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Chapter 2: Oh No, A Sparkling blonde!!!!

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What happens when they meet the host club fully? Wil it turn out good for the Rosa and Kira or for worse?

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Chapter 2: Oh No, A Sparkling blonde!!!!

“Off you go to recess now” The teacher said, making a shooing action.
As we walked out of the classroom, I can feel my head pounding from a splitting headache I got in there.
“Hey, Rosa, you okay?” Kira asked coming up and patting my head, damn she’s still thinking I’m short.
“Oh, don’t!” I yelled, “I’m not short!”
“Hey Rosa, so this is your sister Kira” Hikaru and Kaoru said. Shit, they are still creepy when they do that.
“Hey Haruhi” I said, waving at her/him. I don’t think she knows, I know that he’s a she.
“Hey, Rosa, hello Kira” Haruhi Smiled, “I’m Haruhi”
“Hello Haruhi” Kira responded.
“Hey Haru-chan” A little kid said running up, “Oh, who are you?”
“Hello Honey” Haruhi answered.
“I’m Kira and this is Rosa” Kira introduced us, again. This is getting annoying.
“Hey Mitsukuni” I said, waving.
“Oh, it’s you Rosie” Mitsukuni said, “But you can call me Honey at school; we are friends after all, aren’t we”
“Hey how come you called Honey his real name?” A tall blonde guy who was standing next to 2 other tall guys; great I feel really short now. NOT FAIR!
“Why hello princess, are you the new student here” He said grabbing Kira’s hand about to kiss it.
“Don’t touch her!” I yelled punching him in the head. “Kira you okay?”
“I’m fine Rosa…. I think”
“Ah, this young boy is jealous” He said holding, my hand. “Umm, No, cause….. I’M NOT GAY!!!!”
“Come Rosa, let’s leave this idiot; I swear I’m going to get sick if I breathe in more of this air”
“I know, what you mean Kira, but Honey and Takashi are good, same with Haruhi.”
“Hey, if you three want to sit with us to eat, you may join us”
“Oh, yay we got invited to sit with the new kids” Seriously this blonde guy is annoying!!!
“Hey, dude what is your name?”
“I’m Tamaki, this is Kyoya” He answered.
“Ok, well I’m glad you know your own name”
“Aww, you’re so cute!!!” He yelled smiling. OMFG There’s sparkles behind him.
“Kira, he’s sparkling!” I whispered to her, all she did was nod, “I’m going to ask him a question”.
“What question?”
“You know what question”
“Rosa, no you don’t!” Kira yelled getting attention back on us.
“Hey Tamaki, I have a question for you”
“Ask away my dear” He said leaning in to hear it.
“Are you anyway related to Edward Cullen?” I said cracking up laughing.
“Hey, Rosa, come here for a minute” Kira said giving me the evil eye.
“Um, I’m comfortable here” I answered backing up.
“Come give your sister a hug”
“No, I’m not in a hugging mood”
“Go on give your sister a hug” Tamaki said pushing me too Kira.
“NO!!!!!” I screamed being pulled into a nuggie.
“Rosa you know not to ask that question!” Kira yelled, “Now apologize”
“I’m sorry!!!!”
I ran over behind Takashi. “Hey Takashi,”
He just nodded and responded “Hi”
“And to answer your question, no I’m not related to this Edward Cullen you speak of”
“Aww, then buying the big packet of matches was for nothing!!!!”
“AHHHHHH” A girl screamed, “Who painted the English Rooms!!!!!”
“Rosa” Kira growled looking me.
“What?”, “Why are you looking at little me?” I questioned innocently.
“Don’t you start that Innocent act, you’re far from innocent” Kira shock her head, “You’re the Devil’s spawn”.
“So are you!” I yelled crossing my arms. Damn seriously, just because she’s the oldest! But we’re twins, and she kicked me out of the way when we were being born!
“Rosa, enough!” Kira yelled, “These childish acts have to stop”
“Whatever, just because you’re the oldest, oh wait we’re Twins you idiot!” I yelled and stomped off.
~~Kira’s P.O.V~~
“Where did he go?” Tamaki asked, looking very confused.
“I don’t know….” I answered, “Wait, HE?!?”
“Yeah, Rosa” The twins responded.
“Even though that really is a weird name to name a boy”
“Yeah, we agree boss”
I take a moment to realise what they just said. Then fall to the ground laughing, clutching my stomach.
“STOP, STOP, IT HURTS” I yelled laughing, “I’M GOING TO BURST….. SHIT”
“What is so funny?” Kyoya asked pushing his glasses from the end of his nose.
“I don’t understand…” Tamaki said scratching his head, “Mummy, she isn’t making any sense”
“Rosa isn’t a boy, Rosa is a GIRL” I said wiping the tears that were falling from laughing too hard, “You sir, are a bloody idiot”
Tamaki gasp a dark depressing aura surrounding him. Wow, ok, Drama Queen much.
“I got to go look for my sister now” I said turning on my heal, “So, yeah, bye”
“Bye Kira-chan”, Honey yelled waving.

As I walk down the hallway, I hear yelling, it sounded like a number of voices. They sounded aggressive, I wonder what’s happening. I look around the corner and see a group of boys surrounding someone on the floor. Hang on, I know that messy black hair. Oh god, that’s Rosa.
“Oi” I yell, directing the group’s attention on me, “How about you boys pick on someone else”
“Yeah, but this guy is fun” one boy said, he looks like the leader, “So why don’t you run on home slut”
Oh great, name calling.
“Don’t call me sister that!” Rosa yelled getting up, “She’s not one of the girls your daddy pays for you to do!”
“HAHAHAH” The ring leader laughed holding his stomach the rest of the group following, “Aww, what you going to do about it?”
“I’ll put you on the ground; all of you; in 10 seconds flat” Rosa threatened cracking her knuckles.
“You and what army?” one guy yelled. Ok, this is just annoying.
“I don’t need an army!” Rosa yelled, “So don’t touch her with your filthy hands”
The ring leader smiled, and brought his hand up to my neck, stroking it softly, then moving up to my hair twirling it around his finger.
“You mean like this”
“Let her go, now!” Rosa yells, clenching and unclenching her fists.
“Nah, don’t wanna” he said putting his arm around my waist. Ok EW, “She’s to pretty to let go a real gem”
“Ok dude, seriously?” I said looking at him in the eyes.
“Seriously babe” he said smiling.
I looked over at Rosa. Oh geez, I’m so going to regret this.
“Sis, let’s go” Rosa said, turning around and started walking away, but realized I wasn’t following, “Sis”
“Babe, are you going with him or you going to stay with me?” the leader said, I’m can’t be bothered to find out his guy’s name, so he’s staying ring leader or leader guys now.
“Baby, don’t be mean to him” I whispered seductively, running my finger up and down his chest, feeling his slightly shiver, “Please, it’s making me sad, same with you calling me a slut”
“I didn’t mean to call you that” He apologises, putting his hands under my chin making me face him, “I’m sorry babe”
“No you’re not” I said, making myself cry, “Because I know you’ll do it again”
“I won’t do it again” He said.
“Promise”, HAHA Sucker!
“I promise”
“Now, for your reward” I said leaning towards his face, centimetres apart.
“Oh do I get a kiss from you”
“No, you get this!!” I yelled, bringing my knee up and hit him ‘where-the-sun-don’t-shine’, “Never, ever, talk to my brother like that again, never go near him again or I’ll kill you, my name isn’t Kira for reason” I hissed.
He just nodded, fear shining brightly in his eyes.
“Sis” Rosa hiccupped out, “I thought you were going to leave me”
“No, you’re my ‘brother’ and we are twins” I said pulling her into a hug, “Remember what mother would say, O-Hanna, family sticks together no matter what”
“I remember” Rosa whispered, her hiccups going away ever so slowly.
“Now, let’s find somewhere where there a very few people and get you cleaned up”
“Ok, I heard there was the abandoned music room 3”
“Then let’s go there”
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