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Well well, it's been a while :P

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I'm sorry for being away so long :)

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Hello everyone, Reynoldssye here :) Well I know it's been a while, reason being too much stress, to start with my dog Sye (incorporated into my username, my last names Reynolds and my dogs names Sye) died, it was sudden and unexpected, his stomach had twisted and it was rather traumatic, he was being sick everywhere and stumbling around, trying to get under our table that he always used to love hiding under, my parents took him to the vet and they said all they could do was put him down as surgery would put him into shock and he would die anyway :(

After that I kind of went numb, I'd had him since I was a little kid and he was actually one of my first experiences with death, none of my human family that are close to me have ever died which is probably strange
Anyway, back to the point, after this, school started to get stressful, my art teachers were saying I was stubborn and not very good, my grades slipped and I started hating school when I used to enjoy it, I cried after school thinking I was useless, not even my boyfriend could comfort me, so recently I took the decision (Not very lightly I might add) to drop school, meaning my AS is completed though I am not going on to do A2, I understand some of you may think this is a stupid decision and I understand that, but I believe that it was the right decision for me personally.

Soo, that means less stress for me etc though I lost all my fics as my laptop died, it cannot be repaired and I also cannot write fics on my mums laptop as that would be very very awkward, the good news however is that in the next few months I'm going to get a job and with the money I earn I'm going to buy a new laptop and then I'll be writing my fics again, and I've also been working on my own story, as in I want to write a book :P It'll be on my deviantart account (Also Reynoldssye) and I hope some of you will read it when I put it up in the next few months :)

So that's what's been going on with me and I hope you all understand, I deeply apologise for not informing you earlier, I just couldn't bring myself to do anything productive for the last 1-2 years and now I'm trying to turn that around :)

OH also, if I get a job and my boyfriend goes uni I might be moving to Manchester :o I've never been there and It'll be amaaazingggg :D (Leicester is sooo boring xD ) He's from manchester and he keeps going on about how good it is :P Though I might have to start calling a cob a barm cake D:

Hehe, lots of love, Reynoldssye
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