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She was out. I had to save her.

Category: Silent Hill - Rating: R - Genres: Horror, Romance - Characters: Alessa Gillespi, Cheryl Mason, Harry Mason - Warnings: [!!] [V] - Published: 2006-08-10 - Updated: 2006-08-10 - 829 words

Warming her was essential. This place was too cold. In the basement there was a boiler. It was the only heat source I could think of. I sighed. It was down there. Whatever it was. Her dad had to take care of it. I couldn't go down there.

I rubbed her. Spontaneously. It was the way out. I took her fine hands and rubbed them. Slowly but surely they got warmer. It wasn't enough. I rubbed her arms. Inside and outside the sleeves. Her bare knees too. Her ankles. Thighs, shoulders, chest, belly.

Her cheeks turned crimson. I couldn't see them in the darkness, the glow from the sign was all red anyway, but I felt it. Her face was glowing. Her breath wasn't shallow anymore, but she still didn't respond. More. I worked harder.

I let my fingers do the walking. She moaned when I touched her injured shoulder. I lifted the shirt a little to check on the bandage. It was dry, but I couldn't see if any blood had leaked through. The red light wouldn't let me.

She moaned again. I used my underarm and she got warmer. Much warmer. I rubbed faster and she moved a little. Just a bit. She didn't say anything when I quietly spoke to her.

Seconds and minutes. Maybe hours? I never got tired. I kept moving my underarm back and forth, feeling the warmth fill the air. It was aromatic warmth. Not the smell of our dresses, but something else. The air bought a piece of it to me. Just nicely scenting warmth or whatever it was.

She panted and squirmed. I pressed my arm harder against her body. Her breath was fast and kept getting faster. Her limbs were shaking. Her belly too. The chest went up and down rapidly. At last she opened her eyes and looked at me.

I grinded hard. It turned rhythmic. Willing. Unconscious and willingly following. She wanted to get warmer also. It felt better when she was helping.

I didn't know if she was still cold. I didn't stop rubbing. She closed her eyes halfway and said something blurry. Then she cried out wordlessly. Just a long and uncontrolled moan. She shook a lot. She was dazed. The girl was able to move and I let go of her.

She was sweating and shaking. I put my palm on her forehead. It was hot. Like she was having a fever. She didn't seem sick though. At least I didn't smile when I felt bad. She was smiling. A weird smile. A contagious smile. I felt a little better.

It took a minute before she was completely conscious. She just looked at me briefly and turned away. I could feel her blushing. Her entire body was warm. I told her we had to leave. After a few pleas she turned back and got off the bench. She took my hand and we left the yard with the painting.

Through the doors and down to the basement. Further down. All the way down to the core of my nightmare. A room. Huge. Metal floor. Darkness. Horrible smell. Rust. I hated rust.

A fire was started in the middle. The room was illuminated, revealing what I already knew. An awful place. But something... no, someone. There was someone. In the other end of the great, nightmarish hall. It was him. He was there.

He wasn't alone. Something unpleasant was standing in the corner, glaring at him and us. I stuck my tongue out at it. He laughed. There was no need to be scared.

The girl's dad was suddenly there too. He didn't notice us. It noticed him though. It stomped across the floor and screamed at him. We watched them fight, the man and the beast.

He was faster than the monster. Much faster. It was almost like he was playing with it. It had hit him, but when he ran around the fire and the mechanics it couldn't follow him. He hurt it. Just a little bit. A path of blood and smelly slobber encircled the fire.

The monster was huge and could easily cope with the damage, but it was annoyed. Again and again he got away. In the end it screamed, sped up, and opened its mouth to swallow him whole. It was a fairytale I read once. And just like in the story it was a great mistake. He fired into its mouth. It dropped dead.

There was no echo. The weapon made a lot of noise, but there was no echo. It was like a dream. Nothing was really real. Fairytale and nightmare. I stared at the dead monster. The headache went away.

I put down the key he had given me. He was gone before I could ask him anything. The girl's father didn't look too good. I made sure he had seen the key. Then I concentrated and walked out. An awful noise. Somewhere. I hated it.
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