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One day, it would cease to amaze Soubi. He was sure of it.

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One day, it would cease to amaze Soubi. He was sure of it. But... Not today.

Glancing over to the bed where Kio and Ritsuka lay cuddled together like kittens in a basket, he couldn't help but smile softly.


Never would he have thought that RitsukaSoubi and KioSoubi would combine into this strange force known simply as KioSoubiRitsuka. A trinity.

A sigh came from the direction of the duo, breaking his thoughts, and he watched as his two... Two what? They weren't all lovers, obvious by the tail that curled around Kio's ankle. They weren't both his sacrifices, and he absently glanced down at his bare chest to where the Loveless now rested without the same shame as it's predecessor. Ritsuka shifted, curling into Kio's side, and the green haired man's arm pulled him close, absently stroking the ears on top of his head.

Soubi glanced back through the years at the trouble the Seven Moons had caused Ritsuka and chuckled. It hadn't been all bad, he supposed. Natsuo and Youji still showed up at all times of the day whenever they felt bored or lonely. They'd harass him for a day or two, then disappear as suddenly as they had arrived. Ritsuka had remarked once that they liked to check on him, because in their own way, they were concerned.

He smirked, since last time they had appeared without their ears or tails, and Ritsuka had gone bright red when they began pulling at his.

A hand drifted to the tiny word across his heart, and his mind drew an image of a lollipop and a wicked smile. He needed them. He needed them both, and he was becoming more and more certain they needed him back as well.

They needed each other too.

Without warning, the water boiled over from the pot on the stove, spitting at him and burning his skin. He hissed gently, something else they had taught him. That it was okay to express himself when he was in pain.

He walked to the cupboard where he kept the ramen seasoning they both liked, scratching at the red mark on his hand. The door was opened slightly, which was odd, as he always kept it closed and the ones embraced on his bed preferred him to cook.

He opened it, and was caught under an avalanche of cookies and pocky boxes and god knows what other kind of sweets. He yelped as he lost his footing, crashing to the ground.

Two heads shot up from the bed, identical looks of guilt peering over at him from wide and innocent eyes. Dammit, Kio was a bad influence on Ritsuka.

Soubi raised his eyebrows, and they dove under the covers as one.

Sometimes, he didn't know why he kept them.

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