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Killer Roses

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Two girsl enter Ouran High. But one of them is mistaken as a guy! Will they find love or just ignore the group of hosts?

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Chapter 1: Welcome to hell! (day 1)

~~ Rosa’s P.O.V. ~~
Going to a Rich High School…. Yay. NOT! I don’t want to be around people who only care about how much money their parents own and earn.
I don’t know why our parents wanted us to go to a fancy, dancy High School. I mean it’s not like they’re here to see us go.
This is going to be HELL!!!

~~ Kira’s P.O.V. ~~
Why mum and dad, why?!?! A rich person High school… Could it get any worse? Hang on, damn I just jinxed myself!
Rosa looks like she’s going to piss herself; I can tell that she thinks this school will be hell. And I completely agree with her. I did some research and I’m not wearing that ‘Uniform’ for girls. Hel to the NO! I’m not wearing that, that thing, it’s not even fashionable! It looks like something that hell swallowed and then barfed back out. And that’s me being nice about it.
Wow, Rosa is freaking it. Damn for a short thing she’s shaking like a tall guy in the cold.
“Stop thinking I’m short!” Rosa yelled at me. I swear an anger mark appeared on her forehead.
“But you are” I shot back smirking. I’m in for it, but it’s always worth seeing her worked up.
“No I’m not!” She screamed, geez she has a voice. I think I’m going to go deaf because of her, “I’m just fun sized”.
“Whatever just shut up” I said rubbing my throbbing ears, “You’re going to make me go deaf”.
I picked up my headphones and put them on, turning on my music.

~~ Rosa’s P.O.V. ~~
Agh, I hate being called short. I’m not short! I’m fun sized, or as I say when hyper ‘Fear me I’m super cute and pocket sized’. Wait, I just called myself short. But that’s not the point! I’m only a head shorter thank Kira. Anyway I’m getting side-tracked. Oh My God, how long is this car ride! It shouldn’t take this long to get to school!
“Miss Rosa and Miss Kira we’re here” The driver said, the car pulling to a stop.
“Kira we’re here” I said shaking her arm. She’s not responding her music must be loud. I slapped her on her arm. She pulled her headphones off and gave me a death glare. I think a very small portion of me is now dead.
“What!” Kira hissed out still glaring at me, her gaze not breaking.
“We’re here” I said fixing my jacket, “Oh and thanks for ordering the boys uniform, I don’t think I could’ve stood wearing that dress”
“I know” She put her headphones into her bag while getting out of the car, “Neither could I”
“Come on lets go that’s the bell!” I screamed running for class with Kira running behind me.

I entered the classroom and quickly fixed my clothes.
“Now who may you two be” The teacher asked, “Also you’re late”.
I already know I’m not going to like this teacher. She’s too up-tight. I looked around and saw that the whole class was staring at us. Ah crap, why do people always stare? STOP STARING! I hide behind Kira, and looked over her shoulders.
“I’m Kira Hino, I like a few things and dislike a lot of things” Kira introduced herself first, knowing that my shyness would get the better of me, “Rosa introduce yourself” she whispered then sighed, “this is my twin Rosa”
Thanks Kira! Thank you so much! Note the sarcasm. Well may as well get it over and done with. I step out from Behind Kira and put a smile on for show.
“Um…. I’m Rosa Hino, I’m Kira’s Twin, but I’m younger….. I also like many things like Pocky and lollies. I also dislike many things too. Also please don’t make me your enemy cause you’ll regret it” I introduced myself smiling innocently.
“Rosa please go sit next to Haruhi and Kira up at the back” The teacher pointed at our desks.
“Miss can’t we sit next to each other” I suggested. I’ve never been away from Kira for a very long time, especially in school.
“No, it’s where I have asked you to sit”
“Ok” Kira responded giving me the ‘shut up and just do it’ look, “Who is Haruhi?”
“Haruhi raise your hand”.
A boy?!? No wait that’s a girl wearing a boy’s uniform like us.
“Oh and Kira go and get the proper uniform” The teacher stated looking at Kira in disgust and then giving me the same look. Wait, she thinks I’m a boy! Agh, that’s just great.
“Excuse me, but Kira got permission to wear the boy’s uniform”, I snapped, turning on my heel and sitting next to Haruhi.
“Rosa isn’t that a girl’s name?” A boy asked from the opposite side of Haruhi.
“Yeah, what is a guy doing with a girl’s name?” Another boy asked. Hang on they look alike. Oh, they’re twins like Kira and I, except their Identical and we’re not.
“I’m sorry about them, I’m Haruhi” Haruhi introduced herself. Yep she’s definitely a girl.
“I’m Rosa and you two are?” I asked looking at the identical twins.
“I’m Hikaru” One said. His eyes show a childish personality and he only talked after his brother did. So he’s the dependent one out of them.
“I’m Kaoru” The other said. His eyes show more of a playful and easy-going personality. Yet both of them seem like good competition to have a prank war with. I have to let Mia know.
Anyway them talking together and in sink is just creepy. Kira and I don’t do that. Do we?
I turned around to see Kira sitting in her seat up the back. Wait, I didn’t even hear her walk past me. Oh well, she must of walked past me while introductions were happening.
“Save me” I mouthed at her.
“No” she mouthed back smirking. She must really find this entertaining.
I was right this year and school is going to be hell. Well let’s hope I survive this lesson at least.
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