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Soldier's Log

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The Crew of the UNSC Indomitable must cope with thier universal counterpart,Mobius

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Time: June 7th 3235 0120 h

Aboard UNSC super carrier Indomitable

Lt. Chris Vennettili Soldier Log,

Not much to worry about today. I have night shift right now on security duty. HighCom wants every man and woman doing double time work after the Second Rainforest Wars.

Right now, we're located over a frozen ball of rock known as Thyris II. We think no enemy forces are nearby.

end log

Lieutenant Christopher Vennettilli lay in his cot in the early hours. The daybreak from the system's sun reflected off Thyris's icy surface and stirred him awake. He was never going to get any sleep. He needed to be up anyway. Wake up call was in 10 minutes. He got dressed just as the bugle woke everyone up. As if night shift wasn't enough, he had an assigned overlook of repairs for the 1st fusion reactor. It was going to be a long day. A fusion reactor was big. More to add was that this ship was a super carrier, which made it more massive. Chris nearly fell asleep. If he was still a private, he'd be charged with dereliction of duty. No on needed to know. Lunch followed with chef's surprise. He didn't touch that and decided to buy a vendor snack instead. Another boring day, on a boring ship, in boring space, until that night.

The ship alarm sounded. Chris was awake instantly. The intercom blared: WARNING! RADAR CONFIRMS ENEMY SHIPS. An extensive list of Covenant ships appeared onscreen. Chris hurried to the armory in case he needed to repel boarders. Why, just why couldn't he ever get some sleep?

On the bridge of the Indomitable, the commanding officer was Admiral Andsworth. This was his personal ship. Andsworth had a long black moustache, an eye patch, and a chest overflowing with campaign medals. The junior officers at his command were Lieutenants Velo, Jfaar, and Feedin. "What do we have Jack?" he said addressing Velo. "Well, sir, We're picking up multiple Covenant contacts, roughly 15 frigates by the looks of it." Andsworth cursed silently. "Maple?" Freedin looked up. "Arm Archer missile pods D3 to G6." Feedin nodded. "aye, sir. Arming archer pods." The Covenant ships showed on the radar, the closest being 12, 000 km off the bow. "Take that freak out, Feedin!" Andsworth roared pointing to the frigate. Rapid thumps echoed through the ship as the missiles roared toward their targets, leaving trails of smoke behind them. The first few dozen missiles brought their shields down. The rest blew the ship to bits. Superheated shrapnel peppered the rest of the ships. Seraph fighters followed the frigates in, threatening to blow holes in the carrier's hull. There had to be a carrier somewhere around here. The 50 mm MLA autocannons blew apart the fightercraft. "Jerah!" Andsworth said addressing Jfaar this time. "Select randomized slipspace vector as per Cole Protocol and initiate database wipe!" Jfaar then went speeding over the keyboard, punching in the code to wipe Earth's coordinates away from their memory. "Randomized jump coordianates complete!" he reported then. "Get us out of here!" Andsworth screamed, not wanting to chance it with the Covenant. A tear appeared in front of their view of Thyris II. Just as the ship's bow was just crossing the tear, The bridge crew noticed something. Instead of pitch black of the slipspace never-never-land, the tunnel was blinding white. The crew didn't argue and sent the ship in. Jfaar noticed something. "Sir, Radiation levels are spiking. The jump drives are overpowering but no damage!"

Andsworth was in shock. Normaly, the Shaw-Fujikawa drives would collapse from strain at this point. But no damage? Interesting. The light didn't disappear after they got in. In fact, it got brighter, so bright, Andsworth flinched more than once. "Sir, we're going faster!" Jfaar called. The other bridge officers stopped their duties to listen, this had never happened before. "Sir, no one has ever gone this fast, they shouldn't be!" She called in shock. Then, it was gone. To replace it, a planet with emerald green forests, sapphire blue oceans and pearl white clouds. Though the landmasses looked very familiar. " Lieutenant, I told you to jump away from Earth!" Andsworth said. Jeffa looked confused.

"I did, sir. I mean I think I did. I'm sure I did! Besides, this isn't Earth!" Andsworth looked dumbstruck. It looked like Earth, was the same size as Earth and had the same atmosphere distribution with a hydrogen-oxygen combination. But no, Andsworth paused to examine the planet's full image, geological readouts showed a landmass that connected what should be Europe to what should be Northern Canada. South America looked broken apart on the arbitrary right and Australia was more round than it should've been. And to top it all off, an island looked as though it were floating across one of the continents. Floating? He chuckled, then rubbed his eyes. No, It just couldn't be.

Chris was stunned. He looked out the window to see a planet that looked like Earth, but wasn't Earth. He hurried to tell anyone who would listen. He had a feeling that this planet was more than it appeared to be.

Back on the bridge Andsworth opened a private channel to the planet. "To anyone receiving this transmission, this is UNSC carrier Indomitable on Alpha Priority. This is Admiral Gerome Andsworth. There was silence for a second, Andsworth was ready to throw in the towel and give up until a crackle came over the com. The bridge officers were as surprised as he was, "Roger Admiral Andsworth of the UNSC carrier Indomitable. It's very good to see you all at last.
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