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Just Keep Breathing

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Emily's last vacation with her family before her and her brother head off to college to start there lives has gone horrifically wrong..

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A/N; Hi Ya'll, I'm Leah and i am new to posting my crappy attempt in writing a story. I've been working on this in my head for quite a while so i hope you like it. I know it's a little morbid but it gets better i promise. Just maybe keep reading? See what you think? It's short i know but its my first attempted and they will get better once i get into the flow of things, I haven't wrote anything in a long tome so please bare with me. R/R and let me know how i did and if you liked/disliked the first chapter. - Leah oxo

The obnoxious sound of the “Heart Monitor” and the “Mechanical Ventilator” that was echoing around the room was the only thing that was keeping me from going completely insane. It was the only reassurance that my family and I had that Kyle was still with us. Our family vacation had turned into a complete nightmare and it’s not one that any of us will ever forget. Since we moved to downtown Manhattan, New York over two years ago all family vacations had been put on hold while our parents settled into their new business and us into schools, My younger brother started middle-school and Kyle and myself were juniors in high-school. Our parents timed the big movie from Dallas perfectly. Once Kyle and I graduated from high-school 3 weeks ago, our parents decided it was time for a vacation. One big final family vacation before Kyle and I set off for college and California was the destination. Disney World, Shopping, Beach, skate parks and hiking. 4 weeks in sunny California. It was perfect, Until 5 days ago.

Kyle and I decided we wanted to go site seeing, we have already been here a week and a half and we’ve been wavering between the skate parks and the beach. Mom and dad where taking Ben to Disney World and we headed off to soak up Los Angeles in all its glory. About 20 minutes into our adventures it all went sour. We were walking across the street when a group of guys calm running towards us, one bounced off me and I fell to the ground hard. Kyle, after shouting abuse at the guy who knocked me over turned and helped me up, laughing at my scraped up hands. Next thing I knew he pushed me hard away from him and then there was a bang and screaming. A man and woman came running towards us. The woman, who I now know as Marie came over to me and asked if I was ok, if I was hurt. I shook my head and stumbled to get up of the road, Cars had stopped around us and people where getting out. I heard someone shout ‘Call an ambulance’ and it was only then I looked around in the direction of the voice and saw the man who had come over with Marie crouched down beside someone laying on the road. I ran over and seen Kyle covered in blood. There was blood covering the road around him, Blood was seeping out of his mouth and rolling down his cheek. Other than the blood, he looked just like her always did, With his messy hair and he roughed up clothes. His perfect porcelain skin didn’t even have a small blemish. If there wasn’t the blood you would think he was completely untouched. Just some weird kid dressed in a Ramoans t-shirt and jeans 10 times too big for him lying in the middle of the street. I didn’t scream or cry like you see in the movies. I simply lay down beside him and cuddled him watching the clouds. I promised I wouldn’t leave his side. And I haven’t, the only time I haven’t been by his side was when he was in surgery. I’ve sat in this tiny little hospital chair beside his bed in blue scrubs some nice nurse gave me and my over-sized grey hoodie for the past 5 days. 5 days, 18 hours and 45 minutes.

It’s weird, you spend your whole life with someone by your side wishing they would piss off for 5 minutes while you try to get lucky with the hot guy from Starbucks at some strangers party, but the second there’s a chance that person could be taken from you wish for every second back and more. Kyle has been with me every day for the past 18 years and now there’s a possibility I could go the rest of my life without seeing my other half’s face. He is my twin. He is half of me. Half of everything I am. He is the Better half. It should have been me that was hit by the car, not Him. He saved my life and in return he is fighting for his life in a hospital bed. How is that in the slightest bit fair?

Every once and awhile the nurse will come in and suggest that I go home and get some rest, freshen up, That there’s nothing I can do at the moment, But she doesn’t understand that here is something I can do. I can keep him company and that’s better than nothing. Kyle hates being alone, even for a second, so why would I leave him when he needs me the most? My parents had tried a few times but they must have realised because they haven’t tried to make me leave in two days. They take it in turns in staying overnight with Kyle but they are both here during the day. They look exhausted; neither of them are sleeping weather they are here or at the hotel. Our grandparents flew in and have been taking it in turns in looking after Ben and coming to the hospital which helps mom and dad out because Ben is just too young to come see Kyle when he is in this condition.

Right now mow Dad is reading the local newspaper to Kyle, filling him on what’s happening in the world so he’s caught up to date when he’s better. Although Kyle has never given a shit about the headlining articles before I think dad does it so the sound of the machines keeping Kyle alive doesn’t drive him and everyone else crazy, it also gives him something to say to Kyle without falling to pieces. Everyone’s a little on edge today because there is a meeting scheduled later on with the medical team to determine the next step for Kyle. There’s been little to no change in Kyle’s condition which causes a concern for us because the last thing any of us wants to here is them say there is no hope and we would be better off turning the ventilator off. If and when it is mentioned I will fight my parents to the very end to keep him alive. I am not ready to lose by brother.

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