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"Allow me to join your tea party, perhaps??"

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-Self introduction -Sprouting story idea

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"It's deserted in here...."

Well, whoever is listening, i've got something to say.

I haven't been on here since... i'd say before I started my freshman year of high school.
About 3 years *le gasp!
"She's practically a woman now!"

... not quite...??

Since the beginning (lol I sound like a bible) i've been secretly thinking up plot lines for stories.
You see, there was a time where writing was my life!

I always had a notebook with me and dozens of pens and pencils to let flow the creativity that slugged through my brain crevices.

I gotta tell ya kids, school really drains you.
In fact, it kills.

First day of freshman year I ran into the bathroom to dig my house keys into my arm.
The scar's still there.

But that's another story...

Point being! I was depressed, and starting high school didn't help.

Luckily, I had an art class my freshman year. I was able to chill at the end of the day with stencils, paint and pastels of the sort B)

I was happy!

But something happened...

I met some of the most fucked up people I would now recall to be my friends...

They helped me express my psycho. Eventually, I learned we're all high functioning sociopaths (tips to Sherlock for making this term popular) trying to survive the fat cats of the world.

I'm not really sure if you would consider that a good thing or not.
-i've become more social but have abandoned my previous interests.

Definitely not good as I can now see...

So here I am, sitting on my bed watching Criminal Minds after the first day of my senior year stuck in a sort or existential crisis while on the brink of a massive depressive episode.


I guess I needed something that was familiar (oh yes, I like to pretend I'm some psychologists diagnosing myself, so play along).

So here I am ranting about my 1st world problems hoping I won't end up deleting all this but mostly hoping this enlightens someone out there.

I get how listening to someone else's personal experiences can make you appreciate life.

Idk why, i'm not really a psychologist mind you -.-

That's it for introductions today!

I'm generally friendly so don't be a stranger for too long. I liked how there was a great number of people interacting as an online community and I hope that stuck around.


As for stories, I will contribute as much as possible.

I usually read Frerard back in the good ol' days so I'm gonna stick to what I know :)
Plus, Frerard dominates!

See ya later,

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