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I Wanna Be Used By You

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Chapter title from The Truth Is, You Should Lie With Me, Say Anything.

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Frank was seated at his desk with his hands folded softly. Mr. Way had gotten the locker room key from the teacher who ran the classroom in order for Frank to take a shower. He was now damp and waiting for his teacher to come back.

In Frank’s last period class he got a text from Mr. Way telling him to come to his class after school was let out. Frank abided by Gerard but not before letting Sean know where he’d be first.


“Hey Frankie… are you ready to go?”

Frank smirked and leaned into Sean to whisper in his ear.

“I got a text from Mr. Way asking me to meet him at his class.”

“You’re not in trouble are you?”

Frank shook his head no.

“I think it’s about what happened in the cafeteria today.”

Sean pulled back and smiled knowingly at Frank causing Frank to giggle.

“What do you want me to tell mom?”

“Tell her I had a detention from what happened in the lunchroom and if she asks how come you didn’t have one too just tell her that you weren’t present when it went down.”

Frank figured the best lie would be a school related one because if he lied and said he went to band practice it might backfire somehow in a conversation. His mom could call his friends’ house too, to make sure that he was there. She wouldn’t call the school.

“Alright man. Have fun and I’ll see you tonight because you know I want to know every single thing.”

Frank laughed.

“I know… I’ll see you tonight.”

Frank hugged Sean before they parted ways and Frank started on his journey to Mr. Way’s classroom.


School has been over for an hour now and mostly everyone is gone. Mr. Way checked to make sure himself. The only people still hanging around is the music teacher and the janitor. Mr. Way told the janitor to skip his classroom every other day so he knew the janitor wouldn’t be coming in today.

Mr. Way was now walking down the hallway slowly to get to his classroom. He told Frank to meet him after school for a little detention, if you will. He was going to punish him in the worst way he knew how; orgasm denial. He would get Frank hot and bothered, to the brink of no return, and then… nothing.

Mr. Way walked into the classroom and was met with Frank’s sparkling eyes. They were clear of makeup from the shower and his hair was clinging to his face. He looked like a damp puppy. That made Mr. Way smile at him endearingly. Mr. Way locked the door and walked over to his desk and leaned on it in front of Frank.

Mr. Way walked forward until his hands were resting on Frank’s desk. Frank took in a shuddery breath as he stared up at his teacher. He had a sort of menacing look in his eyes that almost made Frank squirm, and it would’ve too, had it not turned him on so much.

Frank was taken aback when his teacher leaned down and pecked him on the lips softly. He looked at Mr. Way questioningly. Mr. Way put his hand out for Frank to take. Once he did he pulled Frank up off his chair and walked him over to his own desk.

He picked Frank up and sat him on the desk. Frank spread his legs open and pulled Mr. Way between them. Frank held Mr. Way by the waist and moved into him. Mr. Way smirked down at Frank while reciprocating Frank's movements.

“Maybe you shouldn’t get yourself all worked up like that.”

“Why not?”

“Because you can’t cum Frankie. I meant that.”

“That doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy myself while you use me to cum.”

Frank stopped and looked up at Mr. Way.

“That is what you’re going to do right?”

Mr. Way chuckled sexily and nodded.

“You seem eager for me to use you. Do you let people use you on a daily basis?”

“No Sir. I wanna be used by you and only you.”

Mr. Way groaned and brushed his thigh against Frank’s cock.

“You look good here all wet for me. Writhing against me like it’s the only thing you want out of life.”

“Right now it is. Please.”

Frank turned his body the long way on the desk and laid back.

“Use me Mr. Way.”

Mr. Way walked to the long end of his desk and pulled Frank towards him. Frank wrapped his legs around Mr. Way’s hips while staring at him vehemently.

“Use me.”

Frank moaned out his words and sat up. He folded his hands behind Mr. Way’s neck. Mr. Way began moving his hips, pushing his cock against Frank’s. Frank closed his eyes slowly as his breathing began to become hollow. He let go of his teacher and pulled his shirt over his head, leaving it hooked on his shoulders.

Mr. Way ran his eyes and hand over Frank’s body. He leaned forward and took one of Frank’s nipples into his warm mouth. Frank arched into Mr. Way and held the back of his head. Mr. Way switched to the other nipple and gave it the same treatment. He licked, nibbled, and sucked on it.

“Fuck Gee baby.”

Gerard pulled back and looked at Frank. Frank reached down and unbuckled Gerard’s belt. He quickly unbuttoned his pants and pulled down the zipper. Frank put his hand into Gerard’s pants and caressed his cock firmly.

Gerard groaned and let his head fall back. Frank reached into the slit of Gerard’s underwear and pulled his cock out. He spit into his palm causing Gerard to groan and bite his lip.

“You really are naughty.”

“You have no idea.”

Frank reached down and grasped Gerard’s cock securely, and started to stroke him slowly while rocking against him. Gerard’s gaze was clouded and hot and Frank had the same placed in his eyes.

Gerard moved into Frank’s wet and warm palm while holding onto his hair. Frank never flinched or pulled away from the grip. If anything he wanted Gerard to pull it harder and he had no problem telling him just that.

“Harder Gerard.”

Gerard granted Frank his wish and Frank’s moan sounded through the classroom. Gerard decided that he couldn’t wait to take Frank to his place to make him moan as loud as he could, even scream.

With that thought in mind and Frank’s hand increasing speed on his cock he started to lose it even more. He bucked into Frank’s fist harder. Frank held onto the back of Gerard’s head. He loved the way Gerard’s hair felt under his palm.

“I want you to cum all over me Gee.”


“Mmm, yes Sir. Please? I promise I’ll be good.”

Frank moaned his words and Gerard grunted when Frank called him Sir and nodded. Gerard already made up his mind that Frank was being way more than good right now.

“Fuck… Frankie!”

Gerard tugged on Frank’s hair tightly as he started cumming all over his stomach and chest. Frank moaned and arched up into it. He rubbed Gerard’s cock across his stomach as he continued to milk him from the base.

“Damn it Frankie.”

Frank smirked at Gerard as he shuddered and pulled back. Frank let go of him reluctantly. He wanted Gerard more than ever now. He wanted Gerard to fuck him right then but he knew not to ask. He’d already gotten what he asked for and he didn’t deserve it seeing as though this was supposed to be a punishment.

Frank ran his fingers through the cum on his stomach and licked each one obscenely; all the while keeping his eyes on Gerard. Gerard groaned and finished fixing his pants before moving forward and pulling Frank into a kiss. Gerard slid his tongue alongside Frank’s.

Gerard ran his tongue across Frank’s bottom lip softly. He tasted himself on Frank’s sweet lips. He stopped once he got to Frank’s lip ring and nibbled on it. He pulled on it with his teeth but Frank never moved forward to lessen the pain. Gerard wanted to see how much the kid could take and he decided that Frank was clearly a keeper.

“Fuck. You really are so fucking filthy. I like that shit.”

“I’m glad you do even though I haven’t even gotten started with you yet.”

They smirked at each other as Gerard walked over to get a piece of tissue from the box on the ledge of his chalkboard. He wiped the remaining cum off of Frank’s stomach and chest. Frank pecked Gerard’s lips before jumping down off the desk.

Frank walked over to his belongings and picked up his jacket and slipped it on. He then picked up his book bag and slung it on his shoulder. He looked over at his teacher and smiled.

“You sure are taking the fact that I didn’t let you cum pretty well.”

“I told you I could be a good boy.”

Gerard beckoned for Frank to come over to him. Frank complied and gasped as Gerard cupped his hard on firmly. Gerard rubbed him as he took Frank’s bag off his shoulder and sat it on the floor. Gerard had decided fuck the punishment, Frank deserved to be pleased.

He also wasn’t going to spend another second without touching Frank’s cock and making him cum. He unbuttoned Frank’s pants and reached inside of his underwear to pull Frank’s cock out. Frank had a pretty nice sized cock to only be sixteen and Gerard knew he loved that. The weight of Frank’s cock in his hand made his mouth water and before he could think about it he was down on his knees in front of Frank.

Frank gasped as Gerard took the head of his cock into his mouth. Frank tasted so clean in his mouth it made Gerard want to suck Frank off even more if that were possible. Gerard stroked the base of Frank’s cock while taking in what wasn’t covered by his hand.

Frank wanted to reach down and grab Gerard’s hair but he didn’t want to do anything that wasn’t asked of him. Gerard’s eyes were closed as he bobbed his head on Frank’s cock. He finally opened them and looked up at Frank. Frank’s put his hand in Gerard’s hair and asked him if it was okay with his eyes. Gerard nodded and pulled off.

“I want you to pull my hair baby.”

Frank nodded and pushed his cock back into Gerard’s mouth slowly. Gerard held Frank’s ass in his hands and pumped Frank into his mouth. Frank moaned loudly as Gerard swallowed around him. Gerard looked up at Frank’s slacked jaw and wet lips. He loved seeing Frank like that.

“I’m not gonna be able to hold on much longer Gee.”

Gerard smirked around Frank's cock as he pulled back slowly. He knew Frank wouldn’t last long because he’d already been over the edge while he was making Gerard cum. Gerard swirled his tongue and slurped around Frank’s head soundly. He licked the beads of precum from Frank’s slit.

Frank groaned and pulled Gerard’s hair sharply as he thrust his cock back into his mouth. Gerard held Frank’s cock in the back of his throat and swallowed around him again. He swallowed once more and moaned as Frank tugged on his hair. The vibrations of the moan sent Frank over the edge. Frank groaned out loudly as he came hard down Gerard’s throat. Frank whimpered as Gerard milked him for everything he had.

Gerard pulled off and stood up. Frank took Gerard’s tie in his hand and pulled him forward into a sloppy but perfect kiss. Gerard was happy his mouth was back on Franks because that’s what he wanted while looking up at his lips. Frank let go and looked down as his teacher started helping him get himself back together. He zipped up Frank’s pants and Frank buttoned them.

“You taste amazing Frankie. I can’t wait to get you to my place so I can make you scream the way I really want to.”

Frank chuckled seductively.

“I hope that isn’t too far from now.”

“I’m going to make sure it happens very soon.”

With that Gerard walked over to retrieve his jacket that was hanging on the back of his hair. He put it on and then leaned down to pick up his book bag. Frank smiled at the fact that he had a book bag instead of a briefcase. It made Frank feel more calm around him; same as his dirty old converse.

Gerard pulled his car keys out the front of his bag and sat them on the desk with his bag. He picked up the few things that belonged on his desk and started putting them back in their respectable places. When he was done he looked at Frank while putting on his book bag.

“I’m going to drive you home. No boyfriend of mine will be taking public transportation when I can chauffer him around.”

Frank’s smile grew enormously and Gerard noticed the blush that crept onto his beautiful features. Frank’s heart swelled a little at what Gerard said.

“What is it?”

Frank shrugged.

“Well… everything you said. That’s the first time you’ve called me your boyfriend to my face and you said you’d chauffer me.”

Gerard smiled and walked over to Frank.

“I will cater to your every need and want for as long as you are mine… which hopefully is forever.”

Frank smiled.

“You can have whatever you want, unless of course, you’re getting punished; then it’s whatever I want.”

Gerard wiggled his brows at Frank and Frank laughed.

“You’re so silly.”

Gerard kissed Frank’s forehead and took his hand. Frank’s stomach was warm with the fact that Gerard was holding his hand. Gerard was shocked he even had the guts to take Frank’s hand, he was glad he did though, it fit perfectly in his. They walked over to the door like that and continued holding hands while Gerard turned off the light and unlocked the door. He opened it and let Frank pass through first.

He closed the door softly behind him and locked it with his key. They walked down the hallway towards the exit of the school. They kept a safe distance from the other but they both kept sharing glances and smiles. When they got to the exits Frank opened the door and Gerard walked through.

“Isn’t it against the rules to have a student in your car?”

“What we just did back there was against the rules and you wanna choose now to follow them?”

Frank put his head down admonished.

“I just didn’t want you to get into any trouble.”

Frank whispered and Gerard looked over at him. For the first time he looked his age. Gerard stopped Frank and looked at him.

“Hey look… I didn’t mean it the way it came out okay?”

Frank nodded and looked up at Gerard innocently.

“Come on pretty… smile for me.”

Frank let out a quiet laugh and smiled brightly.

“That’s my beautiful smile.”

Frank put his hand up to his mouth and Gerard took it down.

“Don’t ever cover that beautiful smile. That’s what I love most about you. If I ever stop making you smile like that I’d be sure to let you go in order for someone else to pick up where I fucked up.”

Frank inhaled and then exhaled deeply.

“I don’t think you’d ever make me stop smiling. If you did I would do everything in my power to fix us before letting you leave me.”

“I wanna hug you so tight right now.”

Frank nodded sadly and started walking again.

“It may be years from now but one day we’ll be able to hug in public without the fear of being told its wrong.”

(Time Passes)

Gerard parked down the block and across the street from Frank’s house so no one would question Frank if they saw him getting out of Gerard’s car. Gerard turned off the engine and looked over at Frank. Frank turned his head to look at Gerard too.

“Thank you for bringing me home.”

Gerard grinned at Frank and placed his hand on Frank’s thigh. Frank looked at the hand on his thigh briefly while trying to remember how to breathe.

“No… thank you for staying with me. You could’ve gone home but you didn’t so thank you.”

Frank gave Gerard the confused puppy head tilt and pout. Gerard thought it was the cutest thing he’d ever seen in his full existence of life.

“Why would I go home?”

“Why would you stay? You weren’t promised you’d get anything out of it.”

Frank raised a brow at Gerard.

“I got you out of it. I also got the pleasure of making my boyfriend feel good. Plus in the end… I still got taken care of.”

Frank gave Gerard a naughty smile and Gerard’s heart fluttered. Frank had just called him his boyfriend and he never had someone who got pleasure out of pleasuring him. This was just another thing added to the list of why Gerard had to keep Frank. They could take pleasure in taking care of each other together.

“Well… I don’t think I would’ve made it another day without getting my hands on you and making you cum for me.”

Gerard smirked at Frank and squeezed his thigh lightly. Frank unbuckled his seat belt and leaned over to kiss Gerard. He sighed into the kiss and wrapped his arms around Gerard’s neck. Gerard reached down and released his seat belt before reclining his seat. Frank straddled Gerard’s lap the best way he could.

Gerard grabbed Frank’s waist as he started gyrating slowly. He placed his hands behind him on Gerard’s knees. Gerard moved up into Frank’s skilled movements. They had just engaged in sexual acts not too long ago and this soon Frank wanted him again. It was a nice feeling to feel wanted.

It was also nice knowing that Gerard could get just as hot for Frank all over again in no time. He knew now that he and Frank would have a very healthy sex life ahead of them. Frank could also just be making up for lost time and Gerard had no objections to that.

He watched as Frank’s hips began to move quicker, and he pushed himself down harder, moaning out when Gerard would meet his downward thrust with an upward one. Frank moved forward a little so that his ass was rubbing against Gerard’s cock.

Gerard moaned loudly and bit his lip a little more harsh than he should with the feel and thought of being in Frank’s ass on his mind and cock. Frank saw the blood and leaned down to lick Gerard’s lip causing Gerard to gasp.

He started to suspect that Frank was seriously down for anything and that made him the best boyfriend Gerard could ever stumble upon. Not that he had a blood kink or anything but damn. Frank sucked on Gerard’s lip lightly and then pulled back to run his tongue along it.

He sat back up with a gleam in his eyes. He pulled himself off of Gerard and laughed when Gerard tried to keep him planted where he was. Frank pulled Gerard’s hands off and smirked at him.

“I think you’ll like this way better Gee.”

Frank turned around and climbed back on top of Gerard. He placed his hands on the steering wheel and sat on Gerard’s cock, making sure that his ass and cock would brush against him when he began to rock his hips. Gerard put his hands back on Frank’s hips and groaned.

Fuck this boy was better than any fantasy he’d ever had of anything or anyone. He was struggling with the thought of moving Frank and driving him over to his place right now to just take him but he decided Frank was worth the wait. Besides, the teasing was delicious, Gerard couldn’t get enough.

Frank started pushing down hard and grinding on Gerard, his loud breaths coming out harshly. He felt Gerard’s hand roam under his t-shirt and push in the middle of his back. Frank arched, making his chest touch the staring wheel. He looked over his shoulder at Gerard and smirked at him.

“God I wish I could see your face.”

Frank smiled and reached for the visor above Gerard’s staring wheel. Luckily there was a compact mirror inside. Frank opened it and positioned it perfectly so that Gerard could see his face. Frank saw Gerard smirking at him through it.

“You're a very smart boy cause I would’ve never thought of that.”

Frank giggled and rotated his head slowly as he began moving his hips in full circles, back and forth on Gerard. Gerard moaned at the site of Frank’s slack jaw, and wet lips in the mirror. Gerard’s cock twitched with the thought of pushing his cock between those lips again.

Frank’s lip ring glinted in the mirror as he ran his tongue across it. The light from the compact bounced off of it. Frank moaned loudly as his cock collided with Gerard’s for the umpteenth time. Gerard watched as Frank’s brows knitted together and his Adam’s apple bobbed low in his throat.

Gerard placed both of his hands on Frank’s ass and squeezed tightly. Frank bucked and arched his back more. They both cried out at the same time. Gerard moved his hips up quicker and squeezed Frank tighter.

Frank's breathing became erratic as he felt himself reaching his brink. Gerard watched as Frank’s eyes widened along with his mouth and they both let out a low groan as Frank started cumming and shaking over Gerard.

The vibrations of Frank’s body and the biting of his lip caused Gerard to lose it. Frank looked at Gerard through the mirror and licked his lips slowly and temptingly. Gerard squeezed Frank’s hips and lifted up as he came hard inside of his pants. He wished like hell that he was cumming inside of Frank. Frank pushed down hard making them both shake with the aftershocks of their orgasm.

Frank chuckled and blew his hair out of his face the best he could. They were sweating and Frank’s hair was sticking to his forehead. He closed the mirror and looked back at Gerard before climbing off of him and collapsing in the passenger seat.

Gerard moved his seat back into its sitting position and exhaled loudly. He turned on his car and rolled down the window. It may be autumn outside but it felt like fucking summer inside of the car thanks to their heavy breathing and whatnot. They even still had on their jackets and Frank’s jacket was pretty tight.

“Where did that come from?”

Frank looked at his teacher out of breath and gave a breathy chuckle.

“I wanted to make you cum in your pants. Next time you can make me cum in mine, yeah?”

Frank let out a breath and Gerard nodded.

“Hell yeah.”

Gerard leaned over and kissed Frank deeply before pulling back abruptly.

“You have to get home.”

“Yeah… it’s a good thing we’re up the block eh?”

Gerard laughed at Frank’s smart remark.

“Watch it boy.”

Frank laughed at Gerard before opening the door and slinging his bag on his shoulder. He climbed out of the car and closed the door. He looked through the window and said…

“You watch it.”

Before winking and walking away. He deliberately walked in front of the car to give Gerard a full view of his ass. Gerard turned on his beams to shine on Frank but Frank continued walking like it wasn’t a bother to him at all.

Gerard watched as Frank walked at an even pace down the street. He watched him pull out his keys and head up the pathway of his house. Frank opened his door and started to go inside before being stopped.

Gerard looked in the direction that Frank was looking in and saw Bert approaching him with a smile on his face. Gerard watched as Frank sat his book bag inside of the house and took off his jacket to put it there to.

Frank closed his door and started talking to Bert. Gerard watched as they laughed and instantly wished he knew what they were saying. Gerard wondered if Frank and Bert were together but knew that was a stupid thought.

He then wondered if Bert knew that there was nothing between them. He knew he was being ridiculous right now. They could easily just be friends. It was just nagging him because he had to sit there and watch them make out before.

As if that hadn’t been enough Gerard watched as Frank took Bert into his home. Frank looked in the direction of Gerard’s car before closing the door. Gerard instantly thought the worst. He started up his car and headed home so that he could text Frank.

(Time Passes)

Frank walked downstairs in his pajamas and sat on the couch with Bert.

“I hope I didn’t take too long. I had a filthy day in school and needed to wash properly before doing anything else.”

Frank was thinking over everything that happened between him and Gerard. He sort of dazed off.


Bert waved his hand in front of Frank’s face. Frank jumped and laughed breathily.

“I’m sorry. I was just thinking about something. So what did you need help with?”

Bert pulled his English book from his book bag and sat it on the coffee table. Frank’s mom and dad had gone out with friends which left the house to Frank. Frank watched Bert open his book and then took it as it was passed over to him.

(Time Passes)

“Thank you Frankie. I really don’t know what I would’ve done without you.”

“It’s no problem Bert.”

Bert smiled.

“It’s just… you know I remember that you’re really good with words and in English so I thought why not ask right?”

Frank nodded.

“Yeah. Do you want something to drink or anything?”

“No that’s okay. I have to drive home and my bladder is a bit crazy sometimes.”

Frank laughed along with Bert.

“So maybe I should be going. It’s 7:30.”

“Yeah, I lost track of time. I still have homework to get done.”

Bert nodded as he zipped up his book bag and then put on his jacket.

“I’ll see you in school buddy.”

Frank smiled and opened the door for Bert.

“See ya.”

Frank watched to make sure Bert got into his car safely before closing the door and heading into his kitchen. He put the dinner his mom left for him into the oven and went to get his book bag. He pulled out his books and heard something hit the floor.

He looked down and realized it was his phone. He picked it up quickly and inspected it to make sure it didn’t crack anywhere. When Frank was satisfied with the status of his phone he sat it down.

He went to grab a plate and fork. He sat it on the table and looked over to see his phone lighting up. When Frank looked he realized that, that wasn’t the first notification he’d gotten. He had several texts from Gerard and each one that went unanswered was followed by an angrier one.

Frank put the phone down and took his food from the oven so that he wouldn’t end up burning it. He grabbed the plate and scraped the food from the dish onto his plate. He put the dish in the sink and sat his plate on the table.

He automatically picked his phone back up while taking his seat. He unlocked it and went into the text. He started with the very first one that simply read ‘I’m home’. Frank instantly felt bad for not answering back.

He felt like Gerard might’ve thought he didn’t care. That wasn’t the case at all; in fact Frank cared way more than he should this early on into the relationship. He scrolled down to the next message and gasped.

“I saw Bert walk into your house with you.”

So he had saw that? When Frank walked into the house he looked Gerard’s way, wondering if he’d seen, and he had. He went down to the next text.

“So… because I don’t want to be the assuming, nut job, jealous, new boyfriend, I’m not going to assume that you are doing anything you shouldn’t be with Bert.”

Frank laughed at the title but quickly stopped when he read the next text.

“I’m gonna be that boyfriend… are you fucking him?”

Frank was infuriated. What type of person did Gerard think Frank was? Sure Frank didn’t answer back right away but that didn’t mean he was fucking around on Gerard already. Not only did Gerard accuse Frank of cheating, he accused him of being a slut.

“I am trying as hard as I can not to flip out on you and assume bad things about you but can you blame me when you aren’t answering back?”

“Frank… answer me as soon as you get these texts.”

“Are you still alive at least? Tell me he didn’t murder you.”

Frank laughed at that text. At least he knew Gerard cared in more ways than one.

“This is kind of foul Frank. We just shared something and now I’m not getting an answer from you? I thought that was my job if anyone’s.”

Frank screwed his face up at that text. He would end Gerard’s life if Gerard ever thought of using him in that way.

“When I said you’re mine that’s what I meant Frank.”

Frank couldn’t help the swirl in the pit of his stomach that he felt due to that text. He loved when Gerard claimed him in that way.

“Fucking answer me Frank or I am going to drive over to that house. I don’t care who’ll think of it as suspicious. I’ll come up with a plausible excuse.”


“You know what… fuck it. If this is how it’s going to be then I can play that way too.”

“It was nice.”

Frank stared at his phone with a shocked expression. Did his teacher just break up with him in so many words already, and for no reason whatsoever? Well, technically, he did have a reason but not really.

Frank quickly typed up his text and sent it to Gerard. He sat his phone down and opened his folder that contained his homework and pulled it out. He started with his Science homework first since he could do everyone else’s in school if he didn’t get it done.

Gerard damn near hurdled over the coffee table to get his phone that was sitting on his television stand. He looked at the phone and let out a sigh of relief when he saw that the text was from Frank.

“Did you just break up with me?” xofrnk

Gerard couldn’t believe that after all this time that’s what Frank wrote him back. He texts out his reply angrily and waited earnestly for Frank to text back. Frank looked at his phone and laughed. He liked how upset Gerard was over absolutely nothing.

“I have sent you how many texts and that’s all you had to say back?”

“You sent me thirteen and what else do you want me to say? I think you should be happy that I’m not bringing up the fact that you called me a slut in so many words.” xofrnk

Gerard read the text and let out a long sigh.

“I want you to tell me what you were doing with Bert that was so important that you couldn’t answer me back?”

Frank finished what he was writing on his homework and took a bite of his food before answering back.

“I went straight to take a shower because I was dirty and you know why. After that I helped Bert with his English homework. He left once we were finished and I just got started on my dinner and homework. I found out that my phone was in my bag once I pulled out my books and it fell on the floor. I’m sorry I didn’t answer you back Gerard but without my phone being glued to my hand I wouldn’t know you text me.” xofrnk

Gerard read the text and smiled a little. He knew he was stupid to assume Frank had done anything with Bert but he didn’t know Frank that well if he was being honest. Frank liked sex… a lot. Gerard just had to be sure that he liked it with just his boyfriend and not his boyfriend and whoever else comes along.

“You didn’t think to check for it? You didn’t even care if I made it home safe?”

“I did Gerard but I was worrying about the task at hand. I just needed to get what I was doing done so that I could spend the rest of my time talking to you. I’m really sorry Gee.” xofrnk

Gerard chuckled and grinned. This boy could be the cutest and get away with murder if it were up to Gerard.

“Okay Frankie… I’m sorry I acted like a crazy person. I just… I don’t like the idea of sharing you with anyone else. I know I assumed but… I couldn’t help it. I’m not the most confident person in the world.”

Frank read the text and pouted. Gerard was the most gorgeous man he’d ever seen. He’d never think of sleeping with someone else and he couldn’t believe that Gerard wouldn’t think of himself as highly as Frank did.

“I think you’re the most gorgeous man I have ever laid eyes on Gerard. I would never cheat on you and I would never want to. I only want you. Why would I give myself to you the way I have if I was only going to turn around and give it to someone else? I’m not like that. When you are with me you can be the most confident man in the world because I only have eyes for you. I’m not as confident as I portray… that’s why it always hurt my feelings when you insinuated that I couldn’t have people interested in me without it being a conspiracy. But for some reason when I am with you I feel like the most beautiful guy in the world. Your look does that to me and I only hope I can give you that same look.” xofrnk

Gerard’s heart swelled while reading Frank’s heart felt message.

“The first time you looked at me I knew you wanted me because of the way you looked at me. You looked at me like I had just come down from heaven or something. I told Mikey that’s what made me wanna go for you.”

Frank laughed at the text.

“Ew… I looked that starry eyed at you?” xofrnk

Gerard laughed.

“Yeah you did.”

“Awe man… that’s embarrassing.” xofrnk

“It made me feel amazing.”

Frank smiled and looked at all of the homework he had to get done.

“Hey… I’m going to finish eating and doing my homework and as soon as I am done I’m going to call you okay?” xofrnk

Gerard smiled at the thought of Frank giving him a call this time.

“Sure Frankie.”

“I promise I’m going to call and I’m sorry again for not answering you back in a more appropriate time frame. I probably would’ve thought you were sleeping around on me too.” xofrnk

“I wouldn’t dream of it Frankie. I’ll talk to you when you’re finished baby. Get on it. I don’t want to wait too much longer to hear your voice again.”

Frank laughed and sent his last text.

“Okay Gee. :)” xofrnk

Gerard read the text and smiled. He felt so much better now. He decided he’d go take a shower before Frank called him to relax some of the tension that build up after worrying about Frank. He remembered Frank’s first text and sent him one more before making his way to the bathroom.

“You're still Mine, Frankie.”


It was almost a month into Frank and Gerard’s relationship and they still hadn’t had sex. In fact they haven’t really done much for the fear of getting too ahead of themselves. They shared a few kisses and touches but nothing too serious and always afterschool was over before Frank rushed to meet Sean and go home.

They had another moment in Gerard’s car ending the same way it had before. Frank rode Gerard in the front seat of his car and literally drove Gerard crazy. Frank knew he’d be doing that more often with Gerard.

Thanksgiving break was starts tomorrow and Frank is sitting at lunch with Sean talking about how they weren’t thankful for their teacher’s that was giving them tons of homework over the break. It was only a four day break and they had enough homework for the rest of the year.

“We’re gonna be doing homework at the table and miss the whole occasion!”

Sean stuffed a piece of bread into his mouth and started talking around it.

“Tell me abow wit.”

“Well you don’t have to worry since you’re the king of multitasking apparently. Swallow first.”

Sean swallowed his food and took a stab at Frank.

“You’d know all about swallowing first wouldn’t you?”

Frank smirked and threw a baby carrot at Sean’s head.

“At least I know how to keep my man happy.”

Sean laughed and shook his head.

“Look whatever. Let’s get back to the madness at hand. How is this even allowed? This is academic torture or some shit.”

Frank picked up a carrot and pointed it at Sean to punctuate his words.

“You’ve been living in the wrong world if you are just now realizing that this is what teachers are paid for. They’re like hired hit men or something.”

Frank bit his carrot as Sean laughed at Frank’s exaggeration. Homework wasn’t going to kill them now.

“Hey man, at least you have Mr. Way who actually cut you guys some slack.”

“Yeah, but we have to read a long boring chapter.”

“I thought you liked Science.”

Sean took a bite of his apple and Frank smiled at him briefly because he didn’t expect him to actually eat it when he’d packed it.

“I do, but not over thanksgiving break.”

Sean laughed and stood up as the bell signaling the ending of lunch period sounded through the room. Frank picked up his trash and threw it in the trash can before putting on his book bag and following Sean out of the cafeteria.

(Time Passes)

Mr. Way sat down on his desk with one foot one the floor and his arm resting on his thigh.

“So how many of you are actually going to complete the tons of homework you have before the day you’re due to report back to school?”

Everybody looked at Mr. Way and laughed. Bob raised his hand and started talking.

“The only people who just might are Suzanne, Adam, Becca, and Iero!”

Mr. Way laughed at the fact that Bob was probably correct. Frank looked at his teacher as he spoke his next words.

“What’s wrong with getting any possible obstacles out of the way of you fucking around for the rest of your break?”

Frank quirked an eyebrow at Mr. Way and smirked when he saw his teacher swallow.

“I think Frank makes an excellent point.”

“Of course he does. He’s always excellent at everything except one thing.”

Frank looked over at Adam with a confused look. Everyone else now had their eyes on Adam too. Adam swallowed loudly and peeked over at Frank.

“I’m just saying you should pay more attention to some things.”

“What things Adam?”

“Just things okay!?”

Frank looked wide eyed and bewildered at Adam. What the fuck was this dude even talking about? The bell rung and Adam jumped out of his seat and rushed towards the door. Everyone else walked out and said bye to Mr. Way. He acknowledged them all with the nod of his head and then turned to give Frank his attention.

Frank was still stunned and glued the way he had been before Adam rushed out. Mr. Way walked over to Frank and it wasn’t until Mr. Way reached for Frank’s shoulder that Frank even realized he was there. His head snapped in Mr. Way’s direction.

“What the fuck was that about?”

“I don’t know Frank… you tell me.”

Frank looked at Mr. Way confused.

“You just witnessed that whole thing and saw how confused I was. Do I look like I know what that fucker was ranting about?”

Mr. Way shrugged and walked away.

“You’re going to be late for your next class.”

Frank sighed heavily and stood up. He grabbed his bag and headed towards the door. He turned to Mr. Way and spoke in a low tone.

“Am I still going to talk to you tonight?”

Mr. Way nodded at Frank from his hunched over position at his desk.

“Of course Frankie.”

Frank smiled and walked out of the class to get to his next period. Mr. Way pushed his confusion to the back of his brain. He had one more period and then he’d be able to think about it all he wants.


“And really that’s it.”

Frank had just finished telling Sean what happened with that Adam kid in his class. Sean looked at Frank with a puzzled and concerned expression. Frank let out a breath and opened the door to the movie theatre.

Sean walked in and went over to the line for the toll. They’d decided to go to the movies to have a coming down party for the events that occurred since school started. Frank waited patiently; after getting popcorn; by the ticket check for Sean who was now approaching him.

He gave the tickets to the man and took back the ripped stub. They walked to their theater to eat popcorn and enjoy their movie. By the end of the credits they’ll have a clear mind.


Frank awoke to his text tone going off. He rolled over and stuffed his phone under his pillow. It vibrated again and the muffled tone came again. Frank sighed and pulled the phone from under his pillow. It was Saturday and all Frank wanted to do was enjoy sleeping in before having to go back to school on Monday.

Frank looked at the screen and saw that both of the texts were from Gerard. He smiled and wiped the sleep from his eyes. Gerard was obviously the only person he’d actually get up for when he didn’t have to. Frank opened his phone and read the two texts.

“Good morning Frankie.”

“Are you awake? I want to talk with you about something.”

Frank sighed before flipping his sheets off of himself and walking into the bathroom to take his morning piss. He washed his hands and went back into his chamber. He pulled the covers over his head and started typing his reply.

“I am now Gee. What is it?” xofrnk

Gerard felt a little bad for waking the boy but it was almost noon. Why would he still be sleeping?

“It’s 11:30 Frankie. Why are you even still in bed?”

Frank groaned when he heard his phone go off again. Although it was the one person he wanted to talk to that didn’t mean he wasn’t grumpy about being disturbed.

“I was trying to sleep in today and I’ll try and do the same tomorrow before going back to school Gerard. Why aren’t you trying to do the same?” xofrnk

“Because unlike you I’m an adult who doesn’t mind waking up early every day.”

Frank rolled his eyes as he read the text. Frank had crammed all night to get everything done and out of the way. He even did his laundry two days early. Thanksgiving was a blast and he enjoyed it immensely with his family but now it was his time.

“Excuse me from wanting to rest after finishing all of my homework yesterday and doing laundry.” xofrnk

“I’m glad to hear that you have. That’ll give me more time with what I wanted.”

Frank tried to ponder what it was that Gerard could want to talk about this early in the morning. The only thing that he could think of was Adam because they still hadn’t addressed that but if it was Frank was going to flip his shit.

“What is it that you wanted to talk about that couldn’t wait until after 12 at least?” xofrnk

Gerard ignored Frank’s bitchiness and got on with what he wanted.

“I wanted to talk about taking you out today and tomorrow.”

Frank’s eyes widened as he read the words on the screen.

“Take me out… where!?” xofrnk

Gerard laughed at the abrupt change in tone and sent his next text.

“Give me a call when you can and I’ll tell you.”

Frank instantly went to his call menu and pressed Sir. He pulled his covers down and rested himself against his headboard. Gerard picked up on the first ring with an amused sound in his voice.

“Hey Frankie.”

“Hey Gee. Now you were saying?”

Gerard laughed loudly.

“It’s straight to business with you huh? I wanted to take you out for lunch for starters. Then I wanted to take you to go bowling with me. Lastly, but certainly… certainly not least, I wanted to bring you back to my place.”

Frank let out a low shriek causing Gerard to laugh into the phone again.

“When do you want me to be ready and where do you want me to meet you?”

“I wanted to know if you could have Sean drive you a little past the school and I’ll pick you up there.”

“Yeah, that actually won’t be a problem because he has to go that way today to go to my cousin’s house.”

“Great! So call him up and ask him what time he’ll be leaving and that’ll be fine. Of course it has to be between twelve and three for it to be considered lunch.”

Frank laughed and looked up as he saw his door opening. His mom poked her head in and smiled at him. Frank smiled back as to not cause any suspicion although his heart was hammering in his chest. Gerard noticed that Frank had gotten quiet and called out to him.


“One second dude.”

Gerard looked at the phone like he’d heard wrong. He soon realized what was up when he heard Frank’s mom clearly through the phone. Linda had walked into the room and was now sitting on his bed.

“Are you running a fever baby?”

She touched his face and he laughed lightly.

“Cut it out mom, I’m fine.”

“You missed breakfast. Your father wanted me to make sure that you were alright.”

“Dad’s home?”

“Yeah. This is his holiday off remember?”

Frank’s Father got every other holiday off with pay. He was off until Monday like Frank.

“Oh yeah pfft duh.”

“So baby why don’t you come down and eat breakfast?”

“I was just about to go out mom. That is if it’s okay with you and dad of course.”

Gerard smiled at how polite Frank was with his parents. He envied the boy a little for having the perfect relationship with his parents.

“It’s okay with us as long as you don’t go gallivanting around on an empty stomach. You know how serious your father takes that.”

“I know mom but I’m actually going to lunch with a friend so I don’t want to be rude and be staring at him while he’s eating because I’ve already eaten.”

“Who’s this friend and why would you be staring at him? Is this that boy you like so much?”


Gerard laughed at how Frank reacted. It was obvious that this was not their first conversation on the matter. Gerard smiled at the fact that Frank didn’t keep the fact that he liked someone hidden but it bummed him out that Frank’s parents couldn’t know exactly who that person was.

“Is it that Bert boy again? He was so nice.”

Gerard bristled at the thought of Bert taking Frank out and the fact that Frank’s mother liked the boy.

“Mom please stop. You’re doing it again.”

“Okay, okay.”

Linda leaned forward and kissed Frank’s forehead.

“Parents just like to know. We don’t mean any harm.”

“I promise mom… when the time is right you will definitely know who it is okay?”

Linda nodded and smiled. She got up to leave the room and stopped when she saw Sean running up the steps towards her. Linda moved to the side and let Sean continue his run. He jumped on top of Frank and kissed him soundly and wet on the forehead.

“Hey buddy. Hey Mom.”

Gerard smiled when he heard Sean’s voice. Linda put her hand on her hip and shook her head at the boys.

“You two behave. I’ll be downstairs. Sean there’s still some breakfast down there if you haven’t already eaten the whole house at your place.”

Sean laughed and rubbed his stomach.

“There’s always room for more.”

Linda laughed and closed the door behind her as she left out. Sean rolled off of Frank and looked at the phone in his hand.

“Are you on the phone?”

Frank’s eyes grew wide and he palmed his forehead as he put the phone back to his ear.

“Hey… sorry about that.”

“It’s no problem at all Frankie. That was pretty entertaining.”

“Yeah… a day in the life of Frank Iero. Where your parents automatically think you’re sick because you slept in and your best friend jumps on you and slobs you down.”

Sean hit Frank’s leg lightly.

“Oh shut it Iero. You love when I do that shit.”

“Yeah but not when I’m having a conversation on the phone.”

“You don’t even talk on the phone Frank. I’m a little jealous here. You can’t even pick up the phone to talk to me.”

“You know I love you regardless so shut up and help me out with something.”


“I’ll let you know as soon as I stop being rude to Gerard.”

“It’s fine Frankie really.”

Frank smiled as Gerard’s voice came through the phone. Sean leaned forward and took the phone from Frank.

“Hello Gerard.”

Gerard chuckled and addressed the boy back.

“Hello Sean. How are you?”

“I’m fine. I came to see my best bud before taking off but I can clearly see I’m not wanted. Talk to you later.”

Sean gave the phone back to Frank before Gerard could answer back. Sean went to get off the bed when Frank lunged forward and pulled Sean by the hem of his shirt.

“Oh no you don’t. Where do you think you’re going? I definitely want you.”

“Hold on now… should you be confessing this while you’re on the phone with your boyfriend?”

Gerard laughed and Frank’s sighed exasperatedly.

“Will you both just shut the hell up?”

Gerard’s laughter died down slowly and Sean looked at Frank expectantly.

“You sit your ass right there until I get off this phone and do not utter another word.”

Sean zipped his lips and threw Frank the imaginary key. Frank caught it and shoved it under his pillow before putting the phone back to his ear again.

“Alright now; I am going to hang up with you and tell Sean what’s up. I’ll text you and let you know when.”

“Okay baby.”

Frank let all of his pearly whites shine through as he blushed. He always got like that whenever Gerard called him baby.

“I’ll see you soon Gee.”

Gerard could hear the smile in Frank’s voice.

“See you then Frankie. Bye bye.”

Gerard hung up and went to get himself together for his day with Frank. Frank put his phone down and ran down everything that he and Gerard had talked about to Sean. Sean agreed obviously and Frank started to get ready for his day while Sean ventured off to the kitchen to indulge himself in Frank's non touched breakfast.
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