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more than just a cliche

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ive counted the all the stars in the suburban night sky
and I can remember a time where they used to shine brighter than ever before

the cold cement has never felt more inviting under me
and the sky above me is dark with just a handful of stars

and no matter how many times
each night
I repeated,"star light, star bright
first star I see tonight.
wish I may, wish I might
have the wish I wish tonight."

my hope was always let down
and the of the shadow ceiling fan
has never felt more lonely

I may not be as scarred as I put myself out to be
but I have scars
they just aren't visible on my skin

the scar have turned my vision dark
making me miss the beauty of the stars
and miss the way my mind felt light
now the weight of my mind is heavy
sometimes to heavy to handle
i'd kill myself
but how cliché is that

and I tell myself to make it through the year
maybe it'll be better
but another year goes by
and I throw myself back into the fire of my own self doubt

burning the past in the bonfire in my backyard
has me feeling cleansed

but as the embers dance around
and mix with the black night sky
with the faint, opaque stars
the soft breeze
and the stories of memories
with the hope of better memoires to come
along with the adventure of wondering minds

I feel alive.
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