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Why Me?

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[Peterick] [w/ a lil bit of Gerard/Bert] Pete decides to baby-sit Bert McCracken. Bert's out of control and Pete decides to call his bestfriend, Patrick.

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"BERT!" Pete's face was red from shouting. He looked around the living room for any sign of the blonde ten year old in the living room. Still, nothing. Pete breathed deeply and thought Okay, calm down Pete. Bert's just around here somewhere. That dirty little-

His thoughts were interrupted when he heard a giggle from upstairs. Pete frowned then went upstairs grumpily, checking every room.

Pete still doesn't understand why he agreed to baby-sit that little brat. I mean sure, the kid's super cute and funny and Pete admits, has a great sense of humor for a ten year old but seriously, he's a pain in the ass even though his parents pay Pete 25 bucks per hour. Just like the time when he 'accidentally' ripped the album cover of Pete's latest Smashing Pumpkins album or the time when Bert, again, 'accidentally' ripped Pete's favorite Guns N' Roses shirt, or even worse: the time when Pete decided that he and Bert should have a quality time together since he baby-sits him all the time, took him to an ice-cream shop and Bert, once again, 'accidentally' spilled his Rocky Road ice cream in Pete's white pants. That was the first time in Pete's life that he cried in public.

The giggle that Pete heard was becoming more louder and it's coming from his own room. He opened the door and looked around for any sign of the 10 year old blonde boy, but his room was empty, still the same, until he heard another giggle, coming from his closet.

"I think Bert's not here." Pete says, pretending that he didn't know where Bert was. "I think I;m going to check the bathroom." he stomped, yes, stomped, on the floor then carefully closed the door. He waited outside for Bert to come out of his closet then stood outside the door. He heard Bert's footsteps and giggles and the sound of his wardrobe door opening then closing again. Then, the door opened slightly, revealing Bert, grinning widely at him.

Pete rolled his eyes and grabbed Bert's arm and glared at him. "Listen here you little sh-" he has to top himself from cursing, because Bert might tell his mom again, and his mom had grounded him for almost 2 weeks because of what Bert said.

"Ooooh!" Bert pointed at Pete, still grinning. "You said a bad word!"

Pete let out a mocked laugh, "Hate to break it to you kid, I didn't curse because you're standing in front of me and I don't like giving ideas to little kids."

Bert frowned, "I'm not a kid! I'm 10 years old!"

"Well, I'm 18, who's older now?" Pete says with his very fake smile.

"Oh, but look, you didn't find me the first time!" Bert pointed out.

Pete raised an eyebrow, "You're 10, and you're still playing Hide and Seek?"

Bert nodded, "Who doesn't?"

Pete gave him a look then nodded slowly, "Riiiiight."

They both went downstairs and Pete forced Bert to sit on the couch, "So, what do you want to do today?"

Bert shrugged, "Dunno. You're so boring."

Pete looked around. He's NOT boring! "Do you mean the house?"

"Nope." Bert says, chewing his nails, "You're boring."

Pete stared at Bert for a second, thinking whether to hurt the kid or not, but instead, he fished out his cellphone and called his best friend, Patrick.

"Hello?" Patrick answered.

"Patrick! I need your help!" Pete half-shouted to the phone, receiving confused looks by Bert.

"Pete? Wait a sec- Yes, Gerard? D'you need any help?" there was a small "No, thank you." that can be heard in the background. "Okay, what do you want, Pete?"

"Okay, I- are you baby-sitting too?" Pete asked, smiling.

Patrick chuckled a little, "Yeah, mom asked me to. Not that hard though. Why?"

"Could you come here for a sec? I'm baby-sitting Bert and he thinks I'm boring."

"But I'm already taking care of a kid."

Pete grinned, "Then bring him with you!"

Patrick sighed, "I dunno dude. His parents told me to keep him safe."

"Do you think I'm not safe, Stumph?" Pete asked.


"EXACTLY!" Pete grinned again, he could hear the kid that Patrick's baby-sitting calling him for help. "That's why you need to come over in 15 minutes okay? Love you, Trick!"

"Pete? Pete! Wai-" even before Patrick could talk, Pete hung up on him. There's no backing out now for Patrick.

Pete sat beside Bert, making him bounce. Bert looked at him but didn't say a word.

"Look, Bert, my friend's coming here okay? Don't do anything stupid." Pete told him sternly.

Bert glared at Pete and crossed his arms, "I won't if he won't." he then smiled mischievously at Pete, "I bet he's cooler than you."

"He is."

Bert laughed, then suddenly the doorbell rang.

Pete stood up to open the door, revealing his best friend, Patrick and a boy who has black hair, about Bert's age and is clutching a sketchpad in one hand and the other in Patrick's.

"Hey dude!" Pete greeted them and let them in. "Who's the little guy?"

"Oh!" Patrick exclaimed then smiled at the small boy beside him, "This is Gerard. He's cool."

Pete looked at Gerard and smiled, "Hi Gerard. I'm Pete, Patrick's best friend."

Gerard gave Pete a small shy smile, "Hi."

"Pete?" Bert asked as he walked near them, still chewing his nails, "What are yo-" he stopped when he saw the black haired boy, who was still holding Patrick's hand, and a sketchpad in the other. Bert blushed furiously and looked at the boy, "Hi, I'm Bert. let's go there." he then grabbed Gerard's arm, separating him from Patrick. Gerard looks surprised but nonetheless, followed Bert.

Patrick chuckled, "Gerard looks scared."

Pete smiled, "Yeah, he does. Let's check, shall we?"

He and Patrick went to the living room only to find Gerard sitting on the couch, sketching while Bert's looking at him like he's the most interesting thing that has ever existed.

"Aw. Baby love." Patrick cooed.

Pete shoved Patrick playfully, "Shut up, 'Trick."

They both giggled like teenage girls then went to the dining area.

"You know, there's this one guy who I like to kiss for a long long time ago." Patrick told Pete, watching him make a sandwich for the kids.

"Oh?" Pete said, not looking at Patrick.

"Yeah." Patrick said. Then, "Hey Pete?"


Patrick stood up walking towards Pete then turned him around. Patrick suddenly smashed his lips to the taller one , grabbing his hair.

When they pulled back, Patrick blushed then looked at Pete again, giving him a small peck on the corner of his lips, "I love you."

"Ewww." Bert half-shouted, his other hand covering his eyes, the other holding Gerard's hand.

Gerard just giggled and pulled Bert's hand away from his eyes. Gerard gave a small kiss on Bert's cheek then ran to the living room, leaving Bert stunned.

Pete grinned at Bert, "Looks like someone has a crush on you."

Bert blushed, then ran to Pete to push him the ran to the living room.

"I love you too you know?" Pete says.


Pete nodded, "Yeah, and I was hoping that we could be boyfriends."

Patrick bit his lip then nodded, "I like that."


Okay, this is out of boredom sorry if this is poorly written and has no 'real' story. Hope you guys enjoyed it...?
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