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Naruto the Legendary Swordsman of Konoha

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At the young age of five, Naruto found the one of the Great swords of the Sage. With the help of the Legendary Swordsman can Naruto fully unlock its secrets and save the world? Naru/Harem.

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He panted as he collapsed on the floor. Clutching his chest, he walked over to the body of his deceased brother. Tears welled on his scarred, bloodied face. His brother sacrificed himself to give him enough time to finish the deed. At least he was able to go the way he always dreamed he would, a hero. He sighed softly as he closed his brother's soft, serene eyes one last time. To be honest, this was the first time since they were children that he saw his brother at peace.

The wind snapped causing the man to turn and see the supposed inanimate object. The sword was stuck in the ground. The sword was about ten inches in diameter and a three feet tall. The sword glowed a reddish purple. The sword contained ten different colored orbs that glowed. The hilt of the blade had two identical length protrusions sticking out of it. The end of the hilt held a glass-like orb. It glowed a faint white color with a mixture of blood red and pale purple. It was magnificent blade all and all.

The man finally stood up straight. He was a tall and pale-skinned man. He had spiky, shoulder-length, pale-red hair, with a chin-length braid hanging in front of his left ear. He also sported a chin goatee which tapered down to his waist. His face, while scarred had two happen like protrusions on each side of his forehead. He also had a red ripple like marking in the center of his forehead and a light-colored circle representing Yang in his right palm.

The wind opened his jacket slightly as his eyes focused on the blade. A small whisper floated around the man's ears. His body was on auto pilot as his eyes remained fixed on the blade. Soon he was within arm's reach. Before he could touch said blade a ghost like entity hovered over the blade. Even in his nearly beaten state he could see her as if she had a physical appearance.

The woman had a maternal like aura about her. She had delicate facial features almost like a princess. She also had an extremely long, sweeping light colored hair that touched the ground. Most noticeable were two horn like protrusions which stuck out from her head. She wore the transitional high-collared hime-kimono which was adorned with intricate lines and tomoe running down the center and edges of the gown. She garnered a motherly look as she had a prominent scowl etched on her face. It was not of anger but of disappointment.


It was above a whisper but it definitely carried to the woman. She acknowledge the man. The connection that once was filled with warmth was now ice. Her scowl grew deeper at the man. He was worse for wear but she didn't care that much. After all she was the one who made him that way. She said in a disappointed tone, "How could you do such a thing to your dear mother?"

The man looked deep into her eyes. He saw the serenity in her eyes. But it wasn't full serenity. Her words encased venom. It had deception and hatred. The tension was palpable and could easily be cut with a knife. He sighed inwardly as he knew that while this was his mother, the one raised him, she was the enemy. He said with an even tone, "Kaa-san, I had to stop you. You were not helping to save the world! You were destroying it! You were killing all the inhabitants who have done nothing to deserve this. You had to be stopped."

The scowl grew deeper on her face. Didn't he realize she was saving the world? There is no such thing as peace. Humans were clearly the vile, disgusting, evil that rotted this beautiful world. They shed blood as if it was water! "I was saving this god-forsaken place! Mother Earth cried tears as unnecessary blood was shed. I had to stop them from destroying the world for the next generation. Those filthy bags of flesh need to be taught a lesson."

"Who are you to decide such a fate? You were born human. You held human emotions and feelings. You bled the same blood as they have. You say you are a goddess but the mere fact you still contain your human abilities and ideals still make you human. "

The scowl that adorned her porcelain face grew as a smirk. Her son's chakra was starting to dissipate. His body was breaking down and he won't be able to stand for much longer. The more he fought her the weaker he became. As a result, he will not be able to finish the deed. She needed to bide her time so she could finally save this wretched place. "My dear Sochi, a mother cannot simply stand by and let such miscreants destroy her home. Look at what the war has done to this world. I was the one who knew of the story of the Shinju's fruit. I knew that only a person of pure heart could conceivably think about trying to save the world. Now look at it. Mother Earth is finally beginning to heal! It's gaining nutrients and will be able to prosper!"

The man damn near screamed! "Prosper?! The Earth isn't prospering. You are killing the inhabitants of this world! The world needs the inhabitants just like inhabitants need the world. It's a two way street. I must stop you once and for all." The man put his hand out and grabbed the hilt of the blade and in turn his mother's neck. He needed to do one last chakra blast and it will be over once and for all. He could see the blood escape the corners his mother's mouth. The image of his ghost like mother dying at his hands will forever haunt the man until he died.

As he tried to finish the deed it became increasingly difficult. His body was depleting as his hand shook. His body convulsed as his body was not able to replenish the blood he was losing. His vision was becoming a tad bit blurry as he was fading. He saw his mother smirking as if she had won. With all the inhabitants of the world becoming free from the jutsu they will not be able to hear the disturbing laugh that filled the air. She had won! And soon she will gain her physical body again!

"You have failed in your quest, Sochi! Although you were always my favorite son, you must die at my hands! You fought so well but couldn't finish the job. It's a tad bit disappointing but you will be just another piece of dust in history. I'll be gaining my body back and the Infinite Tsukuyomi will once again prosper! To make it worse is that it is your fault! You couldn't finish the job. You might have stolen the Juubi from me but that doesn't matter. You will dies soon enough from the sealing. Now nothing can stop me! "

It struck a cord in the man's mind. The Juubi! Thats what can stop her. He might not be able to kill her but he can at least try to rehabilitate her. He smiled inwardly as he finally had a back up plan. But to do so required him to become one with the Juubi. If just for a little while. He concentrated the rest of his chakra to connect with the Juubi.


The man looked at the raging beast the was currently inside his mind. The Juubi was a brown creature of titanic size; one of its hands is bigger than any of the tailed beasts. Its single eye, which takes up most of its head, is a red-coloured rippled eye. It's rippled eyes contained at least twelve tomoe in the four circles closest to the pupil. It was a most disturbing beast. The Man whispered mostly to himself, "To think this beast used to be a tree."

The Juubi roared a deafening roar. It caused the man to stand back slightly. The monster was after all not subdued but a captured animal. It wanted to be free so it can go on a rampage. It was incoherent and destructive. It wasn't fair that his mother made this former tree this way. It was no longer peace but anger, hatred, sadness, evil, and over all injustice. The man more than ever was determined to stop his mother. He walked with a bit more confidence to the beast. The beast that was being held by chains that more than likely hurt. It held spokes that were more than likely stabbing the poor beast. The squelching noise was a clear indication of that.

The beast swung at the man. The man simply blocked the strike. His hand caused the beast intense pain. It was as if the man's hand had acid that burned the beast down to the bone. The beast whimpered as another spoke embedded itself into the beast. The beast cowered into a corner. Fear has taken over the beast. It was on the verge of death. Something it has never experienced in its entire life. It shook uncontrollably as it howled in what felt like its final bow.

It surprisingly hurt the man to see a debacle. It cause him such great pain to see the beast hollar and whimper in pain. LIke his mother, he did want to help the world even the most heinous of beast. He walked over the beat and crouched down to its level. He saw the beast's tears falling on the floor. The man puts his hand on the beast comforting it. The beast whimpered to the comforting and empathetic touch. It felt soothing and peaceful. It gave the monster some great peace as it whimpered a softer tune. The man smiled softly at this.

He walked over to the chains that embedded itself into the beast. He smashed it allowing the spokes to be taken out. The beast howled as the pain of the the spokes started to disappear. In an instant, the pain was long gone. The beast looked confused as the beast didn't understand why the human man was willing to help. The Juubi came up to the man and bowed to him. The Man patted the beast on his head and smiled.

The man said, "Shinju-sama, I need your help. I need to use your chakra to stop my mother from destroying this world that you have protected for so long. If she succeeds, I die and so do you. So please, I'm begging you." The Juubi turned his head sideways and smiled. The man saw chakra fill the room. The man felt stronger and was ready.

Thank you Shinju-sama.

Real World

The man's eyes opened wide. He was too late as his mother with already starting to gain human form. He quickly reach the sword's hilt/ his mother's neck. His mother's eyes went wide as she couldn't believe that he was able to stand much less grab her neck. SHe saw a lingering residue that was golden. The realization had finally dawned to her. It was the Juubi's chakra! But how? The beast was supposedly captured and subsequently killed the beast. She shook as she realized she will be killed. She choked out, "So you are able to harness the Juubi's power. Remember I'm still connected to the Juubi. So even so you can't kill me with its power!"

She expected her son to give in. But to her horror, her son grew a big smile. He started to pour more chakra into the blade. He said triumphantly, "Kaa-san, you are absolutely correct. I cannot kill you with the Juubi's chakra as you will forever be connected to it. I have another idea for you."


"You are a monster and a beast. So instead of killing you, I'm going to treat you just like how the Juubi was treated.I'm going to release all of your chakra to all of the world!"

Her eyes went extremely wide as she screamed, "You wouldn't dare!"

The man's hands grew red and blue glow. His grin grew wider as he said, "I'm not done. I know that even when the chakra is released you will be able to absorb the chakra once again. I have one final technique. You killed my brother and I want you to remember what you have done to your son. He sealed you into that sword but I'm going to break it up into ten different swords. Don't worry Kaa-san,w you will be able to be brought back together because you cannot be killed this way. But by the time that you do, the world will be different. You will be able to see a whole new world where people have changed. I'm sorry I won't be able to see it. I wish you well mother but its time to go. Chakra Transfer"


"Banbutsu Sōzō!"

It was too late for the goddess. He separated her chakra and sent it to each and every cocoon, The blue wave allowed each and every creature to receive this wonderful power. The cocoons started to break much to chagrin of the Rabbit Goddess. He eyes shook back and forth as she saw her plan finally fail. It was almost too much to handle. She screamed in pain as everything she worked for was ruined. Ruined! To make it worse, was that her mosted hated son was the one who was the one that did the final deed. THe only consolation she had was that she would be able to return. She had one last back up plan. SHe smiled inwardly as she thought, 'Sochi, you thought you have won. But trust me dear boy, Kaa-san knows some tricks up her sleeve as well. Your descendants will pay the ultimate price for your mistake!'

After all of her chakra was passed out to the world the second jutsu was initiated. He screamed as the the pain shot through her body. Her soul was separated into nine different pieces. The pieces were like little blue orbs. that simply floated above air. The sword she was sealed in glowed dimly in contrast to the brightly glowing orbs. Soon afterwards the orbs transformed into 9 different swords. Each sword was a bit different from the other. The man saw that these blades each had a different ability and strength. He smiled softly as he said, "That was for you dear brother. I could not have done it without you. You sacrificed your soul to save me and to seal her into your blade. Now I have to find secret location spots for these blades and teach the world about ninshū."

The man collected the sentinel swords and his brother's body and looked at the world changing with a bright blue sky. Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki sighed a soft sigh as he found a new role in life. It was time for a new beginning of mankind and it was his responsibility to make sure the world is ready for when his mother came back. He took a step over the cliff and walked on air. This definitely was the beginning of something great. As he walked on air, he did not see or feel his brother, Hamura's blade glow black and slither away.

A/N: Hi everyone this is a new variation of the Swordsman of Konoha story. This is a prelude as to how the swords came to be and a start of something new. The chapters will be much longer than this. I hope you find it to be of your liking. If there are any mistakes or plot holes please tell me. Thank you. Also Review!

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