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i wanna scream i love you [peterick]

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Pete and patrick both love eachother.

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patrick's pov

pete has been really spazy lately, more than normal. i don't know what's wrong. he's like paranoid of everything i do and won't say much to me. is it something i said? i don't know but here he comes. sigh "hey tricky! whats up? you look kinda down. is everything ok?" he asked. i shook my head. "i'm kinda worried about you. you've been acting different lately" i stated simply, trying not to show much emotion, although there was too much emotion in my head. "i'm fine patrick, really. never been better. especially when i'm with you." he clamped his hands over his mouth. aparently information that wasn't suposed to come out. i looked at him. he burried his head in my shoulder. "patrick i think i like you. more than just a friend" "pete, why didn't you just say so?" "i was afraid you'd never talk to me anymore" "pete you're my best friend, i'd accept you anyway that you were" "i love you" "i love you too" he wrapped his arms around me and i wrapped mine around him. joe walked up. "woah whats goin on here?" he asked sarcasticly. andy came up behind him. pete and i separated. i stood in front of him. sorta defending him. "none of your business." i said. "i think it is our business if two of our friends are gay" "well there's nothing you can do about it" "geez, overreacting much? we were just messing with you. just unleash all of your fury on us!" he laughed. "you guys make a cute couple" andy stated. we all looked at him. "what? they do don't you think joe?" joe nodded. "so you really are gay?" joe asked. "yah" "prove it!" joe dared. "how do you prove something like that?" i asked, annoyed. joe crossed his arms and shifted over to one foot. "just then pete got it. "i think he wants us to kiss" he whispered. my face turned red.

pete's pov

stupid joe. why'd he have to do this? patrick was blushing majorly. poor guy. i grabbed him and kissed him briefly and pulled away, or at leat attempted to. he grabbed my head and pushed his lips to mine. he pulled away and was redder than before. i was also red but it didn't show as much as patrick's did. joe was just staring open mouthed. andy was laughing at him "joe i frikken told you so!"
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