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A conversation between Kaylee and River that sheds some startling light on the relationships around them. Kaylee/Simon/River.

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When Kaylee walks into the engine room, River is there, and she has a number of parts and pieces spread out around her.

Kaylee's first instinct is to go get Simon, but she remembers that he's sleeping. That stops her. He's been so busy lately; she doesn't want to ruin what little sleep he can get. It's not like she hasn't been disrupting his sleep in other, more enjoyable ways.

A quick glance tells her that none of the parts River is moving around are vital to the functioning of Serenity. So she crouches next to River and says, "Whatcha doing?"

"Making things fit," River says, and she pushes two pipes against each other. "They won't fit," she complains.

Kaylee picks up a joint from the mess and holds it out to River. "Put this between them," she says. "Here, right like that." She puts her hands over River's and guides the pieces into place. "That fits."

River smiles as she turns the construct over in her hands. "He likes you," she tells it, and it takes Kaylee a moment to realize she is not speaking to the pipes.

"What?" She would blush if she were more innocent, but River has the power to make her feel more awkward than anything, so she's almost blushing as it is. "I mean--I know he likes me, I..."

"You like him too. You like it--" River reaches out. "When he touches you. Like this." She puts her hand beneath Kaylee's shirt.

Kaylee scrambles back, staring at River. "Yes, but--River, you can't do that like that, it's different--you ask first, and..." She found herself trailing off again.

"He doesn't always ask you," River says. "Sometimes he puts his arms around you from behind." She mimics the gesture with her smaller arms. "And lifts you up a little. And you laugh. You like that." She really does sound confused.


River leans forward and holds the pipes out to Kaylee, as if she were offering her a precious gift. Kaylee can see River's reflection distorted in the metal, but it warps away when she takes the construct between her thumb and forefinger.

River's eyes are so wide. "Sometimes--when he touches you--"

Kaylee looks up from the pipes, fear building up inside her.

"Sometimes he's thinking of me."
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