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Just a goodbye to a website that I loved.

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Hi everyone, it's bvbrocks, or Casey. I don't expect anyone to recognize this name, the last time I posted on this account was over a year ago, but I felt like it was only right to make one last post. See, FicWad was a pivotal part of my life for over a year. I joined in October of 2011 (shortly after discovering a little band called My Chemical Romance), and what I found here was a website like no other. I found a family that welcomed me with open arms, a place to share writing I was too scared to show to anyone else, somewhere where I was accepted for being who I was. I met one of my best friends on this site (even though we don't talk anymore, she still affected me in a huge way), I found my voice here. For a while, this site was my escape, where I could just write and talk and not worry about being judged. I never thought that I would stop loving this site.

I don't know if I can really pinpoint when this site started falling apart for me. It might have been when the trolls started to invade (anyone remember littlebitch and DatDat?), it might have been the drama that always seemed to be going down (Ben and Nate anyone?), it might have been the fact that all my favorite authors were leaving (Althea, Lucy, Eddi, Adnarim, the list could go on), but I found myself coming on here less and less. I didn't want to write anymore, I didn't want to engage with anyone. And it hurt, feeling this chapter of my life closing on me. I ignored it as best as I could, kept telling myself that I just needed a break and then I'd go back on and it would be just like it was before. I never let myself get closure, because I didn't want to let go of this website.

This is me trying to find that closure. This is me saying goodbye, once and for all, to this website. So no, Rebel Love Song is never going to get finished, if anyone even cares about it anymore, which I honestly doubt. I might post a couple one shots on here if I ever write My Chem fic again, but don't count on it. If you do want to read what I'm writing now, my Wattpad and AO3 are both "battery45" (I'm working on a HS AU Jalex). And now its time for me to take my bow, and leave this site, probably for good. I would like to thank FicWad for all it has done for me, this site has certainly treated me well. And finally, I'd like to wish any new Ficwaddians luck. I hope you have as much fun as I did.

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