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Capture of the Mind

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AU: What if Jean was powerful enough to capture Logan's mind and bring back a beast that has been trapped for far too long? Will the remaining X-Men be able to save them before it's too late? Or mu...

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Never Cage the Beast

Hi guys! I'm back after a long absence! I just recently watched X-Men: The Last Stand and I loved it, though I was a little disappointed with some scenes... oO;; lol Anyhow, while I was pondering, I got this strange idea, which I thought I had to make into a fan fiction:D I hope you enjoy and please review! I'd love to know your thoughts about it. And just to let you know, I haven't read the comic books, so if I miss out on something, help me out! :) Thanks! XD

Disclaimer: I do not own X-Men! The plot though is mine!

Summary: AU: What if Jean was powerful enough to capture Logan's mind and bring back a beast that has been trapped for far too long? Will the remaining X-Men be able to save them before it's too late? Or must both of them perish for the world to become a better place? X-Men: The Last Stand Spoilers! R&R!

Beware of some sexual moments!

Chapter One - Capture of the Mind

Logan circled around Jean's sleeping form on the examination table, studying the expression on her face, hoping, just hoping, she will soon wake up. The lab was empty except for them, and Jean lay in the middle of the room. Electrical cords that connected from the machines behind her head snaked up her chest, rising and falling along with her soft breathing. She looked so peaceful, like nothing horrible had ever happened to her.

Logan continued to stare as he felt both joy and wonder filling his heart at once. But something else nagged at him. Memories of Alkali Lake came back to his thoughts and made him wince. Why, Jean? Why did you let go? Logan thought as he stopped moving, his feet halting in front of the table. Logan's eyes slightly narrowed. His expression hardened as he thought of what the Professor had said about Jean and her split personality. His teeth gritted at the thought that the Professor had manipulated Jean's mind.

Logan extended his hand and brushed Jean's cheek gently. He had missed her. He had missed herso badly. And now here she was, alive and well. Whatever was going inside her mind, Logan would do anything to save her. He pushed back a lock of hair away from her eyes. If only you can wake up... Logan thought softly to himself.

As if in response to his request, her hand suddenly grabbed Logan's wrist, surprising him as he glanced back at Jean, his eyes widening. Jean's eyes opened, first slowly, but then quickly as her eyes blinked for a few seconds. For a moment her eyes had to adjust to the sudden brightness of the lab, but as soon as she got used to it, her eyes flicked towards Logan's face.

"Jean?" Jean only stared in response. Then she finally opened her lips and answered back.

"Hey Logan."

"Welcome back," Logan spoke as his lips twitched in a small smile, relief spreading through his veins. Jean stared at him and then looked away at the ceiling smiling, letting go of Logan's wrist.

"Like when we first met..." Jean said as she grinned and looked back at Logan.

"You okay?" Logan asked as he he gripped the edge of the table. Jean's smile widened. "Yeah... More than okay..."

Jean toke off the electrical cords on her chest, putting them aside. Logan's eyes irresistibly went to Jean's chest as he saw the last of the cords put away beside Jean's shoulder.

"Logan, you're making me blush," Jean stated as she grinned deviously. Logan raised an eyebrow with a slightly surprised expression. He looked from Jean to her chest and back at Jean again. "You reading my thoughts?"

Jean only smiled and answered instead, "It's okay..."

She got up like a elegant feline cat, her fiery red hair trailing behind her back as their eyes met. Logan wanted her and yet he couldn't touch her. Something pushed him back. Perhaps it was guilt of stealing her away from Scott. But Jean's eyes stared back and she read his thoughts like it was all written down on a book. "It's okay..." Jean repeated, her voice sounding reassuring.

Logan looked at her to and fro, until he finally looked down and gave up, letting his feral instincts devour him as their lips met, their passion increasing with each passing second.

She's yours now... a hidden voice behind his head spoke to him as they continued to kiss. Unbeknownst to them was the buzzing of the machines that were clearly going out of control, the intensity of Jean's powers overpowering. Jean's hand swept at his arm, and suddenly he felt something pull at his life force, making his skin burn as an invisible knife cut into his back. Logan cried out painfully, but he didn't stop. He knew those will heal back again. Jean only smirked slightly as they went back kissing again.

But as he continued kiss Jean he knew, the one person he had lost and have it come back, something made his mind doubt. Thoughts of Scott came to him. What exactly happened to Cyclops? He had found those eyeglasses, Jean must have seen him. The Professor's warning now echoed almost too loudly for him to push aside.

You have no idea, you have no idea what she's capable...

Reluctantly, he pulled himself away from Jean. "Wait..."

"No..." Jean spoke as she used her mind to rip off the clip on his belt. Logan glanced at it with raised eyebrows but quickly pushed away the urge by getting back on his feet. He backed away away a few steps as Jean also got up, a smile that clearly challenged him to come back to her side. Logan did do so, but now with a look of concern as he put both his hands on Jean's head.

"Jean... this isn't you..." Jean wrapped her arms around Logan's neck. "Yes... yes it is me..." she insisted as she leaned forward, closing in on Logan. But he grabbed both her arms, now starting to feel uncertain.

"No... Maybe you wanna take it easy..." Logan told, his eyebrows furrowing as he continued, "The Professor said you might be..." Logan paused for a moment, as his expression softened with worry, "... Different."

Jean's lips quickly formed into a distasteful frown, and her expression hardened. Her eyes were cold as she remarked, "He would know, wouldn't he?" The edge of her mouth twitched in answer to Logan's slightly confused expression.

"What? You think he's not in your head too? Look at you, Logan..." By then, Logan had started to back away from Jean.

"He's tamed you."

Finally a look of realization crossed his face as Logan spoke, "Where's Scott?"

Jean fell silent, her expression a mixture of confusion. Logan looked at her cautiously but spoke up, "Jean?"

Jean looked at him, eyes now full of fear as she looked around at her surroundings. "Where am I?" Logan immediately embraced her by putting his hand on both sides of her arms. "You're in the mansion... I need you to tell me what happened to Scott..." Jean looked away from Logan, her eyes going to and fro as she tried to remember.

"Jean?" Logan spoke, his eyes watching intently at Jean. He took out Scott's eyeglass from his pocket, feeling now would be the right time to show it to her. Jean looked down at the eyeglass, staring as she struggled with the loss of memory. Dread started to tingle her skin until suddenly she saw it. The enormous burst of the water as she, no... phoenix, escaped the depths of Alkali Lake.

Jean's expression horrified. "Oh god," she whispered as she closed her eyes in pain, the images that continued to show in her mind's eye making her abilities go out of control.

The computers shook, the screws that stuck the metallic furniture together started to loosen. Logan gave a soft gasp as Scott's eyeglass broke apart into a thousand pieces. Logan's gaze quickly turned towards the violently shaking machines near the examination table.

"Jean, look at me!" Logan spoke as he put both his hands on the sides of Jean's head. Jean only looked at him with devastation, her eyes quickly starting to fill with tears. "Stay with me! Talk to me!"

Jean looked away, her eyes closing. "Look at me!" Logan shouted as he desperately clutched Jean tightly. "No..." Jean spoke softly, her face agonized as she looked desperately at him. "Kill me..."

"What?" Logan looked alarmed by this sudden remark. Tears that stayed hidden before slipped away like a river. Guilt spread through her like a virus. Her lips trembled as she spoke again. "Kill me before I kill someone else..."

"Don't say that!"

Jean sobbed, her hands starting to tremble as she shivered. Logan only shook his head as his grip on Jean tightened.

"No, stop it, don't say that.."


"Kill me..."

The glass fitted inside the metallic shelves shattered and fell to the floor. Logan grabbed Jean, trying to make her look at him.

"Stop it, stop it! Look at me! Jean... You'll be alright, we can help you! Ok? The Professor can help, he can fix it!" Logan spoke desperately as tears continued to fill Jean's eyes. But the expression on her face suddenly changed, her lips now turning into a growing smile as she grabbed Logan. Logan gave a gasp as Jean forcefully pulled him towards her.

"Jean?" Logan spoke as he felt his body paralyze in her grip. Jean, or Phoenix, smiled pleasantly. Her eyes started to glow eerily as she touched Logan's cheek. "I'm going to free you from your cage..."

Suddenly scream that almost sounded like a magical Phoenix's yell, pierced the insides of his skull like very bad headache. Logan gave a shocked, agonized cry. The pain freed him from being paralyzed, but he only used this opportunity to clutch at his head as he yelled, "Jean, Stop!" He could feel the pain slowly overwhelming him entirely.

Jean's grasp on Logan was starting to grow too strong as Logan screamed, unable to bear it anymore. He opened his eyes pleadingly at Jean, but she only smiled back, a look that clearly showed that she was enjoying this. Logan gasped as he felt a cold hand pulling his memories, stealing them one by one.

The last thing he heard before darkness claimed him was the one haunting sentence that came from Jean's lips as she continued to smile.

"No one shall ever tame us again."

A/N: Yup, that's it! I changed it a bit, if you have not noticed! (: I'll try an update as soon as I can! There's gonna be a few more changes in the future, but not major ones that will sabotage the X-Men plot! (: I hoped you like it! Please review!
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