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The Truth Is, You Should Lie With Me

by suchaphuckinladyy

Mr. Way was very intriguing and Frank couldn't deny that he wants him. There is one problem... Mr. Way is his teacher. Will Frank push the limits and will Mr. Way allow him? Will they get away with...

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Frank couldn’t believe his eyes as he stood there staring at the man in front of him. Right there in the middle of the hallway of his new college for the next four years. He was so engrossed in a conversation with a student that he wasn’t paying any attention to his surroundings. The student closed her book and said whatever to the man and then walked away to make it to wherever she was going.

Then, is when the man looked up, and his eyes automatically landed on Frank. He had the same expression as Frank on his face. Confused, shocked, and looking as if he’d seen a ghost. He took a few steps towards Frank and Frank let out a breath he honestly did not know he was holding. The man stopped a few inches away from Frank, but that didn’t matter, because they both felt like they were touching each other.

If you were looking close enough you could see the way the man’s breathing was labored. You could see the goose bumps lining his arms. And if you looked deep enough into his eyes you could see the longing to touch Frank, to feel him against him, to make sure what he was seeing was real.

It had only been about two years since they last saw each other. Frank remembers it as if it were yesterday. The man remembers it as if it were yesterday. They keep staring at each other, both too scared to make a move in fear of the other disappearing. It’s as if they both can read each other’s minds. They both know that the other is thinking about everything that happened between the two of them.


Frank closed his locker and slid down it slowly as he rubbed his hand over his face. It was only two weeks into school and he was already feeling like this would be the worst nine months of his life. His friend looked down at him and chuckled.

“Come on Frankie, it isn’t that bad.”

“Sean, it is. First off, I didn’t get any of my work done for my Spanish class. Second, my mother knows that I’m doing badly so far. She’s threatened that if my grades aren’t up the par the ending of this course that there’ll be no more battle of the bands for me until I’m 30. Trust me, she meant it. Last, but certainly not least, I have a new Science teacher.”

“Wait, you guys ran the other teacher out that fast?”

“Hey, we weren’t the only class she had. We were just the ones to make her make up her mind on if she was leaving or not.”

Frank and Sean exchanged laughs as Sean slammed his locker closed and sat on the floor next to Frank.

“Look, you can either sit here and mope or you can use this time to do your Spanish work. We still have about 20 minutes before first period starts. Get that done and you have a happy teacher and mother. About the new teacher… hey, you never know, you just may like them.”

Sean gave Frank a reassuring smile, along with a nudge, and Frank couldn’t help but return it.

“You’re right. Thanks ass face.”

“No problem shit head.”


Frank slammed his backpack down on the lunch table causing Sean to pick his head up quickly and look around sharply. His eyes landed on Frank and he shook his head as he rolled his eyes.

“It must be nice getting to lunch before everyone else, so you can get your beauty nap that clearly never works in your favor.”

Sean waved his hand dismissively at Frank.

“Yeah, whatever. Don’t hate me because your class is four floors away from the lunchroom while mine happens to be right across the hall.”

“Shut up.”

Frank grabs his wallet out from his back pocket and pulls out a few bills to get something to drink from the vending machine. He starts walking away and looks back to ask Sean if he wanted anything.

“A coke would be nice.”

Frank nods and continues on his way. As he’s walking over he sees a man walking into the door and going to the vending machine. Frank almost trips over his feet as he forgets how to navigate his body. This man, whoever he was, was the hottest thing Frank had seen since… well ever.

The man looks at Frank and smiles softly as Frank gets closer. He then turns to the vending machine and proceeds with his purchase. Frank stands awkwardly behind him trying not to burn a hole in the back of the guy’s head. He was clearly a teacher here but Frank had never seen him before. His eyes roamed slowly over his body and man did he have one.

As if to taunt Frank he bends over, his pert ass in the air, and grabs his soda from the machine. Frank swallows and he’s sure it would’ve been heard had it not been for the noisy students filing into the lunchroom. The guy turned to Frank and smiled again. Frank looked up at the guy quickly trying to cover up the fact that he was basically just eye fucking him.

“Looks like I got here just in time, huh?”

Frank nodded slowly and gave the guy a nervous laugh. The guy smiled and nodded at Frank.

“Well, see you around.”

And with that he was disappearing through the lunchroom doors. Frank shook his head and walked closer to the machine to get his beverages. Once he was finished he walked quickly back to the lunch table that Sean was occupying.

“Hey Sean, have you ever seen that guy that was just at the machine with me?”

Sean shook his head slowly giving Frank a weird look.

“Whoever he is looks like he’s obviously a teacher here so down boy.”

Frank’s eyes widened at what Sean said. He didn’t want Sean thinking too much into nothing so he just took his seat and shrugged.

“It’s nothing like that. I was just wondering.”

Sean nodded as he pulled Frank’s backpack across the table and started pulling out Frank’s lunch.

“Do you eat anything other than leaves Iero?”

“Fuck you kindly.”

Frank snatches his homemade salad and pulls his backpack back towards him. He dug into the bag and pulled out a brown paper bag.”

“That’s mine.”

He pointed to the salad and then held the bag out for Sean.

“This is yours.”

Sean took the bag and started bobbing his head to his imaginary ‘I have food music’.

“This looks like my type of lunch.”

He opened the bag and pulled out the turkey and cheese sandwich with wheat bread and pumped the air with his fist.


Frank nods before stuffing a fork full of salad into his mouth. Sean opened the sandwich quickly and took a bite. He chewed it a bit before talking again.

“So how did it go in Spanish?”

Frank took a sip from his coke and screwed the top back on.

“It went quite well actually. She was just pleased she finally had something to put into my classroom portfolio.”

Sean laughed and reached for the soda Frank was handing him.

“Cool. Why do they even have to call it that? It’s a damn folder.”

“I guess they don’t look at it that way once it’s tan, school provided, and has your name backwards on the little tab. I think that makes it official.”

Sean just shook his head before stuffing a piece of his sandwich into his mouth. Frank forked through his salad and observed the group of kids at the end of the table that always sits there with them but never acknowledges them. Not that Frank wants them to, because he doesn’t acknowledge them either, but he just wonders what their deal is. That’s just the kind of person Frank is.

“So are you ready for your new teacher?”

“As ready as I’ll ever be. I hope whoever it is has some kind of authority because I don’t do too well with getting new teachers.”

Sean chuckled, knowing that his friend always over exaggerated everything to the tenth degree.

“Is it next period or the period after?”


“Try not to be too much of an ass Mr. ‘I don’t do too well with getting new teachers’.”

Frank rolled his eyes and stuffed more salad into his mouth. He waited until he was finish chewing before answering back.

“I’m an angel. I don’t know what you’re referring to.”

Frank smirked as Sean chucked a piece of bread at his head.

“Yeah, and I’m Michelle Pfeiffer.”


Frank exited the lunchroom quickly trying to get to his class and get a good seat. He hated being the hermit in the back of the class. He got to his floor and walked over to his classroom door. He entered and noticed only three students were present so far. That didn’t shock him seeing as though not many of them gave a shit about this class anyway.

Frank took a seat directly in front of the teacher’s desk. He was, by no means a teacher’s pet, he just hated having to strain to see the board over all the heads in the class. The bell rung loudly and Frank exhaled slowly anticipating what was to come. The rest of the class started filling up with zombie like students and Frank couldn’t help but chuckle. You would think this class was a death sentence if you had to go off the looks of the students.

Frank quickly stopped laughing as he saw a familiar face stand in the doorway. It was at that moment that he wished he had chosen a seat in the back. The guy held onto the door knob as he ushered the rest of the students in. He looked in the class and back out the door. He didn’t see anyone else so he closed the door and walked to the chalk board.

He picked up the chalk and started writing his name across the board. Frank looked around and noticed that not one of the students was talking. Frank found that very odd but he himself wasn’t even talking. The teacher swiped his hands back and forth against each other to rid them of the chalk.

“Every class I accidentally wipe my name off the board with the lessons.”

A few students chuckled as the teacher walked around his desk and leaned on the front of it. He looked at Frank and smiled and Frank tried his best to smile back without looking like someone was forcing a stick between his cheeks. He chuckled and looked over the rest of the class.

“As you guys can see my name is Mr. Way. It’s nice to meet all of you.”

Frank took this time to get back into his regular self and stir up a little trouble. Little did he know he was about to be put in his place.

“Technically you haven’t met any of us. We know your name… Mr. Way... but you don’t know any of ours.”

A few students giggled and Mr. Way joined in with them. It was a very nice sound Frank thought. Mr. Way crossed his arms and smirked staring straight at Frank. Frank’s mouth parted slightly as he looked back at him with that sexy smirk plastered on his face.

“Ah, I see you think you have a point Mr. Iero… Frank if I may. The thing is I knew who you were as soon as I saw you in the lunchroom today.”

Frank looked like a deer in headlights as he wondered to himself how Mr. Way knew his name.

“You’re wondering how I know your name, right. You see, I’m a very thorough guy. I have had every student that I will be teaching for the rest of this year’s files in my possession for the past week. Mrs. Adler had put in her letter of resignation three days after starting here. I know all about you and your little antics. Now, while I think you’re amusing from the stories I’ve heard I can assure you that I will have none of that while you’re in my class. I don’t work that way.”

Frank swallowed and Mr. Way’s eyes filled with a look of satisfaction.

“Anyone else have anything they want to add? Stacey… Mark…?”

Mr. Way called out more names to further prove his point. Both students shook their head no. Mr. Way smiled and nodded.

“I like to have fun guys, and from what I know so do you, but let’s make sure it isn’t the wrong kind of fun, yeah?”

Everyone chorused a ‘yeah’ in agreement and Mr. Way nodded at them all.

“Good. Is that okay with you Frank?”

Frank answered and before he realized what came out of his mouth it was too late.

“Yes Sir.”

A few students looked over at Frank and a few whispered and laughed at Frank’s expense. Frank just slouched down in his chair and watched as he saw a hint of something flash in Mr. Way’s eyes before it was gone and he was walking to the board to present the students with their assignment for the day.

He picked up the chalk and grabbed his book off the desk and started writing on the board. He turned back to look at the students and they were all just staring at him. He continued to write as he spoke loudly making sure his voice carried throughout the class, although everyone was very tight lipped at the moment.

“Everything I write on this board is to be written in your notebooks. Every Friday you are to leave your notebooks on my desk before leaving. That is my way of making sure you have in fact copied every single note. If you do not finish your notes you won’t get the proper mark for whatever section of notes you have missing.”

Mr. Way turned to find that a few students were getting their books out while a few were already copying their notes trying to keep up with him. Frank was one of the ones already copying his notes and when Mr. Way’s eyes connected with Frank’s as he looked up to see what he had to write next he smiled softly at Frank. Frank smiled back slowly and then put his head down to continue writing so Mr. Way wouldn’t see the blush that had crept up his neck to his face.

Gerard turned back to the board and started writing again. His hand was moving swiftly across the board and he chuckled as he heard a few students whisper about how fast he was writing. He glanced down at his book one more time before closing it and finishing the last line of the notes. Once he was done he put down the chalk and turned to put his book back onto his desk.

He walked to the side of his desk so that he was no longer blocking everyone’s view. He was very pleased to see that everyone was effectively copying their notes. He went back behind the desk and pulled his seat from under it and then put it where he was just standing. He took a seat and continued to tell everyone what he expected of them.

“I won’t take any excuses on why you don’t have your notes. If you don’t write quickly enough ask someone for their notes before Friday. I don’t care if they’re not in order as long as they’re there.”

Mr. Way looked around at the class to make sure they were grasping everything he was saying.

“Every two weeks I will be calling everyone up one by one to see their grade at that moment in time while classwork is being done. I do have some things that we can do as a reward for you guys doing good in this class. I know Science isn’t the easiest but if I see that you guys are asserting yourselves then that’ll make me happy and I will reward you all as a whole.”

Mr. Way chuckled as a few students high fived and said ‘yeah’.

“What if we just can’t get it Mr. Way?”

Gerard looked over at the girl he’d singled out not too long ago and answered her.

“Like I said, you will still be rewarded for your effort. Also if there’s a good amount of students who can’t get it, from this class or the others, I will start an afterschool program and you can sign up. We’ll have pizza every other week if you do. That’s something my teacher did for me and other students when I couldn’t get a grip on math.”

“That’s pretty cool Mr. Way.”

“Yeah, that’s what I thought when I was in your position.”

The students laughed and Frank piped up a bit. Raising his hand and speaking as soon as Mr. Way’s eyes landed on him.

“Excuse me Mr. Way, but you said something about rewarding us as a whole? Rewarding us how?”

“Ah, yes! It will depend on whatever I feel like doing at that point in time. It can either be having a free day, no homework for a week, pizza party on whatever day you guys choose, a movie day.”

Frank nodded thoughtfully and went back to writing his notes. He said something without looking up and Mr. Way’s smile was as wide as his face would allow.

“I think I like you.”

Mr. Way stood up and went over to erase the board.

“I like you too. I like all of you.”

Frank had to admit that he was a little disappointed when Mr. Way added the whole class to what he said but Frank decided he could just replay what Mr. Way said about just him in his mind. He smiled to himself as he watched his hot new Science teacher erase the board and start adding more notes.


“So… how was the new teacher?”

Sean wasted no time in asking Frank as soon as he slid into the passenger side of his car. Frank threw his backpack in the back seat and buckled his seatbelt before answering back.

“Remember the guy in the lunchroom at the cola machine?”

“No way.”

“Yes way… Mr. Way to be exact.”

Sean burst out laughing as he started pulling out of the parking lot.

“He’s a no nonsense guy but he’s very cool. Everyone likes him.”

“You included?”

“I said everyone didn’t I?”

“Fuck you Iero. So anyway… are you and the rents still coming over for dinner tonight?”

Frank nodded his head as he leaned forward to turn up the radio and then sat back to drum on his thighs.

“Good. We’re having eggplant parmesan tonight just for you.”

Frank laughed and leaned over to kiss Sean on the cheek quickly.

“Don’t get carried away Iero. We’re going to get Roxanne and then home.”

Frank nodded and pulled out his phone to let his parents know they were making a stop before coming home. Sean and Frank had been best friends since they were 6 years old. Their parents knew each other and they always had dinner night once a week together since either of them can remember. They live right next door from each other. Roxanne is Frank’s cousin who just happened to start dating Sean a year ago. Frank wasn’t happy at first but now it means he spends more time with his cousin so he can’t complain.

“Text Roxanne for me and let her know we’re on our way. Tell her to be outside because we’re close.”

Sean screamed over the music. Frank picked his phone up and started relaying the message. Roxanne always needed to be told ahead of time that they were almost there because for some reason even if she knew someone was coming for her she still wouldn’t be out of school or the house. It was insane really.

Roxanne liked to talk to her friends after school or her teachers and if she was at home she was on the phone talking and wouldn’t end the conversation until someone went in the house and pulled her out by the legs. They pulled up to the curb and saw Roxanne just exiting the school with a few of her friends. Frank looked at them all and chuckled.

“She still has the same friends and they have grown up mighty fine.”

“Damn Iero. I didn’t know you actually still dug chicks.”

Sean joked and ducked as Frank threw a piece of candy wrapper at him.

“I would never give up finding women very attractive. Have you hit your head or something?”

“Nope, I was just saying.”

Frank got out the car and waved to the approaching girls. They all waved back and when one of the girls was in ear shot she wolf whistled and pointed at Frank while whistling. He laughed at her along with the other girls while Roxanne rolled her eyes.

“Back at cha pretty lady.”

She blew Frank a kiss and continued walking with the girls while they all said bye to Roxanne. Roxanne said bye back and elbowed Frank out of the way and got in the car taking Frank’s seat. Frank opened the back door and slid into the car.

“That’s no way to greet you cousin that you love oh so very much.”

Roxanne waved Frank off and leaned over to kiss Sean on the cheek.

“Hey baby.”

“Hey Roxy. I missed you.”

She smiled and took her hair down out of her ponytail letting her long black locks fall down her back.

“I’ll never get tired of hearing that.”

Frank rolled his eyes and scoffed. He kicked the back of her chair.

“I will. Just get us home Sean. You two can finish your love affair once we get there.”

Sean laughed as Roxanne glared at Frank through the rearview mirror.

“I’m gonna hurt you boy.”

Frank stuck his tongue out at her as Sean started driving away. Roxanne turned up the music and started jamming out to Frank’s mixtape.


“Deoxyribonucleic acid!”

Frank shouted the answer loudly to the question ‘what’s the full scientific name for DNA?’

“You’re correct Mr. Iero! No homework tonight!”

Frank fist pumped the air as all the other students shoved him a little as they all walked back to their seats defeated. Frank laughed and grabbed his homework slip from Mr. Way as he went back to his seat in the circle.

“Well that was very impressive Frank. You managed to answer every single question before anyone else and without your notes. You totally deserve this night off. As for the rest of you, you all still did a great job. The answers weren’t too far off and at least you all did have your notes.”

They laughed and agreed with him. It was the second week of having Mr. Way as their teacher and none of them had any complaints. Everyone was on point with their notes and no one was missing any assignments to the teacher’s delight. He was proud of what he was accomplishing and the class altogether.

Frank was pretty cool around Mr. Way for the most part but when he got home it was a different story. He couldn’t help but think about a certain way Mr. Way said something in class or the way he moved his hands happily when he was explaining something he really took interest in. He couldn’t stop thinking about the way Mr. Way would sit on the edge of the desk with his leg swinging as he asked people to explain certain parts of the lesson.

Mr. Way always caught Frank looking at him but he never said anything. He would smile at him quickly, continue with his talking while smiling at him, or sometimes even smirk at Frank. Those would be the times that Frank would go home and masturbate in the shower with the image of Mr. Way smirking at him in his mind.

He sometimes wondered if Mr. Way knew that Frank had a thing for him. It’s like he would do something purposefully and then look at Frank and of course Frank would be looking. Who in their right mind wouldn’t?

Those tight ass black jeans he wears for instance. He knows damn well everyone will look at his ass in them, even the straight men. The nice fitting waist vests he liked to wear and the ties he would wear around his neck. Even his converse that he loved to wear had Frank swooning for Mr. Way. All of that drove Frank crazy.

Sometimes Mr. Way would pull his tie loose and just let it hang and purposefully walk over to Frank’s desk and lean on it as he talks to the class. Frank would just slouch in his chair and stare up at him. He found that when he slouched his knees would touch his teacher’s legs but he’d never move back or say anything about it. He’d just continue with whatever he was saying. Frank couldn’t deny he loved feeling his teacher on him.

Frank would stare at his lips moving while he talked. The way his veins in his neck would flex as he spoke and Frank could even see his damn pulse if he was staring hard enough. And let’s be honest, Frank was always staring hard enough. The way his Adam’s apple bobbed while he spoke drove Frank insane and he wanted nothing more than to be pulling on that tie as Mr. Way fucked into him. Those would be the times when he’d drop his hands in his lap to cover the hard on he would definitely get whenever that happened.

“Okay everyone put your desks back where they belong and gather up your things. Class will be over in another five minutes.”

Everybody started dragging their desks across the floor and Mr. Way cringed and yelled over all the noise.

“Hey! Hey! Lift them please if you all don’t mind.”

A few students laughed while a few of the girls complained about it being heavy.

“Why don’t some of you gentlemen help the ladies out?”

One of the students yelled out from the back of the classroom.

“Why don’t you help Mr. Way?”

Mr. Way laughed and nodded as he started walking over to the center of the scattered desks.

“I most certainly will. There’s nothing wrong with teaching you boys some chivalry.”

Frank watched as Mr. Way picked up Laura’s desk and sat it in its proper place and then walked over to Becca’s and did the same for her.

“Hey Mr. Way I need some assistance also.”

Mr. Way laughed as he walked over to Brandon’s chair and picked it up then carried it to its proper place.

“This is only because you asked so nicely.”

Frank couldn’t deny Mr. Way looked good lifting and moving things and he briefly wished he was being lifted and moved onto Mr. Way’s desk so he could fuck him. Mr. Way turned around and looked at Frank just standing there and walked over to him while everyone else was preoccupied getting their things together.

He picked up Frank’s desk and brushed past him as he walked to sit his desk where it belonged. Frank followed behind him slowly and bent down to pick up his backpack. Mr. Way leaned into Frank’s ear and whispered.

“If you need my help with anything never be afraid to ask.”

Before walking back to his desk and putting his own chair back in its place. Frank’s breath caught in his throat as he watched Mr. Way move about his area. Frank couldn’t help but wonder if there was some double meaning in that sentence. To anyone else it may have seemed innocent but Frank could feel it.

The way the words left Mr. Way’s mouth so smoothly, his breath on Frank’s neck, making Frank’s spine shiver. The way he leaned in and whispered when he could’ve just said it loudly like he did with everyone else. Frank knew he was probably just taking things to the extreme but he couldn’t help but wonder.

The bell rung bringing Frank out of his trance. When he looked at Mr. Way he found that he was already looking at him and smirking a little. It was as if the smirk wasn’t even there, like if you weren’t paying enough attention you wouldn’t notice, but Frank noticed. He always noticed. And that smirk was especially for Frank to notice and Frank only.

Mr. Way arched a brow and then leaned forward putting his hands in front of him on his desk. He kept up with this little staring contest Frank didn’t even know he was playing. His mind was racing and he fleetingly wondered if Mr. Way could see the goose bumps forming on his skin.

“Did you need something Frank?”

Frank snapped out of it and realized the classroom was empty.

“N-no Mr. Way.”

Mr. Way’s voice dropped lower as he spoke again.

“Are you sure Frank?”

It took everything in Frank not to walk forward and crash his lips to his teacher’s. It took everything in him not to say ‘I need you to fuck me’. It took everything in him for him to pick up his backpack and sling it on his back and deny Mr. Way once more.

“I’m sure Sir.”

Frank noticed how his teacher’s eyes darkened at him calling him ‘Sir’. He now knew that he hadn’t imagined it the first time. He smirked slightly giving Mr. Way a dose of his own medicine and walked slowly out of the classroom giving his teacher something to think about that night.


Frank stood up from the couch and kissed his mom and dad on the cheek.

“Is it bedtime for you already kiddo?”

Frank nodded to his dad and smiled weakly trying his best to look tired.

“Yeah, and I still haven’t taken my shower so I’m going to go do that and then hit the hay.”

“Okay baby. Good night. We love you.”

“I love you both too.”

Frank leaned down to hug both his mom and dad and then proceeded to ascend the stairs. Once he was in his room he slid down his door and sat there staring. It was definitely a lie when Frank said he was tired. He wasn’t at all tired. In fact he was pretty wired.

All he could do once he’d gotten home was think about his hot Science teacher. He wanted him badly and he couldn’t deny it. Not one little bit. He couldn’t get his homework done in a good amount of time because all he could think about was his teacher. While eating dinner he pushed everything around on his plate worrying his parents that he was sick. He had lied and said that he just wasn’t hungry because he’d eaten a lot at lunch today.

While sitting down watching television with his parents everything was blocked out by Mr. Way’s small lips, his silky black hair, his long fingers, his tight ass. Everything was Mr. Way in Frank’s mind and he couldn’t escape it. And truth be told he didn’t want to escape it. He wanted to do something about it.

He knew he couldn’t do anything about it though. Frank was a student and Mr. Way was his teacher. They’d get into a huge amount of trouble, especially Mr. Way, and Frank didn’t want that. He did however want to play up to the little game Mr. Way wanted to play.

If Mr. Way wanted to tease him then he’d tease Mr. Way back starting with his appearance. Frank only ever wore eyeliner when he was going out and wanted to look good and in this case he wanted to look good for his teacher. He went into his junk drawer and dug around until he found some eyeliner. He sat it on his dresser and then moved to his closet.

He pulled it open and looked inside for his best band tee but smallest. The one he knew would ride up whenever he moved a certain way. He found it and threw it on his bed. He then grabbed his tightest black jeans with the hole in one knee and threw those on the bed also. He got down on his knees to grab his all black converse and then stood up and closed his closet. He sat the shoes by his bed and then went to his dresser to get a pair of pajamas out.

Once he had what he need he went into the bathroom to take a shower. He sat his stuff down and looked at himself in the mirror. He fluffed his hair around a little bit and did cute little pouts. Frank sighed and let his hand fall. What was he doing? He was clearly losing his mind over someone he couldn’t even have.

Frank sadly started getting undressed to take his shower and get ready for bed. He wasn’t tired but clearly he needed to sleep off whatever weirdness he let slip into his stupid little mind. Frank wasn’t backing down but he wasn’t as enthusiastic as he had been a while ago.


Frank walked out the house feeling refreshed. He had a great night’s sleep and he even had a nice morning with his parents. They teased him saying he was trying to impress a girl or boy at school. He denied it and laughed them off. They obviously didn’t believe him but they stopped picking on him.

The cool morning breeze felt good on his skin. He felt like he was a slightly new person for some reason and he didn’t want to question it. He walked over to Sean’s car and leaned up against it, taking out his cigarettes; he lit one up and smoked while waiting for Sean to emerge from the confines of his home.

Not too long after Frank started smoking Sean came out of the house looking like he skipped everything this morning and just left. Frank shook his head and screwed up his face at his friend. Sean stuck up his middle finger at Frank before Frank could insult him. Frank laughed and puffed on his cigarette.

“Who are you looking all sexy for?”

Frank shook his head and flicked ash at Sean.

“Lay off that. I’ve had enough of that from my parents.”

Sean shrugged, unlocked his car door, and threw his back pack and gym bag inside.

“Let me get some of that.”

Frank handed Sean the cigarette he was smoking and looked at him closely.

“Who are you trying to scare off?”

Sean blew smoke out his nose and licked his lips.

“I snuck out last night and I’m fucking hung over.”

“Dude… and you didn’t invite me? I thought we were closer than that.”

“It was really late Frank and you don’t even like sneaking out pansy boy.”

“Oh, fuck you alright. Give me back my shit and let’s go.”

Frank snatched his cigarette out of Sean’s mouth and walked around the car to get in on his side. He pulled the door and realized Sean hadn’t unlocked it. He looked over the hood of the car and was met with a smirking Sean.

Frank huffed out air and then gave Sean a ‘well’ look. Sean laughed and got inside of the car. He closed his door and stuck the key in the ignition. Frank knocked on the window and exhaled angrily.

“Will you stop dicking around asshole? Unlock the fucking door.”

Sean unlocked the door and Frank snatched it open angrily. He got in and threw his bag in the back seat. He looked at Sean and punched him in his arm.

“Next time you won’t snatch your cigarette out of my mouth.”

“We’ll see about that. Just drive you prick.”


Frank was walking down the hallway to his Science class when he started feeling panicky. He was all for this yesterday and this morning but now that he was getting closer to the classroom he felt like he was going to pass out.

Frank didn’t know what had him so nervous. He knew he was an attractive guy so he shouldn’t have been this scared. The fear of rejection crept into Frank’s mind and that’s when he knew that’s what the problem was. He didn’t want his teacher to just ignore him.

If Mr. Way didn’t pay attention to the way Frank looked today it would bruise him very much and Frank didn’t even understand why he was even going through all of this. It was utterly pointless. Nothing would come of this little charade. He didn’t get why it mattered so much to him if Mr. Way noticed or not either. He figured Mr. Way would though because mostly everyone else did.

He was scared that maybe he read things wrong. Maybe Mr. Way really didn’t like him and everything that happened was just a coincidence. Maybe that little stare down yesterday was just out of confusion as to what was up with Frank. Maybe Frank was just being a little hormonal teenager who needed to get his rocks off with an actual person. Maybe Frank was taking this too far but it didn’t matter now.

He looked up and there he was standing right outside of his Science class. He was the first one there and that frightened the shit out of him. Of all days the students chose today to not rush to class, to actually clear the way for Frank to make it out of the lunchroom first and to his class. He took a deep breath and walked into the classroom.

Mr. Way looked up almost instantly and when he saw Frank you could see something flash in his eyes. Frank wasn’t sure what because it was gone all too soon. Mr. Way watched Frank as he walked over and took his seat. He got busy with taking out his stuff he’d need for this class.

Mr. Way ran his finger along his lip contemplating if he should say something to Frank or not. Yesterday had been a little straight forward and he didn’t know how Frank felt on the matter. He did know though that Frank looked good and he wanted more than anything to tell him just how good he looked. He wanted to show him how much he appreciated how good he looked.

Mr. Way knew he couldn’t do any of that so he just sat there and admired Frank. He knew he shouldn’t be but he couldn’t help it. The way Frank’s hair was swept across his face was doing something to Mr. Way and he couldn’t deny that. The light touch of makeup that lined his eyes looked perfect and it was even smudged just enough to make him look a little used.

“How are you today Frank?”

Mr. Way decided that the best thing to do was to start up a conversation to stop his mind from racing with bad thoughts of the boy sat before him. Frank looked up through his lashes at Mr. Way and looked him dead in the eyes and Frank knew he wasn’t crazy when he saw the dark flash of lust cloud Mr. Way’s eyes. He knew he wasn’t seeing things.

“I’m doing quite well Sir. How are you?”

Mr. Way answered honestly and maybe too blunt but at this moment he didn’t care.

“I’m always in a good mood when you’re in my presence.”

Frank blushed and put his head down. He didn’t dare look up when he asked his next question, his voice barely above a whisper.

“Um Sir… what do you mean by that?”

Mr. Way knew what Frank was asking but he wasn’t about to be that blunt so he just stood up and grabbed his book to start writing the notes as students started walking into the class.

“I mean that I really enjoy this class.”

Frank nodded and felt his heart sink a little. He was so confused by Mr. Way but he wasn’t going to let it show. He only knew this man for two weeks anyway and he was eight years older than him. He knew because one of the students asked before during one of their conversations when they finished classwork early.

Frank was being a straight up fool and he didn’t want to embarrass himself any further but with Mr. Way he felt so conflicted. On one hand he wanted to do it, to taunt him and try and get to him, but on the other he didn’t want to look stupid or be let down. Frank just didn’t know these days but he hoped he’d figure it out.

“Please close the door Emily once you’re inside.”

Emily did as she was asked of and then went to take her seat. Frank looked over and noticed that the shy boy named Brian was looking at him. He didn’t stop looking and Frank wondered what was up with that guy. He couldn’t possibly be checking him out. That dude didn’t check anyone out, at least not to other’s knowledge.

Mr. Way saw the whole silent exchange between the two and wondered if there was anything going on there. Frank looked a little shocked to say the least and honestly so was Mr. Way. Brian waved slightly at Frank and then turned away before Frank could even do whatever he was going to do back.

“Well class today is Friday so get all of these notes down and then we can have the rest of the class as a discussion session. It sounds good to me how about you guys?”

Everyone chorused a ‘yeah’ and Mr. Way nodded as he moved his chair to the side like he always did and sat down. Everyone quickly started copying down their notes trying to get to their freedom as quickly as possible.

“What about the discussion on the notes Mr. Way?”

A boy named Chad asked from the left of the room.

“We will get to that first thing on Monday. You guy’s won’t have notes for that day. I have something planned that day so you can all keep you books over the weekend.”

Frank groaned and Mr. Way looked over at him.

“Is something wrong Frank?”

“Only an idiot wouldn’t suspect that we have a ‘surprise’ quiz that day.”

Frank did air quotes when he said ‘surprise’ to show that it’s clearly no longer a surprise. Everyone else groaned and Mr. Way nodded.

“Mr. Iero is indeed correct. Thanks for ruining that.”

Frank smirked at Mr. Way and mouthed ‘no problem’. Mr. Way smirked back and looked around quickly being mouthing ‘get back to work’. Frank’s smirk got bigger before he looked over at the board and began copying his notes again.

“Can you at least tell us what this quiz will be on?”

Laura asked from the far right side of the classroom.

“It’s going to be on everything. No set one thing so that means you will all have to read two weeks of notes over the weekend and I guess Monday too before getting to this class. And don’t worry you will all be given 15 minutes to skim through your notes before I give out the test.”

Frank sighed as he remembered he’d be busy this weekend.

“I have a show tomorrow night.”

Mr. Way was now intrigued.

“A show?”

Stacey piped up at this.

“Yeah Frankie’s a guitarist and singer. He puts on the best shows too. You should come to one sometime.”

Brian spoke up and everyone’s head snapped in his direction.

“Yeah he’s pretty amazing.”

Everyone stared in shocked unison because Brian never really spoke and when he did it wasn’t to give compliments. Also he had just admitted that he goes out and to Frank’s shows.

“You come to my shows?”

Brian nodded and ducked his head down a little.

“I like to stay hidden in the back but I can see pretty well. You do an amazing job at entertaining everyone.”

“Yeah like he does here.”

A kid named Bob shouted from the back of the class. Frank laughed along with everyone else and looked over at Brian.

“Thank you. I really appreciate that.”

“It’s no problem.”

After that Brian put his head down and everyone went back to what they were doing. Mr. Way was still stuck on the fact that Frank played music. He should’ve known this somehow. He feels like he should go and see Frank. Maybe he’ll even go tomorrow.

“If I finish a good amount of grading papers maybe I’ll come tomorrow but I’m not making any promises.”

Frank’s eyes grew wide and he thought he was going to combust. Did Mr. Way just say that he was going to come to his show tomorrow?

“I’ll get the information offline if I’m going to come.”

Frank swallowed loudly and nodded.

“O-okay Mr. Way.”

“Oooooh, I think you just made Iero here nervous.”

Bob barked from the back of the class.

“Shut up! I’m not nervous. If I can’t do anything else right I can play music. Come rain or shine and with anyone present.”

Mr. Way smiled at Frank from hearing those words. He liked that he was confident in the music he created.

“I like your confidence. Keep it up.”

(Time Passes)

“Okay everyone start packing up your things to get ready to go. We have two minutes.”

“Time flies when you’re having fun.”

Stacey sung out loud and everyone agreed with her.

“I’m really glad you guys like this class. I really like it too. You guys are my favorite but shhhh… don’t tell anyone.”

“We won’t scouts honor.”

Becca yelled out. Mr. Way chuckled and got up to put his chair at his desk. He walked back around and leaned on the front of his desk with his legs crossed in front of him and his arms folded.

“I’ll take this last minute to tell you guys also how very proud I am of you all. You have come a long way in just two weeks and that’s very great. It shows that you guys have the will to fight and I love fighters. Keep up the good work everyone.”

And as if Mr. Way set a timer the bell rung and everyone was out of their seat and leaving. Frank was lagging behind purposefully just to have a couple more minutes alone with Mr. Way.

“Hey so listen… it’s okay if you don’t come to my show. Maybe you said it to be polite. I won’t hold it against you or anything.”

Mr. Way’s mind wandered to so many dirty thoughts of holding Frank against him while doing naughty things to him. It looked as if Frank had noticed but decided not to comment on it. Mr. Way decided that no matter what he’d make that show tomorrow.

“I’ll be at the show and I’ll stay through the whole thing. I’ll even find you once it’s over like a groupie.”

Mr. Way smirked at his statement. He was testing the waters to see if Frank was okay with harmless flirting and it was obvious he was when he got over the initial shock and smirked back.

“I don’t usually waste my time on groupies but I think I could make an exception for you.”

Mr. Way bit his lip and nodded.

“You’d better get to class before you’re late.”

“You’re right. See you tomorrow.”

Man did it feel good to say that.

“See you tomorrow.”

Man did it feel good to agree. Mr. Way watched as Frank bent over to pick up his bag causing his shirt to ride up. He slung it on his back and turned to leave, catching Mr. Way’s eyes on him. He reached up purposefully and scratched his head before smirking and waving at Mr. Way. His shirt was up and his teacher’s eyes were clearly on his skin. Frank strutted past his teacher and left the class. Mr. Way’s eyes were definitely glued to his ass
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