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Two hours

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Hate can destroy the lives of so many, acceptance creates a better, much needed world. My name is Gerard Way and this is my story, my cautionary tale.

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Warning! Major character death!

I was prompted to write a oneshot about hate and acceptance. Please R&R.

Thank you xoxo

Oh god, this had so many mistakes
Two Hours.

My name is Gerard Way and this is my story, my cautionary tale.

Hate can only lead to bad things, terrible things. I know first hand the damage that refusal to be accepting can do, it's hard for me to tell but it's also important.

Homophobia, Transphobia, Racism. They're all fueled by hate and a lack of acceptance. Take my tale and learn from it. Acceptance is the key to happiness and hate is the destruction of life.

The shrill and unwelcome beeping of the alarm clock fills the dark room and I groaned dejectedly, rolling to hit the snooze button in hopes of savouring a few extra minutes in bed. I snuggled down, wrapping the quilt tightly around my shoulders, and closed my eyes, allowing the sweet haven of sleep to wash over me again.

"Gerard, get up!" A voice called as my door slamed open, footsteps followed and suddenly my warm cocoon is ripped away, leaving me sprawled and miserable in my pajamas. It felt like a far too early attack on my senses when the curtains are opened and bright sunlight burns through my eyelids

"Mom, I'll go tomorrow" I whined as I felt a hand wrap around my wrist, tugging lightly and insistently in an attempt to get me moving "I'm not getting up"

"We'll see about that, young man" My mother challenged and stomped from the room, giving me the chance I needed to grab my quilt and bury myself in the soft cover. My eyes began to droop and I yawned, knowing inside that my mother has never, and will never, have the patience for the morning battles and that I've already won.

This is why I shrieked loudly as two large hands gripped my ankles and yanked me out of bed, startling me into a fully conscious and completely confused state. I flipped over onto my back and saw my father smirking down at me, my mother standing beside him with a triumphant grin. I felt cheated, my father should be at work and I should have still been sleeping.

"Get dressed, Gerard. Don't be such an ass to your mother"

The morning didn't get any better as I enter the bathroom. My younger brother, Mikey, forgot to lock the door again and screamed so loud that I freaked out, falling backwards and slamming my head against the wall. Thankfully it doesn't do a whole lot of damage but now I had a throbbing headache, and a moody disposition to go with it.

"There's a fucking lock on that door for a reason, Mikey! Learn to fucking use it!"

"Fuck off Gerard, you should knock first!"

"Fuck you four eyes" A hand collides with the side of my head and I turn to see my father there, I didn't even hear him approaching

"Don't use that language at this hour Gerard, you're being a princess! Get in the damn shower, Frank is downstairs raiding the kitchen already"

I smile and barge past Mikey into the bathroom, I couldn't be mad when Frankie was there. I switched on the faucet and stripped down, cleaning myself up as fast as I could and wrapped myself in a towel as I ran to get ready. Frank was my boyfriend and had been for almost a year, it was like we were made for each other. We met when he started at our high school around two years ago, it hadn't taken long for us to become friends and, although he'd always been open about his sexuality with us, he can't be the same with his father.

I walked into my room and heard the door shut behind me, not even having time to turn around before arms wrapped around my waist. I leaned back a little into the embrace and smiled, turning my head to plant a kiss on my boyfriend's lips "Good morning Frankie"

"Hey baby, I missed you..." Frank replied, kissing along my shoulder "I can't wait until tonight, mom said dad is out of town so we don't need to worry about any drunken rages"

I grinned at that, that night was going to be our first time going all the way. I mean, yeah, we'd done stuff but never gone that far. I turned and kissed him again, savouring the taste of his mouth, before shoving him from the room so I could get dressed quickly and set off for school.

Frank and I were the only gay couple at school, at least, we were the only openly gay people anyway, but we've never gotten any shit for it. Kids these days are pretty accepting so it's not like we were always getting beatings or anything, in fact, I'd even say we're pretty popular. For every kid that gave us shit, there was ten more defending us.

I kissed my mom goodbye and hugged my dad, telling them I loved them, just like every morning, and made tracks toward school. Frank walked beside me, holding my hand and giving me knowing glances as Mikey just looked between us with an 'It's too early for your lovey dovey bullshit' expression. We ignored him though, Mikey will be exactly the same when he meets his girlfriend.

When we arrived, Frank and I went straight to our registration class, giggling about our evening plans a sharing quiet kisses. We had waited a long time for that night, both of us wanting to wait until we were ready, and nothing was going to get in our way. Everything was going to be perfect. I ran my hand across the yellowing bruise under Frank's eye and grimaced

"I'm glad your father is out of town, I couldn't forgive myself if he did anything to you because of me..." Frank smiled softly and lifted my hand to kiss my knuckles

"Me too, baby. But if he ever found out, I don't think I'd care..."

"Frankie! He'd kill you!" I shouted, glad that nobody else is in the room

"Maybe..." Frank shrugged with a soft smile "But at least I'd have died knowing that you loved me and that makes me happier than you'll ever know"

I smiled and leant in, pressing my lips to his and sighing at the touch "And I know you love me too."

It was in my art lesson when I got a sudden feeling that something was wrong, I put it down to nerves but I still couldn't shake it. I continued flicking through the art book on the table, researching my latest project, when the feeling made me feel dizzy all of a sudden and I collapsed back onto the chair. I heard students buzzing around me, asking if I was alright, but all I could mumble is that I was fine and that I wanted Frank.

I got escorted to the front office, one of the football players practically carrying me along the corridors, and I was given a bottle of water. I had no idea what had come over me but suddenly I was feeling fine again, that really should have been a sign. In fact, to most people it would have been, but I guess I was just too blind and carried on with my day.

I met Frank at the front of the school, greeting him with a kiss and beginning our journey to his house. My mom and dad knew where I'd be, and Frank's mom was working so we'd have our own space. Once we got inside, we immediately went upstairs. We knew it was only a matter of time before Frankie's mom returned so we didn't want to waste the time we did have.

Frank closedj his bedroom door behind us and smirked as he stalked over to me, pulling down the zipper on my hoodie and pushing it from my shoulders, before getting to work on each other's shirts. I gripped Frank's hips and pulled him to me, stumbling back and falling on the bed as he kissed sloppily down my neck, no doubt marking me as he'd done a hundred times before.

His mouth met mine again and we battled for dominance, Frank inevitably winning, as he began grinding down on me. Our bare chests were pressed together and he pinned my hands above my head, moving to straddle my hips. We were starting to sweat and I couldn't't take the teasing anymore so I pulled my hands free and started working on Frank's zipper. We're so oblivious and caught up in the moment, and each other, that we didn't hear the front door open, or the footsteps creeping up the stairs.

It took all of a second for us to register what was happening. The bedroom door slammed open, causing books to fall heavily from the shelf, then the voice rang out. Frank's father.

"I knew you were a fucking faggot" he slurred drunkenly "Your mother thought she could keep it from me, the stupid bitch"

"Dad! Get out!" Frank yelled as his father advances towards us "I'll call the cops"

"You..." his father grits out, turning his attention on me as Frank scrambled for his cell phone "You made him this way, you fucking dirty bastard! You'll pay for this..."

I turned to look at Frank who was shouting into the phone, presumably to his mother, asking her to come home. He looked at me terrified and screamed as I felt a hand wrap into my hair and drag me off of the bed. It was all a blur suddenly, I'm dragged from the room and thrown onto the landing.

I felt a foot crash down so heavily on my ribs that a crunch echoed out. I saw Frank trying to grab his father but he's just shrugged off, the foot comes back, crashing down on my skull and my vision clouded but I could still make out Frank tugging at his father's arm. Then it happened.

He shoved Frank and Frank stumbled back, falling over the bannister and falling to the floor. A loud crash followed and I tried to call Frank's name.

"Look what you made me do!" Frank's father yelled down at me and dropped onto my chest, pulling back his fist and slamming it into my face.

I could barely register the pain anymore. The fists just rained down over and over, I couldn't see and my hearing was distorted. He stood up again and stamp, stamp, stamped on my body again and again. I couldn't breathe anymore and I'm almost completely unconscious when the scream tears through the house. I recognised the voice, the anguished and horrified voice of a woman who just discovered her son had fallen and lay unmoving in the front hall.

A final foot crashed heavily on my already damaged skull and that's when it was all over. No more sound, no more vision, no more pain.


I'd love to tell you that I'm okay, that I got through it, but I can't.

Neither can Frankie.

Frankie died instantly. He'd smashed down headfirst, fracturing his skull and breaking his neck. There was no chance of saving him.

Me? They'd tried to resuscitate me, even got me to the hospital and tried everything they could. It was too late. I was unrecognizable, my face brutally destroyed by a drunken, hate filled man. They tried but I couldn't be saved.

Two hours.

That's how long it took me to die.

Two hours.
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