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the controller one thousand.

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a young man gains the ability to control others.

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It was a bright and sunny day as Danny walked home from school with excitement. The reason why he was so excited was because about two months ago he had found a website on the internet that sold a device which could be used to gain control of the minds of others. Using a credit card that he stole he had bought the device and had it shipped to a nearby house. The house in question was a friend’s house and it would be empty when the mail was delivered so that he could just take it and nobody would ever know. The website had said that it would take two months to arrive in the mail and finally that day was here. Approaching the house Danny spotted a package on the front door step and quickly grabbed it before heading home. Opening the front door to his house Danny called out, “Mom, Dad, Sis, I’m home.”
“Huh,” Danny thought to himself. “No one is here.”
Running up stairs to his room Danny threw his back pack onto his bed and his shoes into his closet. Jumping onto his bed Danny sat down and opened his package. Looking into the box he found a watch and a book of instructions on how to work the controller one thousand.
Opening the instruction booklet he began to read on how to use the controller one thousand. The first step was to put the watch on so that it could get used to his energy signature. This way no one would be able to use the watch but him, after five minutes hit the green button on the side to power it up. Second press the speaker button and aim the watch at the person you want to gain control of, now while holding the speaker button and aiming the watch at the person you wish to control order them to do something after that you will have complete control of that person.
“Fantastic I can’t wait to use this on someone,” Danny thought in glee before he heard the front door open and his mother call out.
“Danny I’m home,” Danny’s mother Jennifer called out as she entered the house.
Running down the stairs Danny stopped at the bottom and said to his mother, “Welcome home mom, where’s dad and sis?”
“Your dad is at work and will be there until midnight tonight,” Jennifer told her son. “and as for Natasha well she will be home at seven.”
“Okay so what will we be having for dinner?” Danny asked.
“We will order something from pizza hut,” Jennifer said as she went into the living room to sit down and relax.
Following his mother into the living room Danny sat next to her on the couch as she flipped through channels on the tv. Looking at his mother Danny suddenly had a wicked idea, pushing the speaker button on his watch and pointing it at his mother Danny said to her, “Hey mom you’ve had a tough day why don’t you unbutton your pants and relax a little.”
“Thanks son I think I will,” his mother said before undoing her zipper and button on her pants.
“My god it worked!” Danny thought in excitement. Deciding to take it a little further Danny then said to his mother, “Mom why don’t you take off your pants and shirt just relax in your bra and panties.”
“Sure son that’ll be fine,” Jennifer said as she removed her shirt and pants.
Moving his eyes up and down his mother’s body Danny decided to take it one step further. “Hey mom why don’t you take off your bra and panties as well that way you can relax more.”
Doing as her son ordered Jennifer took off her bra and panties, spreading her legs open and sitting back Jennifer just sat there naked watching tv and relaxing. Deciding to get even more daring Danny said to his mother, “Mom what I’m going to do next is normal we do this all the time do you understand?”
“Yeah Danny I understand,” Jennifer replied while still watching tv.
“Good now keep your legs spread open,” Danny said as he got up off of the couch and knelt down in between his mother’s legs. Moving his head closer to his mother’s pussy Danny licked the lips of his mother’s pussy sending a flash of pleasure through his mother. Taking his left hand Danny spread the lips of her pussy open and thrusted a finger from his right hand into her. Spotting his mother’s clit Danny took it into his mouth and suckled on it as hard as he could while fingering her pussy. After a couple of minutes his mother moaned out as her pussy tightened up around his fingers and came. Pulling his fingers out of his mom and licked them clean Danny looked up to his mom and asked, “How was that?”
“That was great honey,” Jennifer said to her son as she ran her fingers through his hair.
“Good,” Danny said as he got up and pulled down his pants and boxers exposing his seven and a half inch rock hard cock to his mom. Throwing off his shirt he looked at his mom and said, “Mom move down a little so that I can fuck you.”
“Sure son,” Jennifer said as she moved down on the couch so that her son could reach her better.
Positioning his cock at the entrance to his mother’s pussy Danny paused as an idea came to him, pointing the controller one thousand at his mom he activated it and said, “Mom from now on you are my slave only when dad or sis are nowhere around but when they are around you will act normal.”
“Of course Danny,” Jennifer said as she leaned forward and French kissed him on the lips.
“Good now sit back and let’s have some fun,” Danny told his mother as he thrusted into her. Slowly moving in and out of her pussy Danny began to speed up causing her to moan out.
“Oh go Danny! Go faster, fuck me harder!” Jennifer demanded as her son fucked her.
Grabbing his mother on her hips Danny began to slam into her as hard and as fast as he could. Thrusting in and out of his mother Danny felt her pussy tighten up as hard as possible signaling that she was close to her orgasm. Feeling his mother’s pussy go crazy and hearing her scream out Danny slowed down and stopped as his mother came down from her orgasm. Pulling his cock out of his mother’s pussy Danny ordered his mom to suck him off.
Getting on her knees Jennifer put her son’s cock into her mouth and slowly began to bob her head up and down sucking him off. Almost immediately she felt his cock twitch and throb telling her that he was about to cum. Speeding up his orgasm Jennifer took his cock all the way into her mouth deep throating him. humming around her son’s cock she had no time to prepare when he abruptly yelled out and came down her throat forcing her to swallow as much of his cum as she could. Pulling Danny’s cock out of her mouth Jennifer licked his cum off of her lips and looked up at her son.
“Was that good Danny?” Jennifer asked her son.
“Yeah mom it was great you can go do whatever you want to do now.” Danny said informing her that there sexual escapades were done for now.
“Sure I’ll go and order dinner now,” she said before looking at a clock on the wall and noticing the time. “Your sister should be home in an hour so go take a shower and clean up.”
“Yes mom,” Danny said as he thought to himself. “I think I’ll control my sister next, I’m gonna have so much fun with this!”
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