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The Last Innocent

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Fact can sometimes be more shocking than fiction.

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I sat on the bed looking at Patrick with fiery eyes as he explained the story.

"I've been with you since your parents did when you were sixteen,"

"How did they die?" I asked glaring

"They were very powerful people," he explained "But there was a ongoing battle with people like us and vampires,"

"What do you mean 'people like us'?"

"Have you ever wondered why when you got emotional yiou would go static?"

I nodded "What are we?"

"Good question, we are a dieing breed," he sighed "There is you and me, several others but still not many,"

"So what happened to my parents?"

"The head vampire had them killed,"

"But if they killed them, why didn't they kill me?"

"They have an oath," he said as I ate some of the food "Innocent people they can't kill if they do, two of the lead vampires will die,"

"So I was an innocent, why?"

"All the people underage are innocent, no matter what they do,"

"I'm gonna ask you that question, touch me and I'll rip off your testicles,"


"How did you meet Pete?"

He leaned back against the bedpost "Right after your parents died I did as your mother told me and kept an eye on you,"

"So you basically stalked me,"

"Anyway, I saw Pete get turned, he didn't want to be," he sipped from a glass "The only way he can change back is with the help of the only surviving innocent,"

"Who's that?" I asked

He pointed at me and drank more water.

"I-I'm the Innocent?" I laughed
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