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Dragging her suitcase into the trunk of a rental car, followed by the gang. Pheobe took a deep breathe and looked up at the city of Chicago.

"Holy Shit, were so not in Newfoundland anymore Toto," Tabby said to an non-existant dog.

Pheobe laughed:
"Come on, we need to get going."

"Pheobs, take a second to take it all in," Jade said tossing her suitcase in the trunk."Relax a little."

"I'll relax when i die," replied Pheobe.

They all got into the car and drove off to their new home.
The girls was on stage, and Pheobe was speaking into the mic.

"So this next one is a cover, it's called 'Homesick At Spacecamp' by Fall Out Boy. It's kind of how we feel at the moment, minus the spacecamp. Here it is."

'landing on a runway in Chicago and grounding all my dreams...'

Pheobe finished the last chord and yelled out to the screaming crowd:
"Thank-you, were Last Call."

Tabby done a drum riff and Pheobe looked over at her and smiled broadly and they walked off stage.

"That was awesome," Sarah yelled."I've never felt that much energy before, Chicago is fucking awesome."

Pheobe laughed she knew what Sarah meant. She never felt so into the music before. But she couldn't help but sigh. She really missed her home. But she had a new home now and she had to make the best of it.

"What's wrong?" Tabby asked noticing her bestfriends saddened expression.

"Nothing," Pheobe said."I'm just thinking about home."

Jade pouted and asked:
"Your not having fun?"

"Yeah, of course I am,i guess you can just call me cliche when I say 'There is no place like home'."

"Pheobs, you'll feel better. Your just a little home sick. We all are but..." Tabby's word turned into jibberish as she looked up and saw a guy standing behind Pheobe.

Pheobe turned around and almost bumped into someone. She looked up and she was staring into a pair of georgous brown eyes. There was only on person in the world that had a pair of eyes like that, and rigt then and there Pheobe knew, that she was face to face with her inspiration.
Pete Wentz
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