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Work, Lunch, and a Bathroom

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Jean has known that Roy and Riza have had feelings for each other, but are to stupid to admit know he needs Fullmetals help in getting the two together. But another question is, will he eve...

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Ok guys, this is my first don't be too hard on it...and I know that my spelling and grammar for those people who love to critize....
Oh, I don't own FullMetal Alchemist...although I wish I did...
As sunlight poured onto his face Roy Mustang woke with a start. Looking over his shoulder he saw no one on his bed 'Good, at least I'm able to control myself...on occasion' he thought with a sheepish smile. He looked over at his alarm clock, which plainly read: 7:30
He knew he was in trouble now, again he'd be a half-an-hour late to work and Riza was going to be more furious than when he suggested his brilliant idea of her wearing a mini-skirt every Saturday.
And with that he scrambled out of bed and hurriedly put on his uniform.
Back at the office Riza started on her paper work as Falman, Fury, Havoc, and Breda marched into the office half asleep, "Late again I see" inquired Hawkeye
"No later than the Colonel himself" remarked Havoc and right on cue Mustang calmly walked into the office, obviously trying his hardest to show that he hadn't sprinted his way down to the building, but his hair gave it away. Riza sighed realizing that the colonel might never be early; let alone on time, for work.

But that didn't concern Hawkeye at the moment; her work was her main priority right now. "You might want to get started right away, sir, there looks like there are some important documents"
"Thank you Lieutenant," he said sitting down at his desk, starting on his paper work, " My, my you look pretty this morning" he stated without looking up from his papers.
"Thank you sir" she replied blandly

Jean Havoc for one was not fooled; he knew that this was their way of showing affection for each other. Every day the colonel would flirt with Hawkeye and she'd just brush it off, simple as that. He had no idea, of course, if they actually knew that they had feelings for each other or not. 'Either way' he thought 'they will both need a push in the right direction, and I'm just the man to do it...but I'll need help...Fury? No, he may be rather quiet, but when it came down to relationships he might blab...heck all of them might what about-Ed? Yes, Edward would be I'll just need a way to get him to help me...' his thought we're interrupted by Hawkeye "Havoc, get back to your work or I'll just have to shoot you the next time I catch you daydreaming"
"Sorry, sir" 'Gosh lady, I'm just tryin' to help you out here' and with that he got back to his paperwork...

After a rather uneventful lunch Havoc was able to find FullMetal waiting for Roy back at the office. "Ed, good to see you, how've ya been?" Jean asked with some fake cheeriness
"Fine, you?"
"Great...listen I need to have a word with you..umm if you'd just follow me..." Havoc trailed off at a quick pace with Elric quick on his heals wondering what the second lieutenant could possibly want to talk about, and why the hell he had to make this so urgent sounding.
"The bathroom?" Ed questioned
"It's the only place I can think of, where we won't be heard..." he said as he looked under the stalls to make sure they were indeed the only ones in there.
"Ok, the way I see it you're the only one I know who won't go gossiping to everyone. Anyway here's the thing, you know how the colonel and Hawkeye have a thing for each other, and won't admit it?
Ed nodded and suddenly looked bored by this information.
"Well I think they're to stubborn to get together by themselves, but if we were to-"
"Wait, you want me to help you with your little scheme?"
"Well, yeah I'm sure the colonel would-"
"I'm not gonna help that bastard" Ed growled
"Ed, come on, stop being so small-minded-"
"That's not what I said Ed..."Jean sighed "Lets just put it this way if you don't help I could tell Mustang about you and that Winry girl.."
"Winry? What? We're just friends..umm-" Ed stammered
"Don't kid yourself, I know all about it...and you've taken' to fancy her"
"Oh, well alright, but no one other than you knows about it, right?
"I'm the one and only" Jean said proudly
"Alright then, you've got yourself a partner" Ed grinned
"Well we should get back to the office..lunch break is almost over, and Roy needs to have a word with you..."

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Well that the first chapter, hope you guys liked it..I'll get started on the second one right away...
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