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My Angel of the Night.

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This is a vampire Frerard; which I also have posted on Mibba. Do not report me please. Enjoy!

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Frank's P.O.V.

I can see you.

Your ever changing hazel eyes looking down at me; they contrast against your pale alabaster skin.

I feel you.

The freezing temperature resonating from your being--it sends shivers down my spine under your loving embrace. Your slim body hovering over my small frame.

I hear you.

The shallow breathing receding from your dead lungs, it's against my jugular.

I taste you.

The icy lips against mine--this feels right. Tongues dancing for dominance, my hand through your silky raven hair. Your hands exploring my body.

My heart is beating too fast for my liking; I know you hear it. You could end it without a thought. Nothing in my body responds to protect itself, and yet that does not frightened me. I am well aware of your power, yet I do nothing. I do not cower and I do not scream.

Your head lifts and you look me straight in the eyes, and into the depths of my soul. I sense it.

You reveal the fangs that you been hiding. With one swift movement, you plunged deep into my neck. All I heard last was the echoing of my scream, then darkness...


My body jolted me awake. Clutching my chest I regain my breathing to normal.

That damn dream ONCE again. Why is it always the same? That dream has haunted me ever since I was 13 years old. I had hit puberty right at that age and my sexuality has always been mystery to me. I know my hormones are usually attracted to girls, but every time I have that dream, I'm back at square one.

I could still feel every sense and the beating of my heart. The warming affection that arises within your chest. I could still feel and see him clearly. Damn, he is absolutely gorgeous. If only he were real...

I laid back down staring at the ceiling. Why is it he always appears as a vampire? I probably have some sort of vampire fetish that lingers in the back of my mind, but damn my subconscious makes one sexy motherfucker. Why does the dream feel more real each time I have it? Every single moment still flashes into my mind. I shake my head trying to rid of all the images.

I sigh--it's all fucking confusing.

I looked to the side of my bed at the alarm clock sitting on my beige nightstand.

7:05 a.m.

Fuck. School starts soon..

"Wakie wakie, Frankie Frankie!" my mother says in sing-song fashion through the door.

"I'm up." I mumble in a raspy tired tone.

"Mhmm, sure." my mother whispers to herself. I giggled at her.

I stretch all of my ligaments and swing my feet to the side of the bed. I make my way to the shower across the hall. The warm water relaxes all of my muscles and brings me back to reality. The effects of the dream slowly faded away as I got ready for school.

"Ugh." My uniform for the catholic school always made me gag. I mean don't get me wrong, it doesn't look bad on me (if I do say so myself), but uniforms? Really?

I looked at myself in the mirror fixed my bangs and added a hint of eyeliner. Grabbed my backpack and headed downstairs into the kitchen. I got some toast held in my mouth and got a thermal full of coffee. Took big gulp and let the affects of the caffeine sink in. It was fucking scolding my throat, but I didn't have a fuck to give. I sighed in contentment.

"Have a good day honey." my mom kissed my cheek and I went on my way. I walked out the door waving to my mother. I love her. We have had to go through so much together; with my father leaving us. I remember the nights hearing my mother crying herself to sleep. Being a younger kid, I didn't understand. All I could do was hold her until we both fell asleep.

I began walking to Pencey Prep. Looking down at the ground as I walked, wanting nobody to see my face. I've never been good with eye contact of others. I looked up as I was only a few feet away from the school premises.

All of a sudden, that feeling I got from dream came back. The swelling of my heart, the tingling of the senses.

That dream really fucked me up today.


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