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Take It All Off

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A lighthearted glimpse of the sex lives of personally dysfunctional ninja. AnkoKaka.

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"You still owe me money from jounin poker night."

--was what she had said at his door, but he was already slightly drunk and apparently planning to try for more. Somehow, he still had his mask on even as he opened a new bottle of sake.

For some reason, that irritated Anko to no end.

"Hey," she said. "I have a better idea."


"Remember that time during the chuunin exams I slapped you on the ass?"

"How could I forget," Kakashi said as he procured a bowl for the sake.

"That was fun. Wanna fuck?"

Kakashi summarily dropped the bowl and the bottle alike, then spent a moment in a complicated dance to keep them from shattering on the floor. He wound up outstretched on the floor with the bottle in his hands and the bowl buried somewhere in his hair.

She leaned down, extracted the bowl from his hair, picked up the bottle, and set them both back on the table. Then she took off her coat and laid it down next to them. "Come on." She hauled him off the floor and started undoing his jacket. "I don't ask just anybody that, you know."

"Shouldn't you wait for my consent before taking my clothes off?" he said. By the time he was finished speaking she had his jacket off.

She put it down on top of her coat and stuck her hand down his pants. "I don't see you resisting," she said.

He made a small, unidentifiable noise and started pulling her mesh off. She heard it rip and sighed. This is what I get for offering sex to a man who probably hasn't seen a naked woman outside of a book for years, she thought, and she yanked down his pants and started on the rest of his clothes.

When they were off, she pulled down her own skirt, pushed him onto the bed, and straddled him. "What--" he began, but he quieted when she looked down at him hard. He blinked. She stared harder. He shrugged slightly and pulled off his forehead protector.

She tapped her fingers on his bare chest impatiently. He twitched slightly and reached for her, but she caught his hand and forced it down, smiling at the brief wince as she bent it back a little too far. "Not yet. One question. Are you a virgin?"


"So you are?"

"No!" he said, blinking.

"Oh, right, forgot about the ANBU orgies." She considered him a moment longer. "Have you ever kissed someone, then?"

"...what?" He looked a little less confident about that.

"You heard me." She leaned a little further back from him as he reached for her breasts with his free hand. "Ah ah, no touching until you answer me."

"You said one question--"

"Who's the one making the rules here?"

He glanced off to the side. ""

She regarded him without sympathy. "That would mean taking your mask off, right?"

He remained guiltily silent. She sighed, reached down, and, before he could stop her, ripped the mask off. Then she leaned down and kissed him hard. After a moment, she pulled back.

"Tastes like fabric," she said, making a face.
Later, Anko thought the expression on his face was almost as good as the sex, but not quite.
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