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Dead, But Far From Gone

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Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama - Characters: Bob Bryar,Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Published: 2014-06-04 - Updated: 2014-06-04 - 739 words

My head pounded, vision dizzy as I rose from the dry ground to my feet, dusting myself off as I went.
I’m dead; it’s pretty hard not to be after getting hit head on by a speeding car. And to be honest I’m not completely thrilled about it. But how could anybody be thrilled about being stuck in the middle of a desolate road , surrounded by nothing but a mass of wreckage and a flurry of ash. Thick, choking ash. Ash I’m choking on despite the fact I know I don’t need to breathe, but old habits die hard I suppose.

“Where the fuck…?” I sigh, running my thin fingers through my thick black hair, gazing aimlessly around the gloom. I’m trapped in the middle of nowhere with nothing. A mixture of anger and fear prick tears in my eyes, beginning to develop a lump in my throat. Fighting against the tears I mutter my usual response to a hopeless situation.
“I’m gonna kill myself.”

“And how would that work?”
Turning so quickly I have to stumble to balance, my eyes wander franticly over the sight before me. Hundreds of people, phantoms made of solid air, shadows with features; all congregated around the largest, beautifully macabre float I’ve ever seen. Great red swashes and a skull the height of a man on its sides. At the front a man jumped down, kicking up a cloud of ash around him as he landed.
“I’m pretty sure you can’t kill something twice,” a small, lopsided smirk played on the edge of his thin, feminine lips as he approached. Each step purposeful and confident, only stopping a few feet away; confidence melting slightly as he reached his invisible barrier. “You got a name?”
“Alex,” eying him over carefully I dared to let a smile play on my own lips, “well, Alexandra but my friends call me Alex… or Lexi.”

He smiles, nodding slightly. “Nice name. Call me Gee.”
My eyebrows mash together, wrinkling my forehead as memories stirred, tickling at the back of my brain. Everything began to seem so much more familiar, like something from a long forgotten dream or a book I’d once read.
I looked at the man before me, scanning his features slowly and taking in every detail from his cropped white hair to his polished black shoes. My murky, brown eyes making their way up the military uniform and meeting his hazel gaze; the recognition hit me with the force of a bullet, sending my brain whirling and my breath hitching. “Gerard?”

He smiled, tiny teeth filling his mouth as he took a mock bow. “The one and only.”
A small, excited squeak stuck in my throat as my legs trembled slightly. Taking shallow, sipped breaths I steady the shaking and smile back at my hero; the one and only is right.
“So… Gerard. Where am I?” I watch his smile falter for a second, and only a second, before it was back.
“The Black Parade. Heaven, hell and purgatory all wrapped up in one!” he winks his long dark lashes, “but we can talk about that later. Introductions first!”
Gerard half turns to the float he left, and I take that as the silence cue to take the first stumbling step forwards, trying to force my legs to work.

I walk in slightly awed silence the short distance to the float, glancing at the figures surrounding it. A pair of hands was on my waist and I flinch ready to defend myself, but it’s Gee, hoisting me high enough to climb up and offer him a hand.
“So, who’s the new chick?”

Still on my knees I twist awkwardly to look at the congregation sat a short distance away. And they’re here. All five of them and my head spins for a second as I fight the fan-girl inside trying to break free.
“Hey” Ray smiles, offering an idle wave as he reclined on the platform, Mikey standing close to his right, his signature awkward smile playing lightly on his pink lips.
The corners of my mouth twitch up into a smile as I bite nervously at my labret, fighting harder to look like a completely sane individual. I let my fingers spread in a similar wave, before tangling them awkwardly in my mess of hair.
“Alex,” Gerard smiles “meet the guys.”
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