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When I Touch Myself, I Am Conjuring You

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Frank walked off the stage sweating and breathing hard. He was very satisfied with the show he put on and the crowd surely was too. Frank was met by his band mates on the side of the stage.

“That was great Frank. We have to get going though.”

“Yeah, that’s okay. I remember you all have something to do. Thanks for playing with me guys.”

“It’s never a problem brother. Let us know when the next show is.”

Chad patted Frank on his shoulder and walked off with the two other boys doing the same and following Chad. Frank smiled and then turned around and pushed his wet hair back off his face. There he saw his teacher standing with a man he’d never seen before.

Mr. Way stood there smirking at Frank. He looked good standing there with sweat sheening his skin. He had on eyeliner like the day before and it was smudged from the sweat this time. He looked like walking sex and if Mr. Way wasn’t with his brother he’d possibly try something. Frank walked towards his teacher and smiled.

“Hello Mr. Way. Who’s this nice looking gentleman?”

Mr. Way’s brother smiled and extended his hand to Frank. Frank wiped his sweat soaked hand on his jeans and then grasped the man’s hand firmly in his.

“I’m Mikey Way. I’m this guy’s brother.”

Frank’s smile grew wider.

“You don’t say. No wonder you’re so attractive also.”

Frank winked and laughed. Mikey joined in with him. Mr. Way was too busy playing in his mind the fact that Frank said he was attractive.

“I like this kid Gee. I’m glad I came. Also you did great up there.”

“Thank you very much. Please go grab a drink. They card obviously. I’m always lucky enough to be let into these places because my Father is known around here and so is my band.”

Mikey nodded and smiled again.

“It was nice meeting you. I’m going to go get that drink and mingle a bit with that cute bartender over there.”

Frank and Gerard laughed as Mikey walked away into the crowd. Frank smiled at Mr. Way and reached out to pat his shoulder. He just wanted a reason to touch his teacher and his teacher didn’t seem to mind.

“Thank you for coming tonight. Did you enjoy the show?”

Mr. Way wanted to tell Frank that he loved the way he sung. The way he performed with such passion. That he loved the way his fingers moved on the guitar. He wanted to tell him that he loved the way his veins would strain whenever he screamed. He wanted to tell him he wanted to make him scream.

He wanted to tell him that he loved the way his body glistened under the light from the sweat. He wanted to tell him that he loved the way he let his mouth hang open obscenely. He wanted to tell him that he wanted to take him home and fuck him against the wall. Instead he opened his mouth and said what he could.

“I really enjoyed it. You play with such passion and fire. There’s no wonder why everyone spoke so highly of you. You’re a great musician and your lyrics were pure poetry to my ears.”

Frank stood there shocked. He arched his brows at his teacher.

“Really? I never expected you to like it that much.”

“I didn’t like it Frank… I loved it.”

Frank blushed and at that moment he was so glad it was dark where they were standing.

“Um… thank you so much. That means the world coming from you.”

Mr. Way smiled and nodded. He reached out and rubbed Frank’s arm.

“I give the proper credit where credit is due.”

Frank nibbled on his lip and moaned internally. His teacher had his hand on him and he wanted nothing more than for that hand to be somewhere else on him.

“Can I get you a drink for coming out?”

Mr. Way chuckled at the boy. ‘He’s really cute’ he thought.

“How about I get you a virgin strawberry daiquiri? How does that sound?”

Virgin was the only word ringing through Frank’s mind. He wished he were a virgin so Mr. Way could change that. Wait what? ‘Just answer the damn question’ Frank scolded himself.

“Yes sure. That would be perfect.”

Mr. Way leaned into Frank’s ear and said,

“Be right back. Don’t entertain any other groupies while I’m gone.”

He pulled back and winked and then was off into the crowd. Frank leaned up against the wall in the back of the place waiting patiently for Mr. Way to return. Frank couldn’t believe that his teacher enjoyed watching him. He figured Mr. Way wouldn’t really dig a child’s band. When you really think about it Frank is actually very mature for his age.

Frank looked up just in time to see Mr. Way sauntering through the crowd to get back over to him. Frank smiled as he got closer. Once Mr. Way was in front of him he reached for the glass. They both took sips from their drinks and then smiled at each other.

“Thank you very much… Gee is it?”

Mr. Way laughed and nodded.

“What’s that short for if you don’t mind me asking?”

“My name is Gerard but don’t tell anyone.”

Frank nodded and grinned.

“Why do I get the privilege of knowing, not that I’m complaining?”

“I guess you could say I like you that much.”

Frank’s breath caught in his throat. He covered it up the best that he could.

“Did you just admit that you like me more than the others?”

Mr. Way smirked.

“I think I did. Keep that to yourself also.”

Frank smirked back and winked.

“Sure thing Sir.”

Mr. Way leaned against the wall with Frank and turned to look at him. Frank’s breathing changed slightly as he was hyper aware that Mr. Way was checking him out. Okay, maybe not checking him out, but he was looking at him rather closely. Frank’s mouth went dry despite the drink he was nursing. He turned slowly to meet Mr. Way’s gaze. It took everything out of Mr. Way not to push Frank to the bathroom and have his way with him.

He felt so bad for having these thoughts for his student. He could get into so much trouble and this kid was only 15. That was all types of illegal and wrong. He never felt this way about someone that young. He’d never even glance twice at a kid but there was something about Frank that captivated him.

Frank was young but so mature. You could tell in his lyrics and the way he talked. Mr. Way would even bet that this boy had even already had sex. You could just tell. He eluded sex even if he wasn’t having it regularly. He was walking sex. He was a magnet that Mr. Way was drawn to no matter how hard he tried to fight it or ignore him.

The truth is he didn’t try very hard to ignore him. Once he had Frank’s file in his hand, saw his picture, and heard stories about him, he knew he wanted him. He never jacked off to the image or anything like that. It wasn’t until he actually met him that he had the overwhelming urge to do so. And even then he still didn’t.

The crazy thing about it was they’d only known each other for two weeks. No one has ever hooked Mr. Way like that. He’s never wanted anyone this bad in his life. It pained him that the person he wanted so badly was too young. He felt like a pervert at times and even cursed himself for feeling this way.

“Do you wanna step outside Mr. Way so we don’t have to talk over the music?”

No matter how much Mr. Way’s subconscious screamed at him that this was a bad idea he agreed anyway.

“Yeah let’s do that.”

Frank pulled his teacher by the arm to the back of the bar. The cool September night air hit them as soon as they walked out. Frank gave Mr. Way his drink and told him he’d be right back. He went back inside to grab his jacket.

Mr. Way took a long swig from his alcoholic beverage and swallowed. What the hell was he thinking buying something with alcohol in it while being around Frank? That was the dumbest thing he could possibly do.

He shrugged and drunk more of the drink before putting the glasses down and pulling his cigarettes from his jacket pocket. He sparked it up and inhaled deeply. He needed that so bad. He needed to calm down and take the edge off. Why did Frank have to be so young?

Why couldn’t they have met when they were both older? Maybe then his age wouldn’t have been too much of an important factor. Frank could’ve been 22 and Mr. Way would’ve been 30. That wouldn’t have been too bad. Mr. Way knew that Frank’s birthday was Halloween so he’d be turning 16 soon but that didn’t make anything any better. He was still underage.

Mr. Way flicked his cigarette angrily and sighed. He leaned his head on the wall he was leaned against and let his eyes close. Visions of Frank on stage ran through his mind. They soon turned into images of Frank leaned over the stage getting fucked into by Mr. Way. He saw himself pushing into Frank while pulling his hair and having Frank scream his name.

It was all so vivid it felt like it was happening. He imagined Frank’s tightness around his cock. He saw the way he slid in and out of him. The way Frank’s back would be arched as he slid into him and pulled his hair. He could hear the screams that would erupt from Frank whenever he’d hit his prostate.

It was all so much and suddenly he felt hot. His breaths were coming in short and he felt like he was on a Frank high. He felt like he could cum right there just from the images and thoughts in his mind. He wanted to cum from them.

“What are you thinking about Mr. Way?”

Mr. Way opened his eyes and there was Frank standing there with lust filled eyes on him. Mr. Way straightened up and shrugged it off.

“It was nothing. I was just a little hot that’s all.”

Frank looked down at the front of Mr. Way’s pants and bit his lip. Mr. Way followed Frank’s gaze and he put his hand in front of his crotch.

“I’m… I don’t know…”

Frank walked over to Mr. Way and stood right in front of him. They were toe to toe. They would’ve been eye to eye if Frank wasn’t so short. That didn’t stop Frank from staring into his teacher’s eyes. They wanted each other and they both were well aware of how much the other wanted them.

“Don’t worry about it Sir.”

Mr. Way swallowed and put his hands on Frank’s hips. What was he doing? He could go to jail for this. This was frowned upon in several states. This could be his child if he had one. That last thought made him push Frank back softly and hang his head in shame. He took a drag off the cigarette he was still holding and held it in while letting his eyes close.

“I shouldn’t be this close to you.”

Frank looked at his teacher closely. He wanted to tell him that it was okay for him to do whatever he wanted to him but he knew that it wasn’t. He knew that he should’ve thought of his teacher as a freak, a weirdo, and a horrible nasty man. He couldn’t bring himself to feel that way with him though.

Frank pulled out his cigarettes and pulled one from the pack. Mr. Way opened his eyes and watched Frank. He watched the way his perfect lips parted softly for the cigarette to sit perfectly between. He watched him flick his lighter and light up the stick. That little thing right there just proved even more that Frank was more mature than any kid Mr. Way knew.

Frank stepped from in front of Mr. Way and leaned on the wall. He smoked his cigarette in silence. He really didn’t know what to say anymore. All he wanted was to be fucked by his teacher. He looked down and noticed Mr. Way still had some of his drink left.

“Can I have some of that?”

Frank nodded to the drink on the ground and Mr. Way picked it up.

“I shouldn’t be giving a drink to a minor.”

Frank shrugged and took it from him and took a sip from it. He barely even grimaced before taking more and sitting it back down.

“I’m sure there are a lot of things you shouldn’t be doing that you do.”

Mr. Way knew what he was referring to and that made him feel even worse. Frank must’ve seen the pained look on his face because he was apologizing right away.

“I’m so sorry Mr. Way.”

“It’s okay… I’m a horrible human being.”

“I don’t think you are.”

“I’m sick. No grown man should ever feel this way about a child.”

“Hey! I’m not a child. I’ll be 16 soon you know?”

“And that makes it any better?”

“Have you ever done anything with someone my age?”

“No! I’ve never touched or even thought of touching someone under twenty unless I was in that age range.”

“Okay. So you’re not sick.”

Mr. Way stomped angrily on the cigarette butt he’d long gotten rid of. He shook his head and shoved his hands in his pocket.

“You don’t understand Frank.”

Frank pushed himself off the wall and was back in front of his teacher. He tried to back away from Frank but Frank put both his hands out crowding him against the wall. He lifted the hand with the cigarette and took a pull. He blew the smoke out slowly in Mr. Way’s face and Mr. Way just knew he’d lose it. He didn’t though.

“You’re right… I don’t understand. I don’t understand what it is about me that make you feel whatever you’re feeling. Can you tell me Sir?”

Mr. Way squeezed his eyes shut and then opened them again. Frank was staring expectantly at him and sadly he didn’t even have a real answer.

“It’s just something about you Frank.”

Frank inhaled deeply and let it out slowly.

“What is it?”

“You’re fucking beautiful. You’re… intriguing. You’re… the only person that’s ever made me feel this way and… I don’t understand it myself. I don’t fucking get it.”

“Why don’t you try and figure it out Mr. Way?”

Frank took the last drag of his cigarette and then flicked the butt away. He repeated the same move he did when he breathed out the smoke in his teacher’s face.

“Why don’t you explore me and find out?”

Mr. Way groaned and Frank moved into him. Their crotches touched and they both moaned out. Frank sounded like a whore and Mr. Way wanted to make him make that noise again and again. He wanted to pull him closer but he couldn’t. Frank repeated the movement again before moving his lips to his teacher’s ear and whispering.

“Fucking explore me please.”

Mr. Way felt that from his spine to his toes and it didn’t skip his cock. He kept himself pinned to the wall but lifted his arms and pushed Frank away again for the second time that night. Frank groaned and exhaled loudly.

“Why the fuck do you keep pushing me away? If you want me take me.”

“It’s not that fucking easy Frank and you know that. You’re a smart kid act like it.”

“Oh you mean like the way you’re acting like you don’t want me?”

“Frank… that’s not…”

“Shut up. If you’re so much of a man then man up and take what you want.”

“See that’s why I can’t Frank. I thought you were smart enough to know that you can’t just take things because you want them. You can’t do whatever you fucking want. The mature thing to do would be to wait.”

“So now I’m a child?”

“You’ve always been a child Frank!”

“Am I a child when you envision fucking me? Are you treating me like a child then?”

Mr. Way’s eyes grew wide at Frank’s words. He couldn’t believe Frank was saying that.

“Why are you saying this Frank?”

“You don’t just lead someone on and then push them away when they want to give themselves to you. That shit sucks. Now who’s the mature one?”

Frank put his hands in his pockets and walked away from his teacher.

“I’ve got news for you Sir… I’m not a patient person. I won’t wait forever. If I did… you’d be grey by then.”

Okay that stung Mr. Way right in his heart and he didn’t even understand why he was letting a little boy get to him. He rolled his eyes and watched as Frank disappeared back inside the bar.


Mr. Way grabbed Frank by his shirt and pulled him close. He connected their lips and they moved together, rocking into each other slowly but urgently. Mr. Way backed Frank into the classroom door. Frank ran his hands through his teacher’s raven hair. He moaned into the kiss and then Mr. Way broke the kiss.

He moved down Frank’s neck and sucked lightly. He then licked up it until he got to Frank’s jaw. He nibbled on it and pushed into Frank harder. Frank wrapped his arms around his teacher and held him tightly. Mr. Way picked Frank up and Frank started rutting against Mr. Way quickly and strong. Mr. Way pushed up into Frank moaning his name.


“Oh fuck Mr. Way. That’s it… take me. Oh! Oh yes! Fuck yes! Harder!”

Mr. Way complied with Frank’s request. They were both panting and clinging to each other giving it everything they had.

“Oh my God Frank you’re so perfect.”

beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep

Frank slammed his hand on his clock and sat up quickly. He looked down at his hard on and groaned. This was not how he needed to start off his Monday morning. He’d been dreaming or day dreaming about Mr. Way ever since Saturday night.

Frank rolled over and laid himself perfectly on the bed so that he wouldn’t hurt his cock. He thrust his cock between himself and the bed. The soft cotton of his pajamas gave him just the right amount of friction. He pushed with the image of Mr. Way out of breath and hard after his show on Saturday.

He moaned lowly and gripped his sheets. He bit down into his pillow to stifle his desperate moans and groans. He was leaking precum and he knew he was so close to cumming. He threw his head back and whimpered as he pulled on the sheets harder. The precum made his movements smoother and he was losing it.

He pushed his head back into his pillow as he started thrusting more erratic. His breaths were coming in short gasps and he was going to cum any second. He thought back to the way Mr. Way moaned when he pressed into him and just like that he was cumming.

“Mr. Waaay.”

Frank started whimpering into his pillow while he continued to milk himself of everything. Once he was done he let himself relax onto his bed feeling sticky and wet and he felt like a naughty fucking boy but he couldn’t care less. He wanted to feel that with Mr. Way. He needed to feel that with him.


Frank was sitting in his Spanish class trying his hardest to pay attention but he couldn’t. All he was doing was worrying about seeing Mr. Way. He didn’t know what to expect after the way they’d left things on Saturday.

After Frank had gone back into the bar he gathered up his guitar and started walking off the stage. He looked down and saw Mr. Way walking through the crowd to the bar where Mikey was still sat. Mr. Way glanced at him but looked away quickly.

Frank sighed angrily and proceeded to leave. Mr. Way watched him leave, not to Frank’s knowledge. Frank held his head down as he walked out and pushed the door open angrily. Mr. Way sighed because he felt bad for treating Frank that way but he hadn’t meant for that to happen.

Frank came out of his thoughts and raised his hand. The teacher wasn’t paying attention though since she was looking down grading papers. Frank stood up and walked over to her desk.

“Excuse me Mrs. Arroyo. ¿Puedo usar el baño?”

“Si Iero. Rapido.”

“Si Mrs. Arroyo.”

She wrote out a pass and handed it to Frank. He walked out of the class briskly. He walked down the long hallway to get to the bathroom. He turned the corner and walked across the hall and into the bathroom.

Once inside he went over to a stall and closed the door. He inspected the toilet seat and then sat down on it. He exhaled slowly and ran his fingers through his hair. He tugged it lightly and then let his hand drop.

“Fucking get it together Iero.”

He took a deep breath and counted to three before letting it out and standing up slowly. He walked out of the stall and looked in the mirror. He fixed his hair where he’d tugged on it and smudged his eyeliner a little more. He sighed one final time before turning and leaving out of the bathroom.

He walked smack into someone, smashing the person’s coffee between them both, causing them to jump back from the slight burn. Frank ran into the bathroom without even glancing at the person and came back out with paper towels. He started wiping the guy off.

“I’m so… sorry.”

Frank finally looked up after his rush of panic and noticed who it was. He jumped back and dropped the napkins like Mr. Way was hotter than the coffee. Technically… he was, if you’re thinking that way.

“It’s fine.”

Mr. Way bent down to pick up the napkins and finished wiping himself.

“What are you doing here?”

“I work here.”

Mr. Way answered without looking up. Frank rolled his eyes and put his hand on his hip.

“I meant in the hallway.”

Mr. Way finally looked at Frank properly. ‘It seems this boy got hotter and hotter every time I see him’ Mr. Way thought. He internally rolled his eyes at himself.

“It’s my lunch hour.”

Mr. Way looked at Frank then realizing that he wasn’t in class.

“Why are you out here? Are you skipping class?”

Frank rolled his eyes as he turned around and started walking away.

“What’s it to you?”

Mr. Way watched Frank walking across the hall to turn the corner when he stopped him.


Frank did a 180 degree turn and flipped his hair out of his eyes. He arched a brow at Mr. Way when he only continued to stare at him.

“U-uh… I don’t want you to be upset with me.”

“I don’t care what you want.”

Mr. Way’s mouth fell open slightly and then he closed his mouth and rolled his lips inward before answering.

“I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings.”

“I’ve got to feel something first for my feelings to get hurt. I’m fine.”

Frank knew he was lying to himself and Mr. Way. The truth is it hurt him a lot to be pushed away. In just three weeks he let this man get to him, but he wasn’t about to admit that, especially not when nothing was going to come from it.

“Oh yeah?”


“So why is there so much animosity coming from you right now?”

Mr. Way watched as Frank shook his head and sighed. He felt like an ass even more for pointing out that Frank cared for him but he didn’t like that Frank was denying having feelings for him. Yeah, sure, he pushed Frank away, but that was because he had to.

“I have to get back to class.”

“But Frank…”


Frank rushed up to Mr. Way and pressed his finger into his teacher’s chest.

“No. You don’t get to do that. You don’t get to try and see if I care for you when you won’t even do anything about it. You don’t get to fucking do that.”

Frank ran his hand through his hair again and walked away.

“See you in class Mr. Way.”


Frank walked over to Sean at his locker.

“Do you think you can get anything for me to drink tonight?”

Sean closed his locker and looked at his best friend.

“Are you okay?”

Frank shook his head no.

“I’ll stay at your place tonight. We’re having dinner at yours remember?”

Frank nodded sadly.

“Hey look. We have to get to class but I’ll see you in lunch okay? We can talk then.”

“Yeah okay.”

Sean rubbed Frank on the back.

“Cheer up Frankie. I can’t pick on you when you’re sad.”

Frank cracked a sad smile and Sean tickled Frank a little. Frank laughed and Sean smiled.

“There. I may not like you much but I like you when you’re smiling most.”

Frank chuckled and pushed Sean.

“See you at lunch.”

Sean walked away and Frank walked on to get to his English class. He couldn’t be late to that class. That teacher wouldn’t let you in at all if you were late. He sent you straight to the principal’s office. The principal didn’t appreciate babysitting when he wasn’t supposed to be.

Frank walked into English just as the teacher was closing the door. The teacher rolled his eyes at Frank and pointed to his seat. He closed the door and walked over to his desk.

“We have a pop quiz today.”

Everyone groaned and the teacher held up his hand.

“This is what school is for. To test your skills and make sure you’re getting it. Stop groaning and just get it done. First row line up and come get a test and then the next line and so forth.”

(Time Passes)

“Now that wasn’t so bad was it?”

“We’ll know once we get our scores back.”

Frank mumbled out and a few students laughed.

“Woke up on the wrong side of the bed Iero?”

Frank shrugged and started packing up his things.

“Well whatever side you woke up on it’s nobody’s fault but your own.”

The bell rung and Frank made sure he was the first one out the door.


“What are you doing here?”

“I thought I could walk my best friend to lunch today so we can talk.”

Frank smiled at Sean and then sighed.

“You’re probably going to think I’m crazy.”

Sean laughed and pushed Frank.

“I already do Iero. You know that.”

“Yeah but this is a different crazy.”

Sean looked at Frank and saw that he was really messed up. He grabbed Frank and stopped him.

“Hey watch it.”

A student said as they ran into Frank from stopping. Frank just looked at them and then at Sean.

“What is it? I’m your best friend. You know you can tell me anything and I’ll never judge you.”

Frank nodded and looked around at the crowding hallway.

“It’s really best if we just talk about this tonight because it’s risky.”

Sean raised his eyebrow and mocked Frank’s previous move, looking around the hallway.

“Okay sure.”

They continued walking down the hallway to get to the stairs.

“How was your show?”

“It was great. Everyone really enjoyed it.”

“Did your teacher like it?”

“Yeah he really did and his brother.”

“That’s cool. Was his brother nice?”

“Yeah he was a pretty cool dude.”

Sean opened the lunchroom door and ushered Frank into the cafeteria. Frank looked up and automatically saw Mr. Way standing in line to get his soda.

“There’s your teacher.”

“Yeah I have eyes you know?”

Sean arched a brow at Frank and Frank just kept walking making sure not to look at his teacher that was looking straight at him. He walked over to the table they always ate at and felt Mr. Way’s eyes still on him.

“Is there something I should know about Frank?”

“What do you mean?”

Sean nodded over at Mr. Way.

“He hasn’t taken his eyes off of you and you didn’t acknowledge him.”

“That’s what we have to talk about later.”

Frank finally looked over at his teacher and that’s when Mr. Way looked away and moved up to the machine to make his purchase after the student walked away.


Nothing else was said as Frank took his lunch out and gave Sean a bag of snacks.

(Time Passes)

Sean walked with Frank to his next class just to keep him company. It was killing him not to beg Frank to tell him what was up right now. He was anticipating later on. They got to Frank’s Science class and stopped outside of the door.

“So I’ll see you at your house later. You’re okay taking the bus right?”

“Yeah I’ll be good.”

“Okay. I have to go make a stop for our little sleepover.

“That is so gay Sean.”

Sean gasped in a mock to Frank and Frank pushed him.

“Fuck you. Get to class before you get a detention.”

“See you later Frank.”

Sean walked away and Frank turned to walk into class.

“Close the door please Frank.”

Frank turned and went back to the door and pulled it closed. He went and took his seat.

“Thank you.”

Frank nodded and sat his bag down.

“So I decided to push the test back to Wednesday for you guys.”

The students cheered and Mr. Way smiled. Frank hated that he was drawn to Mr. Way’s smile. It was a truly beautiful thing.

“What made you push the test back?”

One of the students asked.

“Felt like being nice.”

Frank scoffed and Mr. Way looked over at him.

“I have your classwork from last week. Would you do me the favor of passing these out Frank?”

Frank looked at the papers being handed to him before nodding and taking them. He stood up and started walking around to each person and giving out said papers.

“So did you make it to Frank’s show Mr. Way?”

Frank almost tripped as he heard one of the girls ask the question.

“Yeah I did. You guys were right. He did an amazing job.”

“It sucks I couldn’t make it.”

Stacey said from the side of the room.

“Yeah none of you did. It would’ve been great to hang with you guys.”

“Yeah Frank didn’t tell us about this one until that day in class.”

“Sorry guys. It slipped my mind. I had remembered in class.”

Frank handed out the last paper and took his seat while holding his in his hand. He scored a perfect 100% but that wasn’t what caught his eye. On the bottom of the paper was a little note reading ‘Please meet me back here after school.’ Frank put the paper under his notebook and looked up at Mr. Way. He was already looking at him.

“Thank you for passing those out. Everyone got above a C. That made me very happy so you should all keep in mind that I’ll be rewarding you guys next week.”

A few students high fived and others smiled at Mr. Way and he smiled back. He looked at Frank and he was quiet. Mr. Way really wanted to make up for what he did but he didn’t know how. Frank slouched in his chair and looked up at the board.

“Do we have any notes today?”

Frank asked and Mr. Way went to his desk and picked up his book.

“Yes we do but after we write these we have to discuss last week’s notes and if there’s enough time we’ll discuss these ones too.”

Mr. Way started writing the notes on the board and all the students followed suit, copying them in their books.


Frank was walking down the hallway to see Mr. Way. Sean rounded the corner and saw Frank.

“Hey. Why aren’t you headed home?”

“Mr. Way asked to see me after school.”

Sean looked at Frank confused.

“You didn’t do anything did you?”

Frank shook his head and waved off the accusation.

“Nah, I didn’t. I think he just wants to talk to me about what I’m going to talk to you about later.”

Sean nodded slowly and clucked his tongue.

“Alright well I’m off to make that run.”

“Where are you going exactly?”

“To score us some weed for tonight. We can sneak out to your backyard or stuff the door and lock ourselves in your bathroom.”

Frank laughed and nodded.

“Yeah. The outside idea depends on if it’s cold or not. You know Autumn is approaching.”

Sean chuckled and patted Frank on the shoulder as he walked off.

“See you at dinner.”

“Yeah alright.”

Frank started walking down the hall again and turned the corner. He walked up the steps slowly as he chewed on his nails nervously. Frank started to just go straight home but his curiosity got the best of him. So here he was walking slowly to the classroom.

Frank entered the class and looked around for Mr. Way. He didn’t see him so he started to back away. He turned around and smacked right into Mr. Way for the second time that day. Mr. Way grabbed Frank to stop him from falling on his ass.

“Twice in one day huh?”

Mr. Way smiled down at Frank and Frank just stared up at him. Mr. Way had then decided that Frank had the most beautiful eyes he’d ever seen. They were shining but they looked sad and confused.

“I’m okay.”

Frank whispered softly and he thanked himself that he’d eaten gum after that God awful smelling lunch he had. Mr. Way let him go slowly and backed up. Frank fixed his clothes and then backed up.

He turned and walked over to his teacher’s desk and leaned against it. Mr. Way automatically wished Frank had chosen a different place other than his desk. Most of his fantasies were of him taking Frank on said desk.

“So… you wanted to see me?”

Frank spoke and stopped Mr. Way’s mind from drifting too far.

“Yeah. I just wanted… I wanted to try and figure out what I could do to make up for… how I treated you.”

“You didn’t treat me like anything.”


Mr. Way walked over and sat in Frank’s desk. He looked at him and sighed.

“No matter how much you try to deny it I know I hurt your feelings. That’s the last thing I wanted to do. You have to understand… I can’t do what you asked of me. A lot is at risk…”

Frank shook his head slowly and crossed his arms making his shirt rise a little. He noticed the way his teacher stopped talking and looked at his skin but ignored it.

“I’m fine Mr. Way… just forget any of that happened.”

“I wish it were that easy.”

Frank stared at his teacher and his teacher realized what he’d just said. Mr. Way got out of the seat and walked over to Frank.

“I don’t understand why you keep lying to me. I know how I made you feel. You admitted it.”

Frank thought back to what he said and shrugged.

“It was just in the heat of the moment.”

“Damn it Frank! Stop! Okay… just stop!”

“What the fuck do you want from me Mr. Way? Why does it matter so much if I admit that it hurt or not. That won’t change anything. That won’t make you change your mind.”

“I want you to forgive me. I don’t like knowing your upset at me or that you’re upset at all and it’s my fault. I can tell Frank and it hurts me to know I hurt you.”

Mr. Way exhaled slowly as he finally admitted that he was indeed hurting too.

“I just want us to be okay.”

“Okay… we’re okay.”

Mr. Way took Frank’s hand in his and Frank’s breath hitched.

“I don’t want you to just say it Frank… I want you to mean it.”

Mr. Way caressed Frank’s knuckles softly. Frank looked in his teacher’s eyes and knew that he would forgive him.

“I forgive you Mr. Way. Can you just… just stop touching me?”

Mr. Way reluctantly let go of Frank’s hand. He backed up and crossed his arms to keep from reaching out for Frank again. Frank chewed on his lip as he continued looking at his teacher.

“We’re okay. I just need to know something…”

Frank waited for his teacher to nod before continuing.

“Why do you think it has to go wrong… you and me?”

Mr. Way walked away from Frank to keep from having to stand there and look in Frank’s eyes when he said what he was about to say.

“It is wrong Frank. All of this is. I shouldn’t even be having this conversation with you. I shouldn’t be feeling things for you.”

Frank walked up to his teacher and turned him. Their eyes connected and Frank knitted his eyebrows together.

“Why… because society says so? Who gave anyone the right to say who anyone can have feelings for?”

“Let me put it to you this way Frank... if you had a child would you want their teacher or any man 8 years older than them having the thoughts I have about you? I’ve thought about it so many times and I would murder that guy… or girl. It’s not right.”

“Don’t put it that way. This is about you and I Gerard.”

Mr. Way looked at Frank when he said his name.

“I meant Mr. Way…”

“See? That’s all it takes… one slip up like that and people would suspect things.”

“You’ve been to my show… hopefully you’ll be to more. We could talk there like we already have. Therefore that’ll be my excuse for knowing your name.”

“Frank… look…”

Mr. Way ran his hand through his hair, closing his eyes, and sighing. He hated that he was doing exactly what he was apologizing for again.

“We can’t do this okay. Just trust me and understand. You’re making this harder than it has to be.”

Frank rolled his eyes and walked away from Mr. Way.

“I’m making this harder? You have some nerve. You sit and smirk at me in class the whole period. You whisper things to me. You sit there and do provocative things and walk up to my desk, taunting me, and now you want to back down, when I’m offering you reality instead of fantasies? This is your fault.”

Mr. Way nodded in agreement with Frank.

“And I apologize for that Frank. I really do.”

“Your apology isn’t going to fix anything. You have me confused. You make me want to pull my fucking hair out. Why do all of that and then back the fuck out like a coward?”

“I didn’t actually think you’d like me okay Frank? I didn’t fucking think it would lead anywhere.”

“And when you noticed I did like you…”

“It was too late… I couldn’t stop. The tempting was supposed to be innocent.”

Frank looked like he was about to cry and nobody ever saw him like this. He was losing his shit right now and he hated his teacher for making him this way.

“Did you ever stop to think that maybe I didn’t want it to be innocent? I dream about you for fucks sake!”

Mr. Way’s eyes widened.

“Oh don’t look so fucking shocked. I bet this is what you wanted. You wanted to see if you could make the little naïve boy fall for you and then say fuck you. Is that it?”

“Frank no!”

“Well I’ve got news for you… you can go fuck yourself.”

Frank tried to storm out past Mr. Way but he grabbed him and spun him around.

“This isn’t what I brought you here for Frank. We were supposed to work things out.”

“There’s nothing to work out. You’re my fucking teacher and I’m your student. That’s it because that’s clearly all you want. We don’t have to like each other. I have teachers I don’t like and you are now added to the top of that fucking list. Are you happy now?”

Mr. Way felt his heart tug at those words. He didn’t want Frank to dislike him. He didn’t want Frank to be anything but happy.

“No I’m not because you’re not.”

“I am. I’m ‘happy ass Frank’. Can I go now or do you want something else?”

“I want things back to the way they were.”

Frank nodded and sniffed.

“Right… okay. I’ll keep tempting you knowing that nothing will come of it. I’ll keep giving you side glances and smiling at all the right moments. I’ll be as charlatan as I can be and you’ll be happy while I’m still…”

Frank almost revealed that it was killing him a little but he didn’t.

“I’ll be fine. I’m always fine. I need to go. I have dinner with my family and best friend’s family tonight. I have to help with the cooking and pretend everything is fine with me.”

Mr. Way wondered what Frank meant when he said ‘I’m always fine’ but he didn’t dare try to pry.

“That’s a contradiction Frank.”

“No it isn’t. I said I’ll be fine… I didn’t say I’m fine.”

“Frank… I’m sorry.”

“Yeah, I get that! I heard you the first forty times.”

Frank shook his head and pulled his arm from Mr. Way’s grasp.

“I’ll see you tomorrow.”

With that Frank walked out of the class as Mr. Way followed him and watched him walk down the hallway.


Sean closed Frank’s room door as Frank went into the bathroom and grabbed one of his dirty towels from his clothes hamper. He came back into the room and stuffed the towel under the door to conceal any smoke or scent from escaping.

Frank pushed Sean into his bathroom and then closed that door. He grabbed another towel and followed the same procedure he just done in his bedroom. Sean pulled two perfectly rolled joints out of his bag and sat them down on Frank’s sink. He then pulled out a bottle of Absolut Vodka and Frank laughed.

“Damn… that’s pretty serious stuff.”

Sean nodded and chuckled.

“Well… you looked like you needed something serious.”

Frank nodded and sat down.

“Hey, aren’t you going to open the window?”

Frank shoved Sean’s leg.

“Fuck you asshole. You know I can’t reach that shit. You do it.”

Sean laughed and got up to open Frank’s high ass bathroom window. Lucky for Sean he had height and abnormally long arms. Once he was done he picked up the joints and liquor and took a seat next to Frank on the floor.

He handed Frank one of the joints and dug in his pocket for his lighter. Frank put the joint to his lips and turned to the flame Sean had ignited. The joint sparked and then Sean sparked his own. Frank pulled hard on his and inhaled sharply.

The first pull was always the best for him. The burn made him feel alive for some reason and then calm. Sean inhaled on his and then looked at Frank. Frank nodded his approval and then they both smiled at each other.

“This is some good shit. You should score this more often.”

Sean laughed and nodded.

“You’re right.”

Frank leaned over and opened the lid on his toilet seat. I know what you’re all thinking. Frank is a boy therefore his toilet seat should be up. Well that’s not how Frank works. He keeps the lid closed because for some reason he always thought something would escape the toilet. He never knew what, he was just a freaky kid, and that stuck with him well into his teenage years.

He ashed his joint into the toilet and then reached for the liquor bottle. He put the joint between his lips and took the top off. He inhaled and then took the joint from his lips and replaced it with the liquor. He took two gulps and then sat it down.


Sean laughed and took the bottle from him. He repeated what Frank did and then sat it down.

“So… what did you want to talk about?”

Frank blew out the smoke in his mouth and then looked at Sean.

“Okay… I know you’d never judge me but before I tell you I have to ask… please don’t judge me?”

“I won’t Frankie. What is it?”

Frank sat there and told Sean everything. He even told him what happened after school today. Sean listened intently and nodded like he was assuring Frank to keep going. When Frank finished he exhaled sharply and took a pull from his joint.

“When I found out he was your teacher I suspected you’d start falling for the guy.”

“Hey… I’m not falling for him. I just have strong feelings is all.”

“You keep telling yourself that.”

Frank scowled at Sean and Sean picked up the liquor and handed it to Frank.

“Look… what he said is right Frank. He shouldn’t have feelings for you at all because it is forbidden in the work place and it’s like a written rule in the world.”

Frank let out a deep sigh and shook his head.

“You were right too though. Society shouldn’t be able to tell us what’s right or wrong but sadly they can. I say you should just let things happen as they should. Don’t force it Frank because then you may even turn him off from you.”

“You really think that could happen?”

“Well with what you’ve told me in mind… no I don’t. He wants you badly Frank… but still. Listen… I’ve known you practically my whole life… when you want something you get it, even if you don’t intentionally try to. This could be the same Frank. You could get him without even knowing you are. Shit you could act like he’s nothing. That shit will get to him. He’ll be back discreetly hounding you before you know it.”

Frank laughed and shoved Sean a little.

“Do you really think that’ll work?”

“Nothing beats a fail but a try.”

Frank nodded and smiled.

“I feel so much better getting that off my chest.”

“I think it’s just the bud and liquor getting to you.”

Frank laughed and shook his head.

“That could be a factor too. Thanks Sean. You’re really a great friend.”

Sean nodded and hugged Frank awkwardly.

“It’s no problem Frank. Just make sure you get the guy in the end.”

Sean winked and then took a puff off his joint.

“You know… inhales you’re an ass.”

Sean blew out the smoke he was talking around and elaborated on what his was speaking about.

“If you waited forever he’d be grey by then… that was a low blow Frank and not the kind he’d want.”

They both bust out into laughter. Neither of them could stop. They were holding their sides and Frank had slunk onto the floor and was rolling around.

“I can’t believe I said that but the dude got to me. I was pissed.”

Frank explained as he kept laughing.

“I totally get that man.”

(Time Passes)

Frank climbed into his bed next to Sean and turned off his desk lamp.

“Thanks for tonight.”

“Oh shut up. You’re so intoxicated right now it’s a shame.”

Frank giggled and poked Sean in the side.

“So are you dude. I’m shocked you can even say the word intoxicated.”

Sean laughed softly at Frank.

“No but really anytime Frankie. You know I love you and shit like that.”

“It’s because I’m fucking awesome. How could you not?”

“You’re alright. I wouldn’t go that far.”

“Fuck you asshole. I love you too butt munch. Go to sleep. We have school in the morning and more than likely we will regret this.”

“Yes the fuck we will. Night fucker.”

“I haven’t been a night fucker since the first time I had sex.”

Sean and Frank laughed before settling in and falling asleep.
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