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Decisions, Decisions

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Harry gets a new duty to undertake.

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I do not own Harry Potter, only my vaguely twisted ideas of what to do with his life.

Decisions, Decisions

Harry sat up on his bed in Number 4 Privet Drive, still holding the ring. The teen stood up and stretched, popping joints as he did. He looked over at the battered alarm clock beside his bed, which read 11 AM. Harry grinned. He had only been gone for a few hours in normal time, plus the time he slept after he first woke up. Merlin had explained the phenomenon as akin to a black hole. The closer you get to the interior of a black hole, the slower time moves. The same concept was applied in your mind. The further into the mindscape one goes, the slower time flows. Harry tried to stretch out his shoulder, but he realized that he couldn't move it very well. He looked down at himself and realized that he was the same size that he was in his dreamscape.

"Well, Merlin, I guess this ring did more than just remind me of you." Now that he thought about it, Harry remembered that Merlin had mentioned that there were special properties of the various rings. Apparently that was the magic in Merlin's ring. Harry waved his hand over his clothes, transfiguring them into a copy of the grey tunic and linen trousers that he had worn during his training. Looking outside, Harry decided that he didn't spend enough time outdoors. Maybe it was time to go and hang out at the park that he had used in his younger days. Harry went down the stairs of his childhood home and out of the door. As he walked down Privet Drive, his head was on a swivel, taking in every detail of the street exactly like Godric and Salazar had taught him during his tracking training. He finally got to the park, having noted half a dozen children who had been abused by his extra large cousin and his little gang.

Harry sat on the bench in the park, watching the younger kids playing on the play equipment. His green eyes continually scanned the park, never stopping on any one thing for more than a couple of seconds, until he spotted a group in the distance. Several larger boys, accompanied by a couple of smaller boys. One of the smaller boys nudged another boy, the largest of the group. The two jogged, well the small one jogged and the large one waddled a little faster, until they got close to Harry's bench.

"Hey, Potter, none of your little freak friends want to see you over the hols? I don't blame them, I mean, who would want to be around you?" Harry raised an eyebrow and chuckled. With his growth spurt, his voice had deepened to a low rumble. He slowly got to his feet and looked down at Piers. Piers, expecting a flinch from his insults like he normally did, took an involuntary step back.

"Some would say I should beat you for that statement. I know that my teachers would certainly encourage me to settle years of abuse with a violent response. I disagree, however. Fighting you would be dishonorable, since you are a small, petty little boy." Piers flushed red as the rest of the gang reached the small group just in time to hear Harry's statement. He flicked out a switchblade and charged Harry. Harry sighed, stepped out of the way and clothes lined Piers. The rest of the gang looked stunned for a moment, staring at Piers laying on the ground and gasping for air, before joining the fight. The fight lasted only moments. Harry, using the skills hard-earned from Godric and Salazar, dodged and bobbed around the clumsy attackers. Harry focused on body shots, using the least amount of energy as he moved through the brawl. He emerged from the other side, walking away as the other fighters were left sprawled on the ground. He shooed the children, who had gathered around to watch the fight, away from the downed fighters and walked back up the street. He flicked his wrist, creating a handkerchief from thin air and using it to clean his hands as he made his way back to his relatives home.

Noting the number of owls in the air, Harry vanished his handkerchief and put his hand on the wand hidden in a holster along the side of his leg. There weren't any Wizarding families in Little Whinging other than him, as far as Harry knew. He walked into the kitchen of Number 4 and found a large barn owl perched on the back of a chair. His Uncle was turning a rather interesting shade of puce, seemingly petrified in his chair, and Aunt Petunia was steadily going paler at the sight of the bird. Harry detached the letter on its leg and the barn owl took off out the window. Harry frowned slightly at the letter addressed to him, seeing the Hogwarts seal on the back. He headed to his room, ignoring his aunt and uncle. Harry ripped open the letter and took out four pieces of parchment. He spread them out on his bed, picking up the one that had his name on it.

Dear Mr. Potter,
[/There are a number of new Muggle-born students who currently reside in the Little Whinging are of Surrey. With the threat of Voldemort looming this year, the Ministry has required Hogwarts to accompany Muggle-born students coming into our world to and from Diagon Alley. There are a record number of students coming to Hogwarts this fall and not all of our staff can qualify as adequate protection for incoming students. Because you are recognized as a qualified protector by the Ministry, as evidenced by your superb teaching of the Defense club last term and your battle through the ministry, Hogwarts would like to request your services in accompany three Muggle-born children and their families to Diagon Alley at any point in the next month before term begins and to make certain that they reach Platform 9 ¾ safely. If you are willing to take on this duty, please send a message by owl as soon as possible.


[/Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore,

Order of Merlin (First Class), Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Supreme Mugwump of the International Confederation of Wizards, Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot

Harry shook his head and sighed. It was hard to refuse this offer. He knew first-hand how dangerous the world was at the moment and he couldn't just allow new Muggle-borns to go without any protection. But he couldn't do this alone. Harry grinned and grabbed a dilapidated notepad from underneath his bed. He was going to need some help and a new image to go with it. He was going to need to reassure the parents and children of both the dangers and the wonders of the world that they were getting ready to enter. He grabbed the pages that he had spread out and a couple of blank sheets of parchment, shoved them into the notebook and darted down the stairs to the table in the kitchen. He spread everything back out and pulled the first blank parchment to himself, self-inking quill poised over the page. He knew exactly who to call on for the best help.

An hour later, covered in ink smudges and hand cramping, Harry watched his faithful snowy white owl soar off into the distance. He looked at his watch and grimaced. It was time to go shopping. He couldn't appear as a school representative dressed like a bum. He moved away from the window and grabbed his notebook off of the counter. First stop: Gringotts for money and then off to completely change his image.


Several hours later, Harry stumbled into his room, weighted down with over a dozen bags. He set everything down and flicked his wrist, enlarging the bags and filling his room with several dozen bags. It was mind-blowing just how much stuff was needed to present the necessary image that he wanted to show. Not just shoes, but products necessary for several projects that he wanted to undertake during the coming school year. The black-haired teen flopped onto his bed, deciding that he was going to deal with everything he had purchased the next day after a solid night's sleep.

As he was just about to shut his eyes, a flash of light went off above his head and a phoenix appeared. Harry looked at the oddly colored bird for a moment. Rather than being the scarlet-and-gold that Fawkes, Dumbledore's phoenix, was, this phoenix was a mixture of dark and light green. It trilled at him as it settled on his headboard. Harry grinned. "So, your name is Forest. My, this could become very interesting."

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