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Death Note Season 3

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Near vs a new Kira in an epic parody! who will win? and will L come back?

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Death Note-Another Note
Anyone morbid enough to read this would have probably heard the story of the Death Note, but that entertainment has passed. Everything’s back to normal, dull life in both the mortal and shingami world. So let’s mess with time a little bit. A shinigami grew bored, I won’t say which one because it will be much more fun to watch you mortals try to figure it out.
The small, brown haired sixth grader pressed her face against the glass case to look at the supposed Death Note. Who would actually believe this trash? That a book came from the shinigami realm and had the power to kill by a face and a 00name? Someone like L never existed. That was just a news story made to cover up what really happened. There was no Michael Keehl and Near, and no Kira or L. It was just some case left unsolved yet this book peeked the curiosity of even the most nonchalant person. That much, Tira was sure of.
Ruki never wanted to come to a museum, it was boring. Out of all the things to do on his trip to Japan with Moka. It was her idea anyway. Ruki was a teenage millionaire with claim to his parents’ fortune. They’d died awhile ago and Ruki was free to do as he pleased. Most teenagers would’ve just spoilt themselves and let it be, but not Ruki. Ruki was smart, smart enough to run 3 major companies in the U.S.A and manage international deals. He’d even won a noble peace prize and numerous other things, he’d even melt most of them because there wasn’t room in his mansion for any more. Just a few minutes and goodbye international awards. He was occasionally sweet, highlighting the word occasionally and when he was with Moka most of them occurred. He’d give the prize money he won to charity most of the time but it’s Ruki, It’s next to impossible to try to figure this out.
Yotsui was passing through the museum, the only reason he was here was the coffee. This place had the best coffee. He never wore his police uniform out to eat. People would make jokes about cops eating donuts, typical morons. He just wanted to get a coffee and get out. Easy unless he spilt the coffee on himself, or so you’d expect. He worked a few streets away so he’d always come here. He’d regretted coming, the shinigami knew.
The alarms went off and the lights all shattered, people started running and a voice was heard over the speaker. “Customers of the museum, I do not wish to hurt you but for your safety and the sake of this operation I must suggest you stay still. At this very moment there are several automatic guns pointed at you. The lights will automatically turn on but for now please have a seat and wait.”
“Moka? Are you ok?” asked Ruki as he tried to make out the silhouettes. “Damn, I’ve got cuts…” he said and pulled the glass out. Moka was probably too scared to talk, she was shy like that but she’d be ok, he doubted any of the glass landed on her. The lights turned back on and Moka was standing there paralyzed with fear. “Hey Moka, are you ok?” Ruki asked. “Y-yeah I’m fine…” she responded.
Tira looked back at the glass case, the death note was missing, so that’s all it was. Another petty robbery. Nothing worth her time as long as no one was harmed. These things were common, although it did bother her that she had glass shards in her… it was pretty painful.
Meanwhile, the police had already sent the tapes to Near. He was setting up an enormous domino trail while watching tapes on multiple screens. “Sayo, get me those 4 people, they’re the closest to the case.” Said near as he knocked over the dominos. “So……another Kira wanabee, this isn’t good. If he or she is smart I could wind up dead like L… but I have more experience than an amateur. Kira couldn’t have come back. We burnt his body after the life note incident.” Sayo quickly drove a car to the museum. She was like Watari, quiet, obedient and capable.
Sayo showed up at the museum, in a closed police suit with a helmet of course. If the person possessing the death note saw the girl’s face and had the shinigami eyes it’d be trouble, Near had warned her already. She showed the guards her badge and had them bring in the suspects. “Care to tell us what the hell is going on?” Demanded Yotsui. “Calm yourself you idiot, this is obviously a police investigation after the robbery.” Ruki said with a smirk and calmly leaned back in the seat. Near watched from his headquarters. “Ruki Tomano, rich enough to cover up the robbery and highly capable with his IQ, his demeanor is calm…too calm, I’ll investigate him. Near switched the camera to Tira. “Tira Yomi, secret and genius detective, sixth grader such as myself and definitely capable… also probably irrelevant but she’s kind of cute...” said Near as he made a card house. “I’ll have to be careful with this, one wrong move and its over” he said as he placed the last card and the tower toppled over. “It’s like a fragile card house, only this time I have one shot, I can’t afford to be clumsy.”
Near received a phone call. “Near! Switch to Sakura TV!” Sayo exclaimed. Near poked the switch on the remote with one finger. The broadcast was titled “return of Kira” this could mean that Kira has struck already. “Breaking news! Sakura TV has received word that a criminal died in his cell and scrawled the words ‘there’s a new Kira, so let’s play a game N’ could this mean that the death note exists? Tune in after the commercial!” Exclaimed the host. The car pulled up in the driveway and the suspects came in. “This little pipsqueak is supposed to be N?” Ruki sneered. Tira glanced at Near. “Considering all the files and screens I take it he is, if there is actually an N.” she said and casually pushed her glasses back. “Pretty perceptive but since you are a detective I wouldn’t expect less.” Said Near. “Is this a kiddy role-play?” mocked Yotsui. “How do you know that?!” asked Tira. “In case you’ve already forgotten I am a detective, I know many things.” Near said and put a puzzle together. “If I can’t solve the puzzle what use am I?”
“Get me and Moka out of here or I call my lawyers” said Ruki with a confident smirk. “No you won’t, I’ve already tapped your phones to search for evidence.” Said Near and returned the smirk. “That is pretty smart of you but that’s exactly what I expext.” Said Tira. “THIS IS ILLEGAL!” Yelled Yotsui and jumped at Near. Near caught his arm before it hit him and threw him across the room. “I have a black belt for a reason mr Yotsui, please refrain from any violent behaviour” said Near casually and sat back down. Yotsui got up and whispered to Ruki. “Best detective and a black belt too? Lucky pipsqueak.” Ruki walked away and sat on a chair. “Please refrain from talking to me, I only talk to people who have a certain level on their IQ” Ruki said and pulled Moka to the chair next to him.
The new kira is here, or at least someone who knows the new kira. Kira was looking over the files tucked in the drawer. Kira had put them in his/her bag. It’d take mere minutes to read these, then he/she would casually slip them back. There was no evidence, fingerprints would be a problem if he/she weren’t wearing gloves.
Tira looked around the room. “N, this case amuses me. I’d like to assist you, I haven’t had an interesting case in a while.” She said and put her black gloves in her bag. “Agreed, but I will ask a certain amount of secrecy from you. We can’t have kira with half the worlds population supporting him.” Said Near and turned to Yotsui. “Are you in as well?” Near asked. Before Yotsui could say anything Ruki spoke up. “Are you all that big idiots? Its obvious why he wants each of us. Yotsui, because he’s the chief of police and he’ll have more supplies at his disposal. He wants Tira because she’s a detective and if she slips up and is kira, he wins. As for me and Moka who he’s about to ask, he wants to use Moka to persuade me to join, and if we decline his suspicion will grow, its all in his game.”
“Exactly, you’re smarter than I thought.” Said Near as he built a lego pyramid. Moka spoke to them for the first time. “Regardless, if we aren’t kira that information is of no use. Don’t think about these things.” “Even though I’m investigaring you all, theres a certain level of intelligence which I can use. Sayu, get these people some tea.” Near said. Sayu, nonchaulaunt as ever went to the kitchen. “We don’t have Mello, he’s a deadly piece in this chess game and needs to be kept on watch.” Near said and put a sphyix at the front of the lego pyramid. Sayu came back with the tea and handed a cup to Moka. “Th-thankyou” said Moka and took a sip. At that moment she fell back and the tea fell on the files utterly destroying them. Her eyes widened as she tried to fix it. “I am so sorry N!” She said. “It’s no big deal, I have those on a computer.” Said Near with a shrug.
“Hehe hear that? Looks like this kid is smarter than he looks, maybe its time to step up your game.” Mocked the shinigami. Kira stayed silent and smirked on the inside. Kira comunicated telapathicaly. “Shut up you damn shinigami, I’ve got plans.”
“I would like you all to be at these headquarters everyday, school and work an exception. No one else is supposed to know about this so we’ll simply tell them you’re on a school camp. As for you mr Yotsui you have no wife so it shouldn’t be a problem. “Gee thanks for rubbing it in.” Said Yotsui.
“I presume your men will be keeping an eye on us while we’re out of headquarters?” Said Tira. “Naturally, very perceptive. Certainly smart enough to be kira…” Said Near. “Assuming that I’m kira just like that? Wow you’re childish.” Said Tira shaking her head. “Who said that I wasn’t?” Said Near and put a wig on a lego. “If I acted like an adult 100 ‘/. of the time my mental health would be horrible.” “Are you saying my mental health is horrible?” Asked Tira with a glare. “Now before you kids argue lets get back to the matter at hand, I don’t like being stalked by Near’s security guards.” Said Ruki as he threw a rubix cube in the air and caught it again. “Right, Sayu will prepare some food while we talk further.” Said Near.
“Doesn’t all this murder scare you two? I mean you’re both younger than me yet you’re detectives and you can go over all these murders without being scared. You’re very brave.” Said Moka, shuddering and crying a bit. “Thankyou, but it’s also good to have sensitive people like you, happy people. If we were all this serious it would be pretty boring.” Said Tira withput a smile. “Balance is key.”
Near got out a chess set which was untouched. “Do you seriously expect us to play a game of chess with you?” Asked Ruki. “Seeing as we’re suspects of murder and all.” “Actually I do, I’m afraid refusing isn’t and option.” Responded Near. “So you just want us to play with you? Creepy kid.” Said Yotsui. “You’re missing the point, he want’s to see if we’re intelligent enough to be kira.” Said Tira glancing at the chess board. “He’s using the same methods as his mentor.” “Again, saying my plan in front of the others.” Said Near.
Near played a game with them all, all of them lost except Tira. “I must give you credit for defeating me.” Said Near. “I’ve played against tougher, if you’re as bad at your role of detective as you are at chess you’ll lose to kira before the day ends. You need help.” Said Tira. “That I might….” Said Near biting his thumb. Sayu served the food. “Near I think that’s enough for one day they look tired.” She said. “Perhaps you’re right, they need rest. But be sure to turn the cameras on and lock the doors.” Said Near. “Of course Near, I’ve prepared the rooms, please come this way.” Said Sayu. The others followed her. She walked into a corridoor. “Ok, you all have separate rooms, Yotsui-room1B, Tira-room2B, Moka-room3B and Ruki-room4B.” Said Sayu. “Please be aware that the rooms will lock automatically the second you’re inside.” The suspects went inside the rooms. The rooms had white paint with a double bed, a table and closet. The girls had a separate bathroom from the boys and could talk if they pleased.
Moka walked over to Tira’s room. “Hey Tira I was thinking we could hang out.” She said with a smile. “well I could accept this girls offer and be one step closer to catching kira…I know I’m not kira so there are 3 others…4 because I suspect Near… might as well.” Tira thought. “Ok come in” She yelled back. Moka walked and sat on a chair. “So what do you want to do?” She asked with a smile. “I have some books and games in my bag.” “We could play cards, I have a pack with me” Tira responded with a fake smile and took out a pack of cards. “Ok but go easy on me.” Moka said.
Ruki had no interest in talking to Yotsui. Yes he was the only other person he could talk to at this time but Ruki thought Yotsui was an idiot. So better alone than with an imbosile. “Hey Ruki, come on lets hang out!” Yelled Yotsui from the other room. Ruki ignored him an read his book. “Ruki I’m bored.” Said Yotsui. “I don’t bloody care, now go away.” He said and leaned back on the chair. Yotsui started knocking on the door repeatedly. “Ugh annoying cops” said Ruki and turned some music on to drown out the noise.
Near watched this from the main room. “Nothing suspiscious, no bits of paper.” He said to himself as he watched moka go back to her room after the card game. Moka reached for something in her bag and pulled out a purple covered book that said diary and started writing. Near zoomed in on the book. The pages were all fixed in with none ripped and the writing was in sentances. Not suspiscious yet…. but even if it was he’d need proof. Near switched to Tira’s screen. She was sitting at the table going over files from another case she was working on. She turned when she saw the camera moving and glared at it. “Near if you wouldn’t mind these files are top secret.” Tira said and went back to circling things with her red pen. Near looked around the room and saw nothing. Yotsui was sleeping like a baby and Ruki was watching a crime show series on TV. “This is going to be tougher than I thought, they’re all intrigueing.
The shinigami sat at the top of the building. It hated not being allowed inside. Kira had said that just incase people who touched the death note then watched a video of them they’d see the shinigami. So the shinigami had to stay outside like a dog…stupid mortals. The shinigami occupied himself by watching random mortals walk by and writing down their names in his deathnote as they passed. This would help kira remain anonymus but that’s not why the shinigami was doing it, no, it was simply for it’s own entertainment. To make the game more interesting. It would keep the shinigami occupied for a few years, it had enough of card games in the shinigami realm and mortals were such interesting creatures after all. There was more than one death note at present, it’d help make the game last longer.
Kira lay down in bed thinking……no….plotting. Near was smarter than expected, the bratty little kid. It would be best to get rid of him now but what fun would that be? Kira would simply wait until this toy got boring. How ironic, Near loves toys but to kira he is a toy. The new kira was unlike Light Yagami. This kira didn’t think the world could be fixed, so why bother? This was what normal people did, use the death note to achieve there own goals. That being said kira wasn’t normal, far from it. To kira this whole thing was a game. The new kira was childish like Light Yagami, but not stupid.
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