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So Long and Thanks For The Fun

by FightingForever 7 reviews

I'm leaving soon, read if you wanna know why

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Alas my dears, the time has come for my departure from my beloved ficwad.

I'm leaving because I feel that this site is dying, you hardly see fresh posts anymore and nobody ever seems to give feedback. It's becoming a desert deprived of its once thriving creativity and has lost all of its life.

I also feel that this site has become to clique-y.

Some of you only rate and review the stories of your friends and don't seem to give anyone else a chance, especially new writers with great potential, it's quite saddening.

I do want to say a few thanks to some of you for the support that you've given my writing and I'll also post links to my wattpad and archive, I'm just finding more activity on those sites. I'll also be leaving my account open on here so I can return if I feel the need and I'll be leaving my stories up because some of you really enjoyed them.

As soon as I'm finished with edits and finished TLS I will be leaving. Now, onto my thanks.

First I'd like to thank Hozzie.

You're such a sweetie and the oneshot trade we did was great, the stories you wrote made me so happy and you really are a great writer. Keep doing what you're doing and I know you'll get really far one day xo


You are so lovely and you always such nice things about my writing, more often than not your reviews make my day and I really need to thank you for that. Your eagerness for updates always makes me smile and you're honestly one of the sweetest people I've encountered on here xo


I always love your reviews, it's always great to see them and you're a fantastic writer! You've reviewed every chapter on TLS and I honestly love you for it, it gave me the push to keep writing that story xo

Okay, I'm sorry if I forgot about anyone, I just find it hard to say the things I feel but you guys have been so good to me. I'll leave my email address too in case you ever need to talk, and thank you all again, maybe I'll be back one day.

Vikki xoxo

Links and shit.




I hope to see you on the other sites, if not, it was great to share my stuff with you

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