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Who Am I Anyway?

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This is sort of a mix of what happened before the 'A Little Less Sixteen Candles, A Little More TouchMe' only there's a little bit of a difference.

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I never really knew who I was. I didn't have any family and I didn't have a history. In fact, I can only remember turning 18 and then on.

My life has always been sort of strange. I felt like I was missing someone or something.

I had a wonderful boyfriend named Jason, he was my only friend.

I knew there was something different about me, though when my eyes went static it gave it away. Somehow I knew the static was a clue.

"Baby, you ready yet?" Jason's voice made me jump as I stared at myself in the mirror.

"Yeah, hold on," I said quickly tying my short hair into pigtails.
We got in the car and he put his hand on mine while he drove. We were going shopping at the flea market.

Strolling through the semi-crowded street we held hands and felt like one person. He bought me a locket that was inscribed 'To My One True Love' in French. I didn't know what to get but Jason said to get whatever called out to me. I found it when I saw an old trunk, I ran over to it and kneeled next to it ,running my hands over the polished cherry wood. There was an inscription in French and an odd looking lock on it.

"It's beautiful!" I cooed as Jason bartered with the salesman

"50 bucks," He said flatly

"50 it is," laughed the salesman as Jason dug out his wallet

While they were talking I noticed someone staring at me. I stood up to get a better look. He had a blue vest, girl jeans, and a cadet hat.

But something shocked me about him. His blue eyes went static just like mine did.

Then something strange happened. Someone fired a shot, hitting someone behind me. Thus was followed by screaming and more shots. But I stayed perfectly calm, glued to the eyes of a stranger. Jason grabbed my hand and shook me but I couldn't move. He got shot and fell to my feet. A scream came out of my mouth, then everything went black.
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