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June 8th, 2012

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Things have changed for me

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I'd like to recognize that, yesterday, June 8th, 2012, was my one year anniversary.
I'd love to take the opportunity to thank people.
I'm in a MUCH more satisfying position, much happier place, than I was a year ago. So, when I joined, I expected to get nothing out of this site. No friends, no "fame", no love for writing. I was very isolated when it came to likes and dislikes. I was introduced to new music, new likes, new stuff. And I'd love to thank you all for that, but also, I'd love to thank some specific people. You guys make my heart burn.

1. CyanideSuicide: My very first reviewer. You make some amazing stories, you know that? And when I saw that you wrote a review on my very first story, it inspired me to write more. Without you, I would never have continued to write. I would've hated writing, and I would've never met some of the most incredible, talented, creative people I have the pleasure of calling my friends, you included. You gave me that wonderful gift, and I owe you the world for that. Thank you so much.

2. XEvil_AngelX/Sam41/NothingToProve: You were/are/always will be my FicWad wife(but we're swingers. That's how we do). You were one of my first friends, and I love you, mayne. You continue to be one of the funniest, sassiest, most amazing people I know(next to Ash/Claire in the sassy category). You will always be my friend and, much like CyanideSuicide, will have a very special, VIP, dear place in my heart. A place that's reserved just for Sam(and, of course, her amazing plus one, whoever may make her happy).

3. Mirazal: You continue to be my inspiration to keep writing. Everytime I write something that I'm unsure of, you continue to be that one person who helps get rid of that doubt. You, like many others, have a very special place in my heart. I absolutely adore you, and I'm so glad I met you. You taught me to write more than romance: friendship. As you once said "because friendship is underrated on this site". You were the root of many of my stories(I have yet to make Frank a gangster). You reviewed my stories, and took the time to write essay-like reviews, which I enjoyed receiving and reading. You are one of my FicWad royalty.

4.LaurenTheHuman: You. You never fail to make me laugh. You always arrive at the FicWad parties, owning the place, making me giggle in pure glee. Not to mention that your writing=AMAZING. I just know that, one day, we will be able to share all of the band members that are drummers, or who at least play drums(like P-Dizzle Stump). looks passionately at sky You are the same ranking as the rest: royalty. I adore you.

5. tmbfucks/frankismysexgod: When I got on the site, you and Hozzie were the most amazing people. You guys were so nice and, in my eyes, FicWad famous. You are a great writer and, you've gone through your moments of despair, but, hey, you made it through! I'm so proud of you for that. You are an absolute great friend, person, and writer. Never stop writing.

6. Hozzie/CookieMonster: You are the sweetest girl ever. You are insanely great and insanely nice, and never have stopped being anything but that. You are an amazing, talented writer, who has talent even beyond writing fluffy stories, and romance. You can write anything if you wanted to, not JUST bandoms, which I call talent. You are amazing and will never stop being it. You go through rough patches, just like anyone else, but you make it through even stronger, yet kind. You were one of my inspirations for writing, because I wanted to write just like you. So, thank you for inspiring me.

7. RavanVanSlaughter: You are very, VERY talented! You are so talented in writing romance, smut, horror, and I'm sure that, for you, there's no limit to what you will be able to write/do. You were, also, my inspiration, and you are sassy, bold, and you just aren't afraid to express your opinions, which is something I respect a tremendous amount. You don't write only for bandoms, you write for OC's only, which, in my opinion, is always writing that never fails to pull me in. I respect you a great amount and I hope you find solace on your other writing sites.

8. Bella_Jinxx/AshIsNotOnFire/Hated_Eyes: You are very sassy, and not really afraid to say anything. You have many talents, and being a great, loyal, protective person is one of them. I'm grateful to ever have known you and your talent of writing is amazing. I'm so glad that I can call you a friend, because you're one of those friends that everyone is glad to have had. You are so amazing and incredibly creative. You helped me mature in many ways, so thank you.

9. Bipolar_Unicorn: You are a fantastic person. You introduced me to All Time Low and A Day To Remember. You are a history person, as am I and I am so glad I met you. You are one of my dear friends. Someone who supports me whenever I write a song or poem. You are incredibly loyal and kind and I'm glad I ever met you. You are so amazing. You are a great writer and you can be anyone you want to be. I'll support you, just like you support me. c:

10. electricviolence: You are like a sister. My white sister. XD We have so many inside jokes and so many online memories. We've told each other EVERYTHING, from deep dark to out in the open. You are a fantastic writer, and, like I said just yesterday: you are perf. We have dreams in common, you give me confidence, and you put up with ALL of my crazy. You never fail to make me smile, and you just make me so, so happy. You only ever yelled at me once which is rare in a friendship. Sometimes, I know you get frustrated with me, and I'm sorry for those times, but hey. We still have pretty cool times together. You are someone who inspired me to come out of my shell and I never regret it, because I have a pretty great life as a result. I am definitely in a better place now than I was a year ago, and I have you, among others, to thank for it. We haven't been able to talk 24/7 like we used to, because of your dumb dad, but your mom is still pretty awesome. Also, I miss you. I miss you and I think I'll always miss you when we aren't talking. I never thought I could feel this love for anyone who wasn't my flesh and blood, but you have taught me otherwise. It's definitely possible, and you are the solid proof of that. I love having known you, and I cannot wait to meet you. Til 2015, doll.

11. RyanCyanideKiller: You are so so so caring and protective and amazing. You brighten me up real quick. In fact, I'm talking to you via the reviews in my blog and you have no idea I'm typing this, hehehehehe. You and your husband are one of the greatest couples I've ever met, I'm convinced. I love you both and you guys are both so amazing.

12. Poppana: I bet you're surprised that you saw your name, huh? You didn't think I was gonna thank you? Well, you don't value yourself enough. You have no idea that I adore you. You are a fantastic friends, and a freaking AMAZING writer. You write amazing stories and you have no idea. Well, try to value yourself more because you are not horrible at all. You are amazing.

13. OhMyGee: I LOVE your writing. I don't know many people who'll spend days on writing a one shot. You always make sure to bring your absolute best to the table and I love the result. You are so great, and you should never stop writing.

I have more people to thank, but I could never credit EVERYONE. There are so many more people I want to thank like
xxPerfectTomorrowxx(another very dear inspiration),
KaliedoscopeEyes(Again, my other inspiration to write),
ColorfulShadow(a FANTASTIC friend!),
but I have to get working. Everyone is so dear to my heart, I love this site and I love you all. Everyone has had an impact on me, and that's something truly special, whether you know it or not. Now, looking back, a year later, so it seems I'm someone I've never met.

Thank you all for a FANTASTIC year.
I can't wait for many more.

Well, things have changed for me
Come on everybody let's dance and sing
I'm singing it all night long
Come on everybody, let's sing along
Things have changed for me
And that's okay
I'm on my way, and I say.

Things have changed for me.
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