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"Like a coruscating star she appeared in my life, bright and rather beautifully"

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Ivy Henderson.

From a young age I'd learnt my parents never lived in the same place for more than two years, constantly we would relocate to somewhere different around the country or in some cases the world. I was born in south Africa when my parents decided to live in Rosebank for a year and two months. They once again changed locations before my first birthday so I don't really have any memories of the places we went. Apparently this move from scorching Arizona to rainy England is the final one. They think I should graduate school before deciding if I want to continue traveling the world with them, so we've returned to their hometown in London. Kensington to be exact.

"Pick up the pace kid!" my mum shouts passing me on her way upstairs with a box, a long strip of tape goes around the whole thing 'toiletries' scribbled in a blue marker on each side. I take hold of the box containing everything electrical I own, laptop, hair dryer etc. and proceed towards my new bedroom. Since we've always packed all our stuff and just moved whenever, I was never able to have my room decorated exactly how I wanted it because my parents never saw the point.

Stepping into my freshly painted and wallpapered room I breathe in the smell of the flowers outside my window, my black curtains move with the wind and I take a moment to look around the amount of space I have. It's huge,bigger than my parents room. I stand with my back to the door and face the bay window, on the right hand side theres french doors in the middle leading to my walk in closet, on the left hand side is a whole wall with the new york skyline while the other three walls are pure white. Pushed up against it is my queen sized bed, close to the floor so nothing can get under it and pristine black sheets neatly laid out across the memory foam mattress. Above my bed lie a string of white butterfly lights and on either side a small bedside table. One with a pretty lamp placed on top and the other with a few pictures and the current book I'm reading. Looking for Alaska. Two black bookcases are on either side of my french doors and a while sofa is facing it with fluffy black pillows tossed on it, behind it stands a black table with four Glamour magazines neatly placed on it and a fishbowl. There's a newly painted black coat hanger nailed to my door, with a calendar next to the light switch.

Placing the box on my bed and tearing it open, I pull out my laptop and it's charger laying them on the sheets. My other chargers follow and then I take the leftovers to my closet. Inside my closet I have a small basket and place my hair electronics inside it. Just as I close the door behind me and walk out, I jump seeing my mother sat on the sofa admiring my room.

"It looks great" she smiles pushing herself up and taking the empty box from my hand "everything unpacked now?"

"Just some shoes left and then I'm done" I state tucking my hair behind my ears. "I'll let you grab your shoes and get settled in then, take away tonight?" we both smile and I nod.

Heading back down we pass my dad who is going back and forth from the kitchen and the truck, he gives us a small nod before vanishing again and we know to let him get on with it. I stand in our drive looking to the surrounding houses, at how posh and clean the area is compared to other parts of the city. I locate the last box of shoes towards the front of the truck and slide it out with ease, it's easy enough to carry and the thought of not having to do it anymore motivates me more to get back upstairs and finish unpacking.

As I turn to go back inside the sound of a door slamming makes me turn, and look to the house next door what's also diagonal from us (because we live in a cul-de-sac with only three houses) looking furious with raging green eyes, a boy who doesn't look much older than me bounds down the drive to a large car. Brown curls bounce on his head, and flop about annoyingly to which he runs a hand through his hair holding them back and out of his sight.

That's when he notices me watching him and a smirk pops up on his face, I look down and listen to the sound of him drive away not daring to look up until the sound fades in the distance. "Who was that?" my mum asks joining my side, I shrug having no clue who he was but I think at some point we're going to find out.

"Looks like a troublemaker if you ask me" she huffs shaking her head "guess we'll find out at the housewarming party" she smiles as she speaks knowing how much I hate her goddamn parties, every time we move she invites her new boss and neighbours around for a get together and to meet them.

Trailing after her inside the house I groan "but you said we wouldn't be having one this time"

"I personally think we should, considering we're not moving again and it'll be nice to know people straight off instead of having awkward neighbour conversations"

Leaving it there and trudging straight to my room I finally complete my unpacking and lie down on my bed, breathing out heavily, relieved I have nothing more to do. My phone buzzes twice and I roll over to pull it from my back pocket, I've only been here three days and my new school have already messaged me about my first day on Monday. Ignoring it and checking my facebook instead, I smile at the sight of a wall post from a friend I've left back in Arizona.

'Why did you have to leave:'( Have fun in cold England and meet some hot guys, yeah?;3'

Liking it and closing the app down I check my social networking sites, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and all that fun stuff. I feel more comfortable being back in England though, only a few years ago we we're living just outside of London at the coast in Cornwall before Arizona. Throwing my phone aside and hearing a car door slam, I curiously slide off the bed and head over to the window, I can clearly see the boy who left not ten minutes ago has returned but with a friend. Blond hair with brown roots and a pair of light blue eyes, he see me first and nudges his brown haired friend and points up to my window. Awkwardly I pretend I was closing the window and avoid both their stares, making a creepy first impression probably isn't a good idea.

Crossing my arms and staring out across the rooftops, I sigh. Maybe London won't be so bad.
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