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Pete needed a girl. :)

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Kate and Patrick 'made up' three more times after the boys finally left them alone. By the time Kate had emerged from her room the boys had gone. She lazily strolled into the kitchen wearing Patrick's button up shirt from the night before, undies and socks. She slid on the linoleum in her socks, doing her best Tom Cruise in 'Risky Business' impression. There was a note taped to the fridge.
Katie-Kat & Pattycake,
We got bored of hearing your lovemaking session about half way though the second quarter so we went to get food. No, we're not bringing you any. 'Why' you ask? Because you never thanked us for looking out for your well being, as well as the well being of future Stumph generations. We are still very bitter (Ok not we, mostly just Pete). Love you and don't injure yourselves.
- Us.

Kate couldn't help to laugh even if it was gross that they stayed to listen to her and Patrick have sex. Kate flipped on the radio before opening the fridge. Christina Aguilera's 'Ain't No Other Man' was playing, Kate squealed and turned it up. She didn't care too much for Christina, but her voice was amazing and this was her song. She opened the fridge and grabbed the ketchup to use as a microphone and proceeded to belt out the song and dance around the kitchen.
Told my mother, my brother, my sister and my friends.,
Told the others, my lovers both past and present tense,
That every time I see you everything starts making sense.
Ain't no other man,
can stand,
up next to you.
Ain't no other man,
On the planet,
Knows what you do.
You're the kind of guy
A girl finds
In of the mood.
You've got soul, you've got class.
You've got style,
You're badass.
Ain't no other man it's true.
Ain't no other man but you."

Kate didn't notice when Patrick walked into the kitchen, she also didn't notice when he turned off the radio leaving her singing a capella. Kate turned around and saw Patrick leaning on the counter watching her with a smirk planted across his face. She immediately noticed the lack of music playing and shut her mouth. She covered her face with her hands slightly embarrassed. Patrick laughed,
"How come you can sing to a crowded bar but you can't sing for me?"
"Those are different circumstances." She smiled, cheeks bright red.
"You and your circumstances."
"It's true though, there is a difference between singing to a group of people in a crowded
bar and singing to just one, especially when that one person sneaks up on you and turns off your jam. You should know all about that." Kate laughed and Patrick nodded in response before grabbing the ketchup bottle from her hands. He looked at it before saying,
"Out of everything to use as a microphone you choose a ketchup bottle."
"It was closest to me."
"You hate ketchup." He laughed, and then randomly changed the subject. "So what when your parents divided up the genes you got the looks, talent and brains, and Pete got the leftovers?"
"You're such a kiss ass." Kate responded with a laugh as Patrick pulled her into his arms.
"I'll show you kiss ass." He responded with a grin before,
"AH MY EARS, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, MY EARS!" Pete screamed before collapsing to his knees covering his ears with his hands. Kate and Patrick laughed in response to Pete's dramatic performance.
"Are they still at it?" Joe yelled from the hallway. Andy walked into the apartment and stepped over Pete who was now sprawled out on the floor pretending to be dead.
"No." Andy called over his shoulder. Joe regardless of Andy's 'all clear' peered into the apartment with caution and Sam followed suit. When the two felt that it was indeed safe to enter they both tried to squeeze into the door at the same time, which only got them stuck. Along with all the commotion Kate also herd the all too familiar tune of Aqua's 'Barbie Girl' coming from her phone. She squealed in delight and ran over to her waiting phone, flipped it open, and responded in unison with the person on the line,
"Ohh GURL." In a ghetto slang. After about five minutes of jibber jabber that none of the boys understood Kate hung up the phone and began jumping up and down in delight and excitement.
"Calm yourself child." Pete said and placed his hands on her shoulders, putting a stop to her bouncing. She leaned in so that her forehead was resting on her brother's and said,
"Sara's coming." Pete's eyes grew wide and he was the one now jumping up and down. He has had a crush on Sara since as long as he could remember, everyone knew, except of course, Sara herself. Kate, Patrick and Andy laughed. Joe and Sam were oblivious however because they were still trying to squirm though the door. Sam finally broke free which was unfortunate for Joe because without Sam supporting him he fell though the door and onto the carpet face first. He looked up to see everyone laughing, but not at him.
"What I miss?" was his question before everyone walked away in separate directions. Joe stood up with his arms in the air.
"What I miss?" he yelled. When he still received no answer he mumbled,
"I need new friends."
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