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The Last Supper

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Frerard one shot- if only he could control his emotions this one day.

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a/n Right so this is the first thing I've written in over a year. I'm trying to write again and this is a bit of a warm up. For the next four months I'm going to have a lot of free time due to me being pregnant and really not wanting to do a lot. Yes that's right I'm going to be a mother! Scary thought. I'm hoping I'll have time when I have my child but let's face it it's unlikely! Haha.

Tears ran down Frank's cheeks as the news sunk in. He was sitting in their home, we'll I guess it's only his now, with two police officers sat across from him. The words they said echoing through his mind. 'Your partner Gerard was involved in a car accident this evening, and has passed away. I'm so sorry Mr. Iero.' 'Gerard.' 'Car accident.' 'My poor baby.'He couldn't stop thinking that it was his fault. If only he hadn't got so angry, Gerard would never have left the house. Gerard would be in his arms right now watching some dorky movie. If he hadn't been so horrible. If only he could control his emotions. It ran through his head, what had happened that evening. What had made Gerard go.

It all started when Gerard came back from the shops. Frank had sent him off with a very specific list of the food he needed to cook tonight. Gerard came over and out his arms around the shorter man, and kissed him lightly. "I'm back beautiful." Every time he spoke it made Frank's heart melt just a little bit more. He leaned into the embrace and sighed. "What's wrong princess?" Gerard said softly as he stroked Frank's hair.
"Oh it's nothing. I was just thinking about how I'm completely and utterly in love with you." He grabbed Gerard's hand and dragged him to the kitchen taking the shopping with him. "Now let's get cooking before I die of starvation." They both giggled at Frank's over exaggeration. The sound warming both of the men's heart as they laughed with the one they loved.

As they were unpacking the shopping a frown grew on Frank's face. "Gerard none of this is right, I needed chopped tomatoes not peeled, and what is this, lazy garlic? I wanted fresh. I specifically put fresh!" Frank's threw his hands up in frustration as he glared at his partner.
"I'm sorry sweetie, I must've picked up the wrong tin, and I just thought it would make it easier if you didn't have to chop up the garlic."
"What kind of idiot can't follow a very simple, very explained shopping list?!" Frank's was angry. He shouldn't be this angry. But he was. He didn't know why, I don't think he'll ever know why. Gerard just stood there not knowing how to respond to the outburst from his partner. He fought back the tears as Frank continued shouting, calling him stupid, an idiot and various other names.
He finally stopped and looked at Gerard. He finally realised what he'd done. That he'd hurt Gerard. "Oh God, Gee. I'm so sorry I don't know what came over me. I didn't mean to be so horrible." Gerard just turned and left the room. Frank sighed, but didn't follow him, no matter how much he wanted to.he knew he shouldn't have been so harsh on his beautiful amazing Gerard. What made him so angry, what was happening?

Frank finished putting dinner on the plates, and lit the candle in the middle of their dining table. He went to go get Gerard, he knew where to find him, of course he was in their study with his head bent over his next masterpiece. Frank smiled sadly. He knew Gerard drew like this to escape when he was sad. A twinge of hurt went through him as he remembered he was the reason Gerard was sad in the first place. "Gerard, babe, dinners ready." Gerard turned round at Frank's words, and smiled at the short man before him. In that one look he knew he was forgiven, not that he deserved it, he knew he didn't deserve Gerard's forgiveness, he always forgave him, no matter what stupid thing he'd done. Gerard made his way over to him and kissed his forehead and in that moment Frank felt like the luckiest man alive, no matter what he did, he'd always have this beautiful man, loving him, through everything.

They made their way to the kitchen and sat down. They sat in silence through most of the meal. Then Gerard let out a loud, roaring burp. Frank slammed down his for and raised his eyebrows. "Are you fucking serious?" He shouted.
Gerard's eyes widened, shocked at the reaction, he never reacted like this. He's never been one to get angry. Why today?
"Can you not be polite through one meal?!"
"Frank, what's wro-"
"Don't. Learn some fucking manners instead yeah? You can't do anything right today can you?"
Tears were running down Gerard's face by this point. 'Frank's right' he thought. 'I am a fuck up. I can't do anything right' but shouldn't Frank accept that. He accepted Frank's flaws. He loved Frank unconditionally. Doesn't he deserve the same in return? Anger started to go through Gerard's body. 'How dare he' he thought. After everything he gets treated like this. Frank's being an arsehole, and he doesn't want to deal with it.
"You know what Frank? I'm going out. Call me when the man I fell in love with returns. Cause he certainly isn't the man sitting in front of me right now."
With that Gerard stormed out of the house, as Frank sat there shocked. Not believing what he'd just done.

And that was their last supper.

Frank was still sat in shock. The police officers long gone. The scene playing over and over again in his head. Then it stopped, it was replaced with Gerard's beautiful face, which suddenly was mutilated. "You did this to me. It's your fault" he whispered. To Frank it was his fault. If he could've controlled his anger Gerard would be here. Instead he's sitting here alone.

and alone he shall be forever more.
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