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We were hiding. They didn't have heads.

Category: Silent Hill - Rating: R - Genres: Horror, Romance - Characters: Alessa Gillespi, Cheryl Mason, Cybil Bennet, Dahlia Gillespi, Harry Mason - Warnings: [!] [V] - Published: 2006-08-10 - Updated: 2006-08-10 - 643 words

They were headless. The bodies looked like small adults except for the long arms and the missing heads. Maybe chimpanzees. The walk was too slow though. And they didn't have claws.

After being cornered and scratched, he panicked. I felt his fear. Running into a locked door only made it worse. I sensed the shadow. It was close and the things kept chasing him.

They hit him. I hid her face and covered her ears, pressed her harder against my chest. They kept on. I watched him fall. I wanted to help him, but I had to protect the girl. He told me I had to safeguard her no matter what. I had to hold her no matter who was dying.

A tear mixed with the bloody ground. A sigh of despair. A breath of the dying. Somewhere, even in the most hopeless of dreams and realities, there's always someone with the power to act. It just wasn't me. It never was. A second tear fell from my cheek. It landed in the girl's hair. I shut my eyes and let the rest float freely.

She resisted and I wouldn't let her go. She resisted and one prepared for the final stab. I cried harder and a determined hero kicked down the door.

She had a torch and a gun. As she let the light fall on the wounded man I could see a blue shirt with a badge. She looked like a cop.

The creatures left the girl's dad alone and turned toward the cop. She kicked one and shot the other. I covered her ears, but it wasn't enough. She was shaking. It was too loud. She shot a few more times. One dropped dead and the other turned around and walked into the darkness.

The cop was strong. And brave. She took the girl's father and threw him over her back. Then she carried him back the way they came. She saved him.

The monster stayed away. I gazed at the dead one. It looked a bit sad, but I didn't feel sorry for it. It was a monster and it was okay to kill it.

Its friend died too. It flew into the fence. The monster took its last breath and rested on the ground. The shadow walked slowly along the fence. It stopped by the monster and whispered something.

Even though the headless creature was dead the shadow wasn't satisfied. It started kicking the corpse. Blood and something that smelled bad oozed out. The shadow child kept kicking.

Without warning the corpse flashed brightly. The shadow, blinded and disorientated, froze completely. Only seconds later the woman was standing behind her. She triumphed and the child dropped to the floor.

She had won. My enemy had defeated the shadow child. Protecting the girl was even more important now. The woman and the child disappeared in a slow flash and left us alone in the alley.

I was about to get up and run when the woman suddenly reappeared. I tightened my grip on the girl and watched in silence. The woman dropped a book and some papers on the floor. Then she disappeared again.

We sat there for a minute. Nobody showed up. No one came around. There was a howling in the distance. It stayed away from my head. I had heard it before. It was there when it turned dark. Suddenly the light returned. Snow flakes melted on my nose.

The girl wasn't well. She looked terrified even though she hadn't seen anything. Perhaps she had been listening to my heartbeats. Maybe she heard the howling too. She definitely heard the shots. I told her not to worry.

Papers lay on the ground. They were mostly empty. The girl picked them all up. She said they were hers. We started walking out the way we came in.
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