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For A Pessimist I'm Pretty Optimistic

by suchaphuckinladyy

Chapter title from: For A pessimist I'm Pretty Optimistic, Paramore.

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: NC-17 - Genres: Drama,Humor,Romance - Characters: Bob Bryar,Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way - Published: 2014-09-01 - 8960 words

Frank was lying in bed tossing and turning. He just couldn’t get to sleep. After he had blown his teacher in the bathroom they left out and acted as if nothing happened. Mr. Way had left claiming that he had to get home before Mikey started bitching at him because they had somewhere to go. Frank didn’t try to make him stay.

He let him go but a part of him wanted Mr. Way to pull him in and kiss him before leaving. He knew that couldn’t happen though in front of all those people. They hadn’t kissed after in the bathroom because Mr. Way had come back down and realized what he’d done.

It wasn’t that Mr. Way regretted it but he had to come to terms with what he’d just committed to and he asked Frank to understand. Frank agreed no matter how much he wanted to grab his teacher and slap him for being such a punk in Frank’s eyes. He couldn’t argue any way because the door was pounded on and they had to leave while getting a strange stare from Sean.

Frank sat up in bed and slipped his feet into his slippers. He went into the bathroom and took a much need piss before washing his hands and walking back into his room. He grabbed a towel and dried his hands off. He sat down on the bed and pulled out his phone. He dialed Sean’s number and he answered on the first ring.

“So are you ready to tell me what happened in that bathroom?”

Frank sighed and laughed lightly.

“Why are you even still up?”

“Because I’m worried about you and how can you blame me? You disappeared for a good amount of time and when I came for you the door was barricaded. I don’t like that Frank. Did he do something to you?”

Frank let out a long breath before answering Sean. He sometimes hated how protective Sean was but he knew it was only because he really cared.

“I blew him.”

“What!? Why? What? Come over right now and tell me everything.”

“You sound like a school girl.”

“Whatever, just come on and use your key because I’m not getting out of bed.”


Frank hung up his phone and went to his closet to grab a hoodie. He put it on and headed out of his room. He snuck down the steps lightly and did a quick run across the living room to the door. He opened it quietly and grabbed his keys before closing the door and locking it.

He walked over to Sean’s house and located his key to open the door. Once inside he closed the door with ease and headed for the stairs. He crept up the steps, wincing when one of them creaked, and sprinting quietly up the rest. He walked down the hallway and opened Sean’s door.

Sean was already sitting up and pulling his duvet back so Frank could slide in next to him. Frank took off his hoodie and threw it at the foot of his bed before taking off his slippers and climbing in next to his best friend. Sean looked at Frank’s slightly swollen lip and winced.

“Was that very smart of you when you just got that done?”

Frank shook his head.

“Probably not but that’s not why it’s swollen. Well it is but it’s because it was rough.”

“You and your kinks Frank.”

“Shut up and just let me tell you what happened.”

Sean looked at Frank with earnest in his eyes. Frank chuckled before he continued to talk.

“I went into the bathroom after I saw him walk away. He looked really hurt about the kiss so I followed him to apologize.”

“For what, it’s not like he was your boyfriend.”

“Because I had kissed him in detention.”

“And you didn’t think to tell me?”

“I did! You were too damn high to remember.”

Sean looked thoughtful for a second and then nodded.

“I think I do remember now. Whatever, just go on.”

“Well anyway, he said that he didn’t like that I kissed him. He accused me of doing it to get revenge which was stupid. I explained to him and he got aggressive with me when I tried to leave back out; so I told him that he either make me his, right then, or that I’d never try anything with him ever again. I guess he believed me because next thing I know he was kissing me and God was it rough.”

Sean’s eyes widened and he smile enthusiastically egging Frank to continue with his story.

“One thing led to another and I was on my knees blowing him.”

“So whose idea was it to be so rough when you just got your lip pierced?”

“It was mine… I asked him to fuck my mouth.”

“Oh my…”

Frank grabbed Sean’s mouth to quiet him.

“Be quiet, you’re gonna wake your parents.”

Sean nodded and pulled Frank’s hand off his mouth.

“What happened after all of that?”

“I asked him was I his and he said yes.”

“That’s what you said?”

“Well actually I said ‘am I yours now sir’ and he said ‘oh yeah, you’re mine’.”

“Holy fucking shit Frank. I’m not even going to lie that’s fucking hot.”

Frank laughed and grabbed Sean’s hand like a damn school girl telling their best friend about their first kiss.

“I know right?”

“What else happened?”

“Well he kind of needed time to collect everything that happened and what he committed to… which I guess I don’t blame him.”

“Well you can’t Frank, this is some pretty serious shit. You’re a teenager.”

“Yeah, I know. That is why I didn’t argue. You came banging on the door after that.”

“Sorry about that… I was worried. Who barricaded the door anyway?”

“I did. I didn’t want anyone barging in. It’s not like I actually thought anything was going to happen but I guess it was a good idea in the end.”

Frank shrugged and Sean agreed. Frank looked around and his eyes landed on Sean’s television. Sean noticed and grabbed the remote.

“Just turn it down. Why are you still up?”

Frank turned on the television and turned it down like he was demanded.

“I couldn’t sleep. I mean would you be able to if something you’ve been wanting to happen did after all that time.”

“You are so dramatic Frank. It was only about a month give or take a few days.”

“Well it felt like forever to me.”

Frank looked at the screen and then over at Sean when he heard him rummaging in his nightstand. He pulled out a bag of chips and sat them between him and Frank.

“Only you would have chips where your sex shit should be.”

“Remember that, that sex shit you are referring to would be used on your cousin.”

Frank punched Sean in the arm.

“Watch it Sean. I will cut your dick off in your sleep.”

Sean laughed and pushed Frank.

“You’re the one who brought it up.”

“Yeah well I take it back.”

“How are things going to work? Like how will you two get to be together when you’re not supposed to be?”

“I really don’t know. We’ll figure it out.”

“Don’t be careless Frank. I mean sure he’s a grown man that knows what he’s getting himself into but I know you; you’re reckless. I mean you blew him at a full party in a bathroom with your parents and students present.”

“I know Sean.”

“Frank I’m serious. This is this man’s career on the line. Don’t do anything stupid that’ll get you both in trouble. Don’t go on dates and shit in this town and certainly don’t have sex with him at school no matter how many fantasies you’ve had of that happening. Keep them as fantasies.”

“I can’t promise you that one.”

Sean sighed angrily at Frank while giving him a warning look.

“Maybe just once…”

Sean shook his head.

“Just don’t get caught. The last thing I want is to see you have to live without him because no matter how hard you try to deny it you’re falling for him and I’d hate to see him taken away from you because of a careless fuck.”

Frank stared silently at the television not particularly watching it.

“I just care about you Frank.”

“I know.”

Frank leaned his head on Sean’s shoulder and gave him the remote to pick something for them to watch.


Frank ran over to a rack and pulled a Black Flag t-shirt from it. He looked at the size and slung it over his arm with the rest of the clothing items he had. He then went over to another rack that had long sleeve shirts and grabbed an all-black one. He checked the size on that and added it with the other ones. He then grabbed two more long sleeved shirts; one in grey and one in red and walked over to where Sean was with Roxanne.

“I swear you shop more than I do Frankie.”

Frank laughed and shrugged off Roxanne’s comment.

“He’s just trying to look good for the guys. Stop cramping his style Roxy.”

Roxanne laughed and made a face.

“Whatever but I’m tired of standing. I’m going to the food court. Are you coming or staying?”

“I’m gonna stay so I can give him my honest opinion on things.”

Roxanne shrugged before sucking on her coffee and walking out of the store.

“I won’t be too long.”

Roxanne put her hand in the air indicating that she heard Frank, before answering her ringing phone and starting to chat a mile a minute, and the call had only just been answered. Frank laughed and looked at Sean.

“I love my cousin but she talks so much; kudos to you for putting up with that.”

Sean laughed and looked out the door before walking over to where Frank had moved.

“She talks a lot but that’s my baby. At least we never run out of things to talk about. She’s full of life. Weirdly she reminds me of you and I never get bored with you.”

Frank smiled and nudged Sean with his shoulder.

“You’re so sweet.”

Frank batted his lashes at him and laid his head on his shoulder. Sean stiffened when his eyes landed on someone he never thought he’d see here and who was that guy with him? Sean looked suspiciously but it wasn’t until Sean put his hand around Frank protectively that Frank looked up and almost dropped everything he was holding.

Standing there was Mr. Way with his brother. He was dressed in regular clothes, sporting a leather jacket and holding a coffee in his hand. He had on a pair of blue jeans and his converse. Frank suddenly thanked the high heavens that he dressed nice.

Frank was wearing a long sleeved black shirt with a short sleeved black and white striped shirt over it. He had on a tight fitting black leather jacket and his eyes were rimmed with heavy black eyeliner on the top and bottom. His hair was curling over his eyes; most of it was on the right side and a little was covering his left eyes. He had on a pair of black jeans that surprisingly didn’t have a hole in the knee… yet.

“Do you know who that is with him?”

“That’s his brother.”

Just then Mikey looked up and saw Frank.

“Hey Frank.”

He started walking towards them and Mr. Way followed behind him. Once they were in front of the boys Mikey hit Mr. Way in the stomach.

“Why were you just staring instead of saying something? I’m sorry about my brother Frank, he can be rude sometimes.”

Mikey looked at his brother and noticed the look in his eyes. He wasn’t stupid at all, he knew his brother very well. Gerard looked at Mikey and then looked down.

“Hey Frank. Hi Sean.”

Sean nodded at him and Frank smiled from one corner of his mouth.

“Hello Mr. Way.”

Frank saw Mr. Way’s eyes trail his body slowly and he felt like he was on fire. Mikey reached his hand out for Sean’s and Sean shook it.

“I’m Mikey, Gerard’s brother.”

“I’m Frank’s best friend.”

“It’s nice to meet you.”

“It’s nice to meet you too.”

Frank raised the clothes in his arms to show to them.

“I’m going to go pay for these.”

“Do you need help Frankie?”

“No. You can talk with these two.”

Sean nodded as Frank walked away.

“Don’t pick up another thing!”

Frank jumped and turned around to Sean.

“Why not?”

“Because you know I’m only going to end up carrying majority of those bags to my car and you haven’t even hit every store you want to go to yet.”

Mikey and Gerard laughed at what Sean said. Frank flipped his hair out of his face and hoisted the clothes up in his arms with his knee.

“I can carry it myself. My cousin wouldn’t mind helping either.”

“Frankie, you know I don’t mind helping.”

“Alright so shut up.”

With that Frank turned around and walked to the counter. Mikey and Gerard looked at Sean and he smiled slightly.

“He’s a feisty one huh?”

Sean nodded to Mikey.

“Yeah… that one definitely has bite.”

“That’s not always a bad thing.”

“That’s what I admire about him.”

Mikey nodded.

“That’s cute. Not many people actually cherish or admire their friends.”

Sean looked up and noticed Frank was writing something on his receipt. He figured it was his signature until he saw Frank keep it. He eyed Frank suspiciously.

“Well Frankie is more than a friend to me. He’s like my brother. We’ve known each other for 10 years and we spent almost every waking moment together. I mean just yesterday we were supposed to be sleeping and Frank called me and snuck over to my house. We ended up sleeping together. Our parents weren’t too happy with us not telling them. Frank’s mother almost had a heart attack. He never actually got caught out of the house whenever he snuck over to my house. I always got caught though. I’m not as suave as Frank.”

Gerard and Mikey laughed at that.

“I’m sorry. I just told you guys our whole life story.”

Mikey put his hand up in a dismissive manner.

“It’s no problem. I’m glad you’re passionate about Frank. That’s how I am about my brother here. We tell each other everything.”

Mikey put emphasis on ‘everything’ and looked over at Gerard. Gerard looked at him and then at Sean. He sighed and shook his head.

“We’ll talk later Mikey.”

“Yes we will.”

Gerard sighed again and Mikey looked over at Sean.

“Do you and Frank tell each other everything?”

“Frank tells me every single thing.”

Sean put emphasis on ‘every single thing’ and Gerard and Mikey both got the hint on that. Frank walked up behind Gerard and slipped the receipt he was holding into Gerard’s back pocket. Gerard acted like he didn’t feel anything as Frank walked around them and held out his bags to Sean.

“Here you go.”

They all laughed when Sean rolled his eyes and took the bags from Frank. Just then Roxanne walked back into the store and called out to them causing everyone to look in her direction.

“You said you wouldn’t be long Frankie. Come on. You always do this.”

“I’m sorry but if you know I always do this why do you continue to come along?”

Roxanne rolled her eyes and put her hand on her hip.

“Because I want to spend time with my cousin and my boyfriend; now come on before I tell my Auntie on you.”

“What are you going to say Roxy? ‘Auntie, Frankie took too long shopping today. Punish him.’”

Roxanne scowled at him and then looked at all the guys that were giggling.

“Who are you two?”

“I’m Frank’s teacher and this is my brother.”

She smirked and folded her arms across her chest.

“At least I know you weren’t taking long because you were being hit on.”

“How do you know?”

“They both look too good for you.”

Frank stormed over to Roxanne and Sean dropped the bags and grabbed Frank by the waist.

“Let him go Sean. He’s only going to yell in my face. Frankie would never hit me or any other girl for that matter.”

“I know that but the last thing we need is a yelling Frank and you know that. Apologize Roxanne.”

They all looked at her including Frank who was still hoisted up in the air by Sean.

“I’m sorry Frankie. You know you’re hot okay. Damn near my entire group of girlfriend’s thinks so and you are a part of the Iero family.”

Sean sat Frank down and picked back up the bags. The Way brothers were standing there; not believing the spectacle that had taken place in front of them. Gerard couldn’t believe even more what she said about her friend’s, but then again he could; Frank is hot.

Frank walked over to Roxanne and wrapped his arm around her waist. Sean went over with them and they all looked over at the brothers. Frank was the first to wave and then Roxanne did too. Sean tried but gave up and spoke.

“It was nice seeing you guys.”

“Hopefully I’ll see you again Mikey. I’ll see you tomorrow Sir.”

With that Frank turned around but didn’t miss the way his teacher’s eyes almost bugged out of his eyes. They all walked away and Mikey turned back to his brother. Gerard tried to act as if everything was cool.


“Mikey… it’s not what you think.”

“Then what the fuck is it Gee? That’s your student.”

Gerard sighed and ran his hand over his face.

“I know that Mikey.”

“How long?”

“Since yesterday…”

Mikey sighed and looked around.

“Gerard you could lose everything for this.”

Gerard did the same and whispered.

“I know that Mikey.”

“The kid is cute, hell even beautiful in his own way, I’ll give you that, but is he really worth risking everything?”

“He is Mikey. There’s just something about him. He’s amazing.”

Mikey looked at his brother and knew that this wasn’t something he’d do if he didn’t think the person was worth it. Gerard wasn’t a risk taker and Mikey knew that. He sighed and placed his hand on his brother’s shoulder.

“I’m sorry Gee… I just want to make sure you truly know what you’re doing. This isn’t just sex is it?”

“No Mikey. I’ve wanted him since I saw his picture on his file, and not in a sexual way. The teacher told me stories about him and that made me even more infatuated with him. When I first saw him in person… the way he looked at me Mikey… my heart stopped. I knew I had to have him but I didn’t just go into it. I fought Mikey. I really did but I can’t get over him and I can't hurt him anymore.”

Mikey’s eyes widened.

“What do you mean?”

“Not what you think Mikey. I pushed him away after leading him on and that hurt his feelings. The second time I got jealous because someone asked him on a date in front of me. I yelled at him in front of everyone and embarrassed him to the tenth degree. He went to the bathroom and when he came back… I saw that he had been crying.”

Mikey pulled Gerard out of the aisle and started grabbing clothes that he thought would look good on him.

“He kissed me earlier this week and everything felt right. I felt… complete in a way.”

Mikey looked at his brother and smiled softly.

“Do me one favor Gerard…”

“What is it?”

“Just be careful… and don’t hurt Frank anymore.”

“I will Mikey and I promise I won’t.”

“Good. And be… gentler than usual on him. He isn’t your 26 year old ex-boyfriend that liked to be dominated. He’s a baby… no matter how many grown up things he may do. Remember that.”

“I know Mikey.”

“I won’t tell mom or dad… you know that. I love you Gee and the only reason I’m not yelling at you is because I was Frank and you remember that.”

Gerard nodded and hugged Mikey.

“Thank you Mikes. You really are the best.”

“I know.”


Gerard was leaning back on his bed, against his headboard, staring down at the receipt Frank slipped into his pocket. Frank’s number was sprawled across the back of it. Mr. Way didn’t know what to do. It’s obvious he was supposed to use it but he didn’t wanna use it too quickly and look desperate.

He decided that only kids thought that way. Frank gave him the number to use so that’s what he was going to do. Now the only question was should he call or text? He didn’t want to call and Frank was sitting with his parents or something. He decided he’d text first and if he was by himself he’d give him a call.

“Hello Frank… this is Gerard.”

He decided if they were going to be a couple he wanted Frank to call him by his name. That took away a lot more of the guilt that way. Gerard didn’t want to spend this relationship feeling guilty about being with Frank.

Frank stared down at his phone and couldn’t believe he actually really used the number. He wanted to jump for joy but his mother might look at him weird. He finished taking the rest of the clothes out of the dryer and put them in his basket.

He picked up the basket and kissed his mom on the cheek before rushing up to his room and closing his door. He dumped the clothes at the foot of his bed and put down the basket. He pulled out his phone and texted his teacher back.

“Hey Mr. Way. This is a very pleasant surprise. xofrnk

Gerard read the text and instantly winced. He decided to let Frank know right away what the rules were on his name outside of school.

“Frank, please call me Gerard.”

Frank looked down at the text and smiled.

“That’ll be no problem. I love your name. xofrnk

Gerard smiled at the text and slid down on his bed until he was lying down. He eyed Frank's signature and smiled. He was such a sweetheart.

“I’m glad you do. Also, why do you say this is a surprise? You gave me your number so why wouldn’t I use it?”

Frank finished putting his folded pajamas into his drawer and closed it before going back over to his phone.

“Some people have that stupid notion about texting or calling someone too quickly. You know what I’m referring to. xofrnk

Gerard read the text and laughed. He was caught red handed because he had those very thoughts.

“I won’t deny that I thought that before I texted you.”

Frank laughed at the text and hung his shirt up before he answered the text.

“Well I’m glad you went against it. xofrnk

Gerard smiled as he texted his next reply.

“So am I… So what are you up to? I thought you had a bedtime. :)”

Frank shook his head remembering that conversation.

“Oh Gerard… don’t be clever. I had to finish my laundry. I’m putting my clothes away right now. xofrnk

Gerard smiled at how cute Frank was.

“You do your own laundry?”

“I sure do. My mother doesn’t play that. When I leave for college she doesn’t want me bringing her back my loads of dirty laundry. I’ve been doing my laundry since I was 14. xofrnk

Gerard laughed at that. He liked the sound of his mother. He wished for a brief moment that he could meet her.

“That’s a wise lady you have parenting you.”

Frank nodded in agreement before he sent the text.

“She’s amazing. What are you up to though? xofrnk

Gerard looked down at himself lying out on his bed still fully clothed. He knew he should be doing something but he only wanted to lie around and talk with Frank.

“I should be grading papers but I’m lying down in bed texting you.”

Frank’s breath hitched at the thought of his teacher in bed.

“Oh… maybe you should get on that. xofrnk

“No… I think I like talking with you better.”

Frank smiled and felt little flutters in his stomach.

“I’m glad you do. Hey look… I have to take my shower so how about you get some grading down while I do that? xofrnk

Gerard ignored everything Frank had written once the image of Frank getting undressed and into the shower filled his mind.

“You lost me at shower Frank…”

Frank bit his lip softly.

“Gerard… xofrnk

Gerard took a deep breath and exhaled slowly.

“Fuck Frankie… go and take your shower. Text me as soon as you’re done.”

Frank knew that was a demand.

“Okay Sir. xofrnk

Frank sat his phone down and sat on the bed next to it. He quickly started undressing when his phone went off again. He read the text and almost dropped his phone.

“Oh and Frankie… don’t touch yourself other than to wash.”

"Yes Sir. xofrnk

Frank finished taking off his clothes and grabbed his things for his shower and went into the bathroom.

(Time Passes)

Gerard was hunched over school work when his phone buzzed. He reached for it instantly and smiled when he realized it had been who he was waiting for.

“I’m done now. Did you get any work done Mister? xofrnk

“Yes I did actually. Did you enjoy your shower?”

Frank pulled his pajama pants on and went to turn off his light. He then went back over to his bed and climbed in.

“I always do. xofrnk

Gerard smirked at the text.

“I bet you do.”

Frank smiled and text back quickly.

“So are you going to call me or do I have to force you to? xofrnk

Gerard put all of the papers together and sat them on the table in a neat pile. He read the text as he walked into his bedroom.

“I was just about to tell you that I’d call you once I got myself situated in bed.”

“Situated how? xofrnk

“Put on my pajamas.”

“Oh okay. I’ll be waiting. ;) xofrnk

Gerard laughed and started changing out of his clothes. He did it as quickly as possible. He walked through the house turning off every light and appliance before going back into his room and turning off his bedroom light.

He turned on his lamp and climbed into bed. He pulled the blanket up over him and grabbed his phone. He scrolled through the contacts and stopped when he got to My Secret and clicked call.

Frank reached over for his phone and smiled. He knew the unknown number was his teacher calling. He let it ring a few times before answering in a quieted voice so his parents wouldn’t hear him and try to pry.


Gerard smiled and let out a breathy reply.


Frank couldn’t believe he was talking to his teacher on the phone. He really never thought he’d get this far. He loved the fact that his teacher sounded happy to talk to him too. It felt so surreal.

“How was the rest of your day?”

“It was good. You looked breath taking today.”

Frank smiled and bit his lip softly.

“I’m glad you thought so. But what do I look like every other day?”

“I think you always look that way but I figured it was for me. Makes me wonder… is there someone else you were trying to impress?”

Frank detected the smile in his voice and smirked.

“I only want your eyes on me Sir.”

Gerard chuckled before Frank continued talking.

“I mean you should feel lucky… people will be checking me out and wanting what you have.”

Gerard smirked and nodded.

“Oh I feel very lucky Frankie.”


Frank sighed and smiled. He felt like a school girl right now… technically he was a school boy. He just hoped he didn’t end up hurt like they always do in the end.

“How far do you live from here?”

“I live an hour away driving at the correct speed limit. Why?”

“Sean says we shouldn’t go out and do things around here.”

Gerard chuckled at Frank.

“You have a smart friend Frank. I’m shocked that you’ve already been thinking about that.”

Frank frowned in the darkness.

“You haven’t?”

“I have… I just didn’t think you would.”

“Why wouldn’t I think about ways that I can spend time with you?”

Gerard thought about that for a minute.

“I don’t know. Forgive me.”

“You always want forgiveness.”

They both got quiet knowing what the other was thinking about.

“I’m still very sorry about that Frank.”

“Hey… forget it. It’s neither here nor there. We have each other now so we don’t have to worry about that happening again, right?”

“Of course Frankie.”

“I love when you call me that.”

“I love calling you that.”

Frank chuckled softly.

“We sound like a couple in love.”

Gerard inhaled sharply and Frank heard him.

“Relax… I said we sound like a couple in love not that we are one. I’m not about to confess my undying love to you. You can breathe now.”

Gerard chuckled lightly.

“It’s not what you think Frank… I just… I don’t want to get too invested and then… lose you.”

“Stop worrying Gerard. Just go with it. When you think the worst it happens. Try to be optimistic about this. I mean… for a pessimist I’m pretty optimistic. You should be too.”

“I’ll think about that.”

Frank chuckled and shifted in his bed.

“Did you just reveal to me that you have a dark side?”

“I did… I have a very dark side. There’s only one person who knows about that side though.”

“Let me guess… Sean?”

“Ding ding ding ding ding.”

Gerard laughed at Frank.

“Will you let me into that dark side?”

“I don’t think you really want into that side of me. It’s pretty depressing.”

“Hey… I was there Frank. Don’t assume my life was perfect. It wasn’t… but we can get to know each other and you can see for yourself.”

“I’d like that.”

“You can talk to me too Frank. I know I’m your teacher but I’m also your… boyfriend now.”

Gerard let out a soft laugh.

“I have to get used to that.”

Frank chuckled.

“I’m sure you do.”

“Anyway… I’m your boyfriend so you can come to me if you ever need to.”

“Thanks Gee… but I don’t want to think about that right now.”

“What do you want to think about?”

“What it would be like to be pressed against you in your bed.”

Gerard closed his eyes and controlled his breathing.

“You know you can take me from zero to one hundred in .2 seconds. No one has ever done that to me before Frankie.”

“Don’t stroke my ego.”

Frank replied seductively.

“I’d rather be stroking something else for you.”

Frank let out a slow breath that turned into a slight moan.

“I want to touch you Frank.”

“I want you to touch me.”

Gerard tried to ignore the nagging that this was his student on the phone. He pushed it aside and said what he wanted.

“Have you ever had phone sex Frankie?”

“You’ll be my first if that’s what you’re about to ask for us to do.”

Gerard smiled at that. He liked that he could be Frank’s first for something. He voiced that.

“I’m glad I can be your first at something.”

“There are lots of things you’ll be my first at. You’ve already been my first at a few things.”

Gerard raised his eyebrows.

“Really… like what?”

“Well for starters you were my first teacher crush.”

Gerard chuckled lightly.

“You were also my first teacher kiss.”

Frank whispered ‘kiss’ seductively. Gerard let out a low approving groan.

“You were my first blow job after getting my lip pierced.”

“Shit Frankie…”

Gerard let out a hollow breath.

“What are you wearing Gee?”

Gerard looked down at his childish pajama pants and scoffed out a laugh.

“Do you really wanna know that?”

“I asked didn’t I?”

“You really have a mouth on you, you know that?”

“You didn’t seem to mind it on you.”

Gerard smirked at Frank’s quick comeback.

“Why would I mind that?”

“Exactly… now… what are you wearing?”

“I’m wearing Batman pajama pants.”

Frank smirked.

“I’ve never been one to turn down a man who was into Batman.”

Gerard chuckled sexily. He couldn’t believe Frank could find a way to make Batman pajamas sound sexy.

“So how many men have actually been able to have you?”

“Two… once was drunk. That time Bob was referring to at his house. I ended up at the guy’s place that night. The other was a summer fling. He took my virginity. Enough about past shit; I wanna talk about you and me. Let’s get back to that question about phone sex.”

Gerard decided he wouldn’t pry about Frank’s past anymore at this moment. He turned on his side in his bed and moved the blanket around his waist.

“Wanna do it?”


“Okay. What are you wearing?”

Frank smirked down at his pajama pants.

“Boring old flannel, nothing as exciting as yours.”

Gerard licked his lips.

“I find flannel very exciting. Especially if you’re wearing one of those short tees, that you always do, with it.”

“I am actually. Does that turn you on?”

Gerard chuckled.

“You have no idea. I can see you in my mind. I wish you were here so I could lick and suck on your hips. Do you know what you do to me when you wear shit like that?”

“Why don’t you tell me Gee?”

Frank slid his hand over his clothed chest down to his stomach. He stopped just about his waistband.

“You make me want to grab you and put you over my lap for being such a tease. I know I’m not the only one that you tempt too.”

Frank moaned quietly at the thought.

“I should spank you for being a bad boy and tempting your teacher shouldn’t I?”

“Yes Sir. I want you to spank me.”

Gerard took a sitting position on his bed and stretched his legs out.

“Lie across my lap baby. Pull down your pants.”

Frank sat the phone on his bed and rolled over. He pulled his pants around his thighs before picking the phone back up.

“Now… I’m going to strike you five times. I think that’s fair, don’t you?”

Frank nodded frantically before remembering that Gerard couldn’t see him.


Gerard loved how fucked Frank sounded already and he wasn’t even touching him. That told him how badly Frank wanted him and just how vivid Frank’s imagination must be.

“I’m gonna give you one now. Ready?”

Frank moaned out his response.


Gerard put the phone to his now unclothed thigh and brought his hand down sharp on it. Gerard heard Frank’s low moan through the phone. He repeated the motion until he was done and he could here Frank panting.

“What are you doing now Frank?”

“Rutting against you thighs.”

“Fuck you are delicious Frank. Turn back over. I want you to touch yourself for me.”

Frank did as he was told and stared up at his ceiling as he reached down to grasp his now leaking cock in his hand.

“Fuck Gee… I want you so bad.”

Frank moaned out his words. Gerard reached down and held his cock in his hand.

“Imagine that’s my hand on your cock baby. Move it up and down slowly.”

Frank moved his hand timing it perfectly with Gerard’s breathing heard through the phone.

“God I wish I was in you.”

“Mmm, you will be baby. You’re gonna be in me and I’m gonna be so tight around you Gee.”

Gerard moaned out loudly and threw his head back. He slid back down in his bed.

“I want you to ride me baby. Get on your knees and ride me.”

Frank got on his knees and leaned his head against his headboard as he started moving up and down.

“Put two fingers inside of yourself.”

Frank let go of his cock and put two fingers into his mouth. He lathered them up soundly.

“That’s it baby. Get em nice and wet for me. I want you to imagine you’re really riding my cock Frankie.”

Frank reached down and pushed one finger inside of him and then followed with the second one. He cried out softly as he felt himself being stretched for the first time in a long time.

“Fuck Gee. You’re so big.”

“Yeah, do you like that?”

“I love it Gee. I love it so much.”

Gerard gripped his cock tightly imagining he was really incased by Frank’s walls.

“You’re so fucking tight Frankie. God I want to fuck you forever.”

Frank pushed down harder on his fingers and bit his lip as he tried to stifle his moan. He wanted to put his phone on speaker but he knew if his parents came in they’d here it. It’s one thing to be caught jacking off, it’s another to be caught jacking off on the phone, and with your teacher.

He moved the phone higher on his pillow so he could hear his teacher’s breaths and moans better. He did it at just the right moment because his teacher was now giving him a new command.

“Hit your prostate baby. I wanna hear you when you do it too.”

Frank thought about his parents hearing him but said fuck it. Their room was far enough away. He let out a low mewl when he finally located his prostate. He bucked forward into his fist he’d just placed on his cock.

“That’s it baby. I wanna hear you lose it when you’re trying not to.”

“Oh fuck… Gee… I’m so… so fucking pantpantpantpantpant c-close. I’m gonna c-cum Gee.”

Gerard gasped and moaned out loudly as Frank’s cries rang out through his room. He had decided to put his phone on speaker a long time ago. He was now glad he did. He couldn’t believe Frank was even making as much noise as he was.

Frank was louder than he thought he’d be and he decided he liked that. He liked the fact that Frank would fall apart for him and chance being caught. It was a bigger turn on and he felt himself getting closer. He felt that familiar pull in his abdomen and groaned out.

“Shit Frankie… yeah… keep riding me baby, I’m gonna cum in… you pant oh fuck.”

Frank shrieked as quietly as he could but still loud enough to sound out in Gerard’s room as he spilled himself all over his pillow and sheets. Gerard joined him in orgasm and came with a loud groan and Frank’s name on his lips.

He shot himself all over his hand and stomach. He swallowed loudly as he tried to catch his breath. He could hear Frank fall onto his bed. He wondered just how much of a mess Frank made being on his knees.

“Are you dirty baby?”

“I’m so fucking dirty. I love that you’re the reason why.”

Gerard smiled at that.

“I’m glad you do Frankie.”

“I really don’t wanna hang up with you but as you know we have school tomorrow and I need to drag myself into my bathroom to freshen up.”

Frank rolled over a bit and looked down at the mess he made.

“And let’s not forget change my bed sheets.”

Gerard laughed lightly at Frank and nodded.

“I don’t wanna hang up either but it sounds like you’ve got your hands full.”

Frank cut in.

“Not anymore.”

Gerard laughed at Frank again and shook his head.

“You are so unbelievable Frankie. That’s one of the reasons I knew I had to have you.”

Frank’s breath caught in his throat.


Gerard smiled to himself. He loved making Frank speechless seeing as though he always had a mouthful to say. Not that Gerard was complaining, that just meant he was really good at getting to Frank.

“Get cleaned up and get some sleep because you won’t be getting any in my class.”

Frank chuckled lightly and nodded.

“Okay Mr. Way.”

“Why do you call me that when you don’t have to?”

“Because I love how much power that name holds. It’s the same as me calling you Sir.”

Gerard exhaled sharply.

“I-I like that.”

“I know you do. That’s also why I call you that. I have to go now. See you tomorrow Mr. Way.”

“See you tomorrow Frankie.”


Frank walked over to Sean’s house and let himself in. Rachel was rushing towards him putting on her jacket. She reached around him and grabbed her keys.

“Good morning mom.”

“It would be if I were on time.”

They shared a quick laugh and then she was rushing down the pathway.

“See you later baby.”

“Have a good day.”

Frank shut the door and walked into the kitchen.

“I thought I heard you. I’ll be finished soon.”

Sean spoke before stuffing a spoonful of cereal into his mouth.

“No rush.”

Frank sat down at the table and rested his chin on his hand. He was gave Sean a dreamy look. Sean eyed him and then dropped his spoon into his bowl.

“Alright what happened?”

Frank beamed and stretched his arms and hands out, across the table towards Sean, leaving them up.

“I had phone sex for the first time.”

He then tapped his hands on the table in a drum beat. Sean swallowed his food and laughed.

“Holy shit. It’s about time Iero. I’ve been doing that shit for a while now.”

Frank looked at him with a slightly disgusted face. Sean laughed and Frank shook his head.

“Wait… with whom?”

Frank smiled before whispering.

“Mr. Way who else?”

Sean raised both brows.

“How did he get your number? Or should I be asking how did you get his? Oh God… don’t tell me you looked him up all stalker-ish.”

“No shut up.”

Frank laughed before continuing.

“I gave him my number yesterday in the store. I wrote it on my receipt and slipped it into his pocket.”

“You sneaky fuck. I was wondering what that was about when I saw that you wrote on it and kept it.”

Frank laughed.

“Now who’s the stalker? You were watching me like a hawk.”

“Of course I was. I always do.”

Frank reached over and pulled Sean’s bowl towards him. He drank the remaining milk and stood up to take the bowl over to the sink. Frank was proud of himself for convincing Sean to switch to almond milk.

“I was going to drink that.”

“Was… come on.”

Frank tapped Sean’s shoulder and walked into the hallway and grabbed Sean’s jacket. He slipped it on Sean and then headed towards the door.

“Don’t forget our bags.”

Frank had left his bag over when they studied after coming back from shopping the day before.

“I won’t.”


Mr. Way stared horridly at the catastrophe that was going on in the lunchroom. He quickly scanned the room until his eyes landed on who he was looking for. Mr. Way watched as Frank stuck his head up and threw a brownie across the room striking a guy right in his face.

Frank sat back down and giggled at Sean. Mr. Way watched as a girl ran over and stopped right in front of Sean and Frank. Their eyes widened as the girl pulled a can of soda from behind her back and commenced to flinging the soda at Frank and Sean.

They both struggled to crawl towards the girl, slipping on the soda, and falling into each other. When they caught her Frank pulled her down and picked up a handful of mashed potatoes from the floor and smashed it in her hair.

Sean’s laugh quickly turned into a shriek as milk was poured on his head by the guy Frank hit with the brownie. Frank and the girl looked over at Sean and burst into laughter. The guy raised his arms in the air triumphantly before being tackled to the floor by a girl. She smashed cake in his face and jumped up to make a run for it.

She slipped on the spilled soda and slid into another student causing them to fall. Mr. Way looked over as the principle walked inside of the cafeteria holding a mega phone. He shouted into it loudly causing everyone to stop and look in horror.


Students scrambled from under the tables and off the floor to get over to the wall furthest from the door. Frank’s eyes landed on Mr. Way and he smiled while trying not to break out into a laughing fit.


Everyone kept their mouths closed as they stared at the principle.


The students all scanned the room looking at the spectacle they’d created. No one uttered a word though. One of the students stepped forward and raised his hand. Mr. Way automatically knew it was the boy Frank had hit with the brownie.

“I started it.”


The students started walking over to their tables to grab their belongings. Frank grabbed his things and Sean’s and gave Sean his stuff.

“It’s going to take a miracle to get this milk off of me when I get home.”

“Good luck with that man.”

Frank pushed his wet hair off his face. He pulled a rubber band off of Sean’s wrist and put his hair in a ponytail. Mr. Way smirked at him. Frank looked up at that same moment and smirked back. They headed over to the door and Frank stopped in front of his teacher.

“I’ll be right out here Frank. Hey Mr. Way.”

“Hey Sean.”

Frank watched as Sean blended into the mass of students leaving the lunchroom.

“Hi Mr. Way.”

Frank smiled sweetly at him. It took everything in him not to laugh. He noticed the look his teacher was giving him and stopped smiling. Mr. Way walked a little closer to him so no one would hear what he was about to say.

“You look good with your hair up like that.”

Frank gulped and let out a quiet chuckle.

“Thank you.”

“You really are one bad boy aren’t you?

Mr. Way nodded to the massacre behind Frank to indicate what he was referring to.

“I didn’t start that.”

“But you surely finished it.”

“Well I’m not one to turn down fun.”

Mr. Way crossed his arms and nodded.

“Fun? How much fun will you have sitting in my class sticky and wet with me staring at you knowing what I could be doing to you but not being able to?”

Frank’s mouth fell open as he stared at his teacher.


“You should get to the auditorium now to find out what your punishment will be.”

Frank nodded.

“I have to get back to class now. I think I’ll skip the soda. I could just get it from your body.”

Mr. Way loved the way Frank shuddered at his comment.

“Get going now.”

Frank bit his lip as he started walking towards the door with his teacher close behind him.

“Oh and Frank…”

Mr. Way whispered into Frank’s ear causing him to tremble lightly.


“I’ll be giving you a punishment too.”

Frank thought his knees would give out but somehow he made it through the door. He walked over to Sean while still looking at his teacher. Mr. Way smiled like he hadn’t just said what he did and strutted down the hallway. Frank’s eyes never left him.

“Maybe we should get going.”

Frank let Sean pull him from where he was standing.


“Why would you all include yourselves in something as stupid as that?”

Everyone sat looking up at their principle as he reprimanded them for their actions.

“You are all very smart young adults. This isn’t the way you should behave.”

Frank raised his hand and the principle looked at him.

“Yes Mr. Iero?”

“You mean to tell me and the rest of the student body that you have never been included in a food fight?”

The principle laughed lightly.

“That’s not what I’m saying but just because I was a fool doesn’t mean you all have a right to be. The school’s salary isn’t something to just throw away and the staff works hard to prepare your meals every day. That was a very inconsiderate thing to do.”

A few students hung their heads in shame while others giggled softly.

“Because this is the first time anything like this has happened I am not going to punish you but I am going to be watching you all very closely. If any of you so much as show up late I will make sure that any extracurricular activities that you have going on will be taken away from you and I will call home. Do I make myself clear?”

The auditorium chorused a ‘yes’.

“You are all to stay here until the bell rings and then off to your next classes. As for you Drew you will be coming with me to the lunchroom to help get things back in order.”

Drew stood up and walked away with the principle. Once they exited, the auditorium broke out into a fit of laughter. Everyone sat there talking and trying to pick food off of themselves and each other.

Frank felt his phone buzz in his pocket. He took it out and smiled when he saw the name ‘Sir’ show up on his screen. Sean leaned over to sneak a peek and nudged Frank with his elbow. Frank looked at him and they both smirked. He unlocked his phone and read the text.

“So what’s the verdict?”

“We got off but we’re being watched from now on. We can’t even be late or extracurriculars are out of the question for whoever did the crime. xofrnk

Mr. Way picked up his phone of his desk when the vibration sounded. A student by the name of Christen looked at him and smiled.

“How come we get in trouble for texting in class but teachers can do it.”

“We can’t Christen. I’m breaking a rule. However, I have never forbidden texting in my class, just not too much of it.”

“So then I can text my boyfriend?”

“Not right now because we are about to get started on something just as soon as I send my text.”

The class laughed at Mr. Way. He quickly typed up his reply and then started teaching his class.

“Well Frankie… you won’t be getting off if you know what I mean. I have to get back to work. See you in a few.”

Frank read the text with his mouth hung open. Sean took the phone and read the messages.

“Oh my God. So gross.”

Frank snatched his phone from Sean.

“I have told you everything we’ve done and that is gross?”

“Knowing you will be backed up is gross.”

“Fuck off.”

“At least I’d be getting off.”

Sean stood up and ran to the other side of the room before Frank could hit him. He laughed as he watched Frank shoot daggers at him with his eyes.
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