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Dreams. He was helping us. Guiding us.

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Happiness. Being content. It didn't take long. It surprised me, but then again I hadn't felt so peaceful before. It was the thing that parted us. The girl and me. I got out and looked at the scissors. He had thought of everything.

She was awake too. I gave her the scissors and my body. There was no mirror. I couldn't see what she did. It felt good afterwards though.

From what I could tell she had cut my hair just nicely. It was shorter than hers and not as loose, but it was okay. The ponytail was just in the way anyway. I put the scrunchie around my wrist.

The room was a bit messy. He had thought of that too though. The bloody clothes and the brown hair clippings filled the box. I took the shredded paper from the table and stuffed it into the box too. Then I closed it. The cardboard box. I opened the window and placed it outside. He would find it there if he needed it back.

I lay down in the bed again. The oder of the clothes. It was good. Now she carried the very same scent. The girl followed me. Snuggled up close to me. I put an arm around her and drifted off. We were alone in the world.

Meadow. A meadow stretched before me. I sat down in the lush grass right next to the girl who was wearing the same blue dress. She was smiling. He was there too. He was also smiling. He sat down in front of me.

Uniform. One form. Same appearance. Unity through clothes. He nodded at my hair. It wasn't just the clothes now. He removed some hair strands from my eye and put it behind my ear with his fingertips. He was protecting me. He had been all along.

Laughter. He entertained the girl and gave me time to look around. It was a valley. A valley filled with grass and a few trees. There was no water. I gazed at the hills that surrounded it all. They were steep and looked a little like a fence. The only way out were three paths where the hills suddenly opened up. One to the left, one to the right, and one behind. I wondered where we had come from. Perhaps they weren't really roads.

Picture. It wasn't real. None of it. It was a fantasy picture I had drawn once. Well, all the monsters were gone. Now it was just us. The valley was pretty, but scentless. It was like the cabin. He needed to talk somewhere and chose a place where I felt safe. Or maybe not safe. Home perhaps. But how did he know?

Obvious. He saw right through me and calmed me down. He told me about the key and what I should do. It was just like that. Simple. Somehow I knew all this. He just had to make sure I was certain. His presence had faded though. He wasn't as wonderful as before. My belly didn't tickle when he spoke anymore. Yet it felt like there was nothing wrong. It was the way it was supposed to be. I wasn't scared.

It was dark when we awoke. So dark. I couldn't see much. I felt her body next to me. The nurse room was still quiet. Nobody was around. The darkness wasn't right. We couldn't have slept that long. Or could we?

I had forgotten to ask him. Again. It was like whenever he was around I'd forget all the little things. I hadn't asked for a mirror either. I wanted to see myself more than ever. And the time. And the monsters. And the woman. Now it was too late to say anything.

She read me easily. Maybe I was just being obvious. She said it. The girl said I was pretty. No, beautiful. Her nose tip touched mine and I smiled. I told her the same. There was no reason to say anything else. This was enough.

Someone slammed the front door shut. It was blurry. We got up and hurried out in the hallway. Left. There was someone. I turned right and pulled the girl along. A door. It was unlocked. We hurried through as a light started shining somewhere behind. I shut it and turned the lock.

It was another hallway. This one lead to classes and there were stairs to the second floor and the basement. I didn't bother hiding anywhere. I sat down and leaned against the door. The one on the other side tried to open it.

Tap, tap, tap, and tap. The beat sent chills down my spine. There was something in this hallway too. It made a noise somewhere in the darkness. It came closer. No. They came closer.
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