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(Based on the movie) kind of the story behind my name, follow through his ups and downs as society decides to kick him down. (Boring at the beginning, Excitement coming next chap.)

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-loosely based on the movie-
My story like any other story starts out by boring you to death. All looking differently into the lives of everyone else that I know. This was before everything started going wrong, before my perfect world began falling apart....

My father was suspicious that everyone was out to get him, he was a political figure after all. Working on the commercial crisis of the world or whatever.
My mother was a designer and she owned this big company, I barely really saw her, she practically lived there. She was very demanding of her work, everything always had to be perfect.
I had mostly spent my time getting ready for my last big test at school and most of the time on the internet.
Yep, this was me.

Chapter 1:
'I hate this' I thought as I heard a pop song go on the radio. I told my driver.
"Can you turn that down a bit?" And he obliged.
"Can you turn that down a lottle bit more?" Again, the same.
"And a bit more. Just for me, please" I said, he ended it by turning off the radio and taking the CD out. Throwing it on the seat next to him. I smiled into my book as I continued reading.
"Thank You"

I went online, on YouTube to be precise.
I had this small fascination with watching videos of people cutting themselves. This particular video shows of someone carving a heart into their forearm.
I was so into it that I didn't see Micah, one of my friends, walk up to me.
"Boo! Earth to Gerard?, what are we watching?" He said then looked back at my computer screen. "Ew, what is that?"
"Cool isn't it?" I said as I hit the enhance button.
"Turn it off" Katherine, my other friend said. "Where did you get that from?"
"Internet" simple answer.
"Hey Gerard I know you've got to go, but you gotta see my prom dress first." Katherine said as she took my laptop away from me. She typed in some website and the first dress was the one she had ordered. I didn't really care, I just nodded at all the right times.

As I walked outside, Katherine ran out behind me. "Gerard! Wait up!"
I stopped from where I was walking, waiting for her to catch up with me. "What's up?"
Her: "Hey so... are you taking anyone to prom?"
Me: "Mmm, you're asking if I'm taking anyone to prom? Maybe."
Her: "Do You know who?"
Me: "Maybe."
Her: "Would you go with me?"
Me: "Maybe."

After giving Katherine her answer, my driver took me to practice. I had karate class just after school. Well, my parents thought it was for complete self-defense but I just like it for the fun of it.
It didn't really help that I just got thrown around a lot. I was a red belt.
The only good that came out of it was that I got to spent time with my friend, Micah. He was a girl's dream apparently.
He was amazing at everything he did. We would always act like we liked each other, but I always knew it was a game.
After practice, we both headed for the showers and started up a conversation. He was there on the other side of the wall. Naked.
Him: "Who are you taking to prom?"
Me: "Katherine"
Him: "She's fucking great."
I couldn't help but chuckle at that and ask.
"What about you?"
But all I really got in return was
"... fucking hot." After snapping out of his little daydream. He said
"Well. I'll dance with Magda, but I'll go on my own"
I awoke hours later when my driver announced that we arrived at my mom's job.
"We're here."
"What are we doing here?"
He responded with a sigh and said. "We came here to pick up your suit for prom"
"Can't she take it home later?"
"She called, she won't get home tonight, they have a photo shoot."
I sigh, I really didn't want to go get it. That would mean getting off of my lazy butt.
"Isn't there anyone else who can just bring it?" Valid question.

I still ended up going, I stood in at the front desk. I told the receptionist that I was here to pick up a suit and my name. She had called but no one was answering.
"No one's picking up the phone. They must be in a meeting." Way to state the obvious lady.
She sat down sighing, "Why don't you just nip upstairs yourself?" She said as she handed me one of those fancy card keys.
I couldn't help but feel a little bit angry of the way she was treating me and before I could even stop myself the words just came out.
"Why don't you. If you have to work here stop calling me like we're pals, miss?"
It ended with me correcting her and then walking away to the elevators.
"Thank you"

I had stepped off the elevator at the wrong floor and trust me this place was like a labyrinth. The card the lady gave me didn't work on every door and the elevators here were lazy. I even tried using the card, to see if the elevator worked that way or if the only door here worked, but no luck.
I called my mother but she just said that she was too busy to talk to me right now.
I slid down to the floor, taking out my laptop. I had charged it during practice so I could at leat entertain myself when I got bored.
The video was still up and I couldn't help but click on it.
It continued where it left off.
The words closed world, wounds open popped up as the heart was finished.
I decided to be the first to comment and wrote open world, wounds closed
I don't remember anything after that.

A/N: Hey guys, so I started this story a while back. Not sure If I should post it or not so its been sitting on my phone for a while and I just decided to do it. I know that it is boring at the beginning just like in the movie, but i PROMISE you that it will be the most amazing story you've read. Remember that this is based on the movie. Some parts are mine others are just straight from the movie. Anyways, Enjoy! :)
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