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Night 22

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nobody likes you when you're 23...

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"You know this girl":
Yeah she’s a girl
You know her well
But think again
You think maybe you don’t know her
But she seems so familiar
You think you do know her
But you don’t know her well
Not anymore

You started seeing ghosts
They aren’t of dead people
Not apparitions, not spooks
But ghosts of people you knew
Like a shadow
It comes out when you meet
Someone new
Like their smile or laugh or the way the light hits their eyes
They’re ghosts

You like to drown yourself in bullshit
No not like that
It’s not about politics or the system
Check facebook again
Rethink commenting on that picture
You know he knows you can see them
They went to your beach
You know the one he used to take you to
They looked happy
You didn’t press like

You nothing
That's it
You nothing a lot
Yes you're using it as a verb
It's just too good not to use
You nothing that beverage you drink on occasion
You nothing your friend's brother's acquaintance's mother
Nevermind she can hear you slosh that shit on her freshly mopped floors
You nothing the fact that sometimes you're an asshole

You let people sign your yearbook
You asked
That one guy's father died and he wasn't in school for a month or two
He asked if he could sign
It was all in Chinese
He left his phone number
He's moving to LA next year

You know it’s a lot of bullshit
But that vine of a parrot whistling Jason Derulo’s “Talk Dirty to Me” is funny
You think about your birds
Well fine you never considered them yours
Someone just come home with them and you make sure they don’t die
“Three little birds…”
One did die though
That little green bird
You think life is a lot of bullshit
But it ends up still being funny in way too
She wasn’t even your bird but you didn’t sleep well for a while

You’re not sad
You’re not sad at all
Okay you’re a little sad
But who isn’t sad at 3 AM

You decide it’s time to sleep

"Have some – cough – porn that ll cushion that depressing song from the movie 50/50 (which was not bad - sad but still decent you should watch i liked it a lot yknow gordon joseph levitt yeahhh)":
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