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To Dream Is To Live

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The real world is complicated, but in the dream world, anything is possible. And that's why it's Lucy Westfield's mission to get there...and stay there.

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"We're running!" Noah said, grabbing the girl's hand, running at full speed against the wind. His brown hair was messing itself up in the wind. His cheeks were rosy with excitement as the wind hit his face.

"It feels more like flying!" Lucy exclaimed, smiling as her hair blew around, aimlessly, constantly being hit by the wind. As her feet hit the ground each time, she can feel her body being shifted more and more towards the air, the grassy hills being left behind, along with fragments of blue skies and white clouds. She smiled at her companion, soon realizing that she was headed towards a cliff. Her smile faded and she grew concerned in a second, grabbing Noah's hand even tighter.

"Noah..." Lucy started. Noah only smiled in reply.

"It'll all be fine" he whispered, throwing a wink her way. As they ran for the cliff, they picked up more and more speed. Lucy could only grin in response, her insides shaking with fear. They approached the cliff. She looked away. She feared the worst. In response, she could only feel air underneath her feet. She looked down and smiled. They were flying.

"I must be dreaming" she whispered. She looked the sky, only to quickly realize that the blue skies and white clouds were sinking, not floating with her. Her happiness turned to horror. They were falling. She screamed in terror, just as she approached the brown dirt that lay beneath the cliff. She let go of Noah's hand and closed her eyes tightly, hoping that everything would be okay when she opened them.

She kept her eyes squeezed shut. All movement seized. Why didn't she feel pain? Why didn't her body hit the ground. She took a breath and opened her eyes, terrified of what she might find.

Lucy opens her eyes. All she sees is her purple ceiling. She breathes heavier and realizes that she's covered in sweat. She hears the ticking of her clock. The clattering of pots and pans.

"Time to wake up, Lucy!" a female voice screams. It's Janet. Lucy thinks. She chuckles. What she found upon opening her eyes is terrifying.

Back to the old routine Lucy thinks. Her head snaps to the clock. 6:30 AM her clock reads. Lucy gets up off of her bed. She looks around her purple room. Her shelves are clattered with books. Her closet is neatly filled with clothes. She sighs and goes to her bathroom, brushing her teeth, her hair, never forgetting to put in her signature green pin. She gets dressed fairly quickly, throwing on anything that can be found that looks cozy.

She looks under her bed for her boots, when she suddenly remembers her dream. She runs to her closet and punches the wall, causing an evenly cut out square to pop out. She removes the piece of the wall, only to uncover the dozens of neat journals piled upon one another.

Years upon years of journals.

Lucy takes her latest one, a nice green journal, and quickly jots down the build up of her dream in bullets so she doesn't forget and can write it in detail.

- Noah
-holding hands

She sighed in relief. Lucy was grateful that she was able to remember. Now she could write it all down.

Dream Journal Entry 5/23/2032
That kid in my class who's really quiet, Noah, was smiling at me and holding my hand as we ran. I don't even like him or anything. We were running, it was really windy, but we were holding hands. We were almost flying because our feet were barely touching the grass. The skies were very baby bluish. We approached a cliff and we thought we were going to fly, but we ended up falling. We were about to hit the ground as I woke up.
The End.

Lucy sighed and placed her dream journal inside of the wall, placing the piece of the wall back in its place carefully, making sure it camouflaged with the wall and no one would find it. She placed the box blocking the view of the wall back so no one would even see the piece of the wall.
She quickly glanced at her clock.
7:00 AM
Right on schedule.

She grabbed her green bag and left her room, closing her door. She sighed, realizing she had to pass her step-mother on her way out the door. Lucy speedwalked past the kitchen. Her step-mom had her hair tied in a neat bun wearing her best professional suit, her skirt smoothed out and her suit neatly pressed. Her step-mother caught sight of Lucy before she could make it out of the house. Lucy heard a giggle.

"Oh, Lucy. I simply can't believe what you're wearing. You really are a big disa-" her step-mother started, before being sharply cut off by Lucy, who bit back every smart remark she could throw back.

"Don't have time, Janet" Lucy said, quickly.

"But, Lucy" her step-mother said, smiling. Wipe that cheap smile off your face and save it for the cameras Lucy thought. She bit her lip, trying not to say that, in fear that she'd have to spend more time at home. Janet smiled brightly at Lucy, who stopped to see what her step-mother had to say. "I thought we could have breakfast together" she finished in a sweet voice, flashing her a red lipstick smile. Lucy stood silently, staring at Janet, trying not to make a smart remark. They stood in silence.

"I'm not hungry" Lucy snapped, rushing past the remainder of the house she had to go through in order to get to the front door. Lucy's step-mother followed her, her heels clicking throughout the porcelain floors of the 3-story house.
Lucy finally reached the doorknob of the front door within seconds and grabbed the doorknob.
"But Lucy-" Janet started, quickly being cut off by Lucy's slamming of the front door. As Lucy exhaled the air she didn't realize she had kept in, she could swear she hear a vile cackling from her home from the wicked woman she was forced to call her step-mother.

Lucy sighed.

If only I could fly.
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