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Auditions, anyone?

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If you like vampires,werewolves or monsters in general...Read?

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I am currently working on a new fic called Rosario to Vampire ; loosely based on the anime with the same title.So if you know the plot,golden star for you. Those who don't know what's it about, it's basically that a human enrolls (by accident) into a school for monsters.That's where you guys come in!! :D You can choose between :

good guys
1.a vampire( the main one's sibling)
2. A snowman (or snow-woman,it's the 21st century)
3. a werewolf (idk how it is for a female)
4 two witches (or wizards)
5.a sucubus

1.A nine-tailed fox
2. A doppleganger (y'know, those that copy other's identities)
3.A slug
4.A lizard(technically a hybrid but eh)
2.vampires (one being related to the good vampires,the other being adopted)

Here's the form/questionnaire/etc.
Age(maximum 21):
Good or Villain?
physical features (as a human):

Thank youu.
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