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Take What You Want From Me / This Is Halloween

by suchaphuckinladyy

Chapter title(s) from: Baby Girl, I'm A Blur, Say Anything & This Is Halloween, The Nightmare Before Christmas.

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Frank hit the floor hard causing Sean to jump up in the bed and look over at Frank on the floor. Sean laughed groggily and laid back down.

“Looks like you don’t need anything to drink or smoke while sharing a bed with someone.”

Frank stood up rubbing his elbow.

“You think.”

Sean laughed, sat up, and got out of the bed. Frank walked over to his door and grabbed the towel that was still placed under it. He picked it up and rolled it before walking into his bathroom and placing it back into the hamper.

“You don’t think your mother will smell the narcotics on your stuff do you?”

“Not all of us are fortunate enough to have our mother still do our laundry. I do my own laundry.”

Sean raised both his brows with a goofy smile on his face.

“Well I guess this is why. God knew we’d be too dumb to come up with a reason as to why your clothes smell like weed.”

Frank laughed and nodded. He walked over to grab his clothes and headed for the bathroom. Sean rushed and pushed the closing door open causing Frank to get hit by the door on his already hurt elbow.

“Ow! You fuck. What was that for?”

“I want to shower first! You’ll take all the hot water like always!”

“No! My house, my shower, I go first! Go use the house bathroom!”

“No, come on! You go use it!”

Frank huffed and ran his hand through his hair.

“Why must I always go through this with you Sean?”

“If you know we always go through it you should be used to it by now. Come on. Go.”

Sean pulled Frank out of his bathroom and rushed in closing the door and locking it.

“What kind of world do I live in where I get put out of my own bathroom?”

“The kind that gives you an awesome best friend to kick you out! Go wash Frankie! We can’t be late!”

Frank knocked on the door harshly and yelled.

“Can I at least get my eyeliner please?”

“Use your mom’s!”

Frank’s mother walked into his room and reprimanded both of the boys.

“Both of you hush. It is 6 in the morning.”

Frank looked apologetically at his mother and started walking towards her.

“Sorry mom!”

Sean yelled from behind the closed bathroom door. Frank’s mother chuckled and ruffled Frank’s hair as he walked past her out of the room.

“Do you have any eyeliner mom?”

“It’s in my room in my makeup bag. Do not use it all boy. I’m not kidding.”

“What do you think I do mother, eat it?”


She shrugged as she walked downstairs to get breakfast ready. Frank went into his mother’s room and tiptoed quietly across the room so he wouldn’t wake up his father. This is the only day he gets off so Frank didn’t want to wake him. Frank’s father peered at him from the sheets.

“Your yelling already woke me up.”

Frank almost jumped out of his skin causing his father to laugh and shake his head.

“Sorry son.”

Frank put his hand on his chest and shook his head.

“It’s fine dad. Sorry about that.”

Frank went into his mother’s makeup bag and was only able to find red eyeliner. Frank thought ‘fuck it’ and grabbed it before making his way back out the door.

“See you after school dad.”

Frank’s father grunted something before Frank closed the door and went to the bathroom to get ready for school.

(Time Passes)

Frank walked into the kitchen to find his mother and Sean already seated eating breakfast. Frank smacked Sean in the back of the head and sat down.

“Hey! Something good came out of me sending you out of your bathroom. That red eyeliner goes perfect with your sweater.”

Frank’s mother looked at his red and black striped sweater and nodded. She pointed her fork at Frank’s shirt and spoke around the food in her mouth.

“I agree. It brings out those eyes more too.”

Frank blushed and started eating.

“So do you know who’s got my son being all… I don’t know… cute these days Sean?”

Sean shrugged and smiled.

“I think I have a clue.”

Frank’s mom smiled at Frank.

“You’re not allowed to say are you?”


“Well… tell me this… is it a boy or girl?”

“A man.”

Frank’s eyes grew wide and he swallowed his eggs abruptly and loud. He grabbed his pomegranate juice and started drinking it. Sean and Frank’s mother started laughing loud. Frank rolled his eyes and stood up.

“I’m done with breakfast. Sean when you’re ready I’ll be on the couch.”

Frank kissed his mom’s forehead and made a face at Sean before leaving and going to lie on the couch.


Frank walked out of the gymnasium after changing back into his clothes and walked to the bathroom. Once inside he pulled out his phone and texted Sean.

“Let’s have lunch outside today. xofrnk

Frank heard the ping and laughed as he opened and read the text.

“Frank it’s not hot anymore you know. fucking Sean

Frank typed his reply quickly.

“Stop being a pussy. Put on your jacket and come on. Meet me at our lockers. I have to get my jacket. xofrnk

“Fine. fucking Sean

Frank put his phone into his pocket and used the bathroom. He then walked over to the sink and washed his hands. He fixed his hair the best he could now that it was damp from gym. He shrugged and decided that’ll have to do. The air would dry it when he got outside.

Frank walked out of the bathroom and headed for the stairwell. He walked downstairs to his locker and saw Sean already approaching. Frank opened his locker and grabbed his jacket out. He slipped it on and Sean gave him a weird look.

“Dude… you already have on a sweater. It isn’t that cool outside. I’m sure you could’ve done without the jacket.”

“Shut up.”

Frank slammed his locker shut and made a snarling face at Sean.

“You know I get sick too easily.”

“You can’t be too worried about it if you’re chancing having lunch outside.”

Frank shrugged and started walking. Sean followed quickly behind him and grabbed his arm causing Frank to slow down but not stop walking.

“You’re trying to avoid him aren’t you?”

Frank didn’t say anything.

“I know you are. What’s the point? You have class with him next.”

“I know that. The point is that I don’t wanna see him before I have to.”

Sean sighed and pulled Frank again. Frank stopped this time and looked at Sean.

“I hate to say this Frank but you’re acting like a baby.”

“Oh… so you agree with him that I’m not mature?”

“Frank you know we both think you’re mature… we just also think you can act like a huge baby when you don’t get your way. That’s not a good look Frank.”

“So you two are a team now? You don’t even know the guy.”

Sean shrugged.

“I don’t have to know him to know that you’re being very immature. Let’s just eat inside. By the time we get to the lunchroom he won’t even be in there anymore.”

Frank pulled his arm away from Sean.

“Forget it Sean. I’m going outside you can go to the cafeteria. I’ll see you after school.”

Frank walked away and left Sean standing there staring.

“Is he alright?”

Sean jumped hard as he spun around and looked at Frank’s teacher properly for the first time.

“He’s… he’s fine. He’s just a little on edge.”

Mr. Way nodded and sighed. He extended his hand to Sean and Sean shook it.

“I’m Mr. Way. I’m sure you know I’m Frank’s teacher. I just see you with him all the time so I didn’t think there’d be any harm in asking you if he was okay.”

Sean nodded and shrugged.

“Naw, hey. It’s alright. I’m Frank’s best friend. I’ve known him since we were six. We still live next door to each other.”

Mr. Way smiled softly at Sean. He was glad to know Frank had a friend he could depend on.

“So… best friends huh?”

Sean nodded.

“I guess that means he tells you everything right?”

“He sure does.”

Sean’s voice took on a sharp edge and Mr. Way noticed.

“You must think I’m a freak.”

“No I don’t. I do think you shouldn’t hurt my best friend anymore though. I don’t like my Frankie being hurt. You can understand that right?”

Mr. Way nodded quickly and shrugged.

“Yeah, I get that. Hey… I have to get to my class now. I always run out to get a soda.”

Mr. Way lifted the soda to show Sean.

“Okay. I’m gonna go after Frank. It’s was nice meeting you properly Mr. Way.”

“It was nice meeting you too. See you around.”

Sean walked away quickly to go be with Frank. He walked outside and zipped up his jacket.

“Damn you Frank.”

Sean cursed Frank loudly. He walked over to the table that Frank was at and sat down.

“You got anything in that bag for me?”

Frank looked over at Sean and then slid his book bag over to him. Sean knew very well that Frank’s mom made him a sandwich this morning. Sean smiled and fished out the bag containing a sandwich and carrot sticks. Sean pulled out the sandwich and started eating. There was a long moment of silence before Sean decided to break it.

“As soon as you walked away Mr. Way showed up scaring the dog shit out of me.”

Frank’s eyes widen.

“Really? What did he say?”

“What makes you think he’d say anything to me?”

“I know the dude well enough. He doesn’t shut up… not that that’s a bad thing. Look whatever. What did he say?”

“He asked if you were okay first.”

Frank glared at nothing in particular in the distance.

“Why does he care?”

Frank hadn’t realized he’d said that out loud until Sean sighed.

“What else did he say?”

“He introduced himself and then said that he just wanted to check on you and that he figures asking me wouldn’t be a crime since he sees us together all the time. He knows we’re best friends and he knows that I know about you two.”

“Oh my goodness Sean. You didn’t embarrass me did you?”

Sean shook his head.

“I kind of threatened him but that’s all.”

“You threatened him how?”

“I told him not to hurt you because I don’t like my Frankie hurting.”

Frank smiled at Sean.

“What did he say?”

“I think he got it.”

Frank and Sean smiled at each other and at that moment they knew they were alright.


Frank was already seated when Mr. Way walked into the classroom.

“Sorry. Bathroom break.”

Frank shrugged and nodded. Mr. Way looked closely at Frank and realized he was wearing red eyeliner.

“Fuck me what are you trying to do to me?”

Mr. Way whispered but by the way Frank looked at him he knew he’d heard him. Mr. Way walked around his desk and picked up his book and started writing down the notes as the rest of the kids started taking their seats.

“So Mr. Way…”

Frank spoke up, and Mr. Way turned to give him his full attention, hiding the fact that he was very shocked that Frank was even talking to him in the first place.

“I was thinking yesterday while hanging with my best friend… you should reward us this week since it was last week’s classwork that we did so well on.”

Mr. Way twisted his mouth as he thought about what Frank said.

“What day did you have in mind?”

Frank shrugged.

“Why not tomorrow after the test. I’m sure we’ll all want to wind down. Pizza always makes me happy.”

Mr. Way nodded.

“I guess it’s up to the rest of the class if they agree.”

Frank looked back at Stacey and she nodded.

“I don’t have a problem with it. Do you Bob?”

“Not a one.”

Bob looked over at Becca and she shrugged.

“I don’t see why not. Pizza is the shit.”

Frank looked around the class and asked everyone at once.

“What do you all think?”

Everyone said something that meant ‘yes’ in the end. Frank turned back to Mr. Way and smirked.

“I guess we have ourselves a pizza party tomorrow.”

Mr. Way smiled at Frank’s adorable smile plastered on his face. There’d be no way he’d deny him of that at least.

“Sure thing Frank. What kind of pizza do you all want?”

“Frank’s a vegetarian.”

Mr. Way looked from Stacey to Frank and noticed that what she said was in fact the truth when he saw Frank nod proudly. ‘I learn more and more about him every day’ Mr. Way thought to himself.

“So would you want a vegetarian pizza? I could order a small one for you and then two large ones for everyone else.”

Frank smiled as he chuckled softly.

“I could easily take down a whole small vegetarian pizza on my own.”

“That’s eight slices Iero!”

Brandon yelled from the back of the class. Frank turned around to look at him.

“What’s your point? I’m a growing boy with an insatiable appetite.”

Everyone laughed at Frank and Frank turned back to Mr. Way.

“We’ll talk more about this after everyone has copied their notes. Get to it guys.”

Everyone automatically started copying their notes except for Frank. He was too busy trying to figure out what was up with the look that Mr. Way was giving him. It looked like he could pounce on Frank at any moment. Frank smirked before looking at the board and then down to his book to start copying his notes.

(Time Passes)

Mr. Way dropped a stack of papers on each student’s desk in the front.

“You guys know the deal. Take one and pass it back. Also pass up yesterday’s homework. There’s a new rule I need to address so get this done quickly. We only have a few minutes left of class.”

Mr. Way leaned on his desk and watched as everyone passed papers front to back. His eyes eventually landed on Frank, as they always do. Frank was laughing at Bob who rolled up a paper ball and threw it at him moments before.

Frank gave Bob the finger and took the papers from the quiet girl who sat behind him, before facing front. The seats beside him handed Frank their papers. Mr. Way was looking at Frank so Frank smiled and held his hand out to him containing said papers.

“Here you go Sir.”

Frank arched his brow when he called his teacher ‘Sir’ and smirked. Mr. Way swallowed and Frank fought to hold back his laughter. Mr. Way leaned forward and took the papers then sat them on his desk.

“Thank you Frank.”

Frank nodded and smiled.

“You were saying… about a new rule or something.”

Mr. Way nodded at Frank.

“Right. Right.”

He cleared his throat and clasped his hands together.

“It’s a new rule on the homework. Starting next week, Monday, all homework is to go in this basket.”

Mr. Way pointed to the basket now located at the corner of the desk. Judging by the looks on the students faces they never even noticed it.

“Turning it in, in the morning prevents you from doing it during class.”

“Come on Mr. Way!”

Brandon screamed and Mr. Way laughed.

“Look… it’s called homework for a reason. It’s called classwork for a reason. I don’t mix the two at all. Class time is dedicated to classwork. That’s the way it is.”

Frank chuckled and Mr. Way looked at him.

“Is something funny Mr. Iero?”

Frank looked at him and smirked.

“Sometimes people just don’t have the time. Sometimes we are drained. Tell me… do you have homework Mr. Way?”

Mr. Way walked and stood right in front of Frank’s desk and folded his arms.

“If you call grading papers all night homework then yes I do.”

“Well you see… you’re an adult. We aren’t. Some of us still have bedtimes as lame as that sounds. We don’t have enough time to get homework from every class done, do our chores, eat dinner, get our clothes for the next day, and then shower for bed.”

Mr. Way shrugged at Frank and gestured his hands as he tried to think.

“How about you skip the shower?”

“I take a shower every single day and night Mr. Way. I get sick easily and I don’t like feeling dirty.”

“Please Iero. You’re the king of dirty!”

Frank turned around to face Bob.

“What I do in my private time is none of your business.”

“It is when it happens at my house.”

“No fucking fair! I was drunk.”

“Yeah… chuckle and fucking dirty.”

“Fuck that. It’s called naughty baby. Get it right.”

Everyone laughed as Frank fluffed his hair, winked, and turned back around. Just then the bell rung and everyone was up out of their seats and heading for the door. Mr. Way didn’t say anything more as he stood there stuck.

That conversation he just witnessed was stuck in his mind and he knew he’d be thinking about it for a while. What dirty things did Frank do that night? Who did he do them with? Where did he do them?

“A penny for your thoughts Sir?”

Mr. Way snapped out of his trance and noticed Frank was standing right next to him smiling.

“I think my thoughts are safer in my mind.”

Mr. Way whispered in a breathy tone. Frank inhaled sharply and then exhaled slowly.

“I think you should go now Frank.”

Frank looked out the door before moving closer to Mr. Way.


Mr. Way closed his eyes and just breathed.

“Are you having naughty thoughts about me Mr. Way?”

“Frank. We’ve talked about this.”

Frank let his hand run down Mr. Way’s midsection until he got to his belt. He hooked his finger and smiled as he leaned into his teacher’s neck. He had to get on his toes a little but he didn’t care.

“I’ll make you regret never taking the chance with me.”

Frank licked Mr. Way’s neck which caused him to shudder. He placed a chaste kiss on his neck.

“Dammit Frank.”

Frank let his hand slide over Mr. Way’s hard on that was evidently trying to bust free. Mr. Way pushed into the touch and Frank chuckled sexily.

“I could make you feel so good. I’d do whatever you tell me, wherever you tell me. I’d let you use me so fucking good Sir.”


“Why must you continue to act like you don’t wanna fuck me on this desk?”

“Fuck… Frank…”

Frank kissed his teacher’s neck again while applying more pressure to his cock. Mr. Way moaned and Frank bit his lip.

“Look at me.”

He did as he was told through lidded eyes and Frank pulled back.

“I have to get to class Mr. Way.”

Frank started walking away and then stopped and turned back to his teacher.

“You might want to get that taken care of before your next class. See you tomorrow.”

Mr. Way looked down at himself and then walked around his desk as he watched Frank leave. He sat down in his chair heavily and sighed.

“What the fuck am I going to do with you Iero?”


A loud crash sounded through Frank’s house as Sean came falling down off the ladder he was previously on.

“What was that!?”

Frank’s mother yelled from the kitchen.

“It was Sean’s shitty way of using a ladder!”


Frank’s dad gave Frank a warning look as he walked past him.

“Sorry dad.”

“You’ll be 16 in a few days. You can curse then.”

Frank laughed with his father as he pulled Sean up off the floor.

“Give it here. I’ll hang it. You hold the darn ladder. Do not let me fall.”

Frank pointed his finger at Sean and Sean swatted him away.

“Just get up there Iero.”

Frank climbed the ladder and hung up the Halloween decoration that Sean failed with. He climbed back down and swiped his hands together.

“There… that’s how you do it.”

Sean pushed Frank and walked away.

“I’m going to see if mommy needs help in the kitchen.”

“No. Tell her to come here for a second. I need to talk with her and my father.”

Frank’s father peered at Frank over the newspaper he was reading. Well really he was reading the comics but who really cares right. Frank’s mother walked into the living room with Sean. She was drying her hands on her apron.

“What’s this about?”

“Just have a seat mom.”

Frank’s mother walked over and sat on the couch looking over at her husband. He shrugged at her and then they both looked at Frank. Sean sat on the couch with Frank’s parents and Frank rolled his eyes before starting.

“Okay. So as you both know, obviously, I’m turning 16 in a few days.”

They both nodded ushering for him to get on with it.

“I’m passing all my classes with flying colors also.”


Frank’s mother started impatiently but he cut her off.

“Could I maybe get a piercing… or two?”

Frank’s mother’s eyebrows disappeared under her bang and his father folded up his newspaper.

“Where do you want these piercings Frank?”

Mr. Iero leaned forward and placed both his elbows on his knees with his hands folded in front of him. That stance always scared Frank for some reason.

“I-I was th-thinking I could get one in my lip a-and the other in my nose.”

“Frank, how do you expect to get a job in the future?”

“Dad… I’m going to be a musician. You know that.”

“Okay sweetie… but let’s say that doesn’t happen.”

Frank’s mom shrugged apologetically as she saw the look that came over Frank’s face.

“I wish you would have more faith in me mother.”

“I have faith in you… it’s just that sometimes things don’t always happen the way we want them to.”

“They will mom. I’m going to make sure of that. You’ve always told me to follow my dreams and music is my dream. You know that. Music is my life.”

Frank’s mother nodded and sighed.

“Okay honey. You’re right… I’m sorry.”

Frank’s father cut in.

“You know I have all the faith in the world in you. You will still need a job when you go off to college. What about then?”

“They’ll be healed by then dad. I can take them out for the interview and while I’m working. The hole won’t close.”

Frank’s parents looked at each other as if they were speaking silently. Frank’s father sat back as he let his wife make the announcement.

“You can get the piercings under one condition...”

“Anything mother… what is it?”

“You have to maintain one extra chore for the whole summer.”

Frank smiled and nodded quickly.

“Sure! Anything you want!”

“You have to mow the lawn.”

“Of course I will mom.”

Frank’s parents smiled.

“Well then you can get them.”

Frank’s dad said and Frank jumped up off the coffee table to hug both his parents. Sean smiled and bumped fists with Frank once he was done.

“You’re gonna be like a total rockstar now.”

“I know man. I can’t wait.”

Everyone laughed together. Frank’s mother stood up to go back into the kitchen.

“You boys follow me. Frank set the table and Sean go call your parents to make sure they’re still coming.”

“Do I get any directions pretty lady?”

Frank’s mother turned to her husband and placed her hand on her hip.

“You come and enjoy your wife’s cooking.”

Frank’s father got up and went over to his wife. He kissed her softly before tickling her and leading her into the kitchen.


Frank was seated in his seat at Science quietly waiting for everyone else to enter. He had gotten to class earlier than usual today. The warning bell hadn’t even rung yet. He felt Mr. Way’s eyes on him but he decided not to return the look.

He and Mr. Way hadn’t really talked anymore besides during class time and even then it was a bit distanced on Frank’s part. Frank had decided after the last time he’d come onto his teacher to do as Sean told him. He stopped showing interest in Mr. Way. The interest wasn’t gone but he could surely act like it was.

That stung Mr. Way at first and Frank could tell. He saw the longing in Mr. Way’s eyes for Frank to give him some sort of conformation that he still cared for him but Frank was very good at acting. Frank wasn’t giving him anything. He was waiting for Mr. Way to come to him.

Mr. Way would try sometimes to ignore Frank but he never could. Whenever Frank spoke to someone else in the class Mr. Way’s eyes were on him. Whenever he saw him in the cafeteria he couldn’t ignore his presence. He was drawn to Frank no matter how hard he prayed that it would pass. He knew he’d never truly get over Frank. Not seeing him every day he wouldn’t.

Frank was looking in his notebook when somebody Mr. Way didn’t recognize walked into the class. He walked over to Frank and held out a rose. Frank looked up slightly shocked and took it.

“Hey Bert. What’s this for?”

‘Bert’ Mr. Way thought and smiled slightly to himself at the silly fact that he instantly thought of Sesame Street. His smile quickly faded when he heard Bert’s words ramble out of his mouth.

“So, I know your birthday is in a few days, and that you’re holding a party slash gig at a hall.”

Frank laughed at the fact that Bert said ‘slash’ and Bert smiled at him fondly.

“You are correct. You’ll be attending I’m assuming?”

Bert nodded.

“Yes I am. I wouldn’t dare miss it.”


Frank smiled and then arched a brow and held up the rose questioningly.

“I wanted to know if you had a date for your little shindig and if not if you’d be willing to let me accompany you.”

Frank’s eyes widened and so did Mr. Way’s. He leaned forward to get a better look at Frank’s expression and their eyes met briefly before Frank finally smiled at Bert.

“Of course you can Bert. That’s very sweet of you. I never knew you took an interest in me.”

Bert chuckled sexily and leaned on Frank’s desk.

“Anyone who doesn’t would be a fool.”

Bert winked and Frank laughed as he shook his head.

“You can pick me up at 5. I have to set up and shit like that.”

“Sure thing Iero. I’ll be there at 4:45.”

Frank let out a breathy chuckle and nodded.

“Okay Bert.”

The warning bell rung and that snapped Bert out of his staring match with Frank.

“So I’ll find you later and we can exchange numbers.”

“Sure thing.”

“Okay. Well as you know I have to get to class. See you after school?”

Frank nodded as Bert smiled before turning and nodding at Mr. Way then exiting the classroom. Frank smelled the rose and then smiled before sitting it on his desk. When he looked up Mr. Way was standing directly in front of his desk.

“Can I help you with something?”

Mr. Way bit his lip before sighing angrily.

“What was that?"

Frank looked confused at Mr. Way.

“Don’t give me those confused puppy eyes. Are you done trying to make me jealous or is this just the start?”

“What are you talking about?”

“You know what I’m talking about. You put him up to that didn’t you?”

Mr. Way gestured to the door as Frank gasped and looked at his teacher in shock.

“You’re not that important that I would actually stage someone asking me on a date to make you jealous.”

Frank could tell that his words cut deep but Frank’s feelings were a little beyond hurt. He made sure he let his teacher know that too.

“And you know what else? It fucking sucks that you would think no one would be interested in taking me out.”

“I didn’t mean it like that Frank.”

Frank leaned forward and whispered harshly when he noticed a few students crowded outside of the door.

“I think you should back the fuck off and stay in bounds of the teacher, student guidelines.”

Mr. Way looked out the door and then back at Frank sternly before backing up and walking over to his desk.

“Class is starting now. Everyone outside of that door needs to be in here in the next 20 seconds or I’m closing the door and you won’t be allowed in.”

The students said bye to their friends and walked into the classroom quickly. Bob was last to enter so he shut the door. It banged louder than anyone expected and Mr. Way turned from the board sharply and looked at him.

“Next time why don’t you leave the door on its hinges Bryar? Take your seat.”

Bob walked briskly to his seat and sat down before cracking one of his jokes.

“Who pissed in your Cheerios?”

Frank and a few other students laughed as Mr. Way turned back towards the board and started writing the notes down. He was upset, there was no mistaking that, but he wished like hell that he didn’t let a tiny tike get to him.

When he was finished writing the notes he took his seat to the side like he always did and sat down. He watched as everyone wrote down their notes at an acquired pace, having gotten used to writing faster since having Mr. Way as a teacher.

Stacey was the first to finish her notes. She put down her pen and her eyes zeroed in on the red rose on Frank’s desk. She smiled and perked up as she began talking.

“Where’d you score the rose Iero?”

Frank looked at the rose and picked it up. He swirled it in his fingers while turning to face Stacey slightly. Every student’s eyes were now on Frank and the pretty rose in his hand.

“Bert came in here with it and asked to be my date to my birthday party.”

The boy that never spoke looked sadly at the rose and Mr. Way felt like an idiot for identifying with the students’ feelings. Mr. Way saw Bob fist pump and then Frank’s laughter rung in his ear. He folded his arms and watched angrily as the students continued to talk.

“Do we have to bring a date?”

“No you don’t. I didn’t even know I’d have one until like seven minutes ago.”

The students laughed at Frank. Mr. Way realized that he was never even invited to the party, although no one in particular really was. Frank just passed out fliers but it still hurt him to know that Frank didn’t care to give him one.

“I’m going to bring my boyfriend if that’s alright with you.”

Becca called out and Frank shrugged.

“The more the merrier. As long as there’s no one present that will fuck my day up I’m fine.”

“Watch your language Mr. Iero.”

Frank turned around to look at Mr. Way with his brows furrowed.

“We curse every day and now it’s a problem?”

The classroom got so quiet you could hear a needle drop.

“I don’t care what you do every day. I just said to watch your language and that’s what I mean.”

Frank snarled at his teacher. He couldn’t believe he was being this childish after having the nerve to tell Frank that he wasn’t mature.

“This is utter bullshit. I hope you know that.”

The students exchanged a few wide eyed glances at each other. They were obviously clueless as to what the beef was between those two.


Mr. Way stared at Frank expectantly not caring that he had just raised his voice for the first time in the history of his teaching. Frank chuckled breathily and looked around to be an ass before looking back at Mr. Way.

“Oh, I’m sorry. We’re you waiting for an answer? Do I have your permission to talk Sir?”

Frank had his hand on his chest mockingly. Mr. Way inhaled deeply and scowled. Frank leaned forward and decided to challenge his teacher.

“Crystal fucking clear.”

A few students sniggered while others stared at Mr. Way like he had just sprouted horns.

“That’s it. You’ve just earned yourself a detention Mr. Iero. If you keep it up I will add one for every day this week during your lunch period.”

Frank shrugged and slouched in his seat.

“Do what you want. You’ve already decided you’re going to anyway.”

“Great. So I’ll see you here tomorrow during lunch. You will work with the other students and that’ll be your punishment.”

“Not much of a punishment since I work with other students every day.”

“And for that extra remark you will be doing your homework and whatever homework I assign for them. Want to keep going? We can go into next week. Or how about I call your mother and get your little party cancelled?”


“Frank! Frank just calm down! It’s really not worth it!”

Bob shouted from the back of the class. Frank folded his arms angrily and started bouncing his leg to keep the tears that started to brim his eyes from falling. He was so beyond pissed he didn’t know what to do. He bit down on the inside of his lip as his chest heaved.

Mr. Way stood up and grabbed the papers he had for classwork. He dropped a stack on each front row desk like he always did. He went back to the board and started erasing the notes. He put his chair back behind his desk and sat down.

“Just do your classwork everyone. We’ll discuss the notes afterwards.”

“Can I go to the bathroom or is that forbidden too?”

Mr. Way opened his desk and pulled out a hall pass. He scribbled Frank’s name and classroom on it and then held it out for him without looking up. Frank stood up and took it and left out of the classroom quickly.

He walked down the hallway and went into the bathroom. He was glad this one was located closer to his classroom. He walked inside and immediately started crying. He was so upset and there was nothing he could do about it. He kicked one of the stall doors. It banged loudly and he let out a low shriek as he pulled his hair.

He hated his teacher so much in this moment. He hated him for being so fucking childish. He hated him for being jealous when he’s the one who pushed Frank away. Most of all he hated the fact that he didn’t really hate his teacher. He wished like hell that he could but he just couldn’t.

Frank let the tears continue to fall as he walked into the stall and sat down on the toilet. He sobbed loudly as he clutched his sides. He didn’t know why he was so emotional but he figured it was because he was genuinely hurt. He couldn’t believe Mr. Way would treat him like that.

Yeah, sure Frank was being cold to him but he would’ve never embarrassed him in that way. He wouldn’t even dream of it. At this moment he was glad that there was nothing between them. But when he really thought about it there was obviously something between them or else Frank wouldn’t be in the bathroom sobbing his lungs out.

Mr. Way could push Frank away all he wanted but the truth of the matter was that there was something between them. There just wasn’t a label in place and that’s what made that little bit of difference. It was clear they had feelings for each other and if the rest of the student’s knew better they’d notice.

It was so evidently clear. Had Sean been there to witness that whole fiasco he would’ve definitely nodded and said something along the lines of ‘Yup. He wants you.’ Frank needed to be with his best friend right now but he knew he had to finish class.

He stood up and walked out of the stall like a zombie. He was no longer excited for his birthday or his party. He wasn’t even excited about the piercings anymore. He just wanted to curl up and cry with Sean consoling him like he always did when Frank was sad. He looked at himself in the mirror and sighed.

Frank went into the stall and grabbed a piece of tissue since this bathroom wasn’t fortunate enough to have napkins. He brought it back out to the sink and went it a little. He dabbed at the eyeliner tracks that had dripped down his face. He tried his best to make himself look presentable before throwing out the tissue.

He fixed his hair the best that he could and sighed again. He looked sad and anyone who paid enough attention to Frank would know that he had just been crying in the bathroom. Frank picked up the forgotten hall pass and stuffed it into his back pocket on his way out the door.

He walked back to the classroom and walked in making sure to keep his head down. He put his hood on and slouched in his chair before he picked up his pen and started doing his work. He felt like Mr. Way was staring at him so he looked up and was met with those green orbs glued to his.

You could see the look of realization flash in Mr. Way’s eyes. He knew that Frank had been crying. The next look you saw was one of regret. Frank knew Mr. Way would try to apologize but he didn’t want to hear any of it. He just wanted to get his work done and get out of there. When detention rolls around he’ll keep his eyes off of Mr. Way and count the minutes until it was over.


Frank was stood at his locker putting all of his books inside when Bert sidled up beside him.

“Hey you.”

Frank looked at Bert and smiled sadly.


Bert’s face filled with worry as he scanned Frank’s face.

“What’s wrong?”

“I just had a bad time in Science class after you left. I got into some trouble with the teacher.”

“It wasn’t my fault was it?”

Bert looked genuinely concerned and Frank rested a reassuring hand on Bert’s shoulder.

“Oh no Bert. It wasn’t your fault at all.”

Technically it was Bert’s fault because Frank wouldn’t have been talking if he wasn’t asked about the rose but of course he didn’t tell him that. Bert smiled and pulled his phone out. Frank noticed Sean walking up behind Bert with a questioning look. Frank took the phone from Bert and typed in his number. Bert smiled and kissed Frank on the cheek.

“I hope you’ll feel better. I’ll call you later.”

Frank smiled and nodded and like that Bert was gone. Sean took the place Bert had been standing and gave Frank a questioning look. When Frank didn’t say anything he decided to.

“What’s wrong Frank?”

“Mr. Way blew up at me today. I have detention with him right now and then every day this week at lunch time.”

Sean scowled at what Frank had said.

“What did you do?”

“I honestly didn’t do anything. Bert brought me a rose and asked to be my date to my party. Mr. Way accused me of trying to make him jealous. I was talking to a few of the students and I cursed and one thing led to another. He basically yelled at me because he was jealous.”

“Were you crying?”

Frank nodded slowly and Sean pulled him into a hug.

“I should fucking hurt him. I know I could take him. I told him not to do this to you and this is a whole other level of hurting you.”

Frank sighed and pulled back a little. Sean looked down at him sadly.

“Look, we could totally get him behind the school. Say the word and I’ll make it happen.”

Frank started laughing and then stopped once he realized how serious Sean was.

“Sean I will not hurt him. It was just a little spat. Nothing to harm him over.”

“He made you cry. That’s plenty to harm him over.”

“Stop being so overprotective and just walk me to his class.”


Sean reached behind Frank’s head and closed his locker. He wrapped his arm around Frank’s shoulder and headed for his Science class with him. Once they got inside Sean looked around the classroom for Mr. Way. He didn’t see him so he looked at Frank and rubbed his shoulder.

“If you want I’ll come and pick you up after you’re done here.”

“That’ll be nice. Let my mom know where I am so she doesn’t worry.”

Sean nodded and just then Mr. Way walked inside of the class.

“Hello Sean.”

Sean crossed his arms over his chest and looked at the teacher defiantly. Mr. Way sighed and held his hand out towards the door.

“If you don’t mind Frank’s detention starts now.”

Sean started to say something but Frank quickly interrupted him.

“Just go Sean and don’t forget to let mommy know where I am.”

“Okay Frankie. How about we have a night again? What do you say?”

“That will definitely be needed.”

Sean looked at Mr. Way and stared at him before saying anything.

“How long does Frank have to be here?”

“I will be dismissing him at 4 o’ clock.”

Frank looked at the clock on the wall and groaned inwardly. It was only 2:55.

“I’ll be here to get you then Frankie.”

“Okay Sean.”

With that Sean left the classroom making sure to slam the door shut. Mr. Way closed his eyes briefly before letting out a deep breath and walking over to sit in his chair.

“You can start your homework.”

Frank pulled out his homework and started working on it. The class was quiet save from Frank’s pen working quickly across his paper and Mr. Way rustling about his papers on the desk.

They spent 15 minutes like that before Mr. Way looked over at Frank and sighed. He stood up and walked over to him, taking the seat to the right of Frank. Frank kept his eyes on his work but it wasn’t an easy fight.

“Frank I’m sorry for the way that I yelled at you today.”

Frank didn’t look up or say anything to acknowledge that he was even paying attention to Mr. Way. That didn’t stop Mr. Way from continuing to talk.

“I honestly don’t know what got into me.”

Frank finally turned and stared angrily at his teacher.

“I’ll tell you what got into you… jealousy. You acted like an immature asshole for no reason whatsoever besides the fact that you were being a jealous fucking prick, and for what? You’re the one who wanted nothing to do with me. You’re the one who pushed me away repeatedly. You’re the one who said I was being childish but look at how you acted today. You acted like a crazed maniac and I’m supposed to let you fix it with an ‘I’m sorry’? Well I’m sorry Mr. Way but your apology is denied.”

Mr. Way looked at Frank sadly. He reached out and rubbed Frank’s face but Frank jumped up out of his seat. He didn’t want that ‘man’ touching him and he couldn’t believe that, that was actually the case for once.

“I didn’t mean to make you cry.”

“I wasn’t…”

“Don’t deny it Frank. I saw your eyes when you walked in and when you looked at me. I’ve seen enough people cry in my life to spot a person who’s been crying from a mile away.”

“What did you do to make them cry?”

“I guess I deserved that.”

Frank sat back in his seat and started working on his homework again.

“Can you please tell me how I could make this right?”

Frank shrugged his shoulders and shook his head.

“Right now, at this moment in time, you can’t.”

Mr. Way nodded sadly as he stood up, never taking his eyes off of Frank.

“I understand.”

Mr. Way stuffed his hands in his pockets and walked back over to his desk. He sat down in his chair and commenced to watching Frank. He saw how sad Frank was and he wished he wasn’t the cause of it. This was the second time he had hurt Frank but this was worse. He actually made Frank cry. He felt like total shit.

“At this point I don’t blame you if you never speak to me again.”

Frank stopped writing and put his pen to his lips. He looked at his teacher with emotionless eyes that was immediately replaced with hurt. Looking at his teacher he could tell that he really regretted what he did. He saw that it hurt him to see Frank hurting. So that made Frank hurt even more.

He hated that no matter what he didn’t want to see his teacher hurt. That didn’t mean that he forgave him or anything close to it but he did feel bad. Maybe if Frank hadn’t been so cold Mr. Way wouldn’t have reacted the way he had.

Frank didn’t know why he was trying to give his teacher the benefit of the doubt because he didn’t deserve that. That still didn’t stop him from smiling sadly at his teacher and sighing.

“There’s no way I’d never speak to you again.”

“But I made you cry Frank.”

Frank shrugged sadly.

“Maybe I just got my period.”

They both chuckled and Frank looked down. He dropped his pen and started picking at the palm of his hand.

“Why didn’t you invite me to your party Frank?”

Frank looked up at his teacher with a surprised expression.

“I really didn’t think you’d want to come. You said we couldn’t be around each other so I figured why bother.”

“I said I shouldn’t be close to you. I wouldn’t want to miss your birthday.”

Frank smiled a genuine smile for the first time after that whole episode with Mr. Way. Mr. Way reciprocated the smile. Frank leaned over and reached into his book bag. He pulled out a white envelope with his teacher’s named scribbled on the front.

He stood up and took it over to him. Mr. Way took it and opened it. He pulled out the card inside and it was an invitation. It was decorated nicely and it made Mr. Way smile brightly. It was a custom made invitation for him and not a flier like everyone else got.

“I made invitations for my close friends and family, even my mom and dad.”

Frank chuckled softly before continuing.

“I made yours first, actually, but I was too afraid of being turned down. I want you at my party more than anything.”

Frank whispered that last sentence while keeping his head down. He didn’t know why but for the first time in a long time he felt shy.

“This is very sweet of you Frank. Thank you so much for this. I really don’t deserve it.”

“I wouldn’t have given it to you if I didn’t think you deserved it.”

Frank simply replied before walking back to his desk and taking his seat. Mr. Way looked at the invitation once more before putting it back into the envelope and sitting it on the ledge of the chalk board. Frank saw what he did and smiled to himself.

“You can go home if you’d like Frank.”

“No I’m okay. I deserve to be here.”

Frank didn’t truly think he deserved all the rest of the detentions though.

“You don’t have to come here for lunch detention.”

Mr. Way said as if he had read Frank’s mind. Frank looked at Mr. Way and smiled.

“Maybe I could do just one of them. I don’t mind spending time with you.”

Mr. Way smirked and Frank smirked back.

“I forgive you.”

Mr. Way stood up and walked over to Frank. He held his hand out and Frank took it. He pulled him up into a hug.

“I’m really sorry Frank. The last thing I ever would want to do is make you cry.”

Mr. Way held Frank tighter and Frank returned the feeling. He breathed in his teachers French vanilla coffee and cigarettes scent. He didn’t even stop himself before saying what he did.

“I love your scent Gerard.”

Mr. Way’s breath hitched at the use of his name and what Frank said. He smiled nonetheless and kept holding Frank.

“I love your scent too.”

Frank looked up at his teacher and he looked back at him. He really wanted to kiss him so he went for it. Frank lifted up on his toes and pressed his lips softly to his teacher’s. They kissed for a brief moment before they pulled away and Frank looked down blushing.

It was such a simple three second kiss but to Frank it felt like he’d experienced a whole new feeling of happiness. Mr. Way melted at the feel of Frank’s soft cherry balm lips on his. He had wanted to do the since the first time he saw him and it was honestly better than any heat of the moment kiss he’s ever had.

Frank waited for his teacher to push him away or tell him that they couldn’t do that again but he never did. Instead he lifted Frank’s chin and ran his thumb gingerly across Frank’s bottom lip. Frank inhaled deeply and closed his eyes, just basking in the moment. He knew it probably wouldn’t happen again and if so he was certain it’d be a long time coming.

“What are you doing to me Frankie?”

Frank opened his eyes slowly and stared lovingly at his teacher. He’d just called Frank, Frankie, and he couldn’t deny that, that made his heart swell.

“The same thing you’re doing to me Gee.”

“I can’t imagine that you feel the way I do about you.”

Frank smiled sadly.

“You have no idea how I feel about you.”

Frank let his arms fall from his teacher and he did the same. Frank sat back down in his seat and watched as he teacher walked back over to his own desk and grabbed a stack of papers. He walked back over to Frank and sat at the desk beside him.

“Do you mind if I work with you?”

“I don’t mind at all.”


“Come on mom and dad. The food will be fine. We’ll only be gone for about an hour and we could just send one of Sean’s parents over to keep an eye on it if you’re that worried.”

Frank was rushing his parents out of the house to take him to the tattoo parlor but they were being extra cautious about leaving the stove on unattended. It was Friday evening and Frank wanted to get everything done today for tomorrow. Frank picked up the house phone and called Sean’s house.


“Hey mom. Could you tell Sean that I’m ready to go so come on and also could you do your birthday boy a favor?”

“Sure Frankie, what is it?”

“Could you come and house sit while we leave. My mom doesn’t want to leave the stove on while we’re out but we need to go now because I still have other things to do before this day is through.”

“Sure baby, I’m on my way over.”

“Thank you so much.”

Frank hung up the phone and went into the kitchen. He took the over mitt from his mother’s hand and untied her apron. He held them in his hand as he pulled her towards the door.

“Come on dad.”

“I’m coming son.”

Frank’s father came walking down the steps and went to grab their jackets. The door opened and Sean and his mother came waltzing in. Frank handed Sean’s mother the oven mitt and apron and stood on his toes to kiss her cheek. She held Frank’s face in her hands and smiled.

“What are you doing?”

“Just staring at your face one last time before you go and poke holes in it.”

Frank laughed and pulled back from Sean’s mother. She put the apron on and walked towards the kitchen.

“Have fun guys and Sean take some pictures.”

“Sure thing mom.”

Frank’s father put his mother’s jacket on her and then his own. He threw Frank’s at him and pushed him out the house. Sean closed the door and they all walked to Frank’s parents’ car and piled inside.


Frank walked downstairs and went into the kitchen. He smiled when he saw the huge breakfast sitting on the table. No one was in the kitchen though so he turned around to leave but was met with his family, and what he considered extended family, smiling at him from the kitchen doorway. He damn near jumped out of his skin.

Rachel was holding a huge bouquet of balloons and Richard was holding a homemade chocolate mousse cake. Sean was holding a Black Flag album that wasn’t apart of Frank’s collection yet. Linda was holding a birthday card and behind her was Frank’s father but he couldn’t see what he was holding.

“You guys almost gave me a heart attack.”

Frank’s father stepped past Frank’s mother and walked into the kitchen. Frank’s eyes bugged from his head at the sight of what he father was holding for him.

“Hopefully this will make up for it, happy birthday son.”

Frank walked forward and took the white Les Paul guitar from his father.

“Sean added the little decoration at the bottom. Of course we didn’t agree with it but he said it was a joke between you two and that you’d probably end up doing it yourself.”

Frank read the bottom of the guitar and started laughing loudly. It read ‘PANSY’ in glitter letters stuck on his guitar. He pulled Sean over to him and hugged him.

“You know me so well.”

“Yeah well.”

Frank pulled back and hugged his father next. Soon after everyone else assembled a line and hugged Frank.

“Thank you very much guys. This is really the best birthday ever. I love you guys.”

They all chorused an ‘I love you’ back to Frank before taking their seats at the table. Sean set the table while everyone conversed about the events that were going to take place that day. Once he was done he took his seat and everyone started passing around the food.

“I can’t wait to play my new guitar tonight. It’s going to be a blast. Speaking of which we have to hurry so I can tune it before we head over to the hall to put up the rest of the decorations.”

“You do realize you’re going to have the best birthday party don’t you Frank?”

“Yes I do. A fucking masquerade Halloween party… who’s ever done that shit?”

Everyone laughed at Frank. They knew how much Frank took pride in being born on Halloween. He thought he was something special for having that day as his birthday. It also matched so well with how dark and twisted he truly was.

People very close to Frank only truly knew how Frank was. He was quiet most times despite how he seems in class. He liked to keep to himself and write horror stories or draw ghouls and goblins.

He loved playing his guitar alone also and writing dark lyrics that really reflected what went on inside of his mind. That’s the only glimpse that he let outside people get about the real him. Only Sean really knew that side of him. Not even his parents did.

“When is your date picking you up Frank?”

Frank’s father smirked at him after asking. Frank rolled his eyes at his father.

“4:45, why are you smirking dad?”

“I’m sure he’s just wondering the same thing we all are.”

“And what is that mom?”

“If that’s the guy you’ve been being all… sexy for?”

Sean burst into laughter when Frank sputtered on his juice. Richard reached over and patted Frank on his back.

“That’s not the guy mom.”

“So will that guy be at your party.”

“Hopefully he will but you guys still won’t know who he is.”

“I don’t know why you’re being all secretive Frank. Are you afraid that we won’t approve?”

‘That’s exactly what I’m afraid of.’ Frank thought to himself.

“Look… can we just finish breakfast without prying into my love life.”

“Love? Hm… so it’s more serious than we thought.”

Frank groaned at his father’s response.

“Okay we’ll stop Frankie. Let’s finish up here so we can get ready.”

Frank agreed happily and they all finished eating breakfast conversing about things other than his teacher.


Frank opened the door and was surprised to see Bert standing there in a full suit. He was wearing a black mask that only covered his eyes. It was donned with little white lines swirling it. Frank smiled when Bert took off the mask and whistled at him. Frank wasn’t dressed as anything special but clearly Bert thought he was.

“You make one sexy vampire. And your piercings are bad ass.”

Frank smirked and licked at his fake fangs.

“Careful… I just might make you one and thank you.”

Bert laughed and walked inside of the house as Frank moved to the side to let him in. Frank’s family all looked over to Bert once he was inside and Bert smiled politely at everyone and shook their hands as Frank introduced everyone to him.

“We’ll be heading out now mom. Please don’t forget my eggplant parm when you bring the food.”

“I won’t son.”

She kissed Frank on the forehead before they headed back out the door. Bert walked over to his car quickly and opened the door for Frank. Frank nodded at Bert and then slid smoothly into the car. Bert closed the door and circled around the front to get inside the car.

Once he was seated he turned the car on and then the radio followed. He kept the volume low and Frank figured that was so they could talk. He soon discovered that his insinuation was correct.

“So how does it feel to finally be 16?”

“It feels pretty cool.”

Bert smiled and punched Frank gently in the arm. When Frank looked at him in slight astonishment Bert laughed.

“Oh so now you’re too old for birthday hits?”

Frank laughed.

“Maybe just a little bit.”

“Well happy birthday all the same.”

“Thank you.”

Frank smiled and leaned forward to turn up the radio.


It was well into the night at Frank’s party and everyone was having a good time. Frank was all smiles while walking round and talking to everyone. Mostly everyone from his school showed up, even the teachers, and principle.

Every teacher was long gone by now though because they had to get back to their families. They just wanted to show their faces to celebrate one of their favorite students growing up. It was really an overwhelming feeling for Frank when he realized that everyone really did care for him at his school. However he knew that he could only truly trust a few of them.

Someone tapped Frank on the shoulder and he stood up turning around to face who it was. He couldn’t tell what with them wearing a mask and costume. He cocked his head to the side and put on his thinking face. He looked at the lips and leaned in to smell the person for good measure.

“So you’ve finally decided to come and greet me for my birthday huh?”

“Yeah I have, happy birthday by the way.”

“Thank you very much. Are you enjoying yourself?”

“I’m still here aren’t I?”

Frank laughed and nodded.

"I really love your new piercings."

Frank blushed and looked down trying to hide it. Just then Bert walked up to Frank and pulled him towards the stage. Frank went unwillingly and was dragged up the steps. Bert went over to the microphone and started speaking out into the crowd.

“I believe the birthday boy gets a birthday kiss in front of everyone.”

“This isn’t Christmas!”

Everyone laughed and Bert pulled Frank closer.

“It doesn’t matter, you’re still getting one.”

“But my parents…”

Frank was quieted by Bert’s lips being placed on his. Everyone in the crowd hooted and applauded everyone except Mr. Way. He stood there shocked that he was actually kissing him back. Of course Mr. Way realized that he was being silly because Frank didn’t belong to him.

Still he couldn’t help feeling a little jealous. Frank had used those same lips to kiss him just a few days ago and here he was kissing Bert. To add insult to injury the kiss wasn’t even appropriate to be happening in front of his parents. In fact Frank’s parents had turned away and were giggling.

They finally broke apart and to Mr. Way’s astonishment Frank looked dead at him. He was smiling at everyone but his eyes were set on his teacher. Frank watched as his teacher left the floor and headed to the bathroom area. Frank gave the DJ the signal to start the music again before walking off the stage leaving Bert to the crowd.

Frank walked down the steps and pushed through the crowd. He smiled as a few people patted his back and cheered him on. Some of them even made pucker faces at him. Frank had to admit these people were very funny and fun to be around but he needed to get to his teacher.

Frank finally broke through the crowd and walked slowly to the bathroom. He was trying to stall to give himself enough time to think of what to say. He didn’t even really know why he was going in there. Yeah, he saw the way his teacher looked as he made out with Bert; he saw that he was hurt. Frank thought that in the end he didn’t belong to Mr. Way though so he didn’t know why he felt he needed to explain.

Frank pushed the door open and looked inside of the bathroom. He saw his teacher’s feet under the last bathroom stall door, still clad in his converse. Frank pulled the trashcan over to the door and pushed it up against it. Mr. Way obviously heard the noise because there he was standing there staring at Frank with a confused look.

“What are you doing?”

Frank shrugged and rubbed his now sweating hands on his pants.


“So why’d you do that?”

Mr. Way gestured towards the trashcan and Frank looked back like he didn’t know what he was referring to. He turned back around and shrugged again.

“I didn’t want any interruptions.”


Mr. Way arched a brow at Frank. Frank just stood there biting his lip nervously. Mr. Way decided to change the subject to why he walked away.

“That was very entertaining out there.”

“Well… I’m an entertainer.”

“Are you sure you don’t do those things to upset me?”

Frank screwed his face up.

“What kind of person do you think I am?”

“I think you’re the kind of person who likes to get revenge when things don’t go his way.”

“What exactly isn’t going my way?”

“We kissed a few days ago but that’s all. I didn’t say anything to you about it afterwards and I didn’t make anything of it. Maybe you don’t like that.”

Frank couldn’t believe what his teacher was insinuating. Yeah, they’d kissed, but that was it. The rest of the week hadn’t been anything special. Frank stayed for that one lunch detention and they didn’t speak during or after it.

Whenever class was over Frank would linger behind to see if Mr. Way would try to bring it up or say anything about it but he hadn’t. Frank can admit that it upset him at first but not enough to make him want to get back at Mr. Way. It just wasn’t that serious to see what he saw in Mr. Way’s eyes a few moments ago.

“If I tried to get back at you Mr. Way that would mean having to hurt your feelings and I do not wish to do so.”

“So why did you just kiss him like that in front of me? I didn’t even get that kind of kiss.”

Frank huffed and shook his head.

“The kind of kiss I gave you was one I’ve never given anyone. I never thought anyone deserved to see that side of me.”

“And what side was that?”

Frank sighed.

“Forget I even said anything. I’m going back out there to enjoy the rest of my party. You can either come out there and enjoy it with me or leave. Pick your choice because I’m done with all the mind games and shit.”

Frank went to turn but Mr. Way stepped forward and grabbed his arm. He spun him around and pulled him close.

“I didn’t appreciate the fact that you kissed him after kissing me.”

Frank was taken aback by the aggressiveness in his teacher but he couldn’t deny that it made him a little hot under the collar. He drew in a shaky breath before answering him.

“I’m not yours Mr. Way so I can do whatever I want.”

Frank tried to walk away but Mr. Way tightened his grip on his wrist.

“If you want to make me yours then do it. Otherwise I don’t want to do this anymore and I mean it. If you let me walk out of this bathroom without claiming me then I’ll never look at you the way I’m looking at you now again in life.”

Mr. Way stared at Frank for a long time before pulling him in and kissing him hard on the mouth. Frank moaned into the kiss despite it hurting a little because of his new piercing. Mr. Way tugged hard on his hair. Frank pushed up against Mr. Way and Mr. Way pushed him back. It was now his turn to show Frank that he was in control.

He’d been spending all that time letting Frank lead because he was fighting back the urges but now he was going to make sure Frank would never kiss anyone else ever again. He’d make sure Frank wouldn’t want to kiss anyone else. He was going to make sure Frank only wanted him by the time they left this bathroom.

Something in him just finally clicked. He couldn’t sit around and try to keep Frank to himself when he wasn’t making him his. He couldn’t be jealous when he was the one keeping them apart like Frank had said. He wanted Frank to be his and only his.

He wanted Frank to do whatever just like he had offered. All he ever thought about or worried about was somebody else touching Frank or someone else making Frank happy because like Frank said he knew he wouldn’t wait forever. He knew that Frank meant what he said about walking out. He couldn’t take that risk.

He shoved Frank against the wall as he thrust his tongue into his mouth. He explored Frank’s mouth just like Frank had begged him to before and boy did he love it. Frank was the sweetest sin Mr. Way had ever tasted and he was going to make Frank repent in his own way.

“Down on your knees.”

Frank dropped down on his knees quickly and looked up at his teacher waiting for further instruction.

“Unzip my pants and pull my cock out.”

Frank’s breathing was labored as he continued to gaze at his teacher while he slowly pulled down the zipper. Mr. Way’s eyes were filled with lust and something else that Frank couldn’t put his finger on. For right now he’d focus on what he could put his finger, or fingers on; Mr. Way’s cock. Frank pulled his cock from his underwear and slowly started stroking him with a firm grip.

“I really would like to know how you’re so good at this at your age.”

“I spend a lot of time fucking myself with thoughts of you in my mind.”

Mr. Way knew Frank was blunt but he hadn’t expected him to say that.

“Fuck you are such a bad boy.”

“Why don’t you punish me?”

Mr. Way ran his hand through Frank’s hair and then gripped it.

“You’re going to suck my cock and you’re going to do it right. If you gag I will punish you but not the way you’d hope.”

Frank nodded and Mr. Way shook his head disapprovingly.

“Yes Sir.”

Mr. Way smirked and nodded slowly. Frank mentally smiled to himself at the fact that he knew what his teacher wanted. He leaned forward and licked the head of his cock teasingly slow. Mr. Way drew in a breath and held it. He finally had Frank’s warm tongue on his cock.

He watched as Frank wrapped his pretty little mouth around him and started bobbing his head forward. His eyelids fluttered as he moaned and took more of him into his mouth. Mr. Way put his hand on the wall to steady himself so he wouldn’t make a fool of himself.

Frank was aware of the slight burn he felt from the piercing but at this moment in time he didn't care. He was finally getting what he'd wanted since the first time he'd laid eyes on his teacher and he wasn't about to fuck that up.

Frank was very good at moving his tongue and Mr. Way thought briefly that Frank had obviously done this before and more than once. That thought upset him a little. He wanted to be the only person who had Frank. His grip tightened on Frank’s hair and Frank groaned and took more of him into his mouth. The push and pull of the piercing was driving Mr. Way insane.

Frank looked up at him and he saw that Frank loved what he was doing to him. He loved that he was now making him buck and moan. His breathing was coming out in short gasps and his knees were getting weak. Frank moved his hand and took all of him in slowly, making sure he relaxed his throat so he wouldn’t gag. Mr. Way felt his cock hit the back of Frank’s throat and Frank swallowed around him causing Mr. Way to groan out loudly.

“You’re so good with pant your mouth Frankie. Fuck… ohhh fuck. That p-piercing feels amazing t-too.”

Frank pulled off and started stroking him while staring darkly at him.

“Can you do something for me Sir?”

Mr. Way stood there panting, trying to catch his breath before he answered. Frank looked so good on his knees staring up at him with his swollen pink lips. It was the best thing he’d ever seen even better than his mind had conjured up late at night when he was in his bed thinking of him.

“What is it pretty?”

Frank bit his lip seductively, on the side that wasn't pierced of course, and then darted his tongue out to lick Mr. Way’s head. He sucked it softly and placed a soft kiss before pulling away and whispering over his wet tip.

“I want you to fuck my mouth and I want you to do it hard. I want you to fuck my mouth so fucking good, please Sir?”

Mr. Way groaned and nodded. He let go of Frank’s hair and ran his fingers across his pink, wet lips. He brushed the lip ring softly before running his finger along Frank's prominent jawline.

“Have you ever thought about fucking my mouth Mr. Way?”

“Fuck… all of the time.”

Frank smirked at him.

“So do it… fuck my mouth.”

Mr. Way grabbed Frank’s hair again and Frank took his hand off his cock. He leaned forward and opened his mouth. He waited like the perfect fucking boy that he was and Mr. Way gave him what he wanted.

He slid his cock in Frank’s mouth slowly to let Frank adjust and when Frank nodded up at him with wanting eyes he started thrusting in and out of Frank’s mouth. Frank just took it like it was all he wanted, and honestly it was. He wanted to be used by his teacher.

Mr. Way took his other hand off the wall and placed that one in Frank’s hair too. He started moving his hips faster while staring down into the eyes that haunted so many of his fantasies. A part of him couldn’t believe that this was really happening and where it was happening.

He thought back to when Frank told him if he was his he’d do whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted, and Frank was living up to that. Mr. Way’s hips stuttered when he felt Frank swallow around him again and he just knew he was going to cum hard, and soon.

Frank’s eyes were watering but he wanted more. Part of why his eyes was watering was because of how deep and fast he was taking Mr. Way and the other half was due to the fact that he'd just put a hole in his lip the day before. He knew it'd be swollen by the end of the night. Despite the slight pain he pulled the back of his teacher’s thighs, coaxing him to fuck his mouth harder, and he complied. Frank watched as his teacher fought to keep his eyes open and focused.

“God Frankie… I’m gonna… fuck… oh fuck!”

Frank sucked his cheeks in and moved his tongue around his teacher like he was the best thing he’d ever tasted. He felt his grip tighten in his hair and then Mr. Way was shouting and cumming right down his throat and Frank swallowed every last drop of it.


Frank kept sucking until he knew his teacher couldn’t take anymore. He pulled back slowly and kissed his tip again before licking his lips and panting up at him.

“Am I Yours now Sir?”

“Oh yeah… you’re Mine.”

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