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Drunken night - michael clifford smut

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Kimmi has a fun night and finds herself drunk, she bumps in to the guy she kissed that night with nowhere to stay so kimmi and her friends invite him around for the night. ALOT OF SMUT

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Me, Alex and Katie walked out the party feeling buzzed and so drunk we couldn't even walk in a straight line, the party was amazing, and I finally kissed this hot guy called Michael who I've always had a little crush on and we both actually talked about similar interest which was amazing.

When we started to walk home which was ten minute walk from the party we all bump in to Michael, he is sat down in front of the house on the phone, he was cursing and looked upset.

"For fucks sake, I cant just walk home it's like an hour walk, I don't even know where I am, oh my god, whatever, I'll find away, you're such a douche sometimes" He shouted then put the phone down.
I walk over to Michael,
"Hey, whats up?" I ask while sitting down next to him
"Oh hey! And eugh my friend was supposed to pick me up but he isn't now because he's around his girlfriend's or something, im so angry, I have nowhere to stay!"
"You could sleep round my house with Alex and Kimmi we have plenty of room!" Katie suggested, im not sure I like that, won't that be very awkward, oh my god, but I guess Michael has nowhere else to stay.
"Oh my god, can I?! Please, oh my god, thank you!" He looks at me and nudges me, I guess you'll be seeing more of me tonight then ey? He laughs and stands up and pulls me up by my arms and pulls my body close to his and whispers in my ear,
"I can't wait"
I smile slightly at him and i nudge him
"shut up" I roll my eyes while laughing.

When we get to Katie's house I fall on to the sofa bed next to her bed
"Eeeuuuuggghhhh, i'm sooo tired"
"I'm not" Michael sat next to me and smiled
My head is still spinning and I lean in to Michael, I'm pretty sure my feelings towards him isn't just a silly crush, just looking at him turns me crazy.
"If you're not tired then what can we do instead of sleep?" i say to Michael. I wrap my arms around his neck and he leans in to kiss me
"What are you guys doing?! That's my sofa bed, you can't have sex on there!" Katie shouted but in a jokey way, she winked at me and sat in front of us.
"You guys are beautiful" said Katie while pushing our heads in to her neck, shes always the one who gets drunk and is really flirty but funny, she gets up and goes straight to sleep in her bed.

I'm feeling so horny right now, I haven't had sex in ages and I'm sharing a bed with this hot guy who is so fucking sexy, this is going to be hard to keep control.

"you know what? im hungry, lets go get something to eat, katie won't mind and its just us here, her parents are out" I smiled and dragged him downstairs
"I love food" michael searched through the fridge and the cupboards, he grabs 2 chocolate bars and crisps
After rummaging through the cupboards me and michael sit on the kitchen floor next to each other finishing all the food we took.
Alex comes downstairs asking if we know where she left her bracelet.
"it's on your wrist alex, I think you need some rest" me and michael laugh
"oh... okay good night!" alex skips upstairs
michael looks at me
"yes?" I say while looking down at the floor, im feeling a bit more sober after eating a bit.
"you're beautiful" he pats his lap to tell me to sit on him
"I'll crush yoou" i laughed
"oh shut up and sit, you're fucking beautiful and you have a amazing body, I want it" I smile and blush... I sat on his lap and he placed his hands on my hips.

We both started to kiss, Michael pulled me in closer and closer untill my legs were wrapped around his waist and then he puts his knee's up so I was wresting on his legs. Michael slips his hand under my dress wresting his hand on my bum slighty squeezing my cheeks while kissing me, he then starts to kiss my neck and my shoulder, at this moment I can feel his cock suddenly get hard, I can feel it pressing against me under his jeans
"I want you so bad kimmi" he moans,
I smile and and stand up to slip my dress off, he kneels up to me and takes off my knickers and starts to kiss me down below while looking up to me with a cheeky smile. He stands up and starts to kiss me again while he pushes me against the wall I nearly trip because I'm not even aware of my surroundings im just concentrating on Michael and me.
I take of michaels top and stroke his chest and then I unbuckle his belt and take his black skinny jeans off.
Michael then slides of my bra straps and kisses my neck and my breasts, he unstraps my bra and then bends down to slowly take off my knickers with his teeth, he pulls down his boxers which releases his huge boner from his boxers. I bend down to my knees and start to suck on penis back and forth
michael moans loudly and shouts my name
"oh my god kimmi" he pushes my head in to his penis so I go faster and faster, I stop then he picks me up and takes me to the living room where he throws me on the sofa, he emediently starts to kiss my pussy and licking the juices off me, I can feel his warm breath and his stubble so I push his head down harder and harder untill I feel all tingly down there, he then starts to split my legs farther apart and stands up and puts his tip slowly in to me, when its all in he starts thrusting his hips towards me moaning my name, this sends vibrations down my body, I go so weak and suddenly im not controlled over my loud moans. Michael is holding on to the back of the sofa with his mouth next to my ear, I can hear his warm breath getting heavier and heavier, he takes his penis out of me and I suck on it while licking his tip while smiling at him, michael shouts
"im cumming, oh my god" michael moans
michael then cums in my mouth and I swallow it whole, he falls on to the sofa and then places me in front of him, i feel so close to a climax, I sot with my legs apart and he then puts his fingers in me and blasts his fingers in and out of me, it feels amazing and I can't control it anymore
"im going to, I-"
I hit climax, oh my god that was amazing, michael puts his boxers back on and i put back my underwear on
"that was fucking amazing"
I lean on his chest, I can feel his heart beating uncontrollably.
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