22 - Quirks:
Atobe is never going to ask about Sanada's disgusting habit of /kissing his cap before going to bed/.

#23 - Question:
"Why do you love him if he seems to frustrate you so much?"; "I love him because he annoys me; he's never boring."

#24 - Quarrel:
"According to the data, Genichirou, this is the twelfth argument you've had with Atobe this month, and it's not even the fifteenth yet... why are you laughing?"

#25 - Quitting:
"Oh for god's sake... I quit this." Atobe pulled off a magnificent pout, "Ore-sama seems unable to bake cookies, Sanada, so do it for me."

#26 - Jump:
Sanada noted, as Atobe bounced around him restlessly and clung to his neck, that less than three hours of sleep per day and too much caffeine was not healthy for his lover.

#27 - Jester:
"If I am a fool," Atobe whispered, in the middle of the night when he couldn't sleep, fretting over nothing and everything, "then I am a fool for love..." Sanada continued.

#28 - Jousting:
They joust not with lances or horses, but with words and eyebrows and smirks.

#29 - Jewel:
Sanada is an onyx, a beautiful black stone, pure in its utter darkness; Atobe is a ruby, red as freshly-spilt blood and just as (im)pure.

#30 - Just:
"This is unjust!" Atobe raged, "Ore-sama should be able to do everything perfectly, including baking cookies!"

#31 - Smirk:
A smirk can communicate anything between them: superiority, reassurance, sarcasm, irony and, of course, annoyance.

#32 - Sorrow:
Sorrow is learning that Atobe will be out of town for at least two weeks; it means that he has to go two weeks without sex.

#33 - Stupidity:
"I must have been a very special kind of stupid to fall in love in with you."

#34 - Serenade:
"Atobe, hiring a professional singer to sing below my window in the middle of the night doesn't exactly show that you are sorry, you know."

#35 - Sarcasm:
"Yes, yes, that orange shirt just goes so well that those blue jeans, Sanada... for God's sake, where's your /fashion sense/?!"

#36 - Sordid:
"You!" Atobe raised an eyebrow as a crazed fan pointed accusingly at him with a plastic racket, "You are the one having an affair with my Sanada-kun!"

#37 - Soliloquy:
Sanada groaned and closed his eyes as Atobe went on and on about himself; hasn't anyone told him that a soliloquy was supposed to be told to himself and not an audience?

#38 - Sojourn:
"Let's make a sojourn here, at this station, I'm famished."; "Talk like normal people, Keigo, and use 'stop' and 'hungry'; you aren't in a board meeting any more."

#39 - Share:
"Atobe! When I agreed that we have to share things, it doesn't give you the right to steal all of my goddamn T-shirts!"

#40 - Solitary:
They are solitary beings, two complete puzzles that are forced to collide forcefully with each other.

#41 - Nowhere:
"We're going in circles, Sanada; you're lost, aren't you?"

#42 - Neutral:
Sanada had learnt, in the very beginning of their relationship, to use neutral tones and words whenever Atobe asked him if this shirt looked better than the other; Atobe usually asked for his opinion to watch him squirm anyway.

#43 - Nuance:
Sanada knew that he had known Atobe for far too long when he understood every single look and action his lover made without being told.

#44 - Near:
"Wear your contacts, Keigo, you need them; I don't want to be held responsible if your myopia worsens, you know."

#45 - Natural:
"Of course I can cook; I'm a natural at everything!" Sanada raised a brow, "Oh? I guess you're pretty much a natural at utterly failing at cooking, then?"

#46 - Horizon:
As they walked down the beach with the sun setting in the horizon, Sanada snorted mentally: Atobe had probably timed this; he's a dramatic bastard that way.

#47 - Valiant:
Sanada tries valiantly to resist (those blue eyes will kill him one day, especially when they're teary like this), "No, Atobe, I will not allow you to tie me up."

#48 - Virtuous:
"He's as virtuous as Echizen is humble."

#49 - Victory:
When Sanada won at tennis again, Atobe pouted and crossed his arms.

#50 - Defeat:
It was a most humiliating defeat; being trounced by a pair of big blue eyes wasn't fun at all.

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