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Chapter 5: Protector


Mimori Kiryu sighed tiredly as she picked up some papers from her desk and put them in her briefcase, pushing a strand of hair behind her ear. The silver hair that fell to the desk reminded her of just how much she'd been doing...and how much she needed a break.

Streetlamps flickered outside, making her smile as she walked down the street behind her office building. She'd helped to put them up; through her and a few others, the Lost Ground had become more and more successful, winning independence from the mainland and growing its cities. Her current residence was the most successful city there now, Amalia, and had over four hundred thousand residents, also containing all of the government buildings.

Of course, there was a high crime rate too. Although things were relatively under control, alter users that abused their power would always be a problem. Mimori had never wanted more for HOLY to still be in business.

HOLY...Ryuhou was still on her mind often, even though the ache of his abandonment had faded away.

They needed alter users in high places; people that would work and protect citizens. Good people like Ryuhou, Kazuma, and Cougar. It was her current project...she was going to try and find alter users that would work for pay to help their city grow.

" what could this be."

She spun on her heel, startled, to see a man with spiky black hair and neon blue eyes looking at her and tossing something in his hand. A few other men stood behind him, but he seemed to be the ringleader.

A spray can found its way out of her purse quickly, and she was comforted by the knowledge of self-defense that she'd learned a few years ago. She hadn't wanted to be the one that always had to be saved she'd done something about it. Of course, self defense did little against an alter user...she prayed that this man wasn't one.

"Stay away," she said, brandishing the spray can at the group of men and beginning to back out of the alley. They laughed, watching her and not moving at all.

She screamed shortly when one hand went to her wrist, making her drop the spray can, and another covered her mouth. Her eyes widened in fear...this man was stronger than she was and there were more of them in front of her.

Using the knowledge she'd gained from that class, she grabbed his arm and threw him to the ground, turning to run but seeing more thugs ahead of her. This seemed to be a gang...and a big one at that.

"Well, if it isn't the virtuous Mimori Kiryu," their leader said when she turned back around, "Hasn't anyone ever taught you not to walk in dark alleys...or maybe you're just so high and mighty that you don't need to follow the rules."

She watched carefully for any sign of a weapon, but none of them seemed to have one. Their leader was still tossing that object up and down...and she still couldn't figure out what it was. It looked like a plain old baseball...but there was something about it that made it seem like a weapon.

"You're an alter user, aren't you?" she said, using it as more of a statement than a question.

He nodded. "Smart girl...well, I guess you should know, considering that you're trying to take our powers away from us." The ball in his hand began to glow the same color as his eyes, making the alley glow.

Mimori frowned. "That's not true! I'm just trying to maintain order and peace-"

"Shut up! I don't want your excuses!"

Well, this guy's quick to anger...

"Guys, hold her," he said, motioning to the men behind her. Two more came up behind her and grabbed her arms as her eyes widened and she began to panic.

"I...please, don't do anything..."

"You're prettier than I thought," he said roughly, his hands going to the zipper on his pants. "Now I'm gonna make you scream."

She squeezed her eyes shut, as if she could make it stop. "No! Please, don't! No-"

"Stay away from her!"

The order had come from the street, and every one of the men was turning to look in that direction.

But what she saw on the other side of the alley shocked and comforted her.



Kazuma stretched his arms out, a wide yawn filling up his lungs as morning sunlight filtered through the window.

Scratching his head, he walked into the kitchen drowsily, the sounds of the frying pan rousing him from sleep. "Good morning," Kanami said brightly, smiling at him. He returned the grin only for her to stand on her toes and give him a quick peck on the lips. She blushed.

"Thought I'd make some pancakes," she said happily, obviously embarrassed at kissing him. He smiled at how sweet she was, sitting down at the table and watching her as she continued to speak. "I got a call from the farm this morning and they said that we didn't need to work I was thinking maybe I could show you around town, so you can see what's changed."

"Sounds good," he said, nodding. "'s gonna be hard to get used to not fighting all the time."

She laughed, but he couldn't see her face. "Get used to not fighting? Here you are, completely relaxed...and you're having trouble getting used to not fighting?"

He laughed as well. "I guess you're right...seems like you're always right in the long run."

Kanami turned towards him, leaning back against the counter top and letting the pancakes sizzle in the pan for a minute. "Not always...but a lot of the time. You know it's partly due to my alter power too."

Kazuma nodded. "So how have things been going with that alter of yours?"

She shrugged. "For a while I had a lot of trouble tuning people out. I heard everything, I saw everything...that was really the only reason Mimori stayed with me so long. I needed her to help me keep going when things got really bad. I would have these times when I would just black out and become somebody else for a while...completely forget that I was Kanami." A frown passed over her face, but she quickly hid it. "It's under control now."

"Good," he replied, honestly glad that she wasn't having any problems anymore. He didn't want Kanami hurting in any way...and he was going to make sure that she never hurt again.

He'd decided last night that he couldn't abandon her again. She and Mimori had been alone, with no protection in a country in the middle of a rebellion - and he and Ryuhou had been stupid, arrogant jackasses to leave them like that. Kazuma still knew that Kanami was hiding something from him that had happened to her...and he planned on finding out on what it was.

"Alright, the pancakes are ready," she said, putting a plate with a few of them on it in front of him. He smiled at her.

"Thanks, Kanami."


"Back off. Now," a familiar voice said behind her.

"Ryuhou..." Mimori whispered. She couldn't believe it. He was here in Amalia and she hadn't even known! She vaguely wondered how long he'd been here, but was more conscious of the men letting go of her arms as they saw Zetsuei.

"'re Ryuhou Tairen," the alter user said, backing away from Mimori.

"Maybe you should get out of here before I have enough time to remember you." Ryuhou's voice was menacing, and Mimori completely understood why the thugs did what they were doing as they took off and ran.

Time stood still as Mimori chanced a look over her shoulder, hoping he would still be there.

He was.

"Mimori..." he said quietly. The trance seemed to break. "Are you alright?"

It took her a moment to get her thoughts back together. "Nothing more than a scare...I'm alright."

They were still so far apart, when all she wanted was to throw herself into his arms. He'd changed since she'd last seen him ten long years ago...she was sure that they both had. He also had a few gray streaks in his green hair, but his sharp features remained, his brown eyes still cold and distant. She'd always wanted to warm those eyes.

"Would you like to have dinner with me?" she asked suddenly.

"Alright," he replied. Not a yes or a no. Just as if he had nothing better to do.


"So how long have you been in Amalia?" she asked as she watched Ryuhou hastily eat a salad as politely as he could. He was wearing a black suit and he must have had some business in the city. She wondered what he was doing there.

"Just a few days," he responded after taking a sip of wine and putting the glass back down. "I'm actually here...well, I was looking for you."

She almost spat out her food. "Looking for me?"

"Well, I heard about your project and I thought I could help..."


"Yes...I was actually thinking of HOLY today," she responded, "We could use something like that here in Amalia...and then other cities later. Eventually I'm hoping to have an alter on every police force."

"It's a brilliant idea," he replied, "And money really is the way to go. Everyone is poor right now."

She nodded, "Yes, I know...but how have you been doing, Ryuhou?"

"I have enough money from my inheritance that I don't need to worry about anything," he said, shrugging, "I actually went to the mainland and petitioned for independence for a while, spoke to them about the Lost Ground. We're still working on an alliance."

"I didn't know we were making alliances with the mainland," Mimori said in surprise.

"Not many people do," he said. He took another sip of wine, not making eye contact with her. "And how are you?"

"Tired," she said, smiling weakly, "There's a new stack of papers on my desk every day...I usually work from seven in the morning till ten in the evening, and then I go home at night. It was strange that I met that gang outside...I've never seen them before. Security's tight around my building."

"Probably because you're the savior of the Lost Ground," he said, giving her half of a smile. It was the most affectionate thing he'd said or done all night.

She laughed, "Far from it...but you can think that if you like."

He shook his head, obviously not thinking it was funny. "Mimori...I came for another reason too."

Her heart skipped a beat. "And what would that be?"

"I heard about your project here...and it made me think of the things I've lost. I came here to see you."


"See, everything looks a lot better now," Kanami told Kazuma as they walked down the street, "There's a new bakery right over there...and a lot of new shops have been set up. Mimori's improvements started here."

"And you're still benefiting from it?"

"Yeah...she did some really great things for us."

"But she hasn't contacted you since she left?"

"No," Kanami replied, "But she has a lot going on."

They continued walking and Kanami pointed out some other things. Everything in the little town really had seemed good. Nobody looked to be in the depths of poverty. Everyone was happy.

"Hey, Kanami!"

Kazuma immediately saw her tense up as she stopped and turned around, plastering a smile on her face. "Hello, Haruko...this is Kazuma. Kazuma, this is Haruko."

The inky-black haired boy firmly shook hands with Kazuma, grinning. "So you're staying with Kanami, huh?"

"Uh...yeah, yeah, I am," Kazuma replied, sticking his hands in his pockets. Something about this guy gave him a really bad feeling...and Kanami obviously didn't like him.

"How long will you be staying?"

Kazuma looked up in thought. "Well, I was thinking a long time...probably forever."

Of course, he wasn't really looking at the sky. He was looking at the way Haruko looked at Kanami.

He really didn't like it.


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