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Cloud stood with his back against the alley wall...

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Cloud stood with his back against the alley wall, keeping a sharp eye on the blur of pink making her way through the Wallmarket. The flower girl had bargaining down to an art form, though she insisted she could do the job much better without Cloud glaring a hole through each shop keepers head.

Which would be the reason he was standing off to the side trying to look inconspicuous. She had grounded him.

In all honesty, he felt kind of insulted. To be dismissed so easily wasn't exactly doing fluffy things to his pride.

But this was Aerith. She had her own way of expressing and holding herself. It was foreign to him, but it spoke all the right words. It spoke that she was special.

Cloud blinked and scowled, willing the thoughts away. She was just a girl. A silly girl who had planted herself into the middle of his life and refused to be chased out.

It was funny though. As he watched her dance with a group of children, singing in some strange alien language, he didn't really want to chase her away. He felt more inclined to hold her close and let her soothe his broken soul. Because she was Aerith, and that's why he-

A large woman slammed into her just then, and she went sprawling down on her knees into the mud.


The random insult permeated through the haze of anger, but that wasn't his voice. He chose not to think about it, instead rushing to her side and helping her up. She wasn't upset though, of course not. She was laughing, spinning around, not letting her crash interrupt her movements.

Cloud found himself forcing back a smile because she was just so... Aerith, in that very moment. He picked up her bags with one hand, and in a moment of weakness, offered his arm. She tossed her head back as her musical laugh blocked out all the strange voices and thoughts of ShinRa destruction, before grasping onto him tightly, leaning on his shoulder as if she were dizzy from glee.

Cloud wasn't sure why fate had permitted this walking catastrophe into his life, but he was rather thankful in that very moment that they had.

The pair made their way through the slums back to the church, Aerith resting her head the entire time on his arm, eyes closed in contentment. He wanted to smell her hair because he suspected it didn't smell like flowers. It would smell like air and freedom and hope.

With no warning, Aerith took off at a run into the church, glancing at him over her shoulder and smiling brightly in her special way. He followed her in, keeping an eye on the shadows in case Reno had returned.

She stood in the middle of her flower bed, arms high in the air, spinning around and around with her eyes closed and her voice singing a tune he remembered from his dreams.

When she stopped, she turned to him and held out her arms, the invite warming him from the inside, and that voice saying Go get 'er, Spike echoing in the back of mind.

He stepped into her embrace, not caring about the mud she was getting on his uniform or that they should have been back at Tifa's an hour ago with the supplies. All that mattered was now and this.

AN: I WROTE HET! I WROTE HET! WHAT IS THIS WORLD COMING TO?! EILEEN, YOU BETTER UNDERSTAND WHAT THIS MEANS FOR MY YAOI SOUL! Comments are love, constructive criticism is appreciated, and if you find a typo for the love of god let me know.
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