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Therapy Sessions

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Ally wants nothing more but to lead a normal life in pursuing her art career, but a slight personality disorder stands in her way of succeeding in her hobbies. Her mother has no choice but to send ...

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Chapter 1 ~ Session 1

The air that soon surrounded us when we excited the apartment complex was a thick, crisp fog that made it hard for us to be in without placing our gloveless hands in our pockets. It sent a raw feeling down my spine, making me starting to shiver even though we were only outside for a few minutes. When we finally got in the car. My mom took out her nearly blue, iced cold hands and placed the keys in the ignition, making the car start with a vicious start up. As it roared up, i took the liberty of turning up the heat. Reaching out to the dashboard as the car started to move. I glanced over at my mom as she kept her cold eyes on the road. She must of felt her eyes on me as she turned to give me a quick growl before turning her head towards the road again.

"Stop looking at me like that, Ally-Rose Greenfield" Oh God. I always hated when she called me by my full name. I rolled my eyes then let out a casual, warm breath on the window causing it to steam it up.

"And stop that huffing and puffing. It's not like you're going into war here"

"You have no idea" I groaned. The car halted to a red light. She turned her head to me, to give me another horrible glare. If looks could kill. I tried my hardest to not exchange her the same look. I roll my eyes when i felt hers off me.

The next ten minutes of the drive was just me thinking to myself. 'I could be at home. Watching Dexter but no, i'm dragged out to this shitty neighborhood to see a ratty counselor' As you can probably tell, i am not all that fond of visiting of a therapist. I've been to so many before, and all they care about is getting through a one hour session so you could leave only half satisfied. And don't forget about the unnecessary salaries that they get every month. I was too caught up in my daydream that i forgot that i had earphones in, they weren't in properly so they started to hurt the inside of my ear. I took it out as i sighed again, looking to the road to see that we were here. As my mom parked the car, i studied the building which was across the road out my mothers door. The building looked quite grimy. Horrible rusty pipes that outlined it, followed by puke like green moss that covered half of it. My eye brows furrowed and i shook my head as the car came to a complete stop. She turned to me one more time.

"Look Ally. It's not easy i know...But at least try and make an effort to help me, your education and most importantly - "

"Everyone else?" I scoffed. Before she placed her hands on the handle on the door.

"Yourself" She whispered as she got out. I followed her, grabbing my bag that was at my feet. The air was the same as we left the house, only much more tolerable. I wrapped my hands around myself. Rubbing my forearms to heat them up. I followed my mom into the clinic. To my surprise the mangy old clinic was actually warm and cozy. I let out a sigh of relief before taking off my hat and unbuttoning my coat. We casually walk up the desk were a guy was on the other side, he had short brown hair that was gelled up, a slight stubble as if he hadn't shaved for a while, but i had to admit, it did look quite good on him. His eyes were focused on a computer screen, he was typing away faster than the speed of motion. We walk up and wait for a few seconds, awkwardly looking down at him. He finally looks up at me and my mom. He has the most terrific brown eyes.

"Hi, can i help you" He smiles, wow the aura in here is one thing, but now the people who work in here are as polite as children's TV show hosts.

"Hi, we're here to see Dr Leto" My mom places a letter on the desk, sliding it to him, as he reached out to go get it, my mom looked down at me and grinned, trying to calm me down. But obviously her attitude doesn't sweet my tea...
He scanned through the letter then placed it down on his desk.
"Not a problem. Please take a seat, He'll be here in a minute" He gestured the waiting room that was across from him, that was also at the entrance of the place, my mom turned, giving him a friendly smile. Almost too friendly. Ever since my mom the divorce, she developed a slight attraction to younger men, don't get me wrong she is an alright looking woman for her age. But that guy could be her grandson.

We sat on the seats facing away from the door. The blue chairs were all positioned in a circle, in the middle was a coffee table with a pile of expired magazines. All dusty and it looked as though some pages were torn out of them. My mom sat beside me, as she took off her jacket, i refuse to take mines off. Part of me doesn't like taking off my jacket in an unfamiliar place. We were the only ones in the circle. It is the morning, we must be the first appointment of the day. For everything. I took my time to look about to study the light yellow walls. That honestly kind of made me sick to my stomach.

"Honey, i'm going to the bathroom...If he comes can you wait for me, i want to speak to him before - "

"Fine" i scoff again, turning my head away from her. I hear her sigh then get up to go to the bathroom. When i heard the door slam i heard another one open, from behind. The urge to turn to see who it was, was strong. But i fought it and looked at the receptionist guy again. He had his eyes on the person who came in but i still fought the urge. He soon came to view as he walked past me, but i only seen the back of his head. He was really tall, sort of lanky, but it was a type of lankiness you would see in a very toned man. His black coat, wrapped around his body nicely and it looked like he had long brown hair as it was tied in a quick bun that he just made quickly. He had a bunch of binders under one arm and a cup of Starbucks in his free hand.

He walked up to the desk were the receptionist was. They exchanged a few words here and there, when the receptionist gave him the same form my mom did. He took it from him before quickly scanning it then looking back up at him. They're obviously talking about me as the receptionist gestures me. I felt my eyes widen as the mystery man turned and made severe eye contact with me, it felt like forever. It was like staring into an icy glacier, from todays weather you'd think i'd be tired of seeing blue. Blue hands, Blue faces...But not blue eyes. He smiled then turning back to the receptionist, nodding then he began to walk up to me. 'fuck' i murmur under my breath. Speaking of which, does it smell alright? Has my eyeliner smudged? Am i turning red? I felt my heart was going to leap out of my chest. Before i knew it, he was standing above me, smiling away, showing off his pearly whites.

"Ally, It's so nice to finally meet you"
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